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Sheffield Contact Case Part 2 - Greys, Reptilians, Nordics, Abduction, Mutilation, UFOs, MIB

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Originally forwarded by Richard Hall

Release Date: 04/09/2011

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used

Regression Transcript Part Two

I felt that the red sphere incident would be another good incident to look at during the regression. There was a close encounter with a UFO followed by a verified period of missing time. This was a good indicator that something more had taken place and that there were possible lost memories which could be retrieved. Laura also felt that this incident was related to the birth of her son, and wanted to know if this was the case or not. Just as with the first incident we explored, Laura had a stunning recollection of what took place, describing everything in a good level of detail. Below is the second half of the regression transcript, along with several drawings that Laura did afterwards to illustrate what she remembered from it:

R: Now two years after that incident, you were living in Dagenham.

L: Yes.

R: And what happened in November 83 in Dagenham, can you remember? Tell me about it.

L: I wasn’t very well.

R: You were not too well?

L: I had the flu.

R: Ok.

L: I felt terrible.

R: You felt terrible and you had the flu, mhmm.

L: Headache, and a sore throat.

R: Headache and sore throat.

L: And my tummy hurt.

R: Yes.

L: I went up to bed and stayed in bed all day.

R: Mhmm.

L: It was Thursday so Top Of The Pops was going to be on, and I wanted to watch it.

R: Top Of The Pops was going to be on and you wanted to see it, I understand. So what did you do?

L: I told Joseph...

R: Yes.

L: To wake me...

R: Ok.

L: When it was going to be on.

R: So you asked Joseph to wake you when it was going to be on so you could see your favourite programme, is that right?

L: Yes.

R: Ok. And did he wake you at the appropriate time?

L: Yes.

R: And what happened then?

L: I got out of bed.

R: Mhmm.

L: And I was putting my dressing gown on.

R: Got out of bed and put your dressing gown on, yes.

L: And I saw a light where there shouldn’t have been a light.

R: You saw a light where there shouldn’t have been a light. Tell me, were your curtains closed at this time?

L: Yeah.

R: They were closed and you could see a light through the curtains, is that correct?

L: Yes.

R: Ok. So what did you do?

L: I opened the curtains.

R: Uh-huh, you opened the curtains.

L: There shouldn’t have been a light there.

R: There was a light there. What colour was the light?

L: It was red.

R: A red light. How big was this red light Laura?

L: It was really really big.

R: Really really big. Did you have to look up, or was it on a level, or did you look down on this light?

L: I had to look up a little bit.

R: You had to look up a little bit. It was really big. How close was this red light do you think?

L: It was at the end of the garden.

R: The end of the garden, as close as that?

L: Yes. It was at the end of the garden. About thirty foot I think.

R: So you’ve got this big red light, thirty foot at the end of the garden, and you had to look slightly up to see it, is that correct?

L: Yes. It was about fifteen foot across.

R: Fifteen foot across.

L: I’m not very good at judging sizes.

R: That’s fine, you’re doing very well. Was this light circular or was it a different shape?

L: It was a ball of red light.

R: A ball of red light as you looked at it.

L: Yeah.

R: And could you see any detail behind the red light?

L: No.

R: No, it was just a red ball, a massive red light, coming, the light was coming in your direction?

L: Yeah.

R: Was there anything else illuminated in the gardens of the other houses by this light?

L: No.

R: No, ok. And what happened next?

L: There’s someone in the room.

R: There was someone in the room. And you’ve got your eyes open, you’re still looking at the red light?

L: Yeah.

R: Where was this someone in the room?

L: It was down and behind me.

R: Behind you, you were aware of someone behind you.

L: Yes.

R: So what did you do?

L: Turned round for a second.

R: Turned round for a second. And what did you see when you looked behind you?

L: It’s like a little man.

R: Like a little man.

L: Like a little man.

R: How many?

L: He didn’t have any clothes on.

R: He didn’t have any clothes on.

L: No.

R: It was just the one was it?

L: Yeah.

R: Ok. How tall was he would you say, this little man?

L: Umm, maybe about five foot, he was just a little bit shorter than me.

R: I understand. Tell me about his head and his face, could you do that. This is just a memory, you’re perfectly safe. Tell me about his head and his face.

L: Got a really big head.

R: A really big head, mhmm.

L: It looks funny.

R: It looks funny?

L: Mmm.

R: Mhmm.

L: It wasn’t scary, he looks funny.

R: He doesn’t look scary, he looks funny. Tell me how he looks funny Laura. What makes you tell me he looks funny?

L: His head’s too big for his body.

R: His head’s too big for his body. And it’s the proportions that makes you think he looks funny?

L: Yeah. Like a dwarf only not, too thin to be a dwarf.

R: He’s too thin.

L: Like a big, big head and a tiny little body.

R: Ok, he’s got a big head and a tiny body.

L: Mmm.

R: Tell me...

L: Really long arms.

R: Really long arms. What colour is he would you say? What colour is he? He’s got no clothes on, perhaps you’d tell me his colour?

L: Well I haven’t got the light on, but he looks, it looks like his skin’s a kinda greeny-bluey colour.

R: Greeny-blue, that’s fine. Tell me all you can about his head and his face.

L: He’s got a really big head and massive eyes.

R: A really big head and massive eyes. What shape would you describe his eyes?

L: Umm...

R: As best you can.

L: They’re I suppose oval.

R: That’s fine thank you. Big oval eyes. Have they pupils?

L: No they’re just black.

R: The big oval eyes are black, have I got that correctly?

L: Yes, big oval black eyes.

R: Big oval black eyes.

L: No colour.

R: No colour, ok. What about his nose?

L: He doesn’t seem to have one.

R: Doesn’t seem to have a nose, ok. What about his mouth?

L: Little tiny mouth.

R: Little tiny mouth.

L: It looks silly on the rest of him.

R: It looks silly on the rest of him. Has he any ears that you can see?

L: None that I can see, not on the outside.

R: That’s fine. Does he have hair this little chap?

L: No.

R: No. So he’s about five foot tall, his head is disproportionately large to his body...

L: Yeah.

R: He’s got oval dark eyes with no pupils...

L: Yeah.

R: No nose, or not one that you can see, and a tiny mouth, is that correct?

L: Yeah.

R: That’s fine. What about his neck, can you see his neck?

L: It doesn’t look strong enough to hold his head.

R: Not strong enough, good gracious.

L: It looks really small.

R: It looks really small, ok.

L: Looks really funny.

R: Really funny.

L: I want to laugh.

R: You want to laugh.

L: Yeah, I’m trying not to laugh at him. He looks so funny.

R: He looks so funny. And his arms are very long arms.

L: Yeah.

R: Could you tell me about his hands, can you see his hands in this light?

L: Really really long fingers.

R: Really long fingers. Can you count them for me?

L: There’s just three.

R: Three long fingers.

L: Really long fingers.

R: Has he another digit?

L: No just three long fingers.

R: Three long fingers. Has he an opposable thumb?

L: I can’t see one.

R: That’s fine, that’s fine, ok. What about his legs?

L: They’re really thin and spindly.

R: Really thin and spindly.

L: They don’t look strong enough to hold him up.

R: Ok.

L: Especially with that big head.

R: This might be difficult for you, but in the darkness can you see this chaps feet at all? You described the hands very well but can you describe the feet to me?

L: No.

R: That’s fine, that’s fine. What about the part that you can see, below his chin, and above the top of his legs. What can you see there on this little chap?

L: Umm...his body.

R: Mhmm.

L: He’s got no belly button, or any nipples or anything, it’s just...

R: He has no navel or nipples, he’s just...

L: Just a body.

R: Just a body. Does he have a badge or insignia anywhere that you can see?

L: No.


R: That’s fine, ok. You’re looking at him and he’s looking at you. And you think he looks funny...

L: Yeah.

R: Because he’s so out of proportion.

L: Yes. He’s like Mr Potato Head.

R: Mr Potato Head. And he’s in your bedroom.

L: Yes.

R: And is the red light still behind you at this point?

L: Yes.

R: You’re looking at this little chap...

L: Yeah.

R: And he’s looking at you. Does he blink at all Laura?

L: No.

R: Does he blink, no?

L: No. It’s like he’s wearing glasses or something.

R: It’s like he’s wearing glasses, I see. And you continue to stare at each other?

L: Yeah.

R: Then what happens?

L: He said I’ve got to go with him.

R: He’s there and you’ve got to go with him. How do you know, how do you know you’ve got to go with him?

L: I don’t know, I just hear him and he doesn’t... his mouth doesn’t move.

R: You hear him but his mouth doesn’t move, have I got that correct?

L: Yeah.

R: Thank you. So he wants you to go with him.

L: Yes.

R: And what does happen?

L: I ask him why should I...why should I go with him.

