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October 1969 - Birmingham - Red Sphere Sighting

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 20/09/2021

Last Updated: 22/09/2021

In September 2021 I was contacted on the phone by an elderly gentleman named Bob who wanted to get a historic sighting he had experienced back in 1969 on the record. As it turns out his sighting directly involves one of the most famous landmarks of Birmingham, the cylindrical tower block known as the Rotunda!

Modern photograph of the Rotunda

Sighting Details

Back in 1969 Bob was 18 years old and worked at the Tesco supermarket which was situated at the base of the Rotunda in Birmingham centre. He worked in the meat preparation room, preparing stock each evening for the following day.

Aerial map showing the location of the Rotunda
How the Rotunda looked back in 1969

One late afternoon in October the manager came into the prep room and asked Bob and three of his work colleagues to take a chiller up to St. Martins Queensway to load onto a flatbed lorry. The prep room was situated below ground level, and steps lead up to an exit to the road on the Southern side of the Rotunda near to the Mulberry Bush pub (which 5 years later would be the location of a suspected IRA bomb).

Historic picture of the Mulberry Bush pub
Modern photograph of the same location

The men took the chiller up to the street. It was