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Saint Nazaire Contact Case Part 2 - Nordics, Abduction, UFOs, MIB, Psychic Abilities

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report Author: Dave Hodrien Last Updated: 16/01/2012

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used and certain experiences ommitted The Regression I decided that due to the level of detail of Morgane’s experience, and the fact that she appeared to have missing memories, it would be a good idea to focus on the Nordic abduction. On Saturday 24th September Morgane and her husband Arthur travelled from their home in France to Birmingham specifically for the regression. I took her to the home of the hypnotherapist I currently work with. After briefly discussing some of her experiences, Morgane underwent the regression.

Below is the transcript of this regression with the names changed and certain key points removed for privacy reasons. J: Now Morgane, what I’d like you to do is take some nice deep breaths and listen to the music. And I’ll turn the music off and then we’ll proceed. Just relax. Relax, just relax. Tops of your shoulders here, as you exhale relax. The tiny muscles on your forehead, around your eyes, as you exhale let go, relax. You’re doing fine. If your eyes want to close do so, there’s no rush, there’s no time limit, this is for you. The muscles in your face, in your jaw, exhale and allow the tension to release, let go. That’s it, you’re doing fine. The muscles across your shoulders and your back, as you exhale let go, relax. Any thoughts that may come into your head I want you to put them into a big box, a big heavy box, let all the thoughts, any issues, any problems, any stress that you have in your life, I want you to place it, them all into this box. Place them in the box. Anything that may come up in this session from your current life, I want you to put it all into this box. And when you’ve done that I want you to put the lid on. It’s a big sturdy lid. And if need be put a heavy object on top of this lid, and to move it away from you, so that no actual thoughts are going to disturb this session, so that we are totally focused on this session. Ok. Now the muscles across your shoulders and your upper back, as you exhale let go and relax. The muscles of your middle back, as you exhale let it go, let it go, relax. Then the muscles of your lower back and your stomach, this is where we have a lot of tension, now is the time for that tension and anxiety to be released, to be released. And as you exhale let go and relax. That’s fine, that’s really good. Just breathe, even deep breaths, enable the tension to go. The muscles of your back, and your buttocks, and your thighs, again a lot of tension in those, and as you exhale just allow it to release, let go, let go, and relax. That’s great, you’re really doing really really well. Just breathe even deep breaths. Muscles of your lower legs, exhale, relax and let go. Let go of all that stress, all that tension, it just dissipates. Now the muscles of your feet, exhale, let that tension go. You’re doing really well, really well. And ever breath, every last bit of tension, relax, completely at ease now, continue to breathe peacefully and freely. This is for you Morgane. This is your time, all of it. That’s good, that’s good. When you’re ready, whenever you’re ready, we’re going to release the tension in your arms. Exhale and let it go. And your upper arms, and your lower arms, and your hands, however they feel now, sinking absolutely calm and relaxed. That’s good, perfect. And the noises inside of the room, and the noises outside of the room will help you to relax even more, even more. I want you to imagine yourself at the top of ten steps. Looking down these ten steps and there’s a huge wooden door at the end. You’re standing at the top of ten steps. And I want you to imagine yourself within a white sphere of protection. You’re inside it, it’s above your head and below your feet. And if you were to stretch your arms out to your left and to your right you couldn’t touch the sides of this powerful white sphere. This is your protection, you are safe, you know it, you feel it, and that’s really really good. Now I want you to imagine little roots, little tendrils, growing out of your heels, and out from your coccyx at the end of your spine also there’s a root there, and it goes down, down, down, growing down through the subsoil, down, down, down into the rocks of the earth. And those little tendrils lock you into the rocks of the earth so you’re fully grounded while we go about our business. So you’re now standing at the top of the ten steps. You have your sphere of protection, and you’re fully grounded. You are completely safe, calm, comfortable and relaxed. Now I want you to take your first step down into the peace and tranquillity. That’s good, that’s fine. And take the second step down. And the third step down, feeling calm, comfortable and relaxed. Completely at ease, completely protected, completely grounded. And step number four, down you go to step number four. And step number five. Half way down towards the huge wooden door now. Relaxed and at ease, protected and grounded, protected and grounded. Step number six. Take step number six down, down. And number seven, down you go to number seven. Look at the size of the door in front of you as you continue down those steps, down those steps. Step number eight. Going down  into peace and tranquillity, down into peace and tranquillity. And then step number nine. And step ten. You’re standing in front of the huge wooden door, calm, comfortable and relaxed, completely at ease, fully protected and fully grounded, fully grounded. And in a moment I will ask you to go through the door. But before I do this I will tell you what’s on the other side. It’s just a neutral room, that’s all it is, just a neutral room. So when you’re ready, I’d like you to open the door and step through, and close the door behind you. Step through into the neutral room. And when you’re there perhaps you’ll nod and let me know. M:  (Nods) J: Thank you, ok. Very shortly I’m going to speak to Morgane’s subconscious mind, and I’ll be speaking to her subconscious mind as if I’m speaking to another person. I don’t want you to think about my questions, nor consider your answers, just give them as quickly as they come. I’m going to count to three, snap my fingers, and when I snap my fingers your subconscious mind will present itself as a shape, a colour, a picture, or a symbol. One, two, three. Tell me what you have. M: A waterfall. J:  A waterfall. Very good. Is the waterfall Morgane’s subconscious mind, yes or no? M: Yeah. J: Yes or no. M: Yes. J: Am I speaking to Morgane’s subconscious mind waterfall? M: Yeah. J: Thank you. Do I have the subconscious mind of Morgane to umm have the permission to carry on and ask questions? M: Yeah. J: Thank you very much, that’s very kind of you, I do appreciate it. Now Morgane’s subconscious mind can you please take us back to an incident that happened in mid-May 1995. I want you to take me back there an hour or two before the actual event, can you do that? M: Yeah. J: Can you describe what you’re seeing please? M: It’s quiet. J: Could you repeat? M: It’s quiet. J: It’s quiet. And where... M: I’m happy and quiet. J: You’re happy and quiet, lovely. M: It’s serene. J: It’s serene. And where are you, can you look around you? M: In a nice place. J: You’re in a nice place are you? M: Light. J: Light. M: Very light. Very gentle. A flat. J:  Very calm and gentle and it’s a flat? M: Yes. J: Is it the flat that you used to live in? M: Yeah. J: Oh lovely. M: It’s nice. J: Yes. And can you tell me what else you’re seeing? M: Children. J: Children? M: Yes. J: Are they your children? M: Yes. J: Oh lovely. And what are the children doing? M: My son is going to his room, laughing. J: What are you doing? M: Talking to my daughters. J: You’re talking to your daughters, that’s nice. M: Yeah. J: That’s good, you’re in a happy place with your children, excellent. M: Yeah. J: What happens next Morgane, what happens next? M: The girls go to bed, Xavier’s already in bed. J: So the children are in bed or going to bed? M: Ah yeah (inaudible) J: Mhmm. M: I’m on my own now. J: You’re on your own now, as the children have gone to bed, ok. M: Yeah. It’s so quiet. I feel very happy at night. J: Very happy, lovely. M: Yes. J: Contented. M: Free from worries from everything. J: Free from worries, lovely. M: Yeah I feel child like. J: You feel child like and happy. M: Mmm. J: Excellent, that’s a nice position to be in isn’t it. M: Yes. J: And what happens next Morgane. M: I go to bed. J: Uh huh. Now are you going to sleep? M: Yeah. J: Yes. You’re feeling nice and relaxed to go to sleep do you? M: I’m saying my prayers before I go to sleep. J: You say your prayers, lovely. M: I feel so happy and...I feel like (inaudible) Oh my God (inaudible) J: Morgane who are you seeing? M: I can feel utter love, oh! I open my eyes. J: Are you seeing anything in particular, can you tell me what you see. You’re feeling love and... M: Ah the...oh! The ceiling is gone, it’s molten. J: The ceiling is gone and it’s molten. M: Yeah. J: Right. M: Light’s not like it usually was, it’s not just a light now. What is it? What is it? What is it? What is it? What? J: Are you getting questions back Morgane? M: Yeah, what is it? I’m just...I don’t understand (inaudible) J: Can you describe what’s happening please? M: The ceiling is moving, like there’s a light and it’s moving. J: The ceilings moving... M: It’s molten, it’s like it’s melting like into a cloud of light. J: So the ceilings moving into a molten cloud of light. M: Mmm. J: Ok. And what happens next? M: I’m lifted up. Yeah, yeah. Oh! It’s weird. J: What are you seeing? What’s happening? M: Like I’m going through it...through the cloud. J: You’re going through the cloud, and how does that make you feel? M: It’s not, it’s not pleasant. J: It’s not pleasant. M: Sticky. J: Sticky. M: It’s weird, it’s really weird. It’s weird. J: Can you describe the stickyness? M: Yeah. It’s gluey. J: It’s gluey. M: Yeah, it’s weird. Sticking to me. J: Lifting you further? M: Yeah, yeah, yeah I’m out. J: What are you seeing? M: The town. It’s so beautiful. J: You’re able to see the town. M: It’s peaceful. J: Are you horizontal or vertical? M: I’m horizontal. J: You’re horizontal, right, ok. M: Mmm. J:Can you describe what’s happening Morgane? M: I’m moving up. J: You’re moving up. M: Up. J: Can you see anything ahead of you? M: It’s just a light. J: You’re moving towards a light? Yeah? M: Yeah. J: Or is the light coming towards you? What’s happening? M: Up high, like moving up. J: You’re moving up. So you’re moving towards this light. And how does this light make you feel? M: I’m ok. J: Yeah? M: Yeah. J: Ok so you’ve gone back to being calm again, that’s good. Are you hearing anything? M: It’s like wind. J: You can hear a wind? Is the wind saying anything to you? M: It’s like a wind. J: It’s like a wind, ok. Is the wind talking to you? Are you sensing any communication? M: No, uhh, just looking at the town, the lights are on. J: You’re looking at the town and the lights are on. M: I’m going over the town. J: You’re going over the town. And where is the light, where is the light, and how big is the light, what shape is it? M: Oh I don’t know, it’s dark now. J: It’s... M: On something now. It’s dark where I am now. J: It’s