R: You ask him why should you go with him, and do you get a response?

L: He said I have to.

R: You have to.

L: He said it’s important, I have to go.

R: Do you see the impression it’s important you have to go with him?

L: Yeah. I...I don’t want to go, and I said I want to go and watch Top Of The Pops.

R: You don’t want to go with this little chap.

L: I won’t get to see Top Of The Pops if I go with him. I laughed at him.

R: You’re laughing at this chap are you? Of course you are.

L: I’m telling him “I want to go watch Top Of The Pops, I don’t want to go with you!”

R: You’ve got the flu, and you want to do what you want to do.

L: Whatever. I’m not well, I’m all stuffed up, I just want to go watch Top Of The Pops and go back to bed and go back to sleep, and I just want him to go away and leave me alone.

R: That does happen. What happens? Just take it slowly, slowly as you like, and tell me what happens next.

L: He says “Well you’re coming whether you want to or not”. And I say “Well who’s going to make me, you don’t look like you can make me. You’re’re not big enough to make me, get out of here ‘cause I’m not coming”. I don’t know how he’s doing that, but I’m floating.

R: You don’t know how he’s doing it but you’re floating? Are you floating vertically, or are you tipped over onto your back?

L: No, I’m vertical, I’m floating.

R: Could you explain to me how you feel suddenly about floating.

L: I’m angry, ‘cause I just want him to go away, I want him to go away and leave me alone so I can go and watch Top Of The Pops and go back to bed and go back to sleep, I don’t want to be floating! I’m not supposed to float, if I was supposed to float I’d have wings! I just want him to go away.

R: Does he go away?

L: No.

R: You’re still floating I take yes?

L: Yeah.

R: How far above the ground floating are you would you guess?

L: Umm probably about six inches off the ground.

R: Alright, and you’re still looking at this little old gentleman?

L: Yeah.

R: Uh-huh.

L: I...I’m outside and I’m up in the air going...but my window wasn’t open, how did I get through the window?

R: Well just go back to thinking about yourself looking at the little old gentleman in the room. You were a little bit angry ‘cause you wanted to watch Top Of The Pops. And he said you had to go with him. So how did he make you go with him when you were floating six inches above the carpet? What happened? Just take it slowly and remember.

L: The window’s all shimmery.

R: The window’s all shimmery, yes?

L: Like, like when there’s a fire and then the heat coming up and it’s all shimmery above the fire, like that.

R: That’s how it looks to you does it?

L: Yeah, the window’s gone all shimmery.

R: Are you looking outwards, now out from your room outwards?

L: He’s turned me around.

R: He’s turned you around while you were floating I take it?

L: Yeah.

R: You’re looking at the window and it’s shimmery.

L: It’s all shimmery.

R: And then what happens?

L: I’m outside and I’ve gone through where it was all shimmery and it felt weird.

R: It felt weird.

L: It felt weird as I went through.

R: Explain to me how it went weird when you went through.

L: It was the window and the wall turned to treacle, like walking through treacle.

R: Like walking through treacle, that’s how it felt?

L: Yeah.

R: You felt that against your body did you?

L: Yeah.

R: Ok.

L: But I go through it and it was still there, and the window’s still shut as I went through it.

R: You actually went through it, do you feel?

L: Yeah.

R: Mhmm.

L: And now I’m scared ‘cause I’m up in the air, and there’s nothing underneath me just the garden way down there.

R: So this is the first time you’ve been scared, is that correct?

L: Yeah. And I’m scared ‘cause I think I’m gonna fall.

R: Uh-huh.

L: Like in the cartoons when they run off a cliff and they get so far and they suddenly realise there’s no ground and then they just drop.

R: Yes, and you’re frightened of that.

L: It feels like it’s kind of like that. I’m going up.

R: You’re going up.

L: Towards the red light.

R: Yes. Can you see any more of the red light as you get closer?

L: It’s just getting bigger and bigger.

R: Mhmm.

L: I can’t see any windows or doors or any way of getting in there. It’s just there.

R: When you say the red light, that’s all you can see, the red light, ok.

L: It’s just there.

R: It’s just there.

L: Just hanging there. And I’m going towards it. I’m trying to figure out how I can get in there ‘cause there’s no door.

R: Yes.

L: Umm now it’s open. The bit in front of me has gone all shimmery like the window did.

R: Oh I see. Yes ok.

L: And then I’m inside.

R: Uh-huh. Did the elderly gentleman come with you?

L: I’m on my own.

