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Saint Nazaire Contact Case Part 3 - Nordics, Abduction, UFOs, MIB, Psychic Abilities

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 16/01/2012

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used and certain experiences ommitted

Regression Analysis

As you can see, the regression went very well, and Morgane was able to not only recount in detail what she was already aware of, but also remembered many additional memories about what took place. It appears that after heading to bed, Morgane was abducted. This happened after she got back into bed once she had finished her evening prayers. It is unknown how much time went by before the experience began.

Morgane described the ceiling of her room as both glowing and having a molten appearance. I feel that this was likely to be a beam from the craft which was penetrating the roof of her house. This beam was used to transport her to the craft. Similar to many other cases Morgane described lifting up into the air out of her bed. She then spoke of feeling a sticky glue-like sensation all around her. I believe that at this point she was describing actually passing through the roof of her room and house. I have had several other contactees describe exactly the same sensation. How this is done is still a mystery at present, and is one of the many fascinating aspects of the contact phenomena.

After leaving the confines of her house, Morgane was taken high up into the sky. She described seeing her town below her, and seemed to be moving very rapidly on a pre-determined course. She described hearing the sound of the wind rushing past her, an indicator that this was a real experience. It ended with her approaching and then entering the craft, which appeared to her as a glowing light. She did not recollect how she actually entered the craft (this part of the experience is often completely blocked out). She found herself inside a darkened room in the base of the craft. She was staring out of a window and watching the view of the ground far below, meaning that at this point of the experience at least, the craft was still in Earth’s atmosphere.

At this point a Nordic being approached her and stood at her left side. The fact that Morgane referred to this being as “a friend” suggests that this was not the first time she had met him, and that she has had other experiences with these beings prior to this one, experiences that she cannot currently remember.

The Nordic led her up a corridor into the main body of the craft. She was immediately taken to one of the many adjoining side rooms, after which the examination procedure you have already read about took place. Unfortunately we are still no clearer as to exactly why they opened up Morgane’s chest and what may have been placed inside of her. It is possible that it was an implant, maybe one which still exists today.

Similar instruments to those which the Nordics used on Morgane have been described before in other cases, and the markings that these instruments left on her again fit in with other cases. The circle of dots is commonly referred to as a cookie cutter marking. Remember that when Morgane had this experience she had not looked into ET contact at all, so this is further evidence that her experience was genuine.

The cup that was offered to Morgane is another interesting aspect of the case. Again it is an aspect which has been reported in other contact experiences, including two other cases I have directly looked into. It is unknown why the cup was given to her. Perhaps it was to stop her getting dehydrated. Or maybe there was another unknown reason behind it.

The “Galactic Federation” that the Nordics told Morgane about has also been referred to in other cases. Although the idea of numerous ET races forming a large scale alliance may sound like the stuff of sci-fi stories, it does also make logical sense. From the many reported and documented contact cases it is clear that there are numerous distinct ET species working alongside each other towards common goals. Although Morgane only saw Nordic types, others have seen Nordics working alongside other races such as the Greys and the Reptilians.

After the examination was over, Morgane was then led back out into the main body of the craft. There is an unusual discrepancy at this point, one which was flagged up to me by Morgane herself after her regression. Prior to the regression she remembered seeing many people dressed in white standing in the central area of the craft. However during the regression she could not see these for whatever reason. She saw other people on the far side of the craft on the other raised ramp, but the central area appeared to be empty. This puzzled Morgane and she questioned why she did not see the humans she had initially remembered seeing. It is hard to say why this may have been the case. Certainly what she described under regression appears to be what actually happened, as she recounted many details about the experience which fitted in with what she consciously remembered beforehand. Perhaps for some reason the image of the humans in white was blanked out from her memory while being regressed. Or maybe it had been implanted as a screen memory for some reason, and under hypnosis she saw a true rendition of events. It is hard to say either way.

Another witness drawing of the main body of the craft: