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Shard End Contact Case - Greys, Abduction, UFOs, Psychic Abilities, Paranormal Activity, Drawings

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Originally forwarded by Richard Hall

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 28/06/2013

Last Updated: 27/06/2020

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used


Kerry is the sister of Darren, a contactee whose case I looked into last year and which you can read about elsewhere on this site (West Bromwich Contact Case). Darren had told Kerry about his own experiences, but up until early 2011 she had never had any ET-related experiences herself, at least to her knowledge. Contact is often experienced by multiple individuals from the same family line, so it is unsurprising that Kerry would experience contact in addition to her brother.

This report covers what took place with her recent experience, and other previous aspects of her life which may be related in some way. It contains segments of transcript from her hypnotic regression and also many interesting drawings and photographs.

The Investigation

Due to her brother’s experiences, Kerry has some background knowledge on the UFO subject, but has barely looked into abductions as it is an aspect of the subject she has not been particularly interested. Soon after her contact experience, knowing that her brother had already had experiences of this nature, she decided to report what happened via Richard Hall’s website. She had no idea that I assist Richard with investigations, so it is by complete chance that I would end up looking into the case just as I had previously done with her brother!

I contacted Kerry by E-Mail on 18th January 2011. After briefly discussing what happened, I decided the best course of action would be for me to drive round and visit her to speak face-to-face, especially as she lives quite local to myself. The following day I drove around to Kerry’s home to interview her in depth about what happened and take some photographs which you can see throughout this report. Her father and boyfriend were also present.

After going over everything, Kerry decided that she would like to be regressed to see if any further memories would become clear. I agreed with her that this would be a good course of action to take. On the evening of 30th January 2011, myself and hypnotherapist Rob Tudge returned to the house to regress Kerry. Additional details on some of her most interesting experiences were gleaned from this, although quite a lot of what was said she already knew about consciously. Her best friend Tara was also present on this second occasion and I was able to interview her about some of Kerry’s earlier experiences she had also witnessed.

Circle Of Sticks

From an early age to about the age of 16 Kerry experienced a recurring nightmare or vision. She would regularly see the image of a circle made up of thin blue sticks which were bright but not glowing. There was also a dot in the centre of this circle. She would get this vision when lying down and just dropping off to sleep. It used to absolutely terrify her but she has no idea why. She would often curl up into a ball crying when she saw this.

Kerry’s reaction to this vision is unusual, as it does not sound like something which should be very frightening. It is unknown at present if this vision in anything to do with ET contact or not.

Grey Hybridisation Drawings

When I initially interviewed Kerry on the 18th, it was unclear as to whether she had experienced anything directly linked with ETs earlier in her life. Most of her experiences seemed to be focused around paranormal activity, ghosts and gifts she possesses. However she did have a vague recollection of some drawings she had done when she was 12 years old. Unfortunately she could hardly remember anything about these drawings or if they still even existed.

when I returned on the 30th she excitedly handed me a small pile of A4 pages. She informed me that she had gone to ask her father about the drawings, and he had kept a hold of them. When I saw what the drawings were, my jaw almost hit the floor! Below is a scan of each page in order, along with a short description of each sheet.

The first sheet is a cover sheet she had made using a child’s writing stencil. At the top is a date and time on – 4th April 1999, 6.55pm. This is followed by a registration number. The number matches that at the base of a small sticker with her old Castle Bromwich address and phone number on. Kerry thinks that this was for a company her dad was involved with. Under this in big capital letters EVIDENCE. This is followed by what appears to be five letters making an abbreviated word L.O.T.U.S. Kerry has no idea whether there is any meaning behind these letters. At the base of the page are code names that she used for her and her brother Mariah, Casey. And then stamped diagonally across the front of the sheet in big letters TOP SECRET!

The second sheet has a large drawing of a Grey’s face. The being has long dark and slanted almond-shaped eyes. It has two small nostrils, but has no visible mouth or chin drawn. Its head is pear shaped with quite a thick neck.

On the back of the second sheet Kerry has written the words 0% Human.

On the third sheet is another Grey's face. It looks quite similar however this time the being has very dark irises in the eyes. It also now has a slit for a mouth, which is slightly turned up at the sides.

On the back of the third sheet Kerry has drawn an open mouth on its own, I assume this shows what this beings mouth looks like when open. Below this she has written 30% Human.

The drawing on the fourth sheet is a side view of the Grey from the second sheet. A small curved slit can be seen for its right ear. The right eye is protruding out of the front of the face, the rest of the face appears very flat and straight. There is nothing written on the back of this sheet.

The fifth sheet shows a side view of the being from the third sheet. Its ear is more pronounced, though still quite simple in shape. Also note that the front of the face is now more curved than before. Again there is nothing on the back of the sheet.

On the sixth sheet the face has started to develop more human characteristics, though is still clearly alien. It is an exact half-and-half hybrid. Kerry has drawn short strands of hair on the top of the head. It has paler skin now. Its eyes look more human though still large and slanted and dark in shade. It’s nose still looks like two holes but they are closer to human nostrils in their shape. Also for the first time the being has lips. Its ears are longer and protrude from the sides of the head a short distance.