R: You’re on your own ok. And when you go inside what’s the first thing that you see?

L: Umm...there’s a table.

R: Mhmm.

L: I do not know the type of table, I don’t know. It’s like one of those things you get in the doctors surgery when he needs you to lie down so he can examine you.

R: Oh you just hop up on the couch, one of those?

L: Yeah. It’s not flat, it’s partially raised up so you would be sitting not lying.

R: Yes I understand.

L: Umm...

R: Can you see what it’s made out of?

L: The bottom part seems to be some kind of metal. Umm the tops covered in err well it looks like a sheet of some kind, but it fits round it perfectly, it’s not hanging down or anything.

R: I understand. This room, has this room any particular colour?

L: White.

R: Is it a particular shape?

L: It’s white. It’s oblong.

R: It’s oblong this room, and it’s all white, is that correct?

L: It’s all white.

R: Ok. Is there anything else that draws your attention, looking round this room, besides the couch?

L: No it’s just the couch, there’s nothing else there.

R: There’s nobody else in here with you?

L: No, just me.

R: Just your good self.

L: Just me.

R: And how do you feel, being on here just by yourself?

L: Scared.

R: Scared now?

L: ‘Cause I don’t know why I had to go there.

R: Yes.

L: Why he made me go.

R: Mhmm. See what happens.

L: Umm...felt like I was there for a long time.

R: It felt like you were there alone for a long time.

L: Yeah.

R: Mhmm.

L: I was getting more scared ‘cause I thought I was trapped.

R: You thought you were trapped and that made you even more scared, I understand, yes.

L: Yeah. And then a door opens.

R: A door opens. Was it a door as we would understand it?

L: No. It you would get on Star Trek where it just kind of...

R: Uh-huh.

L: Slides...

R: Yes ok. Did the noise, if there was a noise, or the sudden appearance of the door, did that startle you?

L: Yes.

R: Ok.

L: I had looked there before, there was no door but...


R: Ok. Suddenly there’s a door.

L: Yes. It opened and then it gets even brighter, it’s a really bright light outside the door.

R: I take it from what you say light comes flooding in from outside, the other side of the door, yes?

L: Yes.

R: Is the light the same as the white light is it, or is it a different colour?

L: No it’s white.

R: It’s white again, ok.

L: A really really bright white light.

R: A bright light yes. And then what happens?

L: It’s like a man, but it’s not a man.

R: It’s like a man, but not a man.

L: It’s really tall.

R: Mhmm. How tall is really tall Laura?

L: Much taller than me. Six foot, maybe more. Six foot.

R: It’s like a man, but not a man. What makes him not a man?

L: He’s green.

R: He’s green.

L: And his skin’s all like scaly like a lizard.

R: Ok. So this man is green, he’s got skin like a lizard, he’s six foot tall. Has he got clothes on?

L: No. No he’s not.

R: Tell me about his head, and his face if you would. This is just a memory, you’re just remembering what he looked like. Tell me about his head and his face.

L: Umm...big eyes, not as big as the other thing, not like Mr Potato Head, they’re smaller but they’re the same shape.

R: Big oval eyes. Have they got a specific colour?

L: They seem to be orange.

R: They seem to be orange.

L: It’’s hard to see them.

R: That’s ok. So he has big orange oval eyes.

L: Mmm got black bit in the middle, but it’s not round like ours it’’s a line.

R: It’s a line. A black bit. A vertical pupil, do I understand you correctly?

L: Yeah.

R: Yes.

L: Very big orange eyes.

R: Big orange eyes with a vertical pupil. What about his nose?

L: Umm, nose doesn’t stick out, I can just see a little bit.

R: Mhmm. Right ok. Does he have two nostrils?

L: Yes.

R: He has two nostrils.

L: They’re big and kind of wide out.

R: Big and kind of wide out, that’s good.

L: Yeah.

R: What about this chap’s mouth?

L: Kind of sticks out a monkey.

R: Sticks out like a monkey ok.

L: But he’s not got any lips, his mouth’s just a...just a line.

R: His mouth sticks out, yes ok.

L: It’s like the front part of his face where his mouth would be, it kind of sticks out like a monkey’s face.

R: Has this chap got ears?

L: No, there’s just like...looks like a hole each side where the ears should be.

R: Ok. Now in comparison to the elderly gentleman, is this fellow in proportion?

L: Yeah. He’s got really big muscles.

R: He’s got really big muscles, yes.

L: He’s got spiky bits on his shoulders like can’t explain.

R: Spiky bits. Do they stick up vertically these spiky bits on his shoulders?

L: Yeah.

R: How many of them are there? Don’t struggle.

L: There’s three on each shoulder.

R: Three spiky bits on each shoulder. Are they the same length?

L: the one on the outside of his...on the edge of his shoulder...

R: Yes.

L: Not as long as the others, it’s shorter. The next ones bigger than the right hand one, then the next one’s shorter again.

R: Do these grow out of his body or are they some kind of fitting?

L: They seem to be part of him.

R: Are they...what colour are they can you tell me?

L: Dark green.

R: Dark green ok. And he’s very muscular.

L: Yeah.

R: Are his arms muscular?

L: Yeah.

R: His chest?

L: Yeah.

R: His stomach?

L: Yeah.

R: Tell me about his legs.

L: Umm his legs are muscular too.

R: Can you see his feet?

L: Kind of...they look frogs feet.

R: They look like frogs feet, I understand. When you compare these feet to his hands, what do his hands look like?

L: Umm big.

R: Big hands.

L: Long fingers.

R: Long fingers.

L: Very very long. Fingers are obviously too big for his hands.

R: Fingers look too big for his hands. Does he have nails on the end?

L: Big claws.

R: Big claws. How many fingers does he have?

L: Umm four, but ones higher up like a thumb but...

R: Ok.

L: I’m not sure if it is a thumb or not.

R: That’s fine, thank you for that. Does he have what we might consider jewellery or fittings anywhere on him?

L: No.

R: No.

L: No nothing.

R: No emblems...

L: No.

R: That you can see? No uniform? Does he have any genitalia?

L: I can’t see any.

R: That’s fine. Are you straight onto this chap, making eye contact?

L: Yes.

R: You can’t see behind him if he has a tail?

L: No.

R: No, that’s ok. So you’re looking at him straight ahead.

L: Yeah.

R: And what happens next?

L: I ask him why are they here, why have you brought me here? Err, he said we needed to. And I said why? And I started getting angry and I started shouting, and I was telling them “I’m not well, I don’t want to be here, I want to go and watch Top Of The Pops, I want to go back to sleep, I’ve got a headache and I don’t feel well”.

R: Yes.

L: And I’m angry, and I punch him. But he won’t let me get near him.

R: How’s he stopping you getting near him?

L: He’s holding up his hand.

R: Both hands?

L: Just one.

R: Which hand is he holding up Laura?

L: Right hand.

R: Right hand.

L: He’s just holding up his right hand. I can’t get near him. I don’t know, I don’t know, I can’t get near him no matter how much I try to get near him.

R: So you’re getting a good look at his palm, tell me about his palm.

L: His palm is lighter colour than the rest.

R: Mhmm.

L: It’s still covered in the scales, it’s normal.

R: Ok.

L: But it’s lighter coloured.

R: You’re still angry because you’re unwell...

L: Yeah.

R: You didn’t want to come here, you wanted to watch your TV programme.

L: Yeah.

R: And he’s got his right hand held out in front of him towards you, and you can’t get anywhere near him.

L: Yeah.

R: So what happens?

L: I tell him to get on with what he’s got to do or send me home.

R: You tell him to get on with what he’s going to do or send you home.

L: Yeah I say get off me, if you’re going to do something do it or send me home, don’t just keep me stuck here like this. Do something or send me home!

R: Right. You leave him that clear message.

L: And he told me that he couldn’t until I calm down, I have to calm down.

R: He couldn’t do what?

L: Couldn’t do what he needed to do.

R: And what is it that he needs to do?

L: I don’t know, he won’t say, he just said he can’t do what he needs to do ‘cause I’m angry, he can’t do it while I’m angry.

R: You’re very angry.

L: I am.

R: Just breathe, just breathe, there’s no rush. Just breathe. You’re angry with him, you asked him to get on with what he’s going to do or send you back home...

L: Yeah.

R: He said that you’d have to calm down.

L: Yeah.

R: Did you calm down?

L: I told him if he wanted me to calm down he’d have to tell me what he wanted.

R: I see.

L: I wasn’t very polite. I’m sorry but I swore at him.

R: You swore at him?

L: Swore.

R: And did you notice shock on his face when you swore at him?

L: No.

R: No?

L: He thought it was funny.

R: He thought it was funny because you were swearing at him.

L: Yes.

R: Ok.

L: He knew I couldn’t do anything. All he had to do was hold his hand up and I couldn’t get to him.

