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Sheldon Contact Case Report - Greys, UFO Sightings, Psychic Abilities, Paranormal Activity

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 05/01/2009

Ken Butcher and his wife live on the Coventry Road, just at the edge of Sheldon. His daughter lives on the same row of housing. The family have experienced not only a number of interesting UFO sightings, but has also experienced a lot of unexplained activity in their homes. There are also a number of incidents which possibly suggest that extraterrestrial contact has taken place in Ken’s life. These incidents include visions of Grey beings while under hypnosis and the discovery that he possesses a spiritual healing ability which he has actively used over a number of years. Because of what he has seen over the years, Ken has an active interest in UFOs and the paranormal.

Aerial map of location of UFO sightings & paranormal occurences:

This report details the many varied experiences of Ken and his family. In it I will give my own opinions on the incidents, but it is ultimately down to you to decide which of these experiences may be extraterrestrial in origin.


When Ken was younger he used to often wake up in the middle of the night with a nosebleed. Ken says this has also happened to his wife and daughter a number of times. Of course this could just be coincidence, but he was interested to find out that contactees can suffer from nosebleeds, sometimes though not always, related to alien implants.

Healing Ability

Many years ago when Ken started looking into the paranormal, he had an interest in clairvoyance and psychic abilities. He wondered whether there was any truth in it, and whether people really could predict the future or detect certain things about others. In 1992 he decided to visit a clairvoyant and was told numerous things which were going to take place in his life. In the following months, some of the things which the clairvoyant had said actually came true, which intrigued Ken even further.

A couple of years went by and again he decided to visit a different clairvoyant. During this session, she told Ken that he had the ability to heal. At the time Ken thought this must be nonsense. But he went along with it and asked the clairvoyant how he was meant to use this ability. She informed him that he would be able to heal ailments by placing his hands over the affected area, concentrating and wishing the healing to take place.

At the time, Ken’s wife had had an operation on her knee and was in great pain. Ken returned home and told her about what the clairvoyant had said. Ken tried to laugh it off, but his wife asked him to give it a try just out of interest.

When Ken held both his hands on his wife’s knee and asked to be connected to spirit in his mind, as the clairvoyant had instructed him to do, he felt his hands start to vibrate. He was amazed at what was happening and wondered whether his ability was genuine. Afterwards he asked his wife how her knee felt, and she told him the pain had gone away! Ken could barely believe what he was being told at first.

A couple of days later, his wife’s niece injured her elbow at work. His wife suggested he should try healing her injury in the same way as before. Once again after Ken had laid his hands on the injured area, the pain subsided and never returned. It appeared that Ken possessed a real ability to heal.

After this word started to get around, and more and more people started coming to him for healing. People with cancer or other diseases, physical injuries, and others who were suffering from depression. The healing did not work all the time, but Ken says about 75% of the time it would actually work. Using his ability he has apparently made cancers actually disappear, much to the amazement of the individuals involved and their doctors!

As well as the vibrations felt through his hands, Ken says that sometimes his hands could feel warm yet they would feel intensely cold to the patient, other times it would be the opposite of this – his hands would feel cold but when he started the healing the patient would feel intense heat coming from them.

He would not only heal people, he also healed pets on a number of occasions. His own pet guinea pig had a big ulcer on it’s back. He took it to the vet who didn’t give it much chance, but soon afterwards Ken decided to try using his ability on it and within a few days it had completely cleared up. He has also healed his pet rabbit’s spinal injury. Another rabbit was attacked by a fox and had a number of cracked ribs. The vet said it would take up to six months to heal, yet after Ken tried using his healing technique on it, it appeared to return to normal almost immediately.

Ken has even tried healing faulty electrical equipment using his ability. He used to have CCTV set up with a small monitor. The monitor started to play up, and would occasionally lose the image. Just as an experiment, he put the monitor on his lap and went through the same healing technique. When he started using the monitor again it appeared to be fully working!

Ken was an active spiritual healer until 2006. However in doing this healing work, and helping many individuals through depression and sickness, he began to suffer from depression himself. He decided that he would stop using his ability before it caused him any long term harm. He does not fully understand the reasons behind his ability, but does believe that it is genuine.

When Ken began to look into the contactee aspect of the UFO phenomenon, he was amazed to find out that many contactees report receiving special abilities as a direct result of their experiences – including healing, precognition and heightened senses.

Seeing Greys

In 2005 Ken became very interested in reincarnation and past lives. He wondered if he had any past lives, and decided to arrange to be regressed by a hypnotist. He had never been hypnotised before. He got in contact with a man who wished to write a book to try and prove or disprove the theory of reincarnation. The man agreed to hypnotise him over six sessions on a weekly basis. Through these regression sessions Ken apparently found out that he had a number of past lives. However I feel this is a completely separate subject, so this report will not look into this in too much detail. Of far greater interest is what took place during the first two of these six sessions.

When Ken was put under hypnosis for the first time, he was shocked to immediately see a tall Grey-type being standing right in front of him. The being had blue-grey coloured skin, was roughly six foot in height, and had large almond-shaped black eyes. He does not remember seeing a mouth, but it had two small round nostrils. The being appeared to be unclothed. It was standing within a few feet of Ken, and staring right into his face. Due to the shock of seeing this being, he immediately came out of hypnosis.