On the back of the sheet again Kerry has drawn the open mouth of the being. Below this she has written 50% Human.

The seventh sheet is a side view of the being from the previous sheet. There is nothing written on the back.

On the eighth sheet the face looks almost normal. It has longer hair and the start of some eyebrows. It has a fully formed protruding nose and ears. Kerry has also drawn a chin for the first time. The eyes are still larger than normal human eyes.

On the back of this sheet she has written 70% Human. Unlike previous sheets there is no open mouth drawn.

The final sheet shows a near human face. It looks female but Kerry says that she does not think it is supposed to be her. It has a full head of hair and eyebrows, and normal looking facial features. The eyes are still slightly large.

On the back of the last sheet Kerry has written 90% Human.

These drawings are an absolute revelation, and I feel that they are good evidence that Kerry has had ET related experiences earlier in her life which she is not currently aware of. At the time she drew them she was not interested in the UFO subject, in fact even today she has only looked into it a bit, and has not looked into contact much at all, nor was she particularly interested in it. The drawings appear directly related to the hybrid breeding program which many including myself believe is one of the key agendas of the Greys here on Earth.

Unfortunately when she handed me the drawings Kerry also informed me that she did not remember the reasons behind why she drew them. I decided that this would be a good thing to explore during the regression. Below are segments of the regression transcript where Rob asked her about the drawings:

R: Higher self, a little later I understand Kerry put together a folder with drawings of some beings. What was the reason for her drafting these images?

K: Don’t know.

R: Higher self knows all. Am I to understand at this point that information is not to be departed?

K: I don’t know, there’s something there, but I don’t know.

R: There’s something there.

K: I don’t know.

R:Higher self can I ask one more thing please. Could you explain to me the meaning of the word LOTUS? What does that mean? Why is that important in your life? LOTUS.

K: It’s a random name.

R: A random name. That’s fine. Just a random name. Thank you.

As you can see, even under hypnosis Kerry could not remember why she drew the pictures. This is surprising as usually lost memories become clear under regression. It perhaps points to a memory block which has been put in place by the ETs. During this part of the regression Rob was speaking to Kerry’s “higher self”, a part of her mind which some believe understands and knows everything which has taken place during the life of the individual.

Scratch Marks

When Kerry was in her early teens her bedroom was haunted by the ghost of a teenage girl. She saw an apparition of this girl on numerous occasions. The girl would appear semi-translucent and Kerry would sometimes catch a glimpse of her standing behind her bedroom door. The apparition would not remain for very long and would quickly fade away. One day she checked behind the bedroom door and found what looked like small footprint depressions in the carpet. She tried to wipe them away but they wouldn’t go, so she hid them under her bin.

When she was 13 years old she began to awake with red scratch marks and bruises which she could not account for. These would occur on her back, front, arms and legs. She was not prone to sleep walking or moving around in the night, and put the markings down to the ghost girl. One morning she awoke with a black eye. Her mother thought she had meningitis so took her down to the doctors. The doctor informed her that it was not meningitis and that it had been caused by an impact.

These ongoing scratches and bruises were of course very upsetting to Kerry, and in the end the family decided to get in a priest to bless the room to see if the ghost could be exorcised. After this blessing was performed the activity seemed to vanish. Also Kerry checked and found that the footprints had vanished from behind the door. However a couple of weeks later the activity started up again, although the footprints never returned. The haunting appeared to continue for a while and then one day died down and stopped altogether.

Kerry believes that she is quite tuned into the spirit world. This is interesting as many contactees report having heightened senses. Could Kerry’s ability to sense ghosts be a side effect of ET contact earlier in her life that she is not currently aware of?

When Kerry was regressed, we decided to take her back to these incidents as well as focus on some of her more ET-related experiences. This confirmed that the scratches were being caused by this ghost girl. Kerry had never forgiven the girl for what she did to her, and had remained frightened of her to present day. With Rob’s assistance she was able to finally show this girl love and come to terms with what had taken place.

Below is a section of the regression transcript relating to this:

R: How old were you with the incident with the scratches?

K: Thirteen.

R: Thirteen. I want you to go back to the first time, to the very first time that you encountered the scratches from the evil. One, two, three. And you’re there. But this time you’ve taken with you your orb of protection and you’re grounded, you are absolutely protected and grounded. Do you understand?

K: Yeah.

R: Ok. You’re thirteen, where are you?

K: Lying in bed.

R: You’re lying in bed. What happens?

K: She comes to get me.

R: She comes to get you. Can you tell me what she looks like?

K: She’s got long red hair.

R: Long red hair.

K: Wavy hair.

R: Long wavy red hair, yeah?

K: Yeah.

R: How old is she?

K: Fourteen.

R: She’s fourteen. How is she dressed?

K: In a white dress. With a pink ribbon.

R: A white dress with a pink ribbon. Do you recognise the style of dress?

K: Old.