dark where you are now is it? M: Yeah. J: The light has gone? M: Yeah. J: Have you entered that light? M: Yeah. J: You entered the light, and now once you’re in that light it’s gone dark. M: Mmm. J: And how are you feeling? M: Ok. J: Yeah, you’re ok? Excellent. So what are you...can you see in this darkness? M: Yes ‘cause I’m looking at the town. J: Oh you’re looking at the town through the darkness. M: There’s a window. J: There’s a window right. M: Ah I can see the town. I’m standing now I can see the town. J: So you’re standing... M: It’s beautiful. J: It’s beautiful scenery. You’re standing up and looking at the town through this blackness. What else is happening Morgane? M: I’m going fast, I’m going fast, I’m flying. J: You’re flying. M: I am. Flying. J: Right. M: I’m going very fast. J: Very fast flying. Can you see where you’re going? M: I am going up and now going down. J: You were going up and now you’re going down? M: Gone a long way. J: You’re going a long way. Ok. Have you been here before? M: I’m going over land. J: You’re going over land. M: Marsh land. J: You’re going over marsh land. Right. M: Going very fast. J: Very fast. M: I’m moving very fast. J: Is anybody else with you? M: I don’t know. J: Do you sense if there might be somebody there with you? A number of people? What is...can you, can you look around for me? M: Yeah. J: What are you seeing? M: There is someone next to me. J: There is someone next to you? M: Yeah. J: Do you recognise them? What does it look like? M: Yes. Yes. Right...see a person. J: You see a person? Right. M: Yeah. J: Is it a shadow or is it a full solid person that you see? M: I see a person, he’s quite short. His hand’s on my shoulder. J: So this person has got a...a hand on your shoulder. M: On  my left shoulder. J: Your left shoulder. M: Oh, yes. And now he’s very clear. I can see now. I can see. Oh my god. J: Who is this person, can you see? Who is it? Do you recognise that person? M: Yes, he’s very beautiful. J: Who is it? M: A friend of mine. J: A friend of yours. M: Yes. J: And what’s that person’s name? What’s happening Morgane? M: I’m travelling very fast. J: You’re travelling again fast. Is it still daylight? M: I am worried. J: Why are you worried? M: ‘Cause I say “I want to find my way home, how about the children? Are they alright?” J: So you want... M: I want to go home again. J: Do you get a reply Morgane? M: Yeah. J: What are they saying? And who says it? M: “They’ll be alright.” J: Who’s telling you they’ll be alright? M: “They’ll be alright. I’ll be alright.” J: You’ll be alright. M: The children are alright. J: The children are alright. M: They’re alright. It’s alright. J: It’s alright. And who’s telling you this Morgane? M: My friend. J: Your friend. Is he a friend that you’ve seen before? M: Yeah. J: And what does he look like? M: Ah he’s very beautiful. J: In what way is he beautiful? M: He’s a kind person. J: He’s a grand person? M: He’s a kind being. J: He’s a kind being. Is he of light? M: Yes. J: Right. He’s a grand being of light. M: Yes. J: And do you see...feel safe with this person? M: Yes. J: Yes. Very good. That’s nice. What else is he saying to you? M: He’s watching and he’s taking me there. J: He’s watching and taking you where? M: Down a corridor. J: Down a corridor. When he communicates with you, does he speak directly to you or do words come into your head? M: Yeah, it is...words come into my...yeah I just follow what he says. J: You just follow what he says and the words come into your head. M: Yeah. J: Excellent. Ok. Is there any other information he’s giving to you now? What is he saying? M: It’s going to be alright. J: It’s going to be alright. And that makes you calm does it? M: Yeah. J: Excellent. And where are you moving Morgane? Where’s he taking you? M: He’s taking me up a big hall place. A hall. J: He’s taking you along a hallway. M: Ah yes and we’re walking up. Someone’s waiting at the door. J: What are you... M: A door. J: There’s a door and there’s somebody there. M: Yes. J: Can you describe this person? M: He’s dressed in blue. J: Right. M: Ah, yes. The same as the other one. J: Right. The great one? Is he dressed the same as the great one? M: Yes. J: Ok. Can you describe this man, this great one? M: Yeah. J: Dressed in blue? M: Yes. J: What else is there that’s distinguishable about them? M: Very light hair. J: Light hair. M: They are beautiful yes. J: Right. Beautiful. And how do they make you feel when looking at that, this being? M: I’m peaceful. J: Peaceful. M: Do they have a mouth? J: Yes. M: They are very beautiful now. J: Right. Does the mouth move? M: No. J: No, the mouth doesn’t move. Beautiful mouth that doesn’t move. Do they have a nose? M: Yeah. J: Yes. M: A straight nose. J: A straight nose. How about the eyes? Can you describe the eyes to me? M: Quite large eyes. J: Large eyes. M: Almond shaped eyes. J: Almond shaped eyes. M: Beautiful, they are beautiful. J: Blue eyes. M: Beautiful blue almond shaped eyes. J: Are they kind eyes? M: Yeah. J: Kind eyes. Very nice. Have you got to the door yet? M: Yes I’m at the door. J: And what’s happening now? M: He’s at the door like nodding, like telling me to go in. J: So this light being dressed in blue is telling you to go through this door. M: Yes. J: Are you going through the door? M: Yes. J: And what are you seeing beyond this door? M: It’s a small room. J: Small room. Can you tell me more about this small room? Are there any pictures or any symbols? M: No. There’s nothing. J: No? M: It’s all white walls. J: White walls. M: Ah. J: But it’s got a boundary, you can see the size of the room? M: I don’t see any corners, I don’t see any things. There is nothing in it. J: Right. What are you doing in this