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Shard End Contact Case - Greys, Abduction, UFOs, Psychic Abilities, Paranormal Activity, Drawings

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Originally forwarded by Richard Hall

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 28/06/2013

Last Updated: 27/06/2020

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used


Kerry is the sister of Darren, a contactee whose case I looked into last year and which you can read about elsewhere on this site (West Bromwich Contact Case). Darren had told Kerry about his own experiences, but up until early 2011 she had never had any ET-related experiences herself, at least to her knowledge. Contact is often experienced by multiple individuals from the same family line, so it is unsurprising that Kerry would experience contact in addition to her brother.

This report covers what took place with her recent experience, and other previous aspects of her life which may be related in some way. It contains segments of transcript from her hypnotic regression and also many interesting drawings and photographs.

The Investigation

Due to her brother’s experiences, Kerry has some background knowledge on the UFO subject, but has barely looked into abductions as it is an aspect of the subject she has not been particularly interested. Soon after her contact experience, knowing that her brother had already had experiences of this nature, she decided to report what happened via Richard Hall’s website. She had no idea that I assist Richard with investigations, so it is by complete chance that I would end up looking into the case just as I had previously done with her brother!

I contacted Kerry by E-Mail on 18th January 2011. After briefly discussing what happened, I decided the best course of action would be for me to drive round and visit her to speak face-to-face, especially as she lives quite local to myself. The following day I drove around to Kerry’s home to interview her in depth about what happened and take some photographs which you can see throughout this report. Her father and boyfriend were also present.

After going over everything, Kerry decided that she would like to be regressed to see if any further memories would become clear. I agreed with her that this would be a good course of action to take. On the evening of 30th January 2011, myself and hypnotherapist Rob Tudge returned to the house to regress Kerry. Additional details on some of her most interesting experiences were gleaned from this, although quite a lot of what was said she already knew about consciously. Her best friend Tara was also present on this second occasion and I was able to interview her about some of Kerry’s earlier experiences she had also witnessed.

Circle Of Sticks

From an early age to about the age of 16 Kerry experienced a recurring nightmare or vision. She would regularly see the image of a circle made up of thin blue sticks which were bright but not glowing. There was also a dot in the centre of this circle. She would get this vision when lying down and just dropping off to sleep. It used to absolutely terrify her but she has no idea why. She would often curl up into a ball crying when she saw this.

Kerry’s reaction to this vision is unusual, as it does not sound like something which should be very frightening. It is unknown at present if this vision in anything to do with ET contact or not.

Grey Hybridisation Drawings

When I initially interviewed Kerry on the 18th, it was unclear as to whether she had experienced anything directly linked with ETs earlier in her life. Most of her experiences seemed to be focused around paranormal activity, ghosts and gifts she possesses. However she did have a vague recollection of some drawings she had done when she was 12 years old. Unfortunately she could hardly remember anything about these drawings or if they still even existed.

when I returned on the 30th she excitedly handed me a small pile of A4 pages. She informed me that she had gone to ask her father about the drawings, and he had kept a hold of them. When I saw what the drawings were, my jaw almost hit the floor! Below is a scan of each page in order, along with a short description of each sheet.

The first sheet is a cover sheet she had made using a child’s writing stencil. At the top is a date and time on – 4th April 1999, 6.55pm. This is followed by a registration number. The number matches that at the base of a small sticker with her old Castle Bromwich address and phone number on. Kerry thinks that this was for a company her dad was involved with. Under this in big capital letters EVIDENCE. This is followed by what appears to be five letters making an abbreviated word L.O.T.U.S. Kerry has no idea whether there is any meaning behind these letters. At the base of the page are code names that she used for her and her brother Mariah, Casey. And then stamped diagonally across the front of the sheet in big letters TOP SECRET!

The second sheet has a large drawing of a Grey’s face. The being has long dark and slanted almond-shaped eyes. It has two small nostrils, but has no visible mouth or chin drawn. Its head is pear shaped with quite a thick neck.

On the back of the second sheet Kerry has written the words 0% Human.

On the third sheet is another Grey's face. It looks quite similar however this time the being has very dark irises in the eyes. It also now has a slit for a mouth, which is slightly turned up at the sides.

On the back of the third sheet Kerry has drawn an open mouth on its own, I assume this shows what this beings mouth looks like when open. Below this she has written 30% Human.

The drawing on the fourth sheet is a side view of the Grey from the second sheet. A small curved slit can be seen for its right ear. The right eye is protruding out of the front of the face, the rest of the face appears very flat and straight. There is nothing written on the back of this sheet.

The fifth sheet shows a side view of the being from the third sheet. Its ear is more pronounced, though still quite simple in shape. Also note that the front of the face is now more curved than before. Again there is nothing on the back of the sheet.

On the sixth sheet the face has started to develop more human characteristics, though is still clearly alien. It is an exact half-and-half hybrid. Kerry has drawn short strands of hair on the top of the head. It has paler skin now. Its eyes look more human though still large and slanted and dark in shade. It’s nose still looks like two holes but they are closer to human nostrils in their shape. Also for the first time the being has lips. Its ears are longer and protrude from the sides of the head a short distance.

On the back of the sheet again Kerry has drawn the open mouth of the being. Below this she has written 50% Human.

The seventh sheet is a side view of the being from the previous sheet. There is nothing written on the back.

On the eighth sheet the face looks almost normal. It has longer hair and the start of some eyebrows. It has a fully formed protruding nose and ears. Kerry has also drawn a chin for the first time. The eyes are still larger than normal human eyes.