R: Old. And what does she do when she comes to see you?

K: She gets in my face and shouts.

R: She gets in your face and shouts. And you’re asleep?

K: I don’t know.

R: She gets in your face and shouts.

K: Yeah.

R: What’s your reaction?

K: Scared.

R: You’re scared.

K: Yeah.

R: Are you looking at her?

K: Yeah.

R: What do you see in her eyes?

K: Evil.

R: Evil. Don’t forget you’re grounded and protected, you’re perfectly safe, you’re looking at a memory. Do you understand?

K: Yeah...

R: Do you understand.

K: Yeah.

R: Good. And what is the thing evil is most scared of?

K: Love.

R: Love. Love. Loving intent, that is what evil is most scared of. I am going to hold your hand. I’m going to put my hand in your hand and hold your hand. I am with you. I am with you, and you’re looking at this evil girl who shouts. Is she the one who scratched you?

K: Yes.

R: Ok. How would it be, how would it be if we knew of her life, and what caused her to be evil? If we knew the reason for her scratching? If we knew the reason for her vileness and evil? Could we understand?

K: Yeah.

R: So how about if you and I send her love and see what happens. Can you do that from the heart?

K: She’s hurt me too much.

R: She is...

K: She’s hurt too much.

R: She’s hurt too much. And now she’s come to take it on you?

K: Yeah.

R: But we can help her. We can help her. We can feel her pain, what she went through, she was hurt, she suffered. She’s just striking out. Send her love from your heart Kerry. Send her love from your heart. You’re meant to do this work. Send her love from your heart. Send her the love that she never had. Send her the love that she so badly needed. You’re the one to do it. Send her the love from your heart. Love that you feel for your little boy. He’s another child that needs your love right now. What’s happening?

K: She’s going away.

R: She’s going. How do you feel?

K: Better.

R: Better. Are you afraid of her now?

K: No.

In talking through the experience with Kerry under hypnosis, Rob was able to get her to overcome her ongoing fear of what had taken place all those years ago. This experience does not appear to be ET related in any way, but it is possible that the reason she has been haunted by the girl is because of her heightened awareness which may have been brought on through contact. This is just a theory and I am not saying that this was definitely the reason behind it.


Around the same time that Kerry was experiencing sightings of the ghost girl, she remembers waking up on several occasions in the middle of the night and finding she could not move. It felt like someone was holding her head completely still. She did not relate this to the girl, and does not remember seeing anything else out of the ordinary when this took place.

It is possible that these incidents were just caused by sleep paralysis, however contactees are usually paralysed when undergoing contact. It is likely this is done to stop them from harming their abductors or disrupting proceedings.

Further Hauntings

Kerry has experienced many different paranormal events throughout her life, both at various homes and in her secondary school. Her best friend and her family have witnessed some of this unusual activity.

At her previous address in Castle Bromwich where her parents still live, Kerry had numerous experiences involving cold spots and shadowy figures.

Kerry believes that at her secondary school she and her best friend Tara were haunted by a ghost which used to do strange things in their proximity. On one occasion they were throwing around a tin foil ball. It fell under the table and when they went to pick it up found that it was no longer there. They searched everywhere around the room but it had gone. The following day the tin foil ball was found sitting inside a locked cupboard. There would have been no reason for anyone to unlock the cupboard, put the ball inside and then lock it again.

On another occasion she and Tara were in the “fly room”, a room they nicknamed because of the number of flies that were always seen in there. Kerry would often mess around and take photographs on her camera phone. On one of the photos she caught what looked like a girls face in the window. Kerry believes this to be the face of one of the ghost which was haunting her.

The original photograph:

Zoomed image of the window from the photograph:

Unfortunately the photograph has been saved or transferred in such a manner that the metadata has been largely lost from it. This is the data which sits behind photographic images and which can be used to help verify authenticity. However due to the nature of the photograph I find it very unlikely it has been manipulated in any way. It is an interesting picture, though I feel that it may not necessarily be a ghost girl, it could just be a simulacrum – a collection of light and shadow that gives the appearance of a recognisable image.

On a different day Kerry and Tara were in a room with some ceiling tiles which would keep becoming loose, even though they put them back correctly a number of times. Each time they would return to the room they would find that they were out of place again. This seemed odd because people would rarely go into the room. Kerry decided to put her camera up through the gap in the tiles and take a photo. When she checked the picture, there was a bright white orb in the middle of it:

This puzzled the girls, and they wondered if it had been caused by a reflection. They moved the tiles but could not see anything which could have caused such a reflection on the screen.

More recently in her current address this paranormal activity appears to have continued. She sometimes hears very unusual bangs and bumps coming from inside the house. As an example, on the night before I visited Kerry for the first time she heard a loud bump in the bedroom which sounded like the bed being knocked against the wall. She was certain that there was nobody up there at the time and that it was not caused by something else such as the central heating.

Ever since she moved into the property in 2010 both Kerry and other visitors to the house have heard unexplained taps on the windows. Sometimes this will be an individual tap, other times it will be multiple like someone knocking. At first Kerry put it down to the pipes in the walls but it has happened so often and so clearly that she is now sure it is something more unusual.

