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Sheffield Contact Case Part 1 - Greys, Reptilians, Nordics, Abductions, Mutilation, UFOs, MIB

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Originally forwarded by Richard Hall

Release Date: 04/09/2011

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used


Most cases of ET contact focus on one or two incidents which have taken place. But sometimes an individual can experience many different fascinating events from early in their life. This is the case with Laura, a mother and married lady from Sheffield. Her experiences, which go right back to her childhood, are both very interesting and have some astounding implications. There are certain events which have taken place that have forced her to consider the extent to which contact with these beings is occurring. Not only do her experiences affect her, but her sons are also clearly involved. There also appears to have been ongoing monitoring from unknown parties, and a military connection involving her late father. Read on and all will become clear...

The Investigation

Laura first got in touch with me on 6th April 2011 via Richard Hall’s website After initially speaking directly with Richard over the phone, she then spoke with me about some of her experiences. It immediately became clear to me the extent that these experiences had impacted on her life, and I soon decided it would require a direct visit to discuss everything in enough depth. I also felt that some of her experiences warranted a hypnotic regression as they contained missing memories and lost time.

On Sunday 23rd April, I and hypnotherapist Rob Tudge (who until recently assisted me with cases involving contact) drove on up to Sheffield to meet with Laura and her husband Graham at their house. After going over Laura’s experiences in much more detail, including some events she had not mentioned before, Rob then regressed her, focusing on two of her most fascinating experiences. The transcript of this regression can be read later in the report. We also took some relevant location photos.

Since our visit, Laura has had other experiences including another UFO sighting that her husband also witnessed. There are other experiences which no doubt warrant a second regression, so this may be sorted out at some point in the near future.

The Watchers

Since an early age, Laura has regularly felt like she is being observed by an invisible presence. Sometimes this feeling of a presence arrives and leaves with a flash of white light. When she first started feeling these things she was frightened and told her mother Beth. She told her to stop being silly, and that there was no such thing as invisible people. Soon afterwards they went round to see her grandfather. While there Beth told him what Laura had said. When he was alone with Laura he told her that they were nothing to be afraid of, and that he had felt them too at times, and seen the flashes of light. He taught Laura to look for a shimmering effect in the air which would signify their presence. He called them “The Watchers”.

From then on she would sometimes be able to see this effect in the air and knew that “The Watchers” were there. This would generally occur when the presence remained for a long period of time. An area about 2 feet wide by 6 feet high would begin to shimmer, similar to a heat haze. However often the presence would not be there for very long, perhaps only several seconds. Occasionally Laura has noticed her pet cat acting strangely and interacting with the presence by either pawing at the air or arching its back and hissing.

Contactees often report feeling an invisible presence watching over them. This perhaps indicates ongoing ET interaction throughout their life. However it is not just Laura who feels this presence, her grandfather also did. Does this mean that he too was a contactee? Possibly, but perhaps it is related to a haunting rather than being linked with the ETs.

Shadow Beings

As well as regularly experiencing what she refers to as The Watchers, Laura also sometimes sees what she refers to as “Shadow Beings”. It was again her grandfather who alerted her to the reality of these entities. They are dark humanoid forms that appear to possess intelligence. They are semi-transparent like a shadow being cast on a surface. They move very fluidly but walk rather than float.

These beings only tend to appear when she is feeling upset, so are clearly linked to this emotion for whatever reason. They do not always appear, only sometimes. The entity often has a calming effect on her and will remain until her anger has subsided.

These shadow-like entities have been reported by many people before, and are generally given the name Shadow Beings or Shadow People. They have often been seen by contactees while in their home, and possibly have an ET link. However like The Watchers they may have a ghostly explanation. Perhaps it is the heightened senses of these contactees that causes them to be seen.

Psychic Abilities

Like many contactees, Laura claims to have psychic abilities, including a sixth sense which allows her to detect and see ghosts, as well as the other strange entities described earlier in this report. She also has sometimes has premonitions which come to her in the form of dreams.

In 1976 when she was 15 years old she had a nightmare where she was at school with her friend. It was PE and their teacher allowed them to go on a cross country run on their own as they were not very good at hockey. The route they would usually take had a fork in the path. The right fork would take them along the side of a large corn field; the left would go around the field and take 10 minutes longer. In the nightmare they approached the fork in the path. Her friend wanted to take the right fork but Laura was apprehensive as she could see a gang of men at the bottom of the path. In the end her friend persuaded her to take the right fork. As they approached the men, they suddenly grabbed hold of them, dragged them into the corn field and assaulted them. At this moment Laura awoke. She was very distressed and was sweating.

