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Redruth Contact Case - Greys, Abduction, Communication, UFO Sightings

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 06/07/2011

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used

Since an early age Linda has had a fascination with both the UFO subject and with space. Throughout her life she has had a number of unusual experiences which she feels may well be ET related. In recent years these experiences have become more prevalent in her life and she feels that she could be a contactee. This report covers her experiences in depth.

Lights In The Sky

In 1997 when Linda was 8 years old she had a UFO sighting in Dorset. As it happened so long ago, she cannot remember all of the details of the incident, but remembers enough to know it was highly unusual.

She was out with her mother Rachel and her partner Dan walking his pet dog in a local field. It was a dry evening and was getting dark. There was some cloud cover but Linda could still make out some of the stars. Suddenly Dan pointed something out to them both. They looked up and saw a number of glowing white lights in the sky. The lights were grouped close together in a rough triangular pattern, and appeared to be on a singular solid object which could not be made out due to the time of day.

Witness drawing showing the positioning of the white lights:


This object appeared to be at least as high as a light aircraft would fly at. It was quite close to their location, and was almost overhead. The movement of the lights were what was most intriguing of all. Every couple of seconds the top light would vanish. It would then reappear a bit further across the sky. Then the remaining lower 3 lights would swing in back underneath the top light until they were back in their initial location. This continued as the object moved slowly across the sky.

Linda remembers watching this strange spectacle for a couple of minutes until it had moved out of sight. On the way back home she scanned the sky for it but did not see it again. Her mother never really mentioned the incident again, and has since left her boyfriend so I am unable to speak with him about it.

Due to the unusual movement of the lights this is a very interesting sighting. If you consider the theory that it was a singular solid object then it would have had to have some kind of hinge, and certain parts of it would have been able to move forward in the air while other parts remain hovering stationary. This seems a very unlikely set up for any craft, ET or otherwise. I feel that it is more likely that each light was an independent object, and that there were in fact 4 UFOs which were interacting with one another in the unusual manner seen for some unknown reason. If this was the case then it certainly designates intelligence. It is also very unlikely that these objects would have been under military control as they would have no real purpose in moving them in this way.

Many contactees report seeing UFOs, sometimes many times over. Perhaps these objects were in the area purposely to observe Linda. Or are they nothing to do with her later experiences, and she was just in the right place at the right time to see them?

Unexplained Sound

When Linda was about 15 years old, she remembers another strange experience taking place. There is no indication whether or not this is ET related but it is interesting. Sometimes her boyfriend at the time would come to visit her after dark and would get her attention by throwing gravel at her bedroom window. One night she was lying in her room when she was suddenly awoken around 2am by a loud sound. It sounded to her like the sound of the gravel but much louder. The noise only occurred once and then there was silence.

Without turning on her bedroom light, Linda went to the window, opened it and leaned out to take a look. There was nobody outside at all. She left the window and gave her boyfriend a call. As it was 2am and she called his house phone he wasn’t entirely pleased by this! But it proved to Linda that he had not been responsible for the noise. She told him what had just happened and apologised. She then lay back down on her bed.

Almost immediately she heard the same sound a second time! Again she jumped up and checked outside the window but no-one was there. It was quite bizarre. She watched a car come down the road and a fox trotting about but nobody else was around. In the end she settled back down to sleep and did not hear the noise again.

I asked Linda if the noise could have been caused by someone playing a practical joke on her and heavily throwing gravel at the window. She did not believe this to be the case. There were a number of street lights outside and nowhere really where anyone could hide from view. Usually when her boyfriend threw gravel at the window some bits would remain on the window sill but there was nothing. Also she did not know anyone who would have wanted to have done such a thing in the first place. So although the noise sounded similar to gravel hitting the window, Linda does not believe this was the cause. It remains a complete mystery.

Greys Visitation

On the night of 10th December 2010 Linda was asleep in her house on Symons Terrace in Redruth. She awoke in the middle of the night with the feeling of a presence in the room. She looked around but couldn’t see anything. She sleepily checked the clock and found it was between 1-2am. She seemed drawn to an area below and to the side of her bed but could not understand why. She then felt really sleepy and dropped back off. This felt to her like she’d been forced back to sleep.

Aerial map of Symons Terrace:


A short while later she awoke again, and once more felt a presence. This continued for about an hour. Linda dipped in and out of sleep. Sometimes the feeling of a presence would be near the base of the bed, other times it felt like it was all around her.

Then after a while she began to experience what felt to her at the time like a vivid dream. In this dream she saw four Grey beings in her bedroom. One was near the base of the bed where the presence had seemed to be. There were two others standing behind that one next to each other. And then there was a fourth much closer near the head of her bed crouching down next to her. She felt that the beings were trying to communicate with her but she could not hear any actual words. As she had previously seen drawings of Greys she recognised them for what they were.

Witness drawing of the Greys in the bedroom:


The four Greys were identical in appearance. They were about the same height as herself, 5 foot 1 inch. They had a pale flesh pink coloured skin. They had slender almost human-like bodies but the arms and legs were long and thin, and the ribs were more visible through their skin. They had long thin necks which supported an oversized rounded head. Their eyes were large, oval shaped and tilted slightly upwards. They were highly reflective and completely black in colour. The nose was nothing more than two small nostrils. They had a small slit for a mouth, and their lips protruded forward a little bit. Other than this their faces were quite smooth and flat. For ears they appeared to have a small indent in either side of the head, there were no holes visible. They had three fingers and a thumb on each hand, and less toes, perhaps two or three, Linda is not clear on this.

The beings were staring towards Linda and were quite still but looking around a bit, especially the one closer alongside the bed. The two standing behind the one at the base of the bed seemed to be communicating with each other and making hand gestures, though Linda heard no sounds coming from them.

This was all Linda remembered. She awoke between 6-7am and felt uncomfortable and nauseous. She remembered the dream but it felt different to usual, more vivid and real. Linda is unaware if she experienced any missing time, and does not have any other memories of the incident. This experience led to her becoming interested in the UFO and contact subject and she started to look into it in more depth.

It sounds likely that Linda was visited by a number of Greys, and that the memories of this felt to her like a vivid dream, as has been reported many times before by other contactees. Usually when such a visitation occurs this is followed by an abduction experience. Perhaps Linda was taken but the memories of this are blocked out at present. She may be able to uncover these memories if she decides to be regressed at some point.

Initial Communication

About a week after the two nights where she had the vision of Greys, Linda had just gone to bed late. It was about 3am. It was dark in the room, the morning light had not yet started to come up. She lay down but found that she could not drop off to sleep. After a short while she again felt a presence in her room just as she had done on the previous occasions. Once again this presence seemed to be situated down near the base of her bed. She looked around but could not see anything.

Linda is not certain exactly why, but she remained calm and did not try to get out of bed or leave the room. This is intriguing, as it fits in with many other contact experiences I have investigated and read about. Contactees often feel an un-natural sense of calm and complacency while undergoing experiences. This appears to be initiated on purpose by the ETs, and is probably done to stop the individual from panicking or preventing them from doing what they need to do.

Then without warning, Linda’s ears began to pop quite heavily. She closed her eyes and then saw intermittent flashes of white light and felt vibrations inside her ears. This lasted for several minutes. She then began to hear some very strange sounds. These sounds seemed to be a voice of some kind speaking to her. The voice felt like it was coming down from above her and directly into her head. It sounded distinctly male but also slightly electronic and strange. A lot of it seemed garbled and unrecognisable, but she did pick up individual short words such as “me”, “we” and “you”.

The voice lasted for between 2-3 minutes and then suddenly ceased. Linda lay awake a while to see if it would come back but it did not. She wondered what it had meant or where it had come from. It certainly seemed to her like it had been a message of some kind, but she wondered why a lot of this message had seemed unintelligible to her. After a while she dropped off to sleep.

The Birthing Dream

Several nights after hearing the strange voice, Linda had a strange and vivid dream. At first she appeared to be in her own room. She was lying on her bed, and was clearly pregnant and in labour. Then her view suddenly shifted and she found herself standing on a street which she did not recognise. Then the view shifted again. She now found herself in a brightly lit metallic room of some kind. She was sitting on top of a flat raised surface. She was leaning back resting on her hands and her legs were apart. She was wearing a gown of some kind. A number of figures were around her and appeared to be assisting with the birth. But rather than being nurses these figures were Greys. They looked similar to those she had seen on previous occasions. Their features were partially obscured due to the brightness of the white light all around them.

There were four beings around her legs. Linda also sensed that there were at least two more beings in the room but were out of sight. One of the Greys seemed to communicate to these others that she could not see. Some of the Greys were staring between her legs. One of them was holding her leg reassuringly. This seemed to go on for at least 20 minutes. She did not actually give birth but felt like she was going to.

Witness drawing of what took place in the dream:


She remembered the dream in the morning. It felt more real to her than a dream would usually feel. Linda was puzzled by this and wondered if there was an element of truth to it, although it was of course clear to her that she was not pregnant, nor had been on the previous evening.

What Linda remembers is certainly interesting. Obviously at this point she was aware of what Greys look like. She also mentioned to me that she has had other dreams before of giving birth. So perhaps this was just a dream combining these two themes.

However there is the possibility that this dream was linked with the hybrid breeding program, one of the ongoing agendas of the ETs. The surroundings she eventually found herself at do fit with those described by other contactees and could have been aboard a craft. But if the experience had actually taken place, Linda would surely have noticed that she was pregnant beforehand? Also hybrids are usually removed at the foetal stage using a procedure of some kind, and then continue development aboard the craft rather than go full term and be born naturally.

Therefore it seems unlikely that the incident physically took place. But there is a chance that Linda has been involved with the hybrid program, and as a result she dreamed this up.

Further Communication

In late April 2011, Linda once again heard the strange voice on two occasions. On the first occasion she was lying in bed about 10pm, and about to drop off to sleep. Suddenly she once again felt her ears popping, felt the vibrations and saw the white flashes of light. Rather than sense a presence in the room, she this time felt that something was over the top of the house. This lasted for a good 5 minutes.

After this time she began to hear the strange voice again, which did not come as a surprise to her as this was what had happened on the previous occasion. The voice continued for between 7-8 minutes. Just as before it was mostly unintelligible, and she could only pick up individual words in it.

A couple of nights later the same thing happened again. This time the strange sensations beforehand lasted a little longer and seemed more intense, but other than that it was a similar experience.

Possible Abduction

Linda sometimes feels tired by early evening and has the habit of going for a nap for several hours before waking back up. At 6pm on the evening of 13th May 2011 she felt tired and so decided to go for a quick lie down. She expected to wake up like usual around 8-10pm. However for some reason on this occasion she stayed asleep.

A while later she began to experience very strong sensations – popping ears, flashes of light and indistinguishable voices. At some point she suddenly woke up. When she opened her eyes and looked around, she immediately saw a very strange being across the other side of the room. It was a large worm like creature with no arms or legs, but with shoulders and a head. It was purple in colour and glowing. It had brightly glowing white eyes with dark purple pupils that were only visible when she looked directly at them. It had just a slit for a mouth. Through its body there appeared to be strange lines of symbols which were moving downward, which reminded Linda of the writing from the movie The Matrix. She only glanced at the being for a moment before she felt herself dropping back off to sleep.

Witness drawing of the purple being:


Next she heard a strange whooshing sound and felt that she was being taken somewhere. She then has vague memories of being in a room with glowing white lights. The room was an elongated hexagonal shape. There were white light sources coming from the corners and above her, and she remembers seeing a metallic ceiling. In front of her appeared to be a number of control panels and between them a sliding door with windows in it. She does not recall seeing any beings.

Witness drawing of the control panels, door and lights:


She awoke again and felt very strange. She checked the clock and found it was 2am. She decided to get out of bed and go and check herself in the bedroom mirror. When she looked at her face she noticed she looked really shocked. She loomed the same but different, and her eyes looked wide and alert. Her eye sockets were aching like something had been done to them. She turned around and noticed what looked like flowing blue electricity around the edges of the TV screen. This only lasted a brief moment. She also noted that the light on the controller for her electric blanket was flashing, something she had never seen it do before, nor has since.

Linda did not immediately go back off to sleep. She stayed awake and went online for a couple of hours. After this time she felt extremely tired. This seemed odd to her considering the fact she had already apparently had 8 hours sleep. She got back into bed and fell asleep for a further 4 hours. Nothing else out of the ordinary seemed to occur, and when she woke in the morning she felt normal again.

Was Linda abducted during the night after seeing the strange creature in her room? The being she described is very unusual and I have not investigated any cases where something similar has been seen. That said, the ETs have been known to mask their own appearance using a screen memory; could they have been appearing to Linda in this way for some reason? Or was the being nothing more than a bizarre dream?

The fact that Linda remembers being in a strange metallic room with white light sources, control panels and a door is very interesting, especially as she heard a whooshing sound beforehand and felt that she had been taken elsewhere. These may well be memories from being aboard a craft, memories that have been partially blocked out.

When Linda awoke she says she felt strange, her eye sockets hurt and she appeared to have a shocked expression on her face. This suggests that something unusual had taken place, and they could have been after effects from an abduction experience. She then also saw odd electrical anomalies in her bedroom. Contactees often report strange electrical activity in their proximity so again this could be a sign that she was taken.

Another thing which contactees report is feeling un-naturally tired after they are returned, something which Linda eluded to in the hours following the experience. However we cannot ignore the fact that it was the middle of the night, and although she had been sleeping for 8 hours prior to this, perhaps this tiredness was just down to her body clock.

Black Disc Sighting

On 17th May 2011, 4 days after her abduction experience, Linda was out in the car with her mother. It was about 3pm in the afternoon and a grey overcast day. They visited Morrisons on Agar Road, Redruth. Linda remained in the car while her mother went into the supermarket.

