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Sheldon Contact Case Report - Greys, UFO Sightings, Psychic Abilities, Paranormal Activity

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 05/01/2009

Ken Butcher and his wife live on the Coventry Road, just at the edge of Sheldon. His daughter lives on the same row of housing. The family have experienced not only a number of interesting UFO sightings, but has also experienced a lot of unexplained activity in their homes. There are also a number of incidents which possibly suggest that extraterrestrial contact has taken place in Ken’s life. These incidents include visions of Grey beings while under hypnosis and the discovery that he possesses a spiritual healing ability which he has actively used over a number of years. Because of what he has seen over the years, Ken has an active interest in UFOs and the paranormal.

Aerial map of location of UFO sightings & paranormal occurences:


This report details the many varied experiences of Ken and his family. In it I will give my own opinions on the incidents, but it is ultimately down to you to decide which of these experiences may be extraterrestrial in origin.


When Ken was younger he used to often wake up in the middle of the night with a nosebleed. Ken says this has also happened to his wife and daughter a number of times. Of course this could just be coincidence, but he was interested to find out that contactees can suffer from nosebleeds, sometimes though not always, related to alien implants.

Healing Ability

Many years ago when Ken started looking into the paranormal, he had an interest in clairvoyance and psychic abilities. He wondered whether there was any truth in it, and whether people really could predict the future or detect certain things about others. In 1992 he decided to visit a clairvoyant and was told numerous things which were going to take place in his life. In the following months, some of the things which the clairvoyant had said actually came true, which intrigued Ken even further.

A couple of years went by and again he decided to visit a different clairvoyant. During this session, she told Ken that he had the ability to heal. At the time Ken thought this must be nonsense. But he went along with it and asked the clairvoyant how he was meant to use this ability. She informed him that he would be able to heal ailments by placing his hands over the affected area, concentrating and wishing the healing to take place.

At the time, Ken’s wife had had an operation on her knee and was in great pain. Ken returned home and told her about what the clairvoyant had said. Ken tried to laugh it off, but his wife asked him to give it a try just out of interest.

When Ken held both his hands on his wife’s knee and asked to be connected to spirit in his mind, as the clairvoyant had instructed him to do, he felt his hands start to vibrate. He was amazed at what was happening and wondered whether his ability was genuine. Afterwards he asked his wife how her knee felt, and she told him the pain had gone away! Ken could barely believe what he was being told at first.

A couple of days later, his wife’s niece injured her elbow at work. His wife suggested he should try healing her injury in the same way as before. Once again after Ken had laid his hands on the injured area, the pain subsided and never returned. It appeared that Ken possessed a real ability to heal.

After this word started to get around, and more and more people started coming to him for healing. People with cancer or other diseases, physical injuries, and others who were suffering from depression. The healing did not work all the time, but Ken says about 75% of the time it would actually work. Using his ability he has apparently made cancers actually disappear, much to the amazement of the individuals involved and their doctors!

As well as the vibrations felt through his hands, Ken says that sometimes his hands could feel warm yet they would feel intensely cold to the patient, other times it would be the opposite of this – his hands would feel cold but when he started the healing the patient would feel intense heat coming from them.

He would not only heal people, he also healed pets on a number of occasions. His own pet guinea pig had a big ulcer on it’s back. He took it to the vet who didn’t give it much chance, but soon afterwards Ken decided to try using his ability on it and within a few days it had completely cleared up. He has also healed his pet rabbit’s spinal injury. Another rabbit was attacked by a fox and had a number of cracked ribs. The vet said it would take up to six months to heal, yet after Ken tried using his healing technique on it, it appeared to return to normal almost immediately.

Ken has even tried healing faulty electrical equipment using his ability. He used to have CCTV set up with a small monitor. The monitor started to play up, and would occasionally lose the image. Just as an experiment, he put the monitor on his lap and went through the same healing technique. When he started using the monitor again it appeared to be fully working!

Ken was an active spiritual healer until 2006. However in doing this healing work, and helping many individuals through depression and sickness, he began to suffer from depression himself. He decided that he would stop using his ability before it caused him any long term harm. He does not fully understand the reasons behind his ability, but does believe that it is genuine.

When Ken began to look into the contactee aspect of the UFO phenomenon, he was amazed to find out that many contactees report receiving special abilities as a direct result of their experiences – including healing, precognition and heightened senses.

Seeing Greys

In 2005 Ken became very interested in reincarnation and past lives. He wondered if he had any past lives, and decided to arrange to be regressed by a hypnotist. He had never been hypnotised before. He got in contact with a man who wished to write a book to try and prove or disprove the theory of reincarnation. The man agreed to hypnotise him over six sessions on a weekly basis. Through these regression sessions Ken apparently found out that he had a number of past lives. However I feel this is a completely separate subject, so this report will not look into this in too much detail. Of far greater interest is what took place during the first two of these six sessions.

When Ken was put under hypnosis for the first time, he was shocked to immediately see a tall Grey-type being standing right in front of him. The being had blue-grey coloured skin, was roughly six foot in height, and had large almond-shaped black eyes. He does not remember seeing a mouth, but it had two small round nostrils. The being appeared to be unclothed. It was standing within a few feet of Ken, and staring right into his face. Due to the shock of seeing this being, he immediately came out of hypnosis.

Drawing of the Grey being seen under hypnosis:


Neither he nor the hypnotist could understand what he had just seen, or the reason behind its appearance. He had not been discussing UFOs or aliens at all, and it was nothing to do with the purpose of the session. Ken was aware of what Greys looked like and had knowledge of the subject, but was completely mystified as to why he had seen one. The hypnotist decided to terminate the session due to how the vision had affected Ken.

The following week Ken returned to the hypnotist to try again. This time the hypnotist got Ken to picture a winding path leading down to a beach in his mind. He got Ken to begin walking down this path, which would slowly put him deeper and deeper under hypnosis. Ken reached the beach and began walking along it. The hypnotist asked him to picture an alcove and go and sit down in it. He then asked Ken to describe what he could see.

Immediately Ken again saw a Grey-type being. This time it had pale grey coloured skin and appeared shorter than the being he had seen the previous week. It was again within a few feet of him and was crouching forward staring into his face. Behind the being Ken saw what looked like a metallic silver saucer-shaped craft. Once again the vision brought him out of hypnosis.

Drawing of the 2nd Grey being and saucer craft:


The hypnotist found these visions unusual, but because he did not have an interest in UFOs or alien contact he did not pursue the incidents further. The next time Ken was put under hypnosis he no longer saw any beings or craft. All his remaining sessions went as planned.


Ken believes he has had a number of premonitions while sleeping. These premonitions appear to come to him in dreams, but warn of real events which are to take place.

On one occasion back in 1999 he dreamt he was trying to push a small carriage off a railway line. However he was not able to push it off the track, and a train came along and collided with it. He then saw a very pretty Asian girl who was shocked about what had just happened and exclaimed “Oh my god!”. Ken put his arm round the girl and told her everything was fine and started laughing.

In the morning he got into his van to go to work. He pulled out of the drive and immediately a car ran into the back of the van. He got out and started walking towards the car. The driver was a woman who had her hands up in front of her face. She got out of the car and Ken was shocked to find that it was the woman from his dream. Just as had happened in the dream, the woman was upset and Ken put his arm round her and told her everything was fine.

Ken was amazed that aspects of the dream had come true, but was puzzled as to the meaning of the train. He spoke to a friend who was a clairvoyant, and they informed him that sometimes premonitions would be symbolic, and that the train hitting the carriage had meant that there was going to be an accident of some kind.

He has dreamt about many different disasters before they have taken place including natural disasters such as earthquakes, and fatal train and plane crashes. In 2004 he dreamt about the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami prior to its occurrence. In the dream he was standing at the water’s edge when suddenly the ground began shaking at his feet and someone shouted “Earthquake!” He looked out to sea and saw a massive wall of water heading towards him. The night before the 2007 London bombings Ken had a dream where he was standing in an underground station with smoke everywhere and people running about screaming.

Ken sometimes also gets strange feelings that bad things are going to take place. He often follows these feelings and believes that they have saved him from danger on a number of occasions.

For example, many years ago he used to practice martial arts. His training sessions used to take place in a building on the outskirts of Birmingham centre. After a session was over he would usually go for a drink at a nearby pub. All day prior to a particular training session, Ken felt very strange as though something was telling him not to go to it. In the end he decided to stay at home. That evening he checked the news and found that a number of bombs had been detonated in various pubs around Birmingham. One of the pubs which got hit was the one he frequented after his training sessions.