R: I understand.

L: And then well tell...tell me what you need to do and then I’ll calm down.

R: Mhmm. And did he tell you?

L: He wouldn’t tell me.

R: He wouldn’t tell you.

L: I shouted out “Well bloody well tell me what you want, or put me back home, but fucking well do something ‘cause I’m not here for the fucking good of my health am I. I’ve got a headache and I’m not well and I want to go back to bed!” (Distressed)

R: That’s ok, just breathe for me, this is a memory, you’re remembering the anger that you felt. You don’t need to remember the anger, just remember what happened. That’s better. That’s good. So you’re swearing at him, you’re shouting at him, he’s holding his hand up, it appears to you that he thinks it’s funny.

L: Yeah, he seems to be laughing. And that just makes me more angry.

R: I can understand that.

L: I don’t like being laughed at.

R: You don’t like being laughed at, no.

L: I don’t like being laughed at and they always seem to laugh at me. They always seem to think I’m pathetic.

R: Who’s they?

L: Everyone. My mum, my dad, my brother and sister especially, everyone’s always laughing at me and telling me what an idiot I am.

R: That makes you angry?

L: Yeah ‘cause I’m not an idiot.

R: Do you swear at them?

L: Yes, apart from my mum. I don’t dare swear at her.

R: No.

L: It makes me so mad, everyone thinks I’m such an idiot, I’m not.

R: Of course you aren’t.

L: I’ve spent enough time telling them I’m not an idiot, still they laugh at me. No matter what I do they laugh. Now they’re laughing, he’s laughing.

R: That makes you even more angry.

L: Nearly all of my family laugh, now he’s laughing, and he don’t even know me.

R: You said he doesn’t even know you. Do you recognise him? Does he seem in the least familiar to you?

L: No.

R: No, that’s ok.

L: I don’t recognise him.

R: No that’s fine, that’s ok. So what happens?

L: Umm...the door opened again.

R: Yes.

L: The funny man came in.

R: Yes.

L: Mr Potato Head.

R: Mr Potato Head.

L: I couldn’t get over it, I had to laugh, ‘cause he’s just so funny, that big big head and that tiny little neck and his teeny little legs.

R: So you’re laughing?

L: I’m laughing now. It’s so funny. I feel rude for laughing, I can’t help but laugh.

R: It’s ok. What a change of emotions. From being angry to laughing at this little chap.

L: So funny.

R: Is the taller one still there?

L: Yeah.

R: And what is he doing now, has he put his hand down?

L: Yeah. Umm...he’s waiting for me to stop laughing now.

R: He’s waiting for you to stop laughing. Are you?

L: I asked him again why has he brought me, why...why has he brought me there.

R: Mhmm. Do you hear his response?

L: Yeah.

R: What do you hear?

L: He says he wouldn’t have brought me when I was ill if it wasn’t really important.

R: He wouldn’t have brought you here if it wasn’t really important because you were ill.

L: Yeah.

R: Mhmm.

L: He said he would have preferred to wait a bit till I were better.

R: Right.

L: But then the dates would be wrong.

R: The dates.

L: Yeah.

R: What do you understand by him saying the dates?

L: I didn’t know what he meant and then I asked.

R: Ok.

L: I asked what he meant and he said “Your baby has to be born on the right day”.

R: Your baby has to be born on the right day, yes.

L: And I asked him what baby, “I said I’m not pregnant, how will my baby be born when I’m not even pregnant?”

R: Yes.

L: And then he said “You will be. You will be, and that’s why you needed to come here, you need to be pregnant now”.

R: I see.

L: Umm I still didn’t understand what he meant.

R: Mhmm.

L: Umm...he would just..all he said was “You’ll know what’s important when the times comes”.

R: You’ll know what’s important when the time comes, ok.

L: Yes. And I said “Well, how can my baby be born at the right time when I’m not pregnant?”

R: What did he say to that?

L: He said “You need to climb up on that bed...”

R: Yes.

L: “Just there, you’ll be pregnant when you leave”.

R: Climb up on the bed just there and you’ll be pregnant when you leave, that is what you understood him to say?

L: Yes. And I asked him how.

R: Mhmm.

L: And he...he brought out, I don’t know where he got it from, seemed to just appear, I don’t know, a big needle.

R: A big needle.

L: A really really big needle.

R: Ok.

L: And then I started to get scared ‘cause I...I didn’t know where he was going to put the needle.

R: Yes, of course. You started to get scared at that point.

L: He held up his hand and he said “Calm down, it’s ok”.

R: Yes, he held up his hand and said calm down it’s ok.

L: Yeah. And I asked him “Well where are you going to be putting that?”

R: Yes.

L: And he said he’s going to put it in my belly button.

R: Yes.

L: And I laughed and I said well that sounded really stupid.

R: Mhmm.

L: Umm...that’s really good of him to say. And then he told me “Just relax, this won’t hurt”.

R: So you’re sitting down in the chair now?

L: Yeah.

R: The couch.

L: Yeah.

R: You’re doing as you’re told, you’re being a good girl now, is that correct?

L: Yeah ‘cause I want to go home, ‘cause I want to.

R: I see, you’re thinking, am I right in thinking if he gets this done you go home then?

L: Yeah.

R: And you agree with that?

L: Mmm.

R: Have I got that right?

L: Yeah I thought if I just do as he tells me and just let him do what he needs to do then I can go home and it’ll all be done with and that would be great.

R: Ok.

L: And he put the needle in my belly button.

R: Yes.

L: And...and then he injected something, I don’t know...I don’t know what he injected...injected something.

R: Mhmm.


L: Umm...and when he took the needle out there wasn’t bleeding.

R: Was there any pain for you at any time?

L: No it didn’t hurt.

R: So he kept his word in regards to that?

L: Yeah it didn’t hurt.

R: Excellent.

L: He just put the needle down there, it didn’t hurt, and it didn’t bleed, and there weren’t even a hole.

R: There wasn’t any hole, ok.

L: I couldn’t even see a mark where it had been.

R: Right.

L: No mark at all.

R: Ok.

L: Umm...I wish that I could go home.

R: Right.

L: I said “Well how has what you have just done made me pregnant?”

R: Mhmm.

L: And he said “You’ll find out.”

R: Ok.

L: “You will find out soon”. And I said “So am I pregnant now?” And he said “Yes. Yes.”

R: Yes.

L: “Yes, you’re pregnant now. And you won’t find out straight away, but the baby has to be born on the 11th August.”

R: Has to be born on the 11th August. That’s important is it?

L: Has to be, has to be born on the 11th August. And I asked him “Why? Why does it have to be then?” “Just has, just has to be, I can’t tell you why it just has to be.”

R: It just has to be.

L: And then I’m outside that ship. And I’m floating again and I must have gone through the treacley wall thing again but I don’t remember doing that.

R: That’s ok.

L: I just remember I’m outside and I’m looking down at the gardens all down there and I’m expecting to fall down and break my legs any minute.

R: Mhmm.

L: But I’m down, I’m back in the bedroom with Mr Potato Head again. I’m back and Mr Potato Head’s there. Umm...I think he’s going to take me again, and I’ve just been there and I don’t want to go again. Umm but then he just says I won’t remember. He says I won’t remember.

R: Oh he tells you you won’t.

L: He says you won’t remember. All you’ll remember is when your baby’s going to be born, what day he’s going to be born, but you won’t remember until they tell you that you’re pregnant. And I ask him “But who...who’s going to tell me I’m pregnant?” And he just said “They”. He won’t say anything he just says “They”. And I asked “Well when will they tell me?” “They’ll tell you when they tell you”. And he said “You won’t remember any of this but once they tell you you’ll know when your baby’s supposed to be born. And you’ll just know. And...he went back out. I presume he went back to the ship, I don’t know.

R: That’s ok. What did you do?

L: Err the light was gone now.

R: Ok the light was gone.

L: The light was gone now and I thought I’d better get downstairs ‘cause my programme was gonna be starting.

R: Yes. So you didn’t get back into bed then, you went downstairs?

L: I went downstairs.

R: Ok.

L: Umm, and that’s when I found I’d missed it. And they’d kept me so long I’d missed my bloody programme and that was the only thing I wanted to watch. So I was angry again. And it made me even more mad ‘cause Joseph said I fell asleep, he said you must have got back into bed, you must have fell asleep, and I told him I didn’t fall asleep I came down, came down as soon as you told me and I don’t understand this, I didn’t get back into bed and I didn’t go back to sleep and I don’t know what’s going on and he’s calling me an idiot and telling me “You fell asleep, you must have fell asleep.”

R: And that made you angry.

L: And then I was even more angry ‘cause I know I didn’t fall asleep, I know I didn’t.

