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Rathenny, Ireland Contact Case – Missing Time, UFO Sightings, Psychic Abilities

Updated: May 5

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 01/05/2024

Last Updated: 05/05/2024


In November 2023 I gave a talk at East Anglia UFO Group. One of the attendees there was Mike Tennant, a repeat experiencer. He approached me after the lecture to discuss some of his experiences. I arranged numerous detailed conversations with him over the following months to discuss and document what has happened to him.


Mind Reader


In the early years of his life Mike lived with his father in Tibenam, a village South West of Norwich, but would also spend time visiting his mother in Tipperary, South Ireland.


Mike informed me that he has had a latent psychic ability since childhood. He first realised this when he was about five years old. He found that he could sometimes hear people’s thoughts directly in his mind. While still young he thought this was completely normal, it was only later on that he realised that most people could not do this!


He says that this ability comes and goes, and mostly happens involuntarily, although he has on occasion caused it to happen by focusing. He says that he does not often do this as he feels it is rude to do so, even if the individual does not realise at the time.


One early example of this ability which he went over with me apparently took place at his primary school. The teacher wanted to teach his class how to tell the time. In order to do this they had enlisted the help of some older students. They instructed them to turn the hands of a model clock to a particular time. They would then ask the class member what the time was, and if they did not know they would then tell them.


At his age Mike did not know how to tell the time. However while the older student set the time on the clock, he of course thought about the time he was setting it to. When he did so, Mike would hear what he was thinking in his mind like a clear voice. Without knowing what he was saying, Mike repeated what he heard in his mind back to the older student when he asked. After getting the answer right again and again, the older student put his hand up to get the teacher’s attention, then informed her that he could not teach Mike anything!


The following year he was off ill with flu for a number of weeks. At the time he had two close friends Steven and Matthew. He claims that he used to communicate on a subconscious level with them, speaking to them directly via his mind, and hearing thoughts back from them. When he returned to school he attempted to speak to them in this manner again. In his mind he heard them push back against this, saying to him that they were big boys now and no longer wanted to communicate in this manner. From this point on with them he spoke audibly instead.


Later on in from about the age of 16 Mike would use his ability to correctly state people’s star signs or favourite colour as an ice-breaker or party trick. He would inform people that he could guess their star sign or guess their favourite colour. In doing so they would think of it and he would hear it in his mind. He claims that he was correct on the majority of occasions. He says that as he has got older this ability seems to have faded.


Mike says that sixth sense abilities have existed in his family for numerous generations. He informed me that his mother Sarah was a psychic medium and so was his grandmother Ellen.

He was also informed by his uncles many years ago that her grandmother was a lady known as Biddy Early, who was a herbalist born in back in 1798 who was said to have psychic abilities. Her cures and premonitions became quite famous and many people around Ireland would travel to meet with her. Although Mike has no proof of this at present, such as a researched and official family tree, there is no reason to doubt this family link. If you are interested to learn more about Biddy, here is a video about her life:

Repeated Missing Time


In 1984 when he was 16 Mike moved to live with his mother and sister at Rathenny Gate Lodge in Rathenny, South Ireland. The Lodge still exists today and is now a Bed & Breakfast.


Aerial map of Rattheny Gate Lodge
 Modern photograph of Rathenny Gate Lodge

As you can see, the lodge is in a very rural location surrounded by open farmer’s fields. Mike informed me that the outer look of the lodge has not changed much, including the black painted metal fence and gate.


Mike managed to secure a job on a building site in Moneygall, two miles South East East of the lodge. Each morning he would ride his bicycle into the village.


Aerial map indicating Rathenny Gate Lodge (A) and Moneygall (B)

The M7 motorway did not exist at the time visible on the above map did not exist at the time. There was a social club on the High Street (R455) which runs through the centre of Moneygall. Today the location is known as J Hayes Bar.


Aerial map of Moneygall showing the location where the social club used to be situated
Modern photograph of the front of J Hayes Bar

In 1986 he experienced two consecutive missing time incidents. Back then there was less home entertainment available, so the social club became a hub of activity in the evening, where many people would regularly meet up. Most evenings after work ended at 5pm Mike would head to the club to catch up with friends.


