September/October 2019 – St Annes – Flying Triangle Formations Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien Release Date: 03/03/2020

On 10th February 2020 I was invited to give a talk at New Horizons at St Annes. During the evening I was approached by numerous people who wanted to share their UFO experiences with me. One of these individuals was a gentleman named Andrew who informed me of a fascinating sighting of multiple UFO formations he had experienced the previous year.

Sighting Details

Andrew lives on Inner Promenade, St Annes, close to the Eastern end of Fairhaven Lake, which is situated close to the edge of Granny’s Bay. He often likes to lie down on the front driveway of his house and sky watch after dark. On a Friday or Saturday night in either September or October 2019 he was doing just this.

Aerial map of Fairhaven Lake showing the approximate sighting location

It was between 11pm – 1am. Andrew was lying down on the drive while his wife was inside the house. It was a very clear, still and mild night with the stars fully visible overhead. He was staring straight upward when suddenly three objects smoothly glided overhead. Each object was triangular in shape and glowing with a dim white light. They were positioned in a triangular formation, with one at the front followed by two behind. They appeared to be completely silent. Andrew believes they were about 25-30 feet across. The objects seemed to be about 700-1000 feet in the air, and he estimates they were moving at about 150 mph. They were heading on a Southerly course.

Photograph of Fairhaven Lake from the sighting location

Aerial map of Fairhaven Lake showing the path of the UFOs

As soon as he spotted the objects flying overhead he thought to himself “What the fuck’s that?” He sat up and watched as the objects disappeared out of sight, seemingly heading out over the bay. They were visible for no more than 10 seconds and before long had vanished into the darkness.

Witness drawing of the formation of UFOs

Andrew questioned what he had just seen. They did not appear to have been normal aircraft of any kind, and appeared to have been low enough to have been able to hear sound if there was any coming from them. He considered whether they could have been birds reflecting lights from the ground but this did not fit either for a number of reasons. Firstly he was used to seeing these fly overhead on previous occasions. The objects he had just seen seemed too angular and there was no sign of movement coming from them. Also when he had seen birds previously they would usually come in to land on the lake and he would hear the noise of them splashing into the water, but on this occasion there was just silence. He was convinced they had carried on flying out over the sea.