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Pontefract Contact Case - Greys, Abduction, OOB

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Originally forwarded by Richard Hall

Last Updated: 13/11/2012

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used

Tom from Pontefract in North England has had strange night-time experiences for many years. He has always wondered about the real reason behind them. Then in 2011 a particular incident occurred which seemed to link his experiences with ET contact. It is because of this that he decided to get in touch with me via This report gives an overview of his experiences and my thoughts on them.

Early Fears

Tom believes that his experiences began as early as 1976 when he was 9 years old. He says that it is very hard to put into words. There were occasions when he would suddenly get a feeling of extreme fear for no apparent reason. This happened both in the day time while he was playing with his toys, and in the middle of the night, there was seemingly no definite pattern to it. Tom says the best way to describe it is that he would suddenly feel very insignificant and overpowered, like there were invisible walls all around him. Whenever it occurred he would feel the need to be around others. This occurred on numerous occasions between the ages of 9-16 and then seemed to stop.

It was an unsettled time of his life due to the breakdown of his parent’s relationship and sudden relocation to Pontefract. Tom wonders if this was the reason behind these incidents. This is of course a possibility. However he does say that what was going on with his family was not overly traumatic. So perhaps there was another underlying reason, and that these sudden attacks of fear were brought on by him subconsciously being aware of one or more ET contact experiences. Contactees often report having sudden panic attacks which seem linked to their experiences rather than something else in their life. That said, Tom does not at present feel that these feelings are related to contact.


From about the age of 21, Tom has suffered from paralysis incidents while sleeping. The first memorable experiences of this occurred when he was sleeping on the back seat of his car at a car park in Doncaster. He suddenly awoke and found he couldn’t move. He could sense a presence that felt like it was interacting with him in some way. As he had been drinking during the evening he put the experience down to this.

However ever since he has had similar experiences occur from time to time. It tends to occur during the night and after he has gone off to sleep. He suddenly awakes with the feeling of a surge of energy through his body. He then finds that he cannot move at all. Sometimes he tries to force himself to speak, and only quiet murmurs come out. Tom is now divorced, but back when he was married prior to 2001 he had an agreement with his wife that if she heard him struggling in the night she would push him to help him get out of the paralysing state.

The fact that this has occurred regularly for many years and that Tom’s wife was present during many of these experiences while Tom was undergoing them means that they were probably not related to ET contact. That said, an experience in April 2011 would put this into question (see later).

Electrical Disturbance

In 2001 when Tom was 21 years old he used to live in a flat above a shop on Bently Road, Doncaster. One mid-week night he went off to sleep like normal, setting both his alarm clock and wrist watch for 5am. It was clear weather outside but quite cold due to the time of year. The following morning he awoke much later than intended.

He sat up and peered outside. It was a windy morning and some light snow had settled during the night. It was now fully bright so clearly much later than 5am. When he checked the alarm clock he found that it had reset and was just showing 0:00. He checked his watch which was lying next to the bed. This too had also reset and like the alarm was showing 0:00! Tom could not make sense of what had happened. He could not understand how both separate devices had both reset. He set the time back on them, and they both continued to work as normal. No other electrical devices in the house appeared to be affected in any way.

Tom was quite spooked by what had happened, and after considering what had happened felt that something paranormal may have taken place. He was so affected by it that later in the day he went looking for a new place to live. However he did not find one suitable that he could easily move to. For a while he found it quite hard to sleep at night.

This is quite an unusual incident. If just the alarm clock or just the watch had stopped it could easily be put down to a fault, but why would both of them reset on the same night? Could a surge of electricity caused the devices to stop? Perhaps, but a surge in the electric of the house would surely have only affected the alarm clock which was plugged in, not the free standing watch? It was clear weather when Tom went to bed and there was no indication of stormy weather, so it is unlikely it was caused by electrically charged air due to a storm.

UFOs have often been reported to cause electrical disturbance in the vicinity, temporarily shutting off car engines and other electrical devices. There is the possibility that if a craft hovered near to Tom’s house, it could have caused both the clock and watch to reset. Obviously there is no other evidence to back this up, and it is just a theory. But due to Toms other experiences it should be taken into consideration. 

Out-Of-Body Experiences

During a number of his paralysis experiences, Tom has felt that his consciousness has actually left his physical body. The last time this occurred was in 2010. He does not know why he did this on these occasions, he did not try to force it to happen, it just seemed to start by itself. He says that it probably only took seconds in real time but during the experience there was no concept of time. He looks at these experiences positively and is not frightened by what happened.

There is no indication that these experiences were linked in any way with ET contact. While out-of-body experiences are sometimes reported by contactees, they can also be caused by hypnagogia. Considering the fact that Tom has experienced regular sleep paralysis, these experiences are probably related to that.