Aerial map showing the sighting location:


Photograph of the supermarket:


While she was waiting she began to once again think about her experiences. She said to herself “You know, I wish I’d see something right now.” Several minutes past, then Linda suddenly noticed a black disc shaped object off to the East to her left. It appeared to be travelling very fast across the sky, heading in a Southerly direction. It was quite low in the sky, just above the horizon. Initially she thought it must be a distant plane.

However several seconds later, as the object was about to be hidden from sight behind a nearby building, it suddenly changed course and ascended at a very steep angle. When it was above the height of the building it then levelled out and continued on its original course. Once it was clear of the building it then descended back down to its original height. It was as if it wanted Linda to see it and had manoeuvred so that it would not be hidden from sight.

Photograph in the direction the UFO was seen:


Linda continued to watch the object until it had vanished behind a cloud about 4 seconds later. It seemed that the UFO had appeared on purpose in response to what Linda had asked.

Could this really have been the case? The object certainly sounds like it was unusual. As it manoeuvred around the building, it does appear that it was under intelligent control. It was moving too fast to be a helicopter and could not have been an aeroplane due to the changes in direction. These appeared too structured for it to have been a bird, though this cannot fully be put out of the question. If it was a genuine UFO then it may well have been seen by other people considering the fact it was the middle of a sunny afternoon.

The Staring Grey

In mid June 2011, Linda experienced another visitation. She awoke in the middle of the night with the familiar feeling of a presence in the room. Her body was also shaking uncontrollably. As usual she was lying face down. After a couple of minutes she rolled over in bed. It was now that she came face to face with a Grey. It appeared to be standing alongside her bed and leaning over her. Its face was about 1 foot away from her own.

Linda stared into its huge black eyes. She sensed a feeling of connection with it and rather than be frightened she was amazed but at the same time felt calm. She was only aware of one being in the room, and for some reason felt that this was the being who had been communicating with her on previous occasions, although it did not tell her this directly. She also had the sense that the being was male.

She stared into the beings eyes for what seemed like 5 minutes. The ET did not change position and continued to stare right back at her. After this time she suddenly felt very relaxed and drowsy and actually fell back off to sleep while still staring at it. Linda does not feel that she was abducted after she blacked out, as there were no signs to suggest this may have been the case when she awoke in the morning.

Beeping Noises

Ever since her possible abduction, Linda occasionally hears a strange sound in her ears. It sounds like a long beep noise. It does not seem linked to any particular location or time of day. This rules out the possibility that the noise is coming from a nearby electrical device.

Linda has been to see her GP about the noises to find out if there is anything wrong with her ears. He informed her that the noises do not go on for long enough or happen often enough for tinnitus to be the explanation.

It sometimes occurs in the presence of others, who have informed Linda that they cannot hear it. Linda has noted that it sometimes occurs when she is thinking about her experiences. This link is interesting and perhaps suggests that it is to do with a memory block which has been put in place to stop Linda remembering what has happened.

Psychological Standpoint

Linda suffers from depression, and in 2011 decided to go and see a psychologist about it. It is unknown whether this issue is a side effect of her contact experiences.

While speaking with the psychologist, she decided to inform them about these experiences. She expected him to inform her that she was hallucinating or going mad, but instead she was told that there is no evidence of this from her mental state. He also told her that she does not show any signs of having a serious psychological problem. Also he did not believe she was lying about what had taken place.


Linda has had some interesting experiences which suggest that she may be a contactee. The fact that she has had visions of Greys in her room and other strange dreams about them is of course very compelling, as is the incident where she remembers being in an unusual metallic room and seeing a strange entity appear in her bedroom. However we must take into account the fact that she had looked into the UFO subject prior to these experiences, and knew what Greys looked like.

Some of her experiences are a little unusual. I do not believe the birthing dream actually took place for reasons stated earlier in this report. Also the purple glowing being that she reported seeing was very strange indeed, and could well have just been down to a dream.

There are also the unusual incidents which have happened to her at night time – the popping ears, flashes of light and sounds similar to voices. Could these be signs that she has been in communication with the ETs, even though the full message was not distinguishable? Or have these incidents merely been down to hypnagogia? It is a recognised fact that individuals in this state can see, hear and feel very bizarre things. One of the recognised symptoms of hypnagogia is hearing what sounds like unclear and fragmented speech, exactly like Linda has reported. So at this point in time it cannot be ruled out as the explanation.

Looking at the case as a whole, while I do not feel that everything she has experienced has definitely been ET related I still believe that Linda could well be a contactee. It seems some of her memories are currently blocked out. In due course she may be regressed and she may gain a clearer picture of what has taken place. If a regression does go ahead at any point, its findings will be discussed here.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2011



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