room? M: I lie down. J: So there’s a bed is there? M: Yeah. J: So you lie down on the bed. Who’s told you to lie down on the bed? M: The first being, the one who was at the door. J: The first being has told you, right. Oh the being at the door has told you? M: Right. Yes. I followed inside. J: Mhmm, you followed inside. And told to go on the bed. What’s happening while you’re on the bed? M: I look at them. J: Mhmm. How many are there in the room? M: Two. J: Just the two of the people that you’ve seen earlier? M: Mmm. J: There’s no more in there? M: No. J: No. Ok. And what are they doing? M: Ummm...they’re putting something round me. J: What is it? What is it they’re putting round you? What is it? What’s happening? M: Don’t know what’s happening...I don’t understand. J: Can you communicate with them? M: Oh. Yes, but they’re not telling me what they do. J: Mhmm. M: I’m wondering... J: What are you wondering? M: They’re busy. J: They’re busy are they? Putting something round you? M: Mmmm. J: Where are they putting it round you? M: My waist. J: Around your wrist? M: My waist. J: Your waist. M: And something on both arms. J: Something on both arms. M: Yeah. J: Is it fabric? Is it metal? What exactly are they putting around your wrists and your arms? M: when you are in a hospital really. J: Oh right. Is this your identification, do you think? Whatever’s in a hospital? What is it in a hospital that they would do that this looks like? Can you describe it please? M: (Inaudible) The one on the left is taking things. J: Right. M: Samples. Blood. J: Taking samples of blood. M: Yeah. J: Uh-huh. M: The other, I can’t see, I can’t see what he’s doing. There’s a light, and I can’t see because that light is so bright. J: There’s a light in your eyes. M: The light is so bright I can’t see. J: Ok. Can you feel what they’re doing? M: They’re... J: Can you sense? M: Yeah. J: And what is it that they’re doing? What do you sense they’re doing Morgane? M: Oh...oh...they’re doing something. They’ve opened my chest. J: They’ve opened your chest? M: Yes. J: What are they doing Morgane? M: I don’t know. I don’t know what they’re doing. Oh. Why are they doing this? Why? Why is it? Why? J: Can you ask them? M: I just can’t understand what’s going on. J: Is it still just two people in the room? M: Oh like I’ve like fallen in a hole, like in deep sleep. J: Oh they’re put you into deep sleep. M: Oh. I’m in deep sleep. J: Right. Deep sleep, ok. M: I’m in a hole. J: You’re in a hole. And what does it feel like to be in a hole? M: No I don’t feel very comfortable, really. J: You don’t feel comfortable. What’s happening now Morgane? M: I hear a noise. J: What kind of a noise do you hear? M: There’s a humming in the background, I’m coming round. J: Right there’s a humming in the background, and you’re coming round, out of your deep sleep? M: Yeah. J: Yes. And when you’re out of the deep sleep what’s happening? M: They’re straightening me out. J: They’re straightening you out. Do you feel any pain? M: No. J: No. M: I can’t understand. J: What can’t you understand Morgane? What can’t you understand? M: There’s people there. J: Oh there’s people there now. M: It’s them, I don’t understand what they’re doing, who they are. J: What are they doing now? What are they doing Morgane? M: They’re doing their own thing, I’m just lying there. J: They’re doing their own thing and you’re just lying there. M: Yeah but each one in their corners, in their places next to these big metal objects. J: Some metal objects. M: Furniture. They’re behind them. Can’t see them now. J: So they’re hiding behind metal furniture? M: Yes. J: Right. And can you see...can you...can you see what they’ve been doing? M: Yes. J: What have they been doing? Tell me what. M: Putting their pieces away. J: Is there only you in the room with them? M: Yes, yes. J: Ok. What are you hearing? M: I hear a noise all the time. J: You hear a noise all the time. M: Mhmm. J: What sort of a noise? M: A humming. J: Constant humming sound is being heard? M: Mmm. J: Ok. Does that humming sound relax you? M: Yes. J: Yes. And what happens next Morgane? M: And then they are at the foot of bed. J: They’ve picked up the bed? M: No they’re at the foot of my bed. J: They’re at the foot of your bed. M: They seem to be communicating together. J: Right, so they seem to be communicating. And there’s  two of them at the foot of your bed. M: Yeah. J: Communicating. Are they looking down at you? M: Yeah. J: And you’re looking up at them? M: Mhmm yeah. J: Are they communicating with their eyes to you? M: No. Afterwards. No they’ve turned round to... J: And what are they saying to you? M: Uh, they’re saying. No they’re saying to each other. J: What are they saying to each other Morgane? M: “Yes, this way she won’t get lost again.” J: Right. So you won’t get lost again? M: Yeah. J: Ok. And what do you feel that means? What’s the feeling you get from them expressing that? M: I think they’ve put something in my body somewhere. J: Can you ask them that question? And what’s the answer you get back? M: I think, yes. J: You think yes. M: Yeah. J: Can you communicate with them and ask them that question? M: Yes. J: And what reply do you get? M: Yes. J: And why have they done that? M: So they can communicate with me. J: So they’ve put a device in you so they can you can communicate with them and they can communicate with you? M: Not to lose me. J: And not to lose you? Is that right? M: Yeah. J: Ok. Are you hearing them...with the device can you sense that there is a stronger communication link with them? M: Yes. J: Can you describe the change, the difference? M: Umm they have to think something they know. J: Right. So there’s a stronger telepathic link. M: Yeah. J: Right. So what are you saying to them and what are they saying back to you Morgane? M: One of the beings is going out, he’s going out. J: Mhmm. M: Ah, there’s a door that opens. J: What can you see? M: He’s going through, towards the left. J: Right. M: Umm the other one is staying with me. He’s staying with me. I think I have to go. J: Why do you feel that Morgane? M: Because he’s the one who took the samples. J: Right. Which samples did he take? M: Something in my stomach. In my...somewhere. J: So you’ve had samples taken out of your stomach? M: From my body. J: From your body. M: And he knows that I didn’t like it. J: He knows you didn’t like it. M: I embarrassed him. J: You’re embarrassed? M: He’s embarrassed? J: He is embarrassed. Right. And how is he expressing that embarrassment? M: It shows on his face. J: Shows on his face. So he has an expression? M: Yes. J: You can read that expression? M: Yes. He can’t hide it. J:  He can’t hide it. Is he talking to you telepathically? M: Yes. J: And what is he saying to you? M: He’s saying that he’s not as bad, that he’s not worse than the other one. (inaudible) His work, he didn’t hurt me. He didn’t do it to hurt me. J: So this being is telling you he didn’t hurt you and he’s only doing his job? M: Yeah. J: Right. And what do you say back to him? M: Yes. I said to him I don’t understand. J: That you don’t understand, ok. And what happens next Morgane? M: The other being comes in. J: Mhmm. The other being comes in, and what does he do? M: There’s a man returning towards me, returning to me, looking at me. And the being comes to my right, and he offers me a cup. J: So he offers...this other being comes back into the room, comes to your left of you and offers you a cup? M: My right. J: Oh of course, to the right. Right. Comes to the right of you and offers you a cup? M: Mhmm. J: And what is the cup like? Can you describe the cup? And is there anything in it? M: It’s like a chalice. J: Like a chalice, yeah. What’s it made out of? M: Metal. J: Metal. M: White metal. J: White metal. Do you take it? M: Yes. J: Does it feel heavy or light? M: I sit up. Oh, yeah. J: You sit up. M: Yeah. Ah, I can sit up. J: Right. You take the chalice and... M: Yes. J: Is it light or is it heavy? M: Light, it’s light. J: It’s light. And what’s inside? M: There’s a liquid. J: There’s a liquid. Does the liquid have a colour? M: No. J: No. It’s colourless. Does it have a smell? M: No. J: No smell. Is it hot or is it cold? Can you tell... M: It’s just not too hot, not cold. It’s not nice. J: It’s not nice. M: Doesn’t taste of anything. J: Doesn’t taste of anything. Do they ask you to drink it? M: Yes. J: Do they tell you why you need to drink it? M: No. J: No. And you obey him completely? M: Yes. J: Do you feel you’ve got a choice? M: Oh I feel it’s something special. J: Oh it’s a gift is it? M: Yes. J: Excellent. M: It’s like. Yes, it’s something special. J: Something special. That’s nice to have that, something special, isn’t it? And do they communicate in any way to you further? What else do they say? M: I drink some of it... J: Mhmm M: They’re telling me to stop. “That’s enough” they say. J: Oh right. M: “That’s enough.” I hand back the cup. J: You give back the cup, yeah. M: And the being takes it away again. J: Mhmm. M: Leaves me on my own again. Now. J: So you’re on your own... M: Not straight away. J: Mmm. And what do you do when you’re on your own? M: No I’m not on my own ever, totally. J: You’re never totally on your own, ok. M: The being is telling me, the being on the left starts to talk to me. J: Right. And what’s he saying? M: He’s telling me what they’re doing. J: He’s telling you what they’re doing. M: They want to be friends. J: They want to be friends. M: Yes. J: What is he saying they were doing on you. M: He’s not talking about that anymore. J: Ok. M: I don’t know. J: What do they talk to you about? M: They’re looking at me. J: They’re looking at you. And what happens next Morgane? M: I wonder who they are. What they are. J: Do you get a reply? M: Yes. J: What do they say? M: They’re saying they come from somewhere else. J: They say they come from somewhere else. Did they mention a name? M: I think they talk about the polar stars. J: Polar stars. They come from the polar stars. What else do they say? M: That they are in peace, they come in peace. To help the world, to help people to evolve. J: Helping people to evolve... M: To bring peace to the world. J: To bring peace to the world. That’s nice. M: To help us evolve. J: To help us evolve. So by doing what they’re doing on you, how are they bringing peace and helping us to evolve? M: To help people. To help the world. That they are there to bring them a message. J: To bring them a message? Ok. M: I ask them about Christ and they said each one of us is the same being, what you call Christ or whatever. J: So these beings are Christ like? M: Yeah. J: Right. M: In love. J: In love. M: In peace. J: And in peace. M: In caring for people. J: In caring for people. And do you believe them? M: Yes. J: Yes. Ok. M: I do. J: Can you look at your arms and your hands, can you see anything? M: Yes. J: What do you see? M: Dots, stain marks. J: Are you able to communicate with these people? M: Yes. J: And what are...what are they saying? M: They’re saying “This is to help you”. J: This is to help you. M: Mmm. J: How is this to help you, can you ask them that? M: They, they come to this earth to... J: You’ve come to this earth to... M: You must tell them not to fight anymore, not to destroy the planet anymore J: You’ve to tell people not to destroy the planet anymore. M: Yes. Not to kill anymore. J: And not to kill anymore, ok. M: They’ve put something in me. There are certain products that I can’t take anymore. I’m allergic to a lot of things. J: So they put things into you to help you. M: Yes, they’ve put things in my body through these marks to stop me from doing certain things. J: So the marks on your body are to help you... M: Mmm. J: And to stop you, to make you feel better. M: Ah yes. J: Is that right? M: Healthy. J: To make you healthy. M: Yes. It’s become part of me not to eat meat. J: It’s become part of you to not eat meat. Ok. M: I can’t take drugs, any drugs. J: You can’t take any drugs. M: They make me ill. J: They make you ill, right. M: They poison me. J: They poison you, yes. So how are the marks helping you? M: They put something in my blood, in my body. J: They’ve put something in your body. And is that helping you for a long time. M: Yes. For always. J: For always. M: Yes. J: And that’s to keep you healthy? M: Yes. J: And how does that make you feel, Morgane? M: ‘Cause that heightens your perception, your consciousness. J: So it’s heightening your consciousness, your perception? M: Yes. Yes. J: Mmm...very good. So what happens next Morgane? M: They tell me about these things...they tell me lots of things. J: They tell you lots... M: They talk a lot. Yes, they tell me about their plan, the plan. The universal consciousness for peace in the universe. J: Universal consciousness, they tell you about it. Can you tell us about it please? M: They work for the positive. J:  They work for the positive. M: For evolution of mankind. J: For the evolution of mankind. M: A lot of other worlds work with them. J: A lot of animals work with them. M: Worlds...other worlds. J: In other worlds. M: Other planets... J: Other planets. M: Have joined them joined them into this work. J: Other planets have joined this work. M: To offer peace. J: To offer peace. M: Yes, amongst themselves and to other planets. J: Amongst themselves... M: To other worlds. J: To other worlds. Lovely. M: And this is the turn of the Earth to grow. J: So this is the turn...turn of the Earth to grow? And they’re helping that growth? M: Yes to join them, they want us to join them. J: They want us to join them. M: They want the peace for the world. J: They want peace for the world. M: They want us to be with them and to increase our knowledge, to learn from them. They genuinely care about us. J: They care... M: More than we do about ourselves. J: Yes. M: They can’t understand how the world can be...stay like that and do nothing, they want to help. They send people. J: They’re sending people to help. M: Mmm. J: With peace. M: Yes. They want us to be like them. J: They want us to be like them. M: Yes. They called...they called it a federation. J: A federation. Ok. M: They got together, and one by one they bring people in. J: One by one they bring people in. M: Yes. J: Into the federation. M: One by one. J: Yes, one by one. And how do they do that? How do they bring people in? M: They talk to us. J: They talk to us, yeah. M: Certain people. J: Certain people. M: They bring us close to them. J: They bring you close to them. M: Yeah. J: Yes. And what happens next Morgane? M: Then they tell me about their badge. They’re very pleased with it. They smile all the time. J: They smile all the time. M: They smile. J: What is this badge like? Can you describe this badge? M: It’s round. J: It’s round. M: They tell me...they’ve lots of great detail to tell me. There’s like...there’s like umm...trying to explain...a lot of circles that intertwine. J: A lot of circles that intertwine. M: Yes. (Inaudible) They’ve got...upper chest, their upper chest. J: They’ve got the badge on their upper chest. M: Yes, it’s like gold. It’s golden. J: Gold in colour. M: Yes. J: Is there any lettering? M: No. J: Some symbols? M: Yes, it’s all symbols. J: All symbols. Do you recognise the symbols? M: They explain to me, it’s very complicated, the intertwined circles. J: It’s complicated... M: Are like divided in so parts. J: Divided into seven parts. And the symbols... M: And within them there’s the seven planets. J: The seven planets. M: That already are part of it. J: That are already part of the federation. M: Yes. J: Right. M: There’s a symbol for each one. J: And there’s seven symbols to represent each planet? M: Yes. J: Ok. M: Yes. Each one. Yes. And there’s other symbol of peace. J: Other symbol of peace. M: Yes. J: So there are eight symbols on this badge? M: Yes. J: Ok. Thank you for that. Is there anything else on this badge? M: I looked and it is very complex. J: Yes, very complex. M: It’s beautiful. J: Beautiful yes. M: They are very proud of it. They’re happy. J: They are proud and happy. Excellent. And what happens next? M: Oh they keep on talking about what our religion is to them (inaudible) J: They talk about religion. M: (inaudible) I’m most interested in. J: You’re interested in religion and they’re talking to you about it? M: Mmm. J: Do they talk to one another whilst...about this? M: They’re complementing each other when they talk, they talk in turn. J: They talk in turn, complement each other. M: Yes. J: Excellent. M: I think that what one doesn’t say the other does. But they’re very excited about their work, they’re happy about their work. They’re dedicated to it. J: Dedicated. M: Yes. J: Ok. And what happens next Morgane? M: They raise up and stop at the side of the bed. J: They stop at the side of the bed. M: Yeah. They stop at the side of the bed. And I feel this metal surface that’s high. J: You feel a metal surface that’s high. Mhmm. M: And err... J: What’s happening? M: I can’t reach the...the floor, it is too high. J: You can’t reach the floor, ‘cause it is too high? So what do you do? M: One of the beings comes and helps me. J: One of the beings helps you? To get off the... M: To get off the high bit, yeah. J: Yes. And to stand up? M: Mmm. J: When you stand up do do you feel when you stand up? M: It’s cold. The floor is cold and hard. J: Cold and hard. M: Metal. J: Metal. Metal surface you’re standing on? M: Cold, yes. J: Yes. And what’s happening now? M: The first...on the left. J: On the left. M: Is moving out the room. J: Is moving out of the room. M: And I’m following. J: You’re following... M: After them. The other being on the right has helped me up. But he’s behind me. J: So someone in front and someone behind you? M: Yes. J: Right. M: And we walk out that room. J: You walk out the room. And what happens next? M: I find myself at...elevated corridor things, up a ramp. J: You go up an elevated corridor with a ramp? M: Yeah. J: Uh-huh. M: And now big... J: Pink? What’s pink? M: Big. Big. Enormous. Above, very high. J: Big enormous above high. M: Windows are high. J: Windows. Can you see out of these windows? M: No it’s too high. There’s light coming through. J: Light coming through from outside the windows. M: Yeah. J: Ok. What’s happening now Morgane? M: Errr it’s very big, it’s huge. J: It’s a huge place? M: Yes. J: Do you see any other people there? M: Yes, further down. J: Further down you see people. What are they doing? M: There’s a...a man. A man’s being led into a room like the one I’ve just come out of. J: A man’s being led into a room similar to yours. M: Yes. J: Is he a male human being? M: Yes. J: So there’s a male human being ahead of you... M: Mhmm. J: Going into another room along this corridor. M: A few metres away. J: A few metres away. What’s he wearing? M: It’s all dusty grey stuff. J: Grey stuff? M: Yeah. J: Can you see? M: I don’t know, I don’t know what they are. J: One piece suit? Or is it different colours? M: No it’s just even grey. J: He’s all in grey. M: Mmm. J: Ok. Does he look a young man or an old man? M: I think it’s a young man. J: A young man. Does he have facial hair? M: No. J: And what is the expression on his face? M: I can’t see, he’s just walking in, he’s got dark hair, he’s just walking in. J: He’s got dark hair. M: And there’s two people in blue on each side of him, and they’re taking him in that room. And I’m walking now. J: So he’s a few metres away and he’s being taken into a room by people in blue? M: Yes. J: Ok. What else are you seeing in the corridor? M: There’s no-one else in this corridor. J: No-one else. M: But on the other side... J: Yes. What’s on the other side Morgane? M: There’s another just another path like suspended. Seems to be the same thing as this side on the other side. There’s a great gap in the middle, I don’t know what it is. J: So there’s another corridor suspended? M: Mmm. J: With a gap in the middle of the two corridors? Yes? M: Yes, like different levels. J: On different levels. Can you see other beings? M: On the other side. J: On the other side. M: Yes. J: How many can you see? M: Don’t know...not many. I see...I see someone on a chair. J: There’s someone on a chair. Is it a man or is it a female? M: I don’t know from there. It’s quite a long way. J: And what are they wearing? M: I don’t know like... J: They’re a distance away? M: Yes. J: Ok. But you definitely see someone else on a chair. M: Mhmm. Someone else there. J: Someone else there. And do they have other beings in blue beside them? M: Well there I don’t see anyone, they are on their own. J: They’re on their own. M: Ah yes. J: And what happens next Morgane? M: We’re moving now, umm I wonder where we’re going. J: Mhmm. M: So the being before me turns round and says “It’s ok down there we’ll show you something.” J: So they’ve got to show you something down there? M: Yes. J: Where are they taking you? M: This big archway. J: This big archway. M: At the end of it. J: The end of the corridor. M: It’s dark. J: And it’s dark, ok. M: From where I am it looks dark. J: From where you are it looks dark. M: Yeah. J: Yes. Do they take you through the archway? M: Yes, we get to the archway. J: Mhmm. And what happens next? M: It’s a screen. J: It’s a screen. M: Something like we walk behind. J: You walk behind a screen? M: Yes. J: And what’s behind the screen Morgane? M: There’s someone. J: There’s someone. M: Working in front of a screen there. J: There’s somebody working in front of a screen. M: A big computer like screen. J: A big computer like screen. M: Yes. J: Yes. Right. What else do you see? M: My friend is there. Tells me to towards him. J: Your friend tells you to go towards him. M: Mmm. J: He’s going to show you...what’s he going to show you? M: This person who’s there. J: Person who’s there yes. M: In white. J: He’s in white yes. What’s he doing? M: He talks to me about his work. J: He tells you about his work. And what does he say to you? M: He studies the...languages of the world. J: He studies languages of the world? M: Yes. J: And umm... M: Umm the religions of the world. The first thing they talk to me about. J: They talk to you about the religions of the world. M: Yeah. J: And what are they saying? M: (inaudible) where people think and believe. J: Where people think and believe yeah. M: Other languages. J: Other languages yeah. M: To help them out. J: To help them out. And what is the purpose of him learning all these planet languages? M: To help out the people. To help them out, to see where they got their learning from. J: To help them out to where they get their learning from. M: To help them out. They try to understand, to learn, to communicate with people. J: They try to understand them and to learn from them. M: Yeah. To see the cultures they know about, and each culture has its beliefs. J: So they’re trying to understand the people, and the culture and beliefs. M: And their language. J: Yeah. M: They’re studying, they’re studying it, and each person will be learning (inaudible) and Japanese. Yes, they got to Indonesia (inaudible) J: Do they take people? M: Too complex. Yes. J: It’s too complex. M: Yes. J: Do they take people and learn the language from these people? How do they do they get to know the language and culture? M: Yes they took all... J: What do they take? M: They go, they go... J: How do they do that? M: Because they do, some people...we are samples, it’s all linked. J: The samples are all linked? M: Yeah. J: To the language, and the culture and beliefs? M: They’re sending people. J: They send people. M: They come. J: They come. How do they send people? Can you explain further please? M: He congratulates me. J: He congratulates you? M: Yeah. J: For what? M: Because I am talking to someone I know. J: You talk to someone you know. Is it one of the high beings? M: He is part of them... J: Part of them. M: And part of us. J: Part of us. How...what is your understanding of that? M: He knows who I am. J: He knows who you are. How wonderful is that? M: Yes. J: Yes nice. M: He’s so clever, he is brilliantly clever. J: Brilliantly clever. What’s his job? M: They are pleased with him. J: They are pleased with him, yes. M: Studying, he knows lots of languages of the Earth. J: Knows lots of languages. M: He’s asking me about the animistic religion. J: He’s asking you about what sorry? M: He’s asking me about the animistic religion. J: Animistic religion. M: The primitive religions of the Earth. J: Primitive religions of the Earth. M: Because there’s some left in Indonesia. J: Ah some are left in Indonesia. And you have knowledge of that? M: I try to explain what I do know. J: Yes. M: Umm...he said they found that is what they found most difficult. The more primitive it is. J: They found the primitive religions very difficult to understand. M: They’re aware that people have assimilated it to their consciousness. J: People have...people have assimilated it to their consciousness. M: They have assimilated it. J: Assimilated yes. M: Yes. They understand the big religions. J: They understand the big religions but the primitive ones... M: How they work with culture. J: How they work with culture yeah. M: And...and he’s going to go to the Earth again. J: And he’s going to Earth again. M: In some time... J: In some time. M: In time, in some time. J: And he knows who you are. M: Yes. J: Do you feel a bond with him? M: Yes. J: Strong bond? M: Yes. J: Yes. How are you communi...are you able to communicate fully with him? M: Yes. J: And what have you been saying to him? M: He’s like a human being but... J: He’s like a human being. M: All the consciousness and the intelligence that they have. J: Consciousness of humans and the intelligence of the high beings. M: Mmm. And then my friend is taking me away. J: Your friend’s taking you away. Where’s he taking you Morgane? M: To another room. J: To another room. M: Round the back of the big arch on the right. J: Back through the big arch. M: Along but not going out. We’re going round the back. J: You’re going back... M: To another place. J: To another place. Right. M: Another space. J: Another place and another space. What’s the new space like, can you describe it? M: Like a cinema. J: Could you repeat Morgane? M: It’s like the pictures, going to the pictures. J: Oh the room is like you’re going to the cinema. M: Ahh. J: Right. And what are you going to see? Are they going to show you something? M: Yes, they do, their work they’ve done. J: They show you the work they’ve done? M: Yes. J: And what is it, the work that they’ve done? What are they showing you? M: There’s a lot of people who are in between. J: A lot of people who are in between. What does that mean? In between what? M: Them and humans. J: Right. And how many are in the room? These hybrids? M: I don’t know. There’s a few people there maybe, I don’t know. J: Do they look very  different. M: No...some of them, not really. Not different. J: What’s happening now Morgane. M: Well we go back into the place where I met the young scientist being there. J: Yes, you go back to the other room. M: And he’s gone. J: He’s gone, he’s no longer there. Is there somebody in his place? M: No. J: No. M: He’s not there. J: Ok. And what happens next? M: Someone comes to meet me. J: Someone comes to meet you. And what happens next? M: Err they came to see me. J: Someone came to see you yeah. And where are they taking you? M: That it’s time to go I can’t stay anymore. J: No it’s time to go, that’s right. And at that point I’d like you to do now is go back to that neutral room, back into the light, the subdued light of the natural neutral room, and know that what you’ve just done and been through has just been memories. You haven’t moved from this bed, so make yourself across to that huge wooden door, open it and step through, and close the door behind you. You’re going to come back up, up, up the steps slowly and gently. Ten to nine, eight, seven, six. And bring all those things, all those memories back. Five, four, three, two, one. You’re back at the top of the steps. Now Morgane, in your own time, in your own way, I want you to come back to this room, revived, refreshed and at ease. And I want you to take as long as it needs to come back. I want you to thank your subconscious mind from the bottom of your heart for this important work that it’s carried out today. Perhaps you’ve done that already. And when you’re ready in your own good time, in your own good way, come back to the room, feeling revived, refreshed, at ease and at peace. (Continued in Part 3) Copyright Dave Hodrien 2012



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