Summer 1997-1999 UFO Sighting

On a warm clear summer evening between 1997 and 1999, Ken, his wife and daughter were sitting out in front of his house and relaxing together. It was about midnight when suddenly the witnesses saw a glowing object in the sky to the North. It was glowing a bright white all over and was the shape of a rugby ball. For a moment Ken thought it was an airship. However it was heading towards their position much too fast for it to have been this. Within only several seconds it had passed over them and continued onward to the South. It disappeared from view behind the housing, so the witnesses ran around to the front balcony and watched the object disappear into the distance.

Photograph of sighting location in direction UFO was first sighted:


The UFO was completely silent and appeared to be at least as high as a low flying plane would typically fly at. Ken describes the speed of the object as absolutely amazing. Even as it passed their position, no detail could be seen on the object, it was just a glowing white shape in the sky. Ken estimates it was at least as big as a private aeroplane, though this was hard to judge as there was no point of reference in the night sky.

Drawing of rugby ball shaped UFO:


This is quite an impressive sighting due to the appearance of the object, and the speed it was moving at. It is unlikely to have been a balloon or lantern because it was a still night, and it would surely have drifted much slower than what was observed. Also lanterns or internally lit balloons tend to be orange or yellow in colour but would not usually appear a constant bright white. The clearly defined shape means it was also unlikely to have been a meteorite. It certainly appeared to be quite low in the sky rather than high up in the atmosphere. If it was a remote controlled model of some kind, to have flown at such speed would surely have made a noise, yet the object was silent. Unidentified craft of this particular shape have been reported before, and I feel that that this is quite possibly what was seen.

Summer 2005 UFO Sighting

On an warm clear summer’s evening in 2005, Ken, his wife and daughter were sitting out on the balcony overlooking the Coventry Road shopping centre and relaxing. Ken was having a few drinks but his wife and daughter were not drinking. It was about 2am in the morning.

Ken happened to glance up into the sky. He saw a dull orange orb of light surrounded in a yellow haze/aura. Due to this glowing haze the object reminded Ken of a fried egg. He alerted the others to the object and they all watched as it approached their position from the North West West.

Drawing of the dull orange orb:


The object drifted past them and continued on its course to the South East East. They noted that it was completely silent. It reached an area of sky visible behind two tall trees that grow next to the housing area, when suddenly it vanished without trace. There was no clouds so it had not disappeared from sight, it was just gone. In total the sighting had lasted for about 90 seconds.

Photograph of sighting location in direction UFO was first sighted:


Photograph of trees behind which UFO vanished:


There is a good possibility that this was a sighting of a spherical Chinese lantern. It’s appearance and colour match how lanterns appear after dark. The fact that the object continued on a straight path across the sky suggests it was drifting in an air current. This may have existed at higher altitude even if it felt quite still at ground level. The sudden disappearance of the object could well have been the flame inside it burning out. I feel this is the most likely explanation for this particular sighting.

June-August 2006 UFO Sighting

Ken’s most fascinating UFO sighting took place between June and August in 2006. Unlike most of his other sightings, both the appearance and movement of the object was highly unusual. It was a Saturday evening about 7pm, and Ken and his wife were on their way out to the country for a drink. Just as they were leaving the house, a couple of neighbours turned up at their door, so they stood and talked with them a short while.

Ken happened to look into the sky to the North West. It was then that he noticed a very peculiar looking object, which appeared to be within a quarter of a mile of their position. He alerted everyone else to its presence, and they too started watching it. The object was diamond shaped with sharp defined edges, and made of a clear see-through material which resembled crystal or glass. The evening sunlight appeared to be reflecting off its surface. At the top point of the object was a round clear ball which was revolving around it slowly. It appeared to be quite low in the sky over the tree line, Ken estimates a few hundred feet at most. The object looked about the same size as a small aeroplane.

Drawing of the diamond-shaped UFO:


Ken then went to get his binoculars. Looking at the object with the naked eye, it’s shape could be properly seen, however when Ken looked at it through the binoculars it appeared hazy, as though it was impossible to zoom in and focus on it.

The object appeared to be stationary at first. But then suddenly it appeared to fly much further away from their position extremely rapidly until it was lost in the distance. Then it suddenly reappeared back where it had been originally situated. They watched it perform this strange manoeuvre about 3-4 times, and the witnesses were all amazed by what they were looking at.

Photograph of sighting location in direction UFO was seen in:


While they watched, an aeroplane appeared on its way to land at Birmingham International Airport to the South East. The plane appeared to fly straight past where the object was situated, and Ken feels sure that the pilot must have seen it.

