Sheffield Contact Case Part 2 - Greys, Reptilians, Nordics, Abduction, Mutilation, UFOs, MIB

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Originally forwarded by Richard Hall

Release Date: 04/09/2011

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used

Regression Transcript Part Two

I felt that the red sphere incident would be another good incident to look at during the regression. There was a close encounter with a UFO followed by a verified period of missing time. This was a good indicator that something more had taken place and that there were possible lost memories which could be retrieved. Laura also felt that this incident was related to the birth of her son, and wanted to know if this was the case or not. Just as with the first incident we explored, Laura had a stunning recollection of what took place, describing everything in a good level of detail. Below is the second half of the regression transcript, along with several drawings that Laura did afterwards to illustrate what she remembered from it:

R: Now two years after that incident, you were living in Dagenham.

L: Yes.

R: And what happened in November 83 in Dagenham, can you remember? Tell me about it.

L: I wasn’t very well.

R: You were not too well?

L: I had the flu.

R: Ok.

L: I felt terrible.

R: You felt terrible and you had the flu, mhmm.

L: Headache, and a sore throat.

R: Headache and sore throat.

L: And my tummy hurt.

R: Yes.

L: I went up to bed and stayed in bed all day.

R: Mhmm.

L: It was Thursday so Top Of The Pops was going to be on, and I wanted to watch it.

R: Top Of The Pops was going to be on and you wanted to see it, I understand. So what did you do?

L: I told Joseph...

R: Yes.

L: To wake me...

R: Ok.

L: When it was going to be on.

R: So you asked Joseph to wake you when it was going to be on so you could see your favourite programme, is that right?

L: Yes.