Later in the day during PE, exactly like in the nightmare, the teacher came to Laura and her friend and said they could do a cross country run instead of play hockey. Laura immediately recognised that it was the same thing to what she had dreamed. She was reluctant to go but did as she was told. They reached the fork in the path, and sure enough there was the group of men exactly like she remembered. She told her friend about the nightmare and persuaded her to take the left fork in the path instead. When they approached the school, their PE teacher came running out and said “Thank God you’re both safe, the police have just arrested five men at the bottom of the corn field for gang raping a young girl two days ago!” It appeared that Laura’s dream had stopped the same thing happening to her and her friend.

In 1981 Laura worked as a barmaid. She used to walk to her workplace every evening for her shift which lasted from 7-12pm. She would have to walk across a crossroads on her way to work. One night she had a dream where she was crossing this crossroads when suddenly a car came skidding round the corner, jumped the lights and crashed into her, dragging her along the road.

For the next six months Laura was extra careful when crossing the crossroads because she felt that her dream was going to come true. However nothing happened and in the end she decided that it had just been a dream and nothing more. A short time afterwards she was running late one morning and was in a rush. She was about to step out onto the road when she suddenly heard someone call her name. She turned around but couldn’t see anyone. She turned back and was about to start walking when again she heard her name being called. Puzzled, she turned round a second time, but there was still nobody in sight. She began to step out into the road when suddenly a car came screeching round the corner and drove extremely fast past her. If she had not heard the voice calling her, Laura feels that she would have been in the road and would have got hit, just like what happened in the dream. She would later find out that the occupants of the car had burgled the casino near to her workplace.

In August 1995 Laura moved from London to a house back in Sunderland. Her mother had found her this property and recommended it to her. When Laura asked her mother about the house, Beth informed her that it was a semi-detached two bedroom house with a red front door and central heating. That night Laura had a dream in which she was in front of a blue doored house. She went inside and explored the property.

In the morning when Laura got her sons up, she found out of Peter that he had experienced the same dream! He told her about the dream he had during the night, and it matched her own. About a week later they visited the house for the first time. Laura was amazed when it was what she had seen in the dream. Her mother had been incorrect about the colour of the front door. All the details inside the house were exactly as she remembered.

These are just several examples of the premonitions that Laura has had throughout her life. It certainly appears that sometimes she dreams about certain events taking place, and that as a result she is then able to stop these events from happening. The second incident described also has an aspect of protection to it. Could the voice that she heard have come from an ET? If it did then it seems that the ETs were protecting Laura from harm, as without the voice calling her she would probably have been hit by the car.

It is fascinating that the premonition about the house was experienced by both Laura and her son. This suggests a psychic link between the two of them. We can only speculate as to why this dream occurred in the first place. Unlike her other premonitions this did not seem to have an element of danger to it, it was just an exploration of the new house.

Initial Abduction

The first ET-related experience that Laura can remember took place in September 1981. Back then she shared a house with her boyfriend on Cleveland Road, High Barnes, Sunderland. Her mother Beth and two sisters Julia and Carol also lived in the area on Marcross Drive in the Moorside Estate. On the day of the incident, she had been round Beth’s house helping to decorate. In the evening her younger sister Carol gave her a lift. It was a pleasant and calm evening.

Laura and her boyfriend went to bed about 11.30pm. During the night she had what seemed like a very vivid dream. She found herself down Barnes Park near to her home. She was on a bridge that overlooked the park, and was walking in the direction of her house.

Aerial map of Barnes Park showing the approximate location of Laura's house on Cleveland Road, and arrows showing where Laura was in the dream and direction she was walking:

Modern photograph of the location (The bridge got replaced with a road in 2009):

It was night-time and quite dark. She was clothed in her normal daytime wear. About half way across the bridge suddenly the sky above her lit up a glowing bright white. The light was so bright that it made it seem like it was daylight all around. She thought to herself how odd this seemed as it could not have changed to daylight that quickly. Then she began to feel afraid of the light, and thought that she had better get back home as quickly as possible. This was the last thing she remembered.

In the morning when Laura awoke it was pouring with heavy rain outside. She could remember the details of the strange dream described above. She got out of bed and went to get dressed. She would always leave her daytime wear neatly folded at the base of the bed. However the clothes were now lying in a crumpled heap. When she picked them up she was also puzzled to find that they were soaking wet!