Ken and his wife had planned to meet up with friends at a set time, so decided to leave, with the object still visible in the sky. As he drove along the Coventry Road, Ken checked a number of times to see if he could still see the object but it had either gone or was obscured from sight.

Soon Ken reported the sighting to another UFO group (He cannot remember the name but said the group was based in Worcestershire). He was informed that the strange object had been seen and reported by a number of other witnesses in the areas of Sheldon and Small Heath. The following day the sighting appeared in one of the local newspapers (Unfortunately Ken cannot remember which one, and so far I have been unable to locate the article).

The object seen on this occasion was completely bizarre and very hard to explain. It was certainly not a conventional aircraft of any kind. However it did seem to have clear structure, with the strange revolving sphere at its upper corner. It is highly unlikely to have been an inflatable object or natural phenomena. Due to the highly unusual movement pattern seen, it also seems very unlikely to have been a remote controlled model. Its movement also suggests that it was under direct control and not drifting in the wind. The object was see-through and did not appear to have any visible components or structure inside it. The fact that it was seen by various witnesses in more than one location means it was certainly real and hovering in the sky. I find this sighting completely fascinating and feel it may well have been a genuine sighting of an object of non-human origin.

I hope to track down reports or articles linked with this incident, if I manage to locate anything it will be added here.

Winter 2007 UFO Sighting

Roughly midnight on a cold winter’s night in 2007, Ken went to lock up his rabbit hutch outside the front of his house. He happened to glance into the sky. It was a clear sky with the stars fully visible. Out of the corner of his eye, coming from his left to the North West West, he saw an iridescent bright green light moving extremely rapidly across the sky.

Photograph of sighting location in direction UFO was first sighted:


As the light moved past him to the North, there was a sudden bright white flash, and the light turned a silver colour and continued on its course. It only took a couple of seconds to pass right across the sky out of sight.

Drawing showing path of object and flash of light:


Ken admits there is a possibility that what he saw could have been caused by space debris re-entering the atmosphere. However the flash of light seen combined with the change of colour is quite interesting. “Shooting stars” are usually white to orange in colour, rarely bright green, although we cannot rule this explanation out. What we can be certain of is that the light was travelling far too fast for it to have been a conventional aircraft or flying model.

May 2008 UFOs Sighting

Late evening on the date of this sighting, Ken was in his house. His daughter, who lives a couple of doors down, was taking her pet dogs for a brief walk. It was approximately 9pm, and the sun had set, but it was a warm and dry evening and the stars were visible. She looked up into the sky and noticed something unusual. She quickly ran and knocked on Ken’s front door. When he answered, she asked him to come outside and take a look at something. They both watched as two large round orange orbs surrounded by a yellow haze came from the North West heading in a South Easterly direction on a straight course. The objects were positioned diagonally to one another. They looked and acted similar to the object seen back in 2005, although the haze around them was not as pronounced.

Drawing of one of the orange orbs:


Ken and his daughter ran along to the end of the row of housing to continue watching the objects. They reached roughly the area of sky visible behind the tall trees, and just as in the 2005 sighting, suddenly vanished.

Photograph of sighting location in direction UFOs were first sighted:


Again I feel that this sighting was most likely of two Chinese lanterns. The fact that they came from the same direction, and vanished around the same place as the orb seen in 2005 possibly suggests that they had been launched from the same location.

26th December 2009 UFOs Sighting

It was 8.45pm on Boxing Day evening 2009. Ken was in his house watching TV. Suddenly his daughter banged on the front door. When Ken answered the door, she told him to grab his binoculars and quickly come outside to take a look at something. Ken’s house is above a small shopping centre, and right outside is an open concreted area which is one storey up. This allows a clear unobstructed view of the area. It was a clear, still and cold night, with light cloud cover. Ken stepped outside and was amazed to see between 5-6 orange orbs of light in the night sky to the North West.

Photograph of sighting location in direction orbs were first sighted:


Two of the lights appeared to be joined by some sort of linking tube. When he looked at the pair through the binoculars, he could see that the orange glow of the first one was illuminating something in between them which looked like a metallic bar. The three orbs furthest to the right appeared to be almost dancing, they were moving close to each other forming a triangular configuration and then separating again, and loosely hovering around one another.

Drawing of the initial orbs seen:


Ken and his daughter watched the orbs for 2-3 minutes as they moved slowly across the sky to the East, then they seemed to fade out one by one. There was one single light left and then this too suddenly went off. Ken was just about to return indoors, when his daughter got his attention again, and they saw another two orange orbs heading in the same direction that the others had been. Ken took a good look at one of them through the binoculars. It was rounded at the top and bright orange, fading to dark yellow below. He then ran inside and got his torch, which is very powerful and bright. He came back outside and started flashing the torch beam at the second orb. At that moment it suddenly appeared to him to increase in brightness, almost as though it was communicating back at him, although Ken admits this could have been just coincidence and down to something else such as atmospheric conditions.

Drawing of the final orb as it looked through binoculars:


The final two orbs continued until out of sight. Ken has a camcorder in the house, but at no point of the sighting thought about going to get it as he didn’t want to miss anything. Ken and his daughter stayed outside watching the sky for a further 5 minutes, but it was very cold so decided to head back indoors.

Photograph of sighting location in direction orbs were lost from sight:


This sighting is almost certainly of a number of Chinese lanterns. The colour, shape and movement patterns observed all match how lanterns appear. In recent years, lanterns have become very popular, especially around Christmas and New Year. Despite the fact there was no wind near to the ground, the lanterns were more than likely caught in an air current and drifting in the wind direction. The lights would appear to have faded out one by one as the flames in the lanterns died out.

The only really puzzling aspect of this sighting is the two which appeared to be joined together. Lanterns are usually launched independently of one another. It is possible that two of them were tethered together, either deliberately or accidentally. Ken says that he has checked out videos of Chinese lanterns on the internet before, and that what he saw looked different. He also said that the objects in this sighting looked different to those seen in his previous sightings from summer 2005 and May 2008. However lanterns come in various shapes and sizes and under different weather conditions can take various forms and I still feel that this is the explanation for this incident.

Paranormal Activity

As well as numerous UFO sightings, Ken and his wife have experienced many strange occurrences within their house. His daughter has also had a number of unexplained things take place in her own home.

Some mornings when Ken has woken up he has felt something moving around the base of the bed pushing down on his feet. He is certain that on these occasions his pet cat was not present in the room, although he says that it does feel quite similar to this. Ken has owned a number of pet cats in the past and wonders if it is the ghost of one of them haunting the room.

Shortly after one of his pet rabbits died, Ken was sitting in his armchair in the lounge while his wife was cooking dinner in the kitchen. All of a sudden he sensed a very powerful smell as if hay had been pushed up right under his nose. The rabbit hutch is filled with hay, and Ken believes that this smell had been caused by the spirit of his dead pet.

On another occasion, Ken was kneeling down on the floor to reach for something, and he felt a nudge against his thigh. Similarly to this incident, Ken was again kneeling on the floor looking for something he had lost and he felt something cold touch him on the hand.

Early one morning Ken woke to find he could not move at all. He was lying on his side in bed. The more he has tried to move, the more paralysed he became. Ken knows of sleep paralysis, but is convinced that it couldn’t have been this as he felt consciously fully awake. It felt as though an invisible force was holding him down. He then felt a gust of air blowing up and down his back. Ken believed it was a spirit of some kind, so began speaking out loud telling it to go away. After a while the paralysis died away and he felt he could move again. He rolled over but there was nothing which could have explained the incident. Although this incident can probably be explained by sleep paralysis, we should note that paralysis is a very common factor experienced by contactees.

A few years ago, Ken’s computer used to be set up in the back bedroom. One evening he was using the internet when he suddenly heard his daughter clearly shout “Dad!” three times in a row. Ken assumed she was calling him from outside of the house. He looked out of the bedroom window but couldn’t see her. He went round and knocked on her front door. When she answered, Ken asked her if she had called him and she denied doing so. Another time, Ken was round his daughter’s house doing some decorating work. He had to go and fetch something from his own house. When he went back round again, his daughter asked what he wanted. Ken replied that he didn’t want anything, and she informed him that she had just heard him shout for her from downstairs.

Ken’s daughter believes that her property is haunted, and has experienced poltergeist-like activity a number of times. Once she was in the lounge on her sofa. She got up and went into the kitchen, and the sofa shifted across the room of its own accord up against the door, blocking her way back into the lounge! Another time a TV remote control flew right across the room off a chair. This incident was witnessed by her and her boyfriend.

When Ken started suffering from depression, brought on he believes by the healing work he had been doing, he would also suffer from occasional panic attacks during the night. During one of these attacks, he suddenly sat up in bed and was telling his wife that he couldn’t breathe. She calmed him down and got him to lie back down again. When he did so, a serene sense of relaxation came over him. Suddenly his wife exclaimed out loud “Oh my god! You aren’t going to believe this!” Ken asked her what had happened and she informed him that she had seen a large purple coloured light move up and down his body, shrink down to an orb about the size of a football, sweep around him once more then fly upward and vanish into the ceiling! Ken was amazed at what she told him, but from that date onwards he began to slowly get better.

Ken’s father passed away a number of years ago. One day he and his wife were in the kitchen when she suddenly looked really shocked. When Ken asked her what was wrong, she informed him that for a brief moment when she looked at him, she saw his father’s face superimposed over his own face. His father looked quite different to Ken so they believed this was more than just a trick of the light or optical illusion.

One night, Ken awoke in the middle of the night. He was about to get up to use the toilet, when he heard a voice say to him “Go back to sleep”. The next thing he knew it was morning. He jumped up out of bed and wondered why he had dropped back off immediately after hearing the voice. The following night, Ken’s wife woke up in the early hours of the morning and heard a voice say to her “Look at me”. She felt there was a presence in the room and asked it to go away, but the voice replied “No, look at me”. She looked around the room but could see nothing out of the ordinary. Ken’s wife has also seen a black shadow-like apparition move past the open bedroom door. These incidents could have been simply dreamed, but it is very interesting that the voices were heard within a day of each other.

Another evening, Ken’s daughter and her new boyfriend has come round for a meal. Ken’s wife was in the kitchen, while everyone else sat in the lounge. All of a sudden, Ken smelt a sweet orange smell. He asked his wife if she had just cut an orange open, and she confirmed that she hadn’t. Ken got up and went into the kitchen but could then no longer smell the scent. He walked back into the lounge and managed to track down the source of the smell to a painting of the Virgin Mary hanging on the wall. Soon afterwards the smell died down and completely went away.

In mid-December 2009 Ken was sitting in the lounge on his own, when suddenly there was a loud knocking sound coming from the room above through the ceiling. The noise sounded like someone banging their fist on the floor a number of times.


As you can see, Ken and his family have experienced a lot of bizarre activity as well as a number of UFO sightings, some of which have been quite impressive and clearly out of the ordinary. Ken seems a very honest man and I believe he is telling the truth about what has taken place over the years. I have not met his wife but briefly spoke with his daughter.

Ken is not aware of any incidents where he may have experienced direct interaction with a UFO or its occupants. As far as he is aware he has never had any missing time he could not account for. However the fact that he saw Grey beings and a saucer craft when put under hypnosis is very interesting indeed. Out of all the incidents that Ken has mentioned, this one is the most intriguing to me. It goes without saying that when people are regressed, they do not normally see alien beings or flying saucers. These visions tend to suggest that Ken may have experienced contact at some point in his life. Perhaps they are his subconscious mind revealing details of incidents which have taken place, but which he is not consciously aware of.

As described throughout this report, many of the other things which Ken has experienced have been described by contactees. His apparent healing and precognitive abilities are interesting – could these abilities have been gained through unknown contact? Of course there are many opinions both for and against psychic healing and premonitions. This is not my area of expertise, I do not really know enough about these abilities to discuss them in much depth. I am sure some would argue that they are a completely separate subject to ufology all together. But there does appear to be a direct link between these abilities and extraterrestrial contact. If you are interested in reading more about this link, I suggest you purchase Mary Rodwell’s book Awakening.

Contactees also often report experiencing paranormal activity of various types, including unexplained sounds, voices, smells, electrical disturbance, orbs and apparitions. However many of the things that Ken and his family have experienced could well have a completely different explanation, such as ghosts/poltergeists, and could be nothing to do with ET contact. The incident where Ken was paralysed is interesting, however this was perhaps merely sleep paralysis.

The family have experienced quite a few UFO sightings, but none of these UFOs have appeared to interact with them directly. Some of the sightings were probably nothing more than Chinese lanterns, however others such as the clear diamond-shaped object, and glowing white rugby ball shaped UFO are much more intriguing.

Perhaps in the future, other incidents will take place which will prove beyond reasonable doubt that Ken, and perhaps his family, are contactees. But for now this remains a very interesting case with many different aspects to it. Ken has informed me that he will get in touch if there are any further experiences, so this report will more than likely be updated.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2010



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