Sometimes she randomly gets the smell of burning rubber. This smell seems to appear out of nowhere then disappear quite soon afterwards.


There were several occasions between the age of 16-18 where Kerry and Tara feel that Kerry may have been possessed by an entity or spirit.

The first occasion, both the girls were down the library checking out some books. Suddenly Kerry’s face appeared to alter and she looked a lot younger and like a different person. Tara obviously became quite disturbed by this and initially hid from her. But after a while she grabbed a hold of her and asked her “What are you doing?” At this moment her face seemed to return to normal. Kerry could not remember anything which had happened during this period of time.

The next incident was far more terrifying. The girls were in the “fly room” (where they had previously taken the photograph of the ghost girl shown earlier). Kerry was sitting alongside a table when suddenly her arms went up in the air, and she couldn’t put them down. Tara went over to help her and try to drag them back down when suddenly Kerry appeared to be pulled right across the table by her arms. Tara was dragged along with her, so whatever was doing it was quite powerful.

Tara grabbed a hold of Kerry and tried dragging her out of the room and Kerry started behaving extremely violently towards her, screaming at her and slapping her around the face. Tara says that just like the first time it did not seem like her at all, it was like she had suddenly changed. Tara managed to pull her out of the room and then suddenly Kerry returned to normal. Just like before she could not remember what she had done. Instead while it was taking place she had seen a vision of herself sitting in a field by a tree.

The third incident took place at a party Kerry was holding round her house. Suddenly she got up and stood on top of a chair. As soon as she was up there she again seemed to switch and looked different again like a little girl. She then began walking across the room apparently with the intention of climbing out of the window. Tara grabbed a hold of her and Kerry scratched her through her jeans. Tara pushed her down onto a bed and another friend put his hand on Kerry’s head and started praying. This seemed to work and Kerry returned to normal.

These incidents are very unusual indeed. They do not appear related to ET contact at all, but as the girls believe, could have been down to evil spirits which were haunting them at the time. Neither of the girls believe that there was a medical explanation, however Kerry did not report the incidents to her doctor. She has not experienced any other incidents like this since.

Healing Hands

Kerry’s father, aunt and gran have always believed that they have the ability to heal people using their hands. Kerry’s gran used to perform reiki healing, where as her father only used his ability unofficially when friends or acquaintances asked him to help them with aches and pains.

It appears that Kerry too has this gift. She discovered she could do this when she was about 18 years old after her aunt passed away, but does not remember exactly how she first found out. She says she probably just tried it out on a friend after hearing about what her aunt used to be able to do. She says that she doesn’t actually touch whoever she is healing, but holds her hands closely over their skin. She then feels her hands warm up and visualises taking the negative energy out of them as black smoke which then enters her hands. She has tried this numerous times on people, including her best friend and they have informed her that it appears to work. I spoke with her friend prior to Kerry’s regression and she confirmed this.

Many contactees report having psychic or healing abilities. It appears to occur so often that it is felt by many to have a direct link with their experiences. It is possible that these abilities are granted to them by the ETs for a particular reason, or perhaps they are just a side effect of their experiences, it is not really known for certain at present.

It is possible that Kerry has gained her ability through ET contact, but it seems more likely that it was passed down to her from her father. Her father has had no experiences which would lead him to believe he is a contactee.

Footprints In The Snow

In October 2010 Kerry’s boyfriend built a wooden coffin for a Halloween competition. He had left the coffin outside leaning up against the wall of the house. One morning they awoke and found that it had been snowing during the night. When Kerry went outside she noticed something very strange. The model coffin was open topped so snow had fallen inside it. On the base edge of the coffin, imprinted in the snow, were what looked like a couple of small footprints. They had clearly defined rounded toes at the front but were thinner than human feet and did not appear to have a heel. The markings were facing to the right and slightly inwards towards the living room window.

Witness drawing of how the markings appeared:

Drawing of the model coffin showing the position of the markings:

When Kerry saw the markings she briefly thought about getting her camera and taking a photo of them. Sadly she soon forgot this notion and went back inside the house.

Could these markings have been genuine footprints? If they were then surely there would have been other footprints leading up to them? There was just the single pair of identical markings, if they were from an animal then it looks like it came down from above and then did not move at all. Also it seems like a very odd place for the markings to have appeared. They were not on the ground but were actually inside the model coffin on one of the inside edges. Why would there have been an animal standing there?

I have had a look at some animal tracks charts and none of the footprints I’ve found match the markings that were found. There were only two markings, so if they were caused by an animal it appears that it would have been upright on two legs.

Could there have been some other explanation for the markings? Perhaps water dripped down from either the top of the coffin or roof of the house, melting the snow and creating the two identical shapes. Perhaps sunlight was catching the morning snow and melting it in such a way. Obviously the notion of an ET being seemingly teleporting to the location, standing right outside the back door of the house on a model coffin and then vanishing again is hard to fathom. But the markings are still interesting and will probably remain a puzzling mystery.

Grey Visitation

In mid 2010 Kerry moved into a house in Shard End, Birmingham. On Sunday 16th January 2011 she headed up to sleep at about 10.30pm. Her boyfriend Tom was already asleep after heading upstairs earlier. Kerry is a light sleeper and regularly up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. She usually checks her clock on her phone and then goes back to sleep. However on this night she kept waking up quite a number of times, a lot more than she would usually do.

It was the early hours of the morning when she awoke yet again, and this time found herself facing towards Tom. This again was out of the ordinary as she would usually sleep either on her back or facing away from him. She decided to roll over in bed to face the right way again. As she turned and looked down the bed to her left, she came face to face with a Grey being. The being appeared to be actually up on the bed next to her rather than standing alongside it, but from its proportions Kerry believes it was quite small and short in height. It had an oval shaped head. Its skin colouration was pale grey but was shiny in the same way that snake’s scales glisten. It’s eyes seemed quite small but were completely black, almond shaped and slightly slanted. The being had two small holes for a nose and a thin slit for a mouth. Under its head Kerry could see a long thin neck. She also noticed a cylindrical shaped smooth body and long thin arms, but she was concentrating on its face so did not see these too clearly. It did not look threatening in any way, and Kerry says it actually looked friendly.

Witness drawing of the Grey’s head. She did not draw the body as she did not see it clearly enough:

Due to her background knowledge in the UFO subject she immediately recognised the being as an alien, but was intrigued by its eyes which looked smaller than the ones she had seen drawings of. Kerry stressed to me that although she knows a bit about the subject she never dreams about aliens and rarely thinks about them. She does not believe the being was just a vivid dream, it definitely felt to her to be a real experience.

The Grey was completely still and did not appear to be directly staring at her. The rational emotion in such a situation would be shock or fear, but strangely Kerry felt completely calm and at ease when she saw the being. She did not shout out or try to wake Tom, instead she merely rolled back over and fell off to sleep. This may sound like an unusual thing to do, but contactees often report this feeling of calmness. It is probably employed by the ETs so that the contactee will not panic about what is taking place.

Photograph of the bedroom showing Kerry’s side of the bed where the Grey was seen:

A short while later, Kerry awoke again and felt something gently tap the left side of her temple. She got the impression of a long silver metal rod touching her on the head. She thinks that this view was just in her mind and that she did not actually open her eyes.

A moment later an area on her right thigh suddenly started throbbing and began to feel itchy. She scratched at it briefly before returning to sleep.

At some point later she partially awoke, and suddenly the thought of abduction popped into her mind. She rarely thinks about UFOs or ETs so this thought was definitely out of place. But she did not act on it and again dropped back off to sleep.

When she awoke in the morning she briefly thought about the being she had seen but put it down to a dream and went about her day as normal. In the afternoon she suddenly thought back to the incident and then about the feeling of something touching her head followed by the itching on her thigh. It was now that she started to wonder whether the incident actually happened. She checked her thigh and was amazed to see a marking at the point where she had felt the sudden soreness. It looked like a small red round dot surrounded by bruising. The dot was not raised off the skin so did not appear to be an insect bite or blood spot. It was very visible, and she was sure it was not something which had always been on her.

When I visited Kerry on 18th January, I asked her whether she could check to see if the marking was still visible and if so take a photograph of it. She found that the marking could still be seen, but was not as red as it had been. The bruising appeared to have been slowly vanishing away from the marking, but was still visible to the right of it.

Photograph of the marking and bruising on the witness’s right thigh, ringed in red:

Could this marking be an entry point for an instrument used upon Kerry? Usually markings received during contact experiences tend to vanish within a day, however this is not always the case, they can sometimes last longer or even cause permanent scars. It is interesting that this marking existed at the same place where she had felt the soreness. There is nothing in Kerry’s bed which she could have leant against in her sleep.

Additional details came out in the regression about this experience which possibly suggest that Kerry was no longer in her bed when she felt the metal rod touch her on the head and the soreness on her thigh. Below is the transcript of the section of the regression relating to this incident:

R: When you’re ready, don’t jump to it, go to an appropriate time when you went to bed that night. Reel in the little pieces slowly, and gradually move yourself into that bedroom. Gradually move yourself and become aware of all the things round you. What time is it?

K: I don’t know.

R: You don’t know.

K: No.

R: You asleep?

K: No.

R: You’re not quite asleep. What’s happened?

K: There’s a creature on my bed.

R: There’s a creature on your bed?

K: Yes.

R: Be aware this is just a memory, you’re absolutely safe, this is a memory just as you were describing earlier, is that clear for you?

K: Yeah.

R: You are perfectly safe, I will protect you. Describe the creature on your bed to me.

K: It’s small.

R: Yes.

K: It has a child sized head.

R: A child sized head, yes.

K: It has black eyes.

R: Uh-huh.

K: But they’re not, they’re quite small.

R: Quite small, uh-huh.