It was clear that during the night she had been outside in them, though she could not remember doing so and was not prone to sleepwalking. She then thought back to the dream and wondered if there was more to it. She did not dwell on what had happened for too long, and soon put a different set of clothes on and went about her day.

Regression Transcript Part One

Laura has had many fascinating experiences, but we only had enough time to cover a couple of them in the regression. The incident with the wet clothes was one of the most intriguing. It was obvious something had genuinely taken place. Also Laura had recollection of being outside and seeing a bright light above her in the sky. Both I and her felt this was possibly an abduction experience and that most of the memories of what had occurred had been blocked out.

As you will see in the transcript, this turned out to be the case. The regression went extremely well and Laura had a near full recollection of what took place. What she divulged completely explained why she had awoke to find her clothing wet and in a heap, why she remembered being down the park and the source of the brightly glowing light.

Below is the transcript of the first part of the regression. The second part can be found later in this report:

R: Just breathe and put your head back. Allow any tension you have in your neck just to dissipate. As you exhale just let it go. And again. And the next time your shoulders, as you exhale allow the tension to drop out of your shoulders. And as you become more and more relaxed, allow your arms to go just where they want to. That’s fine, that’s great. And just continue to relax with each breath. And allow the muscles across your forehead to let go, relax. And the tiny muscles around your eyes, as you exhale so they just let go, relax. That’s good, that’s fine. Becoming more and more comfortable with each breath. That’s fine, that’s good. Calm, comfortable and relaxed. And the muscles of your upper back, and your middle back, and your lower back, as you exhale so they let go. That’s good. Your stomach muscles, your thigh muscles, as you exhale, let go. And your calf muscles, and the muscles of your legs, just let go and relax. That’s great, that’s just fine. So, I’ll ask you to imagine yourself at the top of ten steps. At the bottom of the ten steps there’s a huge wooden door. You’re looking down at that huge wooden door. But before you make your way down the steps I’ll ask you to imagine a golden bubble of protection around you. It’s above your head, and below your feet. If you stretched your hands out left and right, you wouldn’t be able to touch the inside of this golden bubble, it’s there for your protection. That’s good. And now imagine little tendrils, little roots growing from your heels. Out they grow, down into what you’re standing on, into the subsoil, and down through the strata to lock you to the earth. So you’re totally protected and grounded with those tendrils. And you can move without any bother at all, without any hindrance you can move quite easily and freely, you’ll hear my voice and you’ll be able to answer. So now I want you to take your first step down into peace and tranquillity. That’s good. And the second step down. And the third step down. Calm, comfortable, relaxed, completely at ease, protected and grounded. And step number four. And then five. Half way down now. Now you’re seeing more detail in that huge wooden door at the bottom of the stairs. And six. And step number seven. Calm, comfortable, relaxed, completely at ease, protected and grounded. Continue onward, continue onward. Eight, and nine, and ten. In front of that huge wooden door. What colour is the door?

L: Brown.

R: Brown door, ok. Now before you go through the door I’ll tell you what’s on the other side. It’s just a neutrally coloured room, that’s all it is. So when you’re ready, just step through into that neutrally coloured room please. Close the door behind you. Ok. Very shortly I’ll be speaking to Laura’s subconscious mind, and I’ll be speaking to Laura’s subconscious mind as if I’m speaking to another person. I’ll ask you not to think about my questions, just give the answers as quickly as they come. I’m going to count to three and snap my fingers, and when I snap my fingers your subconscious mind will appear as a shape, a colour, a picture or a symbol. One, two, three. Tell me what you have.

L: A blue triangle.

R: Blue triangle. That’s marvellous. Blue triangle, are you Laura’s subconscious mind, yes or no?

L: Yes.

R: Subconscious mind, thank you for appearing in that form. Subconscious mind, would it be appropriate to go back in safety and comfort to the incidents we have mentioned. The incident in Sunderland in 81, and the incident in Dagenham in 83. Would that be appropriate?

L: Yes.

R: Thank you subconscious mind. Ok, just relax and breathe. Just relax and breathe. You’re doing very well. Ok. It’s September 1981. You’re in the house in Sunderland. Now before you went to bed that night did anything out of the ordinary happen in the day?

L: No.

R: Ok. What time did you go to bed that night?