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Paderborn Contact Case - Reptilian Visitation

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date:  04/01/2015


I was initially contacted by Tony, a British soldier based in Germany, in late 2014. He was interested in speaking with one of the lecturers we had planned to come and give a talk at the group. After inquiring further I found out that Anthony had a visitation experience back in 2011. Over numerous following E-Mails we went over the details in full, which has led to the writing of this report.

Incident Details

Tony joined the military when he was 20 in 2008, and is part of 3 Close Support Battalion REME. He is currently stationed at Barker Barracks, Paderborn, Germany. Back in January 2011 he slept on the 2nd floor of Block 2. There were two other soldiers sleeping in the same room.

Aerial map of Barker Barracks military base:

Photograph of the entrance to Barker Barracks:

One Saturday morning Tony awoke alone in the room. One of his room-mates had been out drinking all night and had not returned to the room, the other had spent the night with his girlfriend. He thinks the time must have been around 9am but didn’t check the clock. He was facing the window and the morning sun was in his eyes so he rolled over.

When he did, he immediately became aware of a 6 foot tall lizard-like being standing about 1.5 metres away from the edge of the bed. It was slightly transparent, standing on two legs, and slightly hunched over him. The skin of its arms and legs was covered in green scales, although the chest area was smoother. It had a lizard-like protruding nose and mouth, and eyes with vertical slits in them. The being was largely unclothed other than a belt around its waist. Around the belt were what looked like silver-coloured cylinders. Tony estimates there were about 12 of these. Each was 2.5cm wide by 5cm long. This being is what we refer to as a Reptilian, although back in 2011 Tony was not aware of this.

Witness drawing of the Reptilian being:

Tony froze not knowing what to do. He was both shocked and puzzled by the presence of this strange being. He did not shout out for help as he was trying to process what was taking place. The Reptilian stood still also, although Tony could see it breathing. It felt to him that it was surprised he had woken up. They stared at each other for about a minute. Then he suddenly felt drowsy and dropped off to sleep. It was as though the being had implanted the thought to go to sleep into his mind.

A short while later (Tony estimates about 10-15 minutes) he awoke again. The being was no longer present in the room. He lay still in bed for around 10 minutes trying to process what had taken place. In the end he worked up the courage to get up. He picked up a small blunt object to use as a weapon (He cannot remember exactly what it was). He then began searching all around the room, half expecting the being to still be present.

After a while of searching and discovering it had definitely gone, Tony went over to his laptop. He had the word “Reptoid” in his mind, but did not know why. He searched for the word on the internet and up came some pictures of Reptilians. Upon seeing the similarity of the drawings to what he had witnessed he briskly closed the laptop, quite un-nerved. The reality that others were reporting the same type of being that he had seen was quite shocking and frightening to him.

Not long afterwards he left the room and went about his normal morning routine. He did not speak about the incident with any of the other soldiers as he felt they would not believe him.

For the next two years Tony did not mention the incident to anyone. However on a phone call in 2013 his father mentioned to him a book he had been reading by David Icke called “The Biggest Secret”. In the book David talks about his theories regarding the Reptilians. When his father mentioned this to him, Tony decided to tell his father about what happened.

In May 2014 Tony decided to inform his superiors about the incident. He told two lieutenants and his sergeant. One lieutenant put it down to a dream. The other suggested he should

speak with a doctor. His sergeant claimed to believe his story but could offer no further advice.

Incident Analysis

This is a very impressive report of a visitation by a Reptilian being. The way in which it took place in daylight hours on a military base highlights how contact experiences can occur anywhere at any time.

The fact that Tony had no interest in UFOs or ET contact prior to his experience, and the length of time that he observed the being for means it was unlikely to have just been a vivid dream. To all intents and purposes he felt awake when he rolled over in his bed and found it standing there in the room.

The way in which it stood there staring does tend to suggest that Tony surprised it and it was not expecting him to have woken up at that time. It then seemed to telepathically force Tony back off to sleep, something which has been reported many times by contactees. Obviously in such a situation most people would normally run out of the room or start shouting out, yet he did not. When he awoke for the second time he acted in a more rational manner, assessing what had happened before getting up and searching the room for the being.

One interesting aspect of the experience is the way in which Tony could slightly see through the being. This could suggest that it wasn’t fully physical, and was coming through from, or perhaps about to return into, another dimension. Tony had the distinct impression that it was the belt around the being which was causing this effect although he was not told this directly (at least to his knowledge). There is a possibility that Tony had been abducted and the being was in the process of returning him to the room, although if this did occur he has no recollection of it.

I would like to thank Tony for providing such a detailed overview of his experience and for allowing me to share it via this report.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2015



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