One week day in the autumn (probably October) Mike completed his day on the building site like usual. He first rode his bike round to the house of one of his friends in the village. He stayed there for a number of hours enjoying food and coffee.


At around 7.45pm he rode to the social club where he remained for a couple of hours playing pool with some other friends. His mother would not like him arriving home any time after 11pm, and he was aware that the journey home would take around 20 minutes, so he set off from the club at approximately 10pm. He had only a couple of drinks at most while at the club, so was not in any way inebriated when he left for home.


Due to the time of year it was completely dark. There was complete cloud cover overhead but it was dry. The temperature was mild, and it was still. Once he left the outskirts of Moneygall it became extremely dark, as there were no street lights along the rural lanes which led back to the lodge. But he was very familiar with the route home so he was not in the least bit concerned by this.


Roughly three quarters of the way home, one of the lanes (un-named) about 5 minutes South of his house ran up a gradual hill. Today at the summit of this slope there is a cottage, but back in 1986 there were just fields.


Aerial map showing Mike’s route back home up to the summit at the top of the slope
Modern photograph of the lane showing its gradual slope

It was very peaceful out in the countryside. There was nobody else around, vehicles nor pedestrians. Mike had no light on his bike, but could make out the edges of the road and see distant building lights which allowed him to keep his bearings. He just about to crest the rise of the slope and pedalling quite slowly.


Modern photograph of the summit of the lane

Suddenly the road around him lit up in blazing white light! This light was clearly coming downward from above, as it was a circle of light all around him. It was reflecting off the chrome handlebars of the bike making them glisten. When I asked Mike to describe what the light was like he said it was “like a million watt spotlight had been switched on, the brightest light you could ever imagine!”


Immediately Mike thought to himself “What the hell is that?!” and looked left and right without stopping the bike. The light was illuminating the entire lane and he was in the middle of it. He looked up but the light was too bright to see any kind of source. There was no sound whatsoever detectable. This only lasted between 3-5 seconds.


The next thing he knew the light had gone. He was still sitting on the bike and pedalling slowly along. However he was no longer in the same position he had been mere moments before. He was now between 50-60 metres further along the lane. However he did not realise this at the time, this aspect of the experience only came back to him later on when he went back over the incident, possibly due to how amazed he was at what had just taken place.


He was fascinated at what could have caused the light, and couldn’t wait to tell his mother and sister all about it when he arrived home. He carried on riding the remainder of the journey. Five minutes later he arrived at the lodge. He parked up his bike on the outside, and used his key to enter the house. He knew that his mother and sister would still be up and was excited to tell them about what had just occurred.


However when he entered the house he found that most of the lights had been switched off except for the hall light. At the end of the hall was an open doorway that led through into the kitchen. On the wall visible through this doorway hung a clock. He noticed that the time on the clock read approximately 2am. But he knew that it could not be that time as he had left the social club around 10pm. He assumed that the clock had ran out of batteries. He was a little puzzled by the fact that both his mother and sister appeared to have had an early night, but decided not to wake them. It had been a long day so he decided to go to sleep himself.


Most mornings Mike would be the first to wake up as he had to leave for work. The following morning was much the same. He was still raring to tell his family about what had happened, but did not want to wake them up early so decided to go to work like normal, with a view of telling them in the evening. On both to and from work he rode along the same stretch of road where the light had appeared. He was a little apprehensive but wasn’t really frightened. He certainly didn’t feel the need to change his route just to avoid having to ride past the spot.


That evening when he arrived home he finally got to tell his mother and sister about the glowing light he had seen the previous night. They both believed him and found it interesting. He mentioned in passing that the clock needed some new batteries, but did not really pay attention to what time it was now showing.


The following evening his mother informed him that the clock had appeared to have been showing the correct time when she checked it, but she had some spare batteries kicking around so had changed them anyway just in case. At the time Mike did not really think too deeply about the implications of this. He had very little knowledge of the UFO subject at the time, so did not associate what had occurred with this at all.


A fortnight later (Mike thinks possibly to the day) he was once again on his way home from the social club. Just like most days he set off from there around 10pm. This time it was a much clearer evening. The stars were fully visible in the sky. It was a full moon, which of course gave more light to the surroundings making it much easier to see the edges of the road.


Once again he pedalled up the slope. As he reached the summit, in exactly the same place as he had been before, it happened again! Just like two weeks before he was enveloped in bright white light clearly coming down from above him. He could barely believe it and thought to himself “Here we go again!”

Again he looked up desperately trying to see where the light was coming from. Just like before, seemingly after several seconds it suddenly went off. Just like last time he was a bit further along the road than he should have been, but once again did not realise this. It was essentially a repeated incident. He was blown away by what had just occurred. He was a little disturbed that it had happened a second time, but he did not feel particularly threatened by it.


He pedalled home, expecting his mother and sister to be awake. But just like the previous occasion most of the lights were off and they were asleep. Looking at the clock in the kitchen he could see that it was again somewhere between 2-2.30am!


This time around the reality of what had happened began to sink in. He was aware that his mother had changed the batteries of the clock, so it genuinely was the early hours of the morning instead of around 10.20pm. There was around four hours of time he could not account for. This realization puzzled him, but not enough to wake up his mother and sister. After sitting for a while and thinking about what may have occurred he settled down to sleep. In the morning he felt completely normal.


He wanted to tell his family that the same thing had happened a second time, but again was forced to head into Moneygall for work before they had woken up. He waited patiently all day, before travelling home, again not changing his route, despite the fact that there were alternative lanes available to cycle along (albeit a longer distance).


In the evening he told his mother and sister that the light had appeared a second time and that there was a period of time he could not account for. They were puzzled by the events, just as he was, but knew nothing of missing time and its links with the contact phenomenon so did not report these incidents officially to anyone.

To his knowledge Mike never saw the light again, despite cycling along that route many times in the years following. He never mentioned either of the two incidents to his friends down at the social club as he felt they would think that he was crazy. However he did inform his uncle about what happened after a number of months.


These two incredible incidents bear all the hallmarks of contact experiences involving missing time. However it is first important to look into and rule out other more mundane explanations for what took place.


At the time there were no residences or farm buildings with floodlights anywhere near the location where the incidents occurred, so light from a nearby building can be ruled out. If the light was from farm machinery parked nearby, such as a tractor or combine harvester, it would have been obvious that it was coming from a particular direction at ground level. Mike is certain that the light was coming down from above on both occasions.


The light was still when it appeared around him, so could not have been landing lights from a passing aircraft. These would have swept across the road. If it were a plane at low altitude surely the engines would have been audible, yet Mike says it was completely silent at the time. Sound travels very well after dark when other background noise is at its lowest, so Mike would certainly have heard a plane if there was one flying overhead.


For the same reason it could not have been a helicopter hovering over the lane, the rotor blades would certainly have been audible, and Mike would probably have also seen it in the air as he looked along the lane approached the rise of the hill. Any navigation lights present in the sky would have been very obvious indeed due to how dark it was on both occasions.


As you can see in the photograph, at the top of the hill stands a telegraph pole. Mike confirmed that this pole was present back in 1986. Could the light have been a brief electrical fault which only occurred for a few seconds? While this theory cannot be entirely ruled out, it seems extremely unlikely that this fault would occur twice precisely as Mike happened to be passing it on his bike. Also the light Mike describes sounds far too prominent and bright. Surely if there were some brief electrical sparks near the top of the telegraph pole this would have been quite obvious to Mike, especially when he looked upwards to see if he could identify the source.


The incidents occurred decades before commercial drones were available, and occurred at a very rural location. Again the light sounds too bright to have been coming from a radio controlled model or lit inflatable, and surely this would have remained visible for more than a few seconds?


Also, none of the above possible explanations account for the actual missing four hours of time which Mike experienced, or apparent jump in position on the lane.


Regarding the missing time, Mike could not have lost track of time and remained at the club till about 1.30am on two separate occasions.  Mike informed me that the club would only stay open till about 11pm so this would have been impossible.


He knew to a very good estimation how long it would take to cycle home, as this was a route he had taken many times. For this same reason he could not have got lost and accidentally ridden along a completely different road adding hours onto his journey time. Sadly Mike did not verify without doubt that it was actually around 2am when he arrived home on either of the two occasions. He did not wake up his mother and sister or check any other clocks before going to sleep. However, the fact that his mother and sister had switched most of the house lights off and both gone to sleep proves that, at the very least,  it was much later than it should have been.


Regarding the kitchen clock, logically if it had actually been running out of batteries at the time of the first incident then the clock would have read an earlier time, not later, as it would have ran slow not fast. And his mother changed the batteries soon after the first incident, so even if it had been an issue with the clock then surely would have been working correctly on the second occasion? It seems very unlikely that the clock was faulty and happened to go wrong on the same evenings as the two incidents, yet then managed to correct itself soon afterwards and display the correct time.


So, let’s assume that a number of hours really had passed without Mike being aware of it. What could account for this? On both occasions Mike had not had much to drink, so I do not believe that he collapsed due to alcohol consumption while riding home.


Could both the light and the missing time have been down to a medical issue which he experienced twice within the space of a fortnight, such as a seizure or loss of consciousness? The issue with this explanation is that he would logically have fallen off his bike, and when he did come round hours later he would have found himself lying on the road. Yet on both occasions he seemed to remain on the bike. Also Mike informed me he has not been diagnosed with any medical issues of this nature, and after the two incidents has never seen any similar bright shining lights.


As you can see there are numerous aspects of these two experiences which are hard to explain. With possible mundane explanations accounted for, I feel that there is a very good probability that Mike was taken on these two occasions, and that the white light he saw was coming from a craft hovering silently overhead.


I have investigated many cases over the years involving periods of missing time which cannot be accounted for, often following sightings of either unexplained light or actual craft/beings. In some circumstances memories of what happened during the lost time have either come back naturally or been retrieved through hypnotic regression of the individual(s) involved. People describe memories of being aboard craft, sometimes for extended periods of time. There are some abduction cases involving entire days of missing time, for example the infamous Travis Walton case.


Mike was on his own in a very rural location after dark. This would be an ideal time and place to abduct him without other potential witnesses. Perhaps on both occasions he was taken aboard a craft, but then had the memories of said abduction completely wiped from his mind.


There have many reported cases of people finding themselves in a different position to where they had been previously, with no knowledge of how they had got there. Could this explain why Mike found himself up to 60 metres further along the road?


Aerial map indicating the position Mike saw the light (A) and the position he later recalled coming round (B)

Photograph of the lane at the position he found himself in after the light had vanished

Perhaps on both occasions both him and the bike were taken, and then after the experience were placed back on the road at a nearby but not identical position, as has seemingly happened in many other cases involving vehicles. As I mentioned previously, Mike only came to realise that this had occurred later on, many years later when thinking back over what took place in depth.


Another fact which points towards contact is that the incidents happened at exactly the same location, and under very similar circumstances. The same light was observed for approximately the same length of time. The same jump in position occurred. Approximately the same amount of time was unaccounted for. If Mike was intentionally taken on both these occasions then these similarities would make sense. This is merely speculation, but perhaps the craft’s occupants decided on this particular spot due to how rural it is, or perhaps due to the fact that that it is right at the summit of the hill.


Sadly Mike’s mum has since passed away, so I am unable to speak with her about what she remembers regarding these incidents. Mike says that his sister is very sceptical of the subject and for this reason is unlikely to want to speak with me or provide a statement on her recollection of what took place.


Mike is very interested in being hypnotically regressed to see if any further details about these two incidents are revealed. If he proceeds with a regression, the transcript and findings will be added to this report in due course.


Further Psychic Incidents


When he was 20 years olf Mike moved back to England. A year later in 1989 he decided to start hitch hiking around the UK and Europe. He did not have much money at the time but figured he could stay on farms and do farm work to earn a living while at the same time get to experience many different places.


In 1991 he was hitch hiking around Spain. He had been picked up by two Spanish men. They could not speak a word of English, but were going the right direction on the road, and did not seem to mind giving him a lift. At the time he was very tired so lay on the back seat of the car. The two men in the front were talking amongst themselves in Spanish. He did not know the language so could not understand a word of it. He started to drift off to sleep, and slipped into a semi-conscious state.


Suddenly he began hearing the voices of the two men speaking in English instead of Spanish! He could hear every word of what they were saying clearly. They were discussing their plans for the journey, saying that they needed to stop at a friend’s house to pick up a guitar, then drive to drop it off at another friend’s house, before heading on to a bar.


Suddenly Mike snapped out of the drowsy state of mind he was in. Immediately the two men in the front resumed speaking Spanish again. He sat quietly in the back looking out of the window. Over the next hour and a half he witnessed them do exactly what he had heard them say. As expected they stopped at a house and picked up a guitar, dropped it off elsewhere then drove on to a bar where they parked up.


The following year Mike had finished exploring Spain and secured a job on a building site in Wolverhampton. He and a work colleague were working on the roof of a property when he suddenly had an extremely strong feeling that something had happened to one of his uncles named Patrick who was living in Ireland at the time. Mike says that it felt like he was not dead but was not really alive either.


He had quite a close bond with Patrick, almost viewing him as a father, but had not seen him in a number of years. The sensation that something had happened to him was so strong that he decided to travel across to Ireland to check whether he was alright.


When he arrived at where he thought Patrick was living he found that he was now living in a care home. He managed to determine which home he was in, and travelled there to see him. When he arrived at the home he was informed that Patrick had sadly experienced a very heavy stroke and was barely conscious, essentially being somewhere between alive and dead, just how Mike had sensed.

A number of months later Mike went to stay with his friend Dave, who was a law student at Wolverhampton University. He was dropped off very late evening in Wolverhampton. It was around the time that the pubs closed. Unfortunately he was spotted by a gang of drunken men, who unfortunately decided to attempt to mug him.


There was far too many of them to take on, so Mike started to run away. The gang began to give chase, and Mike was in real danger of getting caught. As he ran along he suddenly heard a voice in his mind say “Turn into this side road” just as he was approaching one. He did as the voice said.


At the end of the road was a brick wall. The voice in his mind spoke a second time, commanding him to jump over the wall. He did so and landed in a rose bush at the end of someone’s garden. Luckily the gang had not noticed him run down the side street, and he heard them continue their search for him on the main road. Their voices faded away and he realised he had escaped.

Mike believes the voice in his mind was something more than just him observing his surroundings and acting on these observations, although of course this is impossible to prove.


Revolving Orbs


Mike’s first actual UFO sighting occurred much later on in 2012 when he was 40 years old and living in Stretham, Cambridgeshire. At the time his family owned two mobile homes situated about a mile from their home in a rural area alongside the River Great Ouse at the southern end of Green End. These mobile homes still exist but are no longer owned by his family.


Aerial map showing Stretham (A) and the location of the mobile homes (B)

It was a Saturday evening in the summer time. The weather was very pleasant and clear. Mike’s nephews Luke and Jonathan and their friend Jason were staying at the mobile homes at the time, and he decided to drive down and visit them after finishing his food delivery driver shift at 9.30pm.


Aerial map indicating the mobile homes

Mike arrived at the vans about 9.45pm, by which point it was twilight and the light had just started to fade. He found his nephews and their friend sitting around a campfire chatting and having a couple of drinks. He walked over and sat down next to them. Mike was happy to relax a while with them, so asked them to pass him one. He cracked open the can and took a sip from it, tilting his head back as he did, giving him a view of the sky in front of him.


He noticed a strange sight. At an angle of about 60 degrees there was a bright white glowing orb of light which appeared at least 5 times as big as a bright star would appear. Surrounding this was 4 smaller orbs of white light which appeared to be rotating around it anti-clockwise at a slow constant speed. They appeared to be at high altitude rather than out in orbit.


Drawing of the large orb with smaller orbs rotating around it

Wondering what the orbs could be he pointed them out to the others exclaiming “What the hell is that?” They looked up also and everyone present began to watch the objects. Unfortunately nobody had a smartphone or camera on them so could not attempt to photograph or video the orbs.


After watching for about a minute, something incredible happened. All of a sudden the smaller orbs all shot away from the main orb at an extremely fast speed in different directions before halting at various points in the sky. Mike says that the speed of this manoeuvre was stunning, and that they must have moved miles in the space of a second.

The larger orb remained stationary, but for the next two minutes the smaller orbs all slowly drifted back and forth in different directions. Then, again without warning, they returned to the main orb as fast as they had left it, and once again began circling around it.


A couple of minutes went by and exactly the same process repeated, with the smaller orbs once again shooting away from the main one, remaining separate for a while before returning to it. Mike and the other witnesses could barely believe what they were seeing.


About 30 seconds later the orbs seem to collapse in on one another and completely vanish from sight. Everyone waited to see if they would return but they did not. After the sighting was over everyone chatted about what they had just seen.


The following morning they drove back to the family home in Stretham. Jason sat down at the laptop and decided to watch some YouTube videos. He was amazed to find that someone else from the area had also seen what they had observed, and had managed to record it on video. Mike says that the video looked nigh on identical to what they had seen. They discussed potentially reaching out to the uploader of the video, but in the end sadly forgot to do so.


This is a very interesting multiple witness UFO sighting with some fascinating aspects to it. Firstly I will state that I do not believe the fact that the men were drinking had anything to do with what was witnessed, both because of the specific details and the fact that it was also apparently recorded by an independent witness.


The main orb appeared far too large to be a bright star/planet. Mike also confirmed that it was too small to be the moon. While a distant helicopter could conceivably appear as a glowing orb of light, I do not believe this explains what was seen because of how the sighting ended.


From Mike’s description of the movements of the smaller orbs (and I have no reason to doubt his recollection), they definitely appeared to be under intelligent control and in some way linked with the main orb. The fact that they rotated around it in a controlled fashion, and moved away from it and towards it at the same moments indicates that the objects were not drifting objects like white LED balloons or birds reflecting the setting sun.


Mike says that the manoeuvres were far too rapid to have been a display of numerous drones. They appeared to move a substantial distance, probably numerous miles, within the space of a second. The sky was clear, so the orbs cannot have been caused by searchlights from an event taking place in Stetham bouncing off the base of the cloud layer.


The way in which the orbs all vanished at the same moment is also intriguing, and tends to put many mundane explanations out of the question. If the objects had been drones and/or helicopters then why would the owners have suddenly switched the lights off permanently? Mike is convinced that there were no clouds for them to have been hidden behind, although without an exact date and detailed weather data it is impossible to verify this.


Unfortunately Mike did not keep a link to the YouTube video, and so far I have been unable to locate it. Mike hopes that Jason may be able to track it down. If it is found it will be added to this report. I also hope to speak with both Jason and Luke about this incident in the coming weeks to obtain testimonial statements from them. Once I have spoken with them I will update this report as necessary.


Six Pointed Star


Roughly one year later on 29th July 2013 another truly bizarre sighting took place, once again at the mobile homes. On this particular date an extremely rare astronomical event was due to take place. The moon and planets in our solar system were set to align to form a six-pointed star shape in the sky, commonly referred to as a “Star Of David”.


Astrological diagram symbolising the "Star Of David" planetary alignment

This event was widely known about by "new age" communities, who viewed this event as extremely positive, and one which would have numerous effects on people’s lives. For this reason many groups of people held meditation sessions around this time.


Mike’s partner at the time, Kate, was quite spiritually-minded, and regularly enjoyed meditating. On this particular evening she had arranged to participate in a group meditation session to coincide with the planetary alignment. This was taking place at a rural location South of the Great Ouse river. Mike was not interested in joining her for this so instead headed to the mobile homes with Luke, who was 21 at the time, and his 9 year old son Arthur.


By the time they arrived at the homes it was twilight and the stars were beginning to show in the sky. They walked towards the front door of one of the homes, and were about to head inside when Mike happened to spot something in the sky.


Off to their left he saw a triangle of three brightly glowing orbs of light. These orbs were a little brighter than normal stars so caught his attention. The three orbs were very slowly moving on a straight path to the right. They appeared to be at high altitude but not out in orbit.


Mike then noticed another triangle of orbs off to the right. These had the same brightness as the first three, but their positioning was a mirror image of the first set, and they were slowly moving to the left.


His son and nephew had by this point entered the mobile home. He called them back out, shouting “Come out and have a look at this!” They came back outside and then started watching the orbs alongside Mike.


Over the next five minutes the two sets of orbs slowly moved towards one another. Eventually both sets stopped moving, coming to rest in the shape of a six pointed star directly over the heads of the witnesses! They stood there with mouths agape, transfixed on what was taking place.

They expected the orbs of light to disappear but they did not. They remained in position for quite a long time as the remaining light faded in the sky. Sadly neither Mike or the other witnesses present had smart phones or cameras which could be used to attempt to capture the objects.


Drawing of how the six orbs of light appeared

Mike believes that the orbs remained stationary for up to an hour. After this they suddenly all began moving again. The three that had been heading left continued left, and those which had been heading right continued on their path at a slow speed. The two sets of orbs crossed over paths with one another and continued onwards, slowly getting more and more distant over numerous minutes until they had vanished from sight.


Later on Kate returned from the meditation session and Mike excitedly explained what had taken place. She confirmed that she had not seen the lights from her location ten miles away, possibly because it had been misty. Mike was convinced that the objects had been moving intelligently and with intent, and had decided to position themselves in this manner because of what was taking place.

This is a bizarre incident, especially given the apparent shape the lights formed which seemed to coincide with what was taking place that night. Although it is not outside the realms of possibility that there was a connection, I feel it is likely to be more coincidental that the lights were in a formation which could be interpreted as the points of a six-pointed star. However the fact that they appeared symmetrical, remained in place for an extended period of time an d then started moving away at the same time does seem to suggest an intelligence behind them.

White LED balloons are out of the question for a number of reasons. Although two sets of three balloons could conceivably drift on two opposing air currents, it is extremely unlikely they would both drift to a halt in the same part of the sky and then remain static for an extended period, before resuming their original courses.

If the sighting had been for a shorter time period then perhaps a prank using six drones may have been considered, but even professional drones only tend to have a battery life of about 30 minutes. Mike is convinced the lights were present for much longer than this.




Mike has had some varied and intriguing experiences. The most compelling events linking him with the contact subject are the two missing time incidents which took place while he was living at Rathenny Gate Lodge in Ireland. There are some truly incredible aspects to these incidents and it is certainly possible that Mike has been abducted but then had the memories removed.


Many experiencers of contact report having one or more psychic abilities, so the fact that Mike appears to have a sixth sense and has seemingly experienced premonitions on multiple occasions again points towards the idea of him being a contactee. Although we only have his testimony to go on, and there is no way of proving they took place, he comes across as very trustworthy, and has no real reason to be fabricating these incidents.


It is unknown if the two UFO encounters he has had are anything to do with his previous experiences. Neither of the sightings were at close range, and both also involved other witnesses, so it is possible he was just at the right place at the right time. While not particularly impressive in appearance, the objects in both experiences performed some very interesting manoeuvres which point towards non-mundane explanations. As previously mentioned, I hope to speak with some of the other witnesses in due course.


Mike is keen to proceed with a hypnotic regression to explore some of his experiences in greater depth. I hope to arrange this within the coming months. If anything comes from this session then this report may well be updated going forward.


I am pleased that Mike is open about sharing his experiences with me, and look forward to continuing the investigation into these fascinating incidents.


Copyright Dave Hodrien 2024








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