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Sheffield Contact Case Part 1 - Greys, Reptilians, Nordics, Abductions, Mutilation, UFOs, MIB

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Originally forwarded by Richard Hall

Release Date: 04/09/2011

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used


Most cases of ET contact focus on one or two incidents which have taken place. But sometimes an individual can experience many different fascinating events from early in their life. This is the case with Laura, a mother and married lady from Sheffield. Her experiences, which go right back to her childhood, are both very interesting and have some astounding implications. There are certain events which have taken place that have forced her to consider the extent to which contact with these beings is occurring. Not only do her experiences affect her, but her sons are also clearly involved. There also appears to have been ongoing monitoring from unknown parties, and a military connection involving her late father. Read on and all will become clear...

The Investigation

Laura first got in touch with me on 6th April 2011 via Richard Hall’s website After initially speaking directly with Richard over the phone, she then spoke with me about some of her experiences. It immediately became clear to me the extent that these experiences had impacted on her life, and I soon decided it would require a direct visit to discuss everything in enough depth. I also felt that some of her experiences warranted a hypnotic regression as they contained missing memories and lost time.

On Sunday 23rd April, I and hypnotherapist Rob Tudge (who until recently assisted me with cases involving contact) drove on up to Sheffield to meet with Laura and her husband Graham at their house. After going over Laura’s experiences in much more detail, including some events she had not mentioned before, Rob then regressed her, focusing on two of her most fascinating experiences. The transcript of this regression can be read later in the report. We also took some relevant location photos.

Since our visit, Laura has had other experiences including another UFO sighting that her husband also witnessed. There are other experiences which no doubt warrant a second regression, so this may be sorted out at some point in the near future.

The Watchers

Since an early age, Laura has regularly felt like she is being observed by an invisible presence. Sometimes this feeling of a presence arrives and leaves with a flash of white light. When she first started feeling these things she was frightened and told her mother Beth. She told her to stop being silly, and that there was no such thing as invisible people. Soon afterwards they went round to see her grandfather. While there Beth told him what Laura had said. When he was alone with Laura he told her that they were nothing to be afraid of, and that he had felt them too at times, and seen the flashes of light. He taught Laura to look for a shimmering effect in the air which would signify their presence. He called them “The Watchers”.

From then on she would sometimes be able to see this effect in the air and knew that “The Watchers” were there. This would generally occur when the presence remained for a long period of time. An area about 2 feet wide by 6 feet high would begin to shimmer, similar to a heat haze. However often the presence would not be there for very long, perhaps only several seconds. Occasionally Laura has noticed her pet cat acting strangely and interacting with the presence by either pawing at the air or arching its back and hissing.

Contactees often report feeling an invisible presence watching over them. This perhaps indicates ongoing ET interaction throughout their life. However it is not just Laura who feels this presence, her grandfather also did. Does this mean that he too was a contactee? Possibly, but perhaps it is related to a haunting rather than being linked with the ETs.

Shadow Beings

As well as regularly experiencing what she refers to as The Watchers, Laura also sometimes sees what she refers to as “Shadow Beings”. It was again her grandfather who alerted her to the reality of these entities. They are dark humanoid forms that appear to possess intelligence. They are semi-transparent like a shadow being cast on a surface. They move very fluidly but walk rather than float.

These beings only tend to appear when she is feeling upset, so are clearly linked to this emotion for whatever reason. They do not always appear, only sometimes. The entity often has a calming effect on her and will remain until her anger has subsided.