R: Just relax, just relax. That’s good. Just breathe. You’ve done very well. I want you to take yourself away from that scenario, put yourself back in that neutrally coloured room. Back in the peace and tranquillity of that neutrally coloured room. And just breathe for me Laura. Just allow all that anger and upset just to leave you, just to dissipate. And you can just concentrate on breathing. That’s it, that’s very good. That’s good. That’s better. And when you’re ready make your way towards that huge wooden door, open it, and stand at the bottom of the ten steps please. When you’re there let me know.

L: Ok.

R: Now I want you to thank your subconscious mind from the bottom of your heart for the vital work it’s carried out today.

L: Thank you.

R: You’ve done very well, you should be very proud of yourself. Just look up at the steps that you’ve got to climb back up now. And bringing all those thoughts and feelings back with you you’re going to step to ten, to nine, to eight, seven and six, five, half way back now, And when you’re ready and not before start to come back to this room.

Some of the revelations from the above recollection are stunning, disturbing and of course very personal to Laura and her family. Be aware that Laura is happy with the inclusion of the above in the report and I have directly asked for her express permission to include it.

Laura first described a blue-green skinned Grey being which appeared in her bedroom after she initially observed the sphere. Note that once again she was not paralyzed at any point of the experience. Her reaction to the being was fascinating. Rather than be frightened by it, she was actually amused by how odd it looked. She was amused by how out of proportion its head looked against the rest of its slender body. She nicknamed the being “Mr Potato Head”, and refers to it as this on numerous occasions during the regression! It was fascinating to see Laura act this way, usually when someone sees Greys they are scared or at least un-nerved by them. This appears to be the first time she got a proper look at a Grey. On the previous occasion she may have been visited by Greys but she could not see their appearance for one reason or another.

Astoundingly Laura then described in detail being floated through the wall & closed window of her room. This fits in with many other abduction experiences I have investigated. Laura says that as she passed through it felt like she was moving through treacle. This suggests that when she was taken her molecular structure was changed in some way, allowing her to physically pass through solid objects. She was then floated through the air towards the red spherical UFO, and again was taken through the outer wall of the object. Inside she found herself in a white coloured rectangular shaped room with reclining chair. A sliding door opened and a Reptilian being entered. This appears to be the first time she had met this being, but as you will see was not to be the last.

Just as with the Grey, Laura did not appear to be frightened by the Reptilian despite its odd appearance. Instead she was actually angry at having been taken out of her house without her consent, and was annoyed that she was going to miss her TV programme! It was very interesting to see Laura’s reaction at this part of the regression, as most contactees are frightened when they are taken not angry. It perhaps suggests that she had met these beings on previous occasions and was used to their appearance, although we have so far had no confirmation of this so it is just a theory. During the regression Laura stated that she did not recognise either being.

The Reptilian explained to her that she would become pregnant and also informed her of the date of the birth. This explained why she later felt that she knew this date even though she did not really know why.

When she was led over to the reclining chair, Laura appears to be resigned to her fate, and did not try to stop this from happening. Perhaps she did not truly believe that she would become pregnant and just wanted to get things over and done with so she could return home.

The long needle instrument that was placed in her belly button has been described by female abductees many times before. It seems likely that this instrument is used for the implantation of fertilized eggs. Obviously the implications of this revelation are extremely personal, and suggest that Laura’s son was implanted aboard the craft. Laura is remarkably accepting of this possibility, and already had a feeling that this may have been the case, so what she described under regression did not come as a complete shock to her. Of course we have no way of knowing the origin of the DNA used in this procedure. Laura left Joseph many years ago, and unfortunately her son does not want to be a part of this investigation.

After the procedure it seems that Laura was then returned to her bedroom, and then Grey and sphere both left. She then immediately forgot everything which had taken place. It was only when she headed downstairs that she learnt that she had lost an hour of time.

Essentially Laura’s recollection of this incident again filled in all the gaps and explained exactly what went on. As she has read about ET contact prior to this experience we cannot completely rule out the possibility that some of what she said was imagined due to what she expected took place. But she consciously remembers seeing the red glowing sphere, and then had a definite hour of missing time, which was confirmed by the fact she missed her TV programme. So it stands to reason that something took place in that hour, something related to the UFO. The strength of her emotions throughout the regression, the amount of detail she came out with without hesitation, and the similarities between what she described and other known cases lead me to believe that it took place as she described. This adequately explains exactly why she knew the date her son would be born on, and also why she had a UFO watch over her throughout the majority of the pregnancy.

(Continued in Part 3)

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2011



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