K: They’re kind of human like.

R: They’re kind of human like, yes.

K: The shape...

R: Yes I understand.

K: The size.

R: Uh-huh.

K: I see two nostrils and a small slit for a mouth.

R: Yes.

K: And raised...raised bits around the nose.

R: Raised bits around the nose, that’s fine, yes.

K: And it’s grey colour.

R: This creature’s a grey colour, mhmm.

K: Yeah.

R: Is there clothing Kerry?

K: No. It has a long thin body.

R: It has a long thin body, and it’ it sitting on the bed or standing on the bed?

K: I can’t see.

R: That’s ok, is there not much light in this room?

K: No.

R: Ok. What is this creature doing?

K: Looking at my pillow.

R: He’s looking at your pillow. He’s just looking at your pillow, is that correct?

K: Yeah.

R: And you’re looking at him.

K: Yeah.

R: Or her.

K: Yeah.

R: What would you say it is. Male or female?

K: I don’t know.

R: You don’t know, that’s fine. And as you look at this creature, and this creature looks at your pillow, what happens next.

K: Turn over.

R: You turn over? For what reason do you turn over?

K: To go back to sleep.

R: To go back to sleep.

K: Yeah.

R: Mhmm. Is that, is that the thing to do?

K: No.

R: What’s the thing to do, do you think?

K: Scream.

R: Can you explain to me then why it is you’re not screaming?

K: ‘Cause I’m calm.

R: You’re calm. Ok, I understand now. You’re calm. There’s a creature on your bed looking at you, and you’re calm and you turn over, is that correct?

K: Yeah.

R: I see. And after you turn onto your side what happens next?

K: I sleep.

R: You go to sleep. There’s a creature on your bed, you turn onto your side and go to sleep.

K: Yeah.

R: Ok. And what happens next?

K: I can see...a metal rod.

R: A metal rod, yes.

K: And it’s being held by this creature.

R: Mhmm.

K: It’s leaning over me.

R: Yes.

K: And it’s got very very thin arms.

R: Yes.

K: Almost bone like.

R: Almost bone like, yes.

K: And it has what looks like four fingers possibly a thumb.

R: Four fingers and a thumb, holding the metal rod is that correct?

K: There’s four in total...

R: Yes.

K: And one might be a thumb.

R: I understand, thank you.

K: And it’s holding the metal rod.

R: Uh-huh.

K: And it’s...quite, almost light in the room.

R: Almost light.

K: It was...bright, but not very bright.

R: It’s just a light?

K: It was white brightness.

R: Ok.

K: To the room.

R: Where’s that come from do you think?

K: I don’t know.

R: That’s alright.

K: It looks like it’s...behind the rod.

R: I see, the light looks like it’s behind the rod. Can you see more than you did previously?

K: I can see the creature holding the rod.

R: That’s fine. Have you woken back up and looking at it then?

K: No.

R: What’s happening?

K: I don’t know.

R: You don’t know, you just know it’s there.

K: Yeah.

R: Is that correct? Ok, you just know. And he’s holding this metal rod against your left leg or your right leg?

K: He’s holding it by my head. In front of my head.

R: Ok. Would I be right in thinking is it your forehead, or higher?

K: No. It’s away from my head in front of my forehead.

R: I see, ok. Ok. And what’s happening when this metal rod is being held in front of your forehead?

K: Don’t know.

R: What happens next?

K: I wake up.

R: You woke up yes.

K: ‘Cause I feel cold, somewhere, something touch my temple, my left temple.

R: And what do you see when you wake up Kerry?

K: Just my bed. I’m still in bed.

R: You’re just your bed.

K: I’m lying on my own side.

R: You’re lying on your own side of the bed.

K: My own side, but I’m facing the wrong way.

R: You’re facing the wrong way.

K: Yeah.

R: Mhmm.

K: And my leg throbs and itches.

R: Your leg throbs and itches, ok.

K: I scratch it, and go back to sleep.

R: You just have a quick scratch and go back to sleep. And all is well in the room I take it?

K: Yeah.

R: Ok. So if your memory is a tape or a disc, and we rewind the disc or the tape to the point where you first saw that creature on your bed. Can you do that for me with your memory?

K: Yeah.

R: Just the memory. To the time when you were first aware of that creature on your bed, can you do that for me?

K: Yeah.

R: And just freeze frame there would you?

K: Yeah.

R: Ok. And as I remember it you said there wasn’t a lot of light in the room, at that point.

K: Yeah.

R: Ok. Now imagine you had a remote control in your hand. And you can press it and your memory will move forward in a series of fine steps. Can you do that?

K: Yeah.

R: Ok, so you have full control, you’re calm, comfortable and relaxed. This is just a memory. You’re going to move through your memory in a series of fine steps. You can see exactly what happened and freeze frame whenever you want just by leaving the controller when you want to. Would you do that for me?

K: Yeah.

R: Ok. So just take the image forward in a series of little steps, and stop at the next point of interest, are you ok?

K: Yeah.

R: What is it that you see?

K: It turns and looks at me.

R: It turns and looks at you. Just hold it there for a moment. How much can you see, is it lighter now?

K: No.

R: It’s still fairly dark, but it turns and looks at you?

K: Yeah.

R: Ok. And what do you feel when it turns and looks at you, what do you see?

K: Surprise.

R: Surprise.

K: I’m surprised.

R: You’re surprised. Can you explain the surprise to me.

K: ‘Cause I realise what it is.

R: You realise what it is, mhmm.

K: It’s...arms...they’re leaning down, I think it’s picking the rod up.

R: Ok. Again, when you’re ready just a series of steps, very fine steps moving forward, and when you come to the next point of interest don’t press the remote and just tell me what’s happening would you? This is a memory, you’re completely safe and protected.

K: It leans over me.

R: It leans over you, uh-huh.

K: And then it touches my head with the rod.

R: It touches your head with the rod, yes. Hold it there for a moment. Just hold it there. Are you actually looking at this thing at the minute?

K: No.

R: Ok, you’re aware of it somehow.

K: Yeah.

R: Ok. You’re ok, you’re quite safe. You’re quite safe. Is there a smell Kerry?

K: No.

R: There’s no smell. Is there a pressure from this thing?

K: I don’t know.

R: Ok, that’s fine, that’s good, that’s good.

K: I’m shaking.

R: You’re shaking. What’s the emotion if you’re shaking?

K: Scared.

R: You’re scared now. So you’re aware, you’re very aware, is that correct?

K: Mmm.

R: Ok. You’re shaking. This is the memory. This is the memory, do you understand? You’re just replaying a memory, you’re absolutely safe, and in control. Ok. So you’re shaking?

K: Yeah.

R: Ok. What happens next?

K: My leg.

R: Your leg.

K: I’m lying, but it throbs.

R: It throbs.

K: And itches.

R: It throbs and it itches. How much time has gone by?

K: I don’t know.

R: You don’t know. It was the surprise that made the difference. If I understand it correctly, the surprise came. You were aware and then you shook. Have I got that correctly?

K: Yeah.

R: That’s fine, ok. And when you woke up you were lying on the wrong side?

K: I was facing the wrong way.

R: You were facing the wrong way, ok. You were facing the wrong way. How do you think you came to be facing the wrong way?

K: Don’t know.

R: That’s fine. Just relax and breathe, just relax and breathe. This is just a memory, just been a memory.

As you can see from the transcript, Kerry remembered seeing a glowing light coming from behind the Grey when it was holding the metal rod to her head. Although she does not have any memories of being aboard a craft, contactees often report a glowing white light around them or over them when undergoing abduction experiences. Also she remembers waking back up and thinking of abduction for an unknown reason. Perhaps she knew deep down that this is what had taken place.

ETs rarely perform examination procedures on individuals while they are still in their own home, they tend to usually take them aboard a craft for this process. A number of aspects of this experience point towards an examination with instruments taking place – the metal rod touched to her head, the feeling of soreness in her thigh and related marking discovered the following morning.

Another interesting point that in the week leading up to the experience Kerry kept having dreams that she was pregnant. She says this was very out of the ordinary and not something she would usually dream about. Just like the drawings she did when she was 12, this is possibly linked to her experiences and a sign that she may be involved with the hybrid breeding program.

After the incident, Kerry found she was frightened of the dark and would not put the light off until her boyfriend was also present in the room. This is a common fear that contactees report, especially soon after having experiences.

Kerry came along to the BUFOG meeting on 21st February 2011. It was here that she informed me she had experienced further flashbacks related to this experience. It is common for contactees to remember further details soon after being regressed, as the regression brings the incident to the forefront of their mind. The first thing Kerry remembers seeing is the side on view of a Grey beings head. However it did not appear to be the same being as the one she remembers in her bedroom. It looked old and was covered in wrinkles. Below is a drawing she has done from this memory:

Behind the Grey’s head was just glowing white light with a tint of yellow in it. This is more than likely the same light she remembers seeing behind the metal rod being held against her head, and is yet more evidence that suggests she was abducted.

The next image she remembers is of this same old looking Grey turning its head and looking right at her. Unlike the one in her bedroom, this being appeared to have irises in the eyes which were pale in colour and appeared to be embedded deep inside the being’s black eyes. Below is her drawing of this vision:

She remembers the being staring at her and then opening its mouth. This is interesting as Grey’s use telepathy to speak and are rarely seen to open their mouth. It is unlikely that it did this to communicate with her. There is an interesting link back to the transformation drawings Kerry did when she was 12. As shown earlier in this report, Kerry drew the open mouth of the being on it own on the back of some of the sheets. Could this be for some specific purpose, something that Kerry may have been aware of when she drew the pictures?

The last memory that came back to her was of the Grey in her bedroom actually walking around the side of her bed. She was able to see its entire body from head to feet, unlike her later memories where it was up on the bed. It was completely naked with smooth skin, and long thin arms and legs:

While we do not know for certain whether Kerry was abducted or not on this occasion, it appears that she may well have been, and it was on board a craft where she met the elder looking Grey. Whether or not she was taken, she certainly appears to have experienced contact. This could turn out to be an isolated incident, or perhaps pave the way for other experiences which are yet to take place.

Further Interaction

In the early hours of the 21st April 2011, Kerry was asleep and dreaming. She suddenly awoke with a start to hear a strange noise that sounded like trickling water coming from the doorway to her bedroom. She looked around the room but couldn't see anything. The noise was strange because she had never heard anything like it before in that location, she was sure it was not the water pipes or heating system. She tried to wake Tom up so he could hear it too but he remained asleep. The noise only lasted for a few seconds.

Kerry then felt like there was something in the room besides her and Tom. She forced herself to check the time on her mobile phone, it was 3.45am. She then rolled over towards Tom to cuddle up to him. It was at this point that she noticed two unusual figure-like shapes alongside the bed on his side. They looked like the shape of Greys but a little wider. They were nearly transparent and looked like they were made out of a thin layer of water. One was in line with her vision and standing, the other was lower down the bed at knee level and looked like it was crouched over. They were completely still. Kerry started at them for about 10 seconds. The figures un-nerved her and she grabbed hold of one of the bars of the bed and held it tightly. She was certain she was fully awake. She became too frightened to look and closed her eyes. She was too scared to jump out of bed or put the light on.

Kerry continued to listen. She now detected a low humming sound coming from outside of the house. It sounded like the cross between a car and a plane, but was at very low volume. The noise went on for quite a while, anything up to half an hour. She did not feel anything touch her and assumed that the Grey apparitions had gone. She then thought of her son and hoped he was ok.

A few minutes later Kerry heard her son moan a bit and move around. She was still quite scared so did not get up to go and check on him. Eventually this fear subsided and she was able to drop back off to sleep.

A short while later she was again woken up, this time by a strange intermitent beeping noise. She was certain that she was fully awake. Whenever she opened her eyes the noise would cease, but when she closed them again she would hear it at irregular intervals of at least 30 seconds. She could not think of anything in the room or house which could explain it. After a while the noise seemed to stop and again she dropped off.

She awoke at 5.13am but everything seemed fine in the room by then. However this was not something she would normally do.

On the following evening she was helping her son get ready for bed. He suddenly said the word "man". Kerry asked him "What man?" He smiled, pointed and clearly said "Window". Kerry wonders if it was not just her and Tom who were visited on the previous night, perhaps the ETs had also interacted with her son.

This is an interesting experience with some odd aspects to it. Some of the things which Kerry has mentioned certainly fit with it being another contact experience - the sense of a presence, the figures in the room alongside the bed, the fact she could not wake Tom up, the beeping noise that she heard numerous times. Kerry is certain that this is what took place. She does not feel that she or Tom were abducted, but that it was just a visitation. The sound of trickling water is unusual, as is the manner in which the Greys appeared. It was as if they were not fully physical and were coming through from somewhere else, perhaps another dimension.

Energy Line

On the afternoon of 18th May 2011 unusual activity again took place. Kerry was at her house with Tara. It was 1.20pm and they were sitting at the dining table. Her pet cats were curled up in the living room. To the right of Tara just in front of the back window curtain, Kerry suddenly noticed a vertical line of energy, which had the same appearance as the entities who had appeared the previous month in her bedroom - an effect that looked like rippling water. She initially thought it was an optical illusion, so she blinked but it was still there. She was going to tell Tara who was facing away from it, but then it vanished. It had lasted for about 3 seconds. She told Tara what she had just witnessed.

About 10 seconds later there was a loud crash sound from the kitchen. The girls walked on through, initially thinking something had fallen off the draining board. But there was nothing there. Looking around Kerry found that a metal beer bucket which was sat on top of the freezer had fallen over. The bucket was quite wide and there is no way it would have fallen over of its own accord. Kerry picked up the bucket and then knocked it over again trying to recreate the noise. It sounded similar but was too quiet for what they had heard. It was only when she forcefully pushed it over that it made the same noise. Kerry asked whatever had pushed over the bucket to show itself but nothing else took place.

Black UFOs Sighting

On the evening of 2nd June 2013, Kerry and two other witnesses saw numerous black/dark UFOs in the sky over Castle Bromwich where she now lives. She contacted her brother via phone to inform him about the objects, and when he looked out he then had a sighting of two UFOs from his house in Telford around 40 miles away! As the two sightings are connected in this way, I have written a separate report on them.


I have no doubt that some of Kerry’s experiences are down to ET contact, and that both she and her brother are contactees. Although the majority of her earlier memories do not appear to be ET related, they could well be indirectly related and side effects of having experienced contact. The drawings she did when she was 12 are no doubt very important, and I feel are good evidence that she had experienced contact prior to January 2011. Unfortunately at present the reasons behind these drawings are still unknown, but may become clear in time. Now that Kerry has had two visitations and a probable abduction, she may have other experiences going forward, so keep an eye out for further updates to this report.

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