Vision Of Greys

In April 2011, close to Easter Sunday, Tom would have an experience that seemed to be linked with ET contact. It was a normal evening and he went to bed about 10 pm. At around 2 am he suddenly awoke to the familiar feeling of energy surging through him. He then felt that he dropped back off to sleep. The next moment he suddenly had a vision of 6-7 small Grey beings staring down at him. He immediately recognised them as such as he has an interest in the UFO subject for many years.

The Greys looked youthful. They were small in size and had smooth pale grey coloured skin. Their eyes were completely black and almond shaped. Behind the Greys he could see the ceiling and walls of a small enclosed darkened space.

Tom felt that he was not actually there with the beings but was still in his bed and had somehow made a psychic connection which allowed him to see them and them him. He sensed that they were up in a craft high above his house. He felt out of control of the situation and immediately became frightened of the beings. He sensed that they were amused by his fear of them. He does not know where this feeling came from; the beings did not make any physical expressions which portrayed this emotion.

A moment later the link between him and them was broken and he jumped up in bed wide awake. It was still dark outside, but he does not remember checking the clock. He felt that his fear had been the cause of this break in the link, and that if he had not been scared he would have continued to observe them. He was fascinated by what had just occurred. This was something completely new to him, despite the fact he had felt the surge of energy through his body many times before.

He settled back down to sleep, but soon felt like it was going to happen again. He was frightened by this prospect so stayed awake as long as he could. In the end he dropped off and slept normally until morning.

Tom’s experience is certainly interesting, and could have a number of different explanations. Perhaps it was, as he felt, a direct link with some Greys aboard a craft in the vicinity. If so there has to be a reason for this link. Has Tom had other contact experiences through his life which he cannot currently remember? Are his sleep paralysis experiences actually linked with contact after all?

He did not seem to be physically aboard the craft, so perhaps this vision was a flashback to a previous abduction experience. I have heard of contactees experiencing vivid flashbacks such as this after being taken. Sometimes this is the sole reason why they decide to be regressed – the majority of the memories of their encounter are blocked out but they get quick flashes of things which have taken place.

Or could the incident have just been a vivid dream? Tom has had an interest in the UFO subject for many years so is well aware of what Greys look like. He has also had numerous dreams of UFOs before, although he wonders if these could have been something more. But this incident with the Greys certainly felt different to these previous dreams, it felt like a real experience.

UFO Related Dreams

Tom has occasionally had UFO related dreams. These could of course be nothing more than dreams, however due to his previous experience with the Greys they are worthy of note, and could be indicative of other experiences.

On 29th March 2012 Tom awoke in the night to find that he could not move. He could hear a strange continuous low pitched sound. He suddenly had the feeling that he was being taken by a UFO, so he struggled until he managed to wake up. The experience was very frightening, and he wrote about it in his journal the following morning. Perhaps during this incident Tom experienced sleep paralysis. One of the many side effects of this can be unusual sounds, so perhaps the sound that he heard was down to this. There is however also the possibility that this was an attempted abduction which Tom seemingly managed to interrupt. While sleep paralysis can be used to explain certain aspects of contact in some experiences, it is by no means the explanation for contact, they are two very separate things, a fact sadly overlooked by some sceptical researchers into the subject.

On Monday 3rd September 2012 Tom had a vivid dream of being in the back garden after dark. He could see a small golden light high up in the sky overhead which was circling around. Suddenly it descended and fell to the ground, landing to the side of him next to the garden shed. A humanoid being who appeared to be male then appeared. He grabbed Tom’s hand and told him to go with him. He panicked and made a sound, which caused him to wake up feeling a little shocked. He was safely back in his bed. Looking back at the dream, Tom says that he would have liked to have gone with the being but at the time felt too scared. It is clear that this was not taking place at that moment, but it is possible that this dream was a memory of a previous experience. Contact experiences are often blocked out from the individual’s conscious mind, but later on can come back as vivid dreams/nightmares.


In assessing whether I feel Tom is a contactee, I find it hard to say either way at this point in time. His earlier experiences certainly sound like they are down to sleep paralysis and not ET related. The surge of energy through his body, and feeling of an invisible presence, are widely known signs of sleep paralysis. However they can also occur during contact experiences prior to an abduction, so cannot be ruled out all together.

The vision of the Greys that Tom saw in April 2011 is fascinating, and would usually be a good sign that contact is taking place. However the fact that Tom has had an interest in the UFO and ET subject for many years cannot be ignored, and may have contributed towards what occurred. It is possible that Tom will have other contact related experiences moving forward which will confirm that he definitely is a contactee, but for now we cannot really say for certain.

I hope that Tom will remain in touch with me and let me know of any further incidents which take place. If he does then the details of these experiences will be added to this report.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2012



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