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September 1979 – Milton Keynes – Flattened Cone UFO Sightings

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 22/09/2013

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used


In May 2013 I was contacted by a gentleman named Sam who wished to report two sightings of UFOs he had experienced back in 1979. He was adamant that my response would be scientific in nature, and was reluctant  to entertain the notion that the objects were extra-terrestrial in origin. Yet he was aware that what he had seen was both very real and highly unusual. What makes this case particularly interesting is that he saw the same type of object in both of these sightings, at two different locations within a week of one another. This in itself is extremely rare.

The report covers both the sightings in depth and then provides a detailed analysis looking into what they may or may not have been.

Initial Sighting

Back in September 1979 Sam was training to be a teacher at Milton Keynes College of Education, which used to be situated at Wolverton Mill. One evening he left the college to go to the house of his girlfriend Sandra for dinner. She lived at Pikes Farm close to Haversham, about 5 miles away. It was dusk and the sky was covered in streaks of dark cloud, with fading sunlight and a few bright stars seen dotted between them. However one of the stars looked out of place. To the South West there was a bright star-like light at a 45 degree angle in the sky. Sam has an interest in astronomy and knew that there should not have been a star in that location.

Aerial map showing the location where Milton Keynes College of Education used to stand:

He set off on his motorbike along Stratford Road which leads through Wolverton, but puzzled by the light he kept an eye on it.

Photograph of how Stratford Road looks today:

As he headed North on Haversham Road he lost sight of the light. When he reached Haversham the road split two ways. He took Wolverton Road to the right and continued his journey. The road was quite straight and lined by patches of small trees. About a kilometre along it Sam stopped his bike to once again look at the light. It was clear that it was now moving, and was also much bigger and brighter than it had been before. It now appeared to be about 3 miles away, and just off to the side of the road . It descended rapidly in the sky until it was only about 100 feet off the ground. It then began to follow the edge of the road at a slow steady speed.

Aerial map showing the location on Wolverton Road where Sam stopped and watched the UFO: