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Nuneaton Contact Case - Reptilian, Visitation, Implant, Psychic Abilities, Paranormal Activity

Updated: May 23, 2021

Birmingham UFO Group

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 22/03/2012

Last Updated: 23/02/2021


Alien implants are quite rare in the ET contact subject. This could be because a lot of the time the individual may not even realise they have an implant inside them. These implants are usually only found if they are prominent and close to the surface of the skin, or by accident if the individual decides to go for an X-Ray.

In late 2011 I was contacted by a lady from Nuneaton, who I shall refer to as Haley. She claimed to have had a number of unusual experiences possibly related to contact. She also claimed to have a small unidentified object under her skin, which she felt could be related to these experiences. On 18th October 2011 I drove out to her house to interview her and examine the object.

This may well be the first contact case I have looked into where the individual involved knowingly has an implant within them. This case is on-going and at present the object has not been X-Rayed, we have plans to go ahead with this later in the year.

This report covers numerous incidents experienced by both Haley, her parents and friends. As the case investigation is not yet compete, it will be updated with new information as it becomes available.

Note: Names in this report have been changed for privacy reasons.

Psychic Abilities

Haley feels that since an early age she has had a high level of intuition, and has occasionally had premonitions of events which have then taken place. When she was 8 years old she used to go to a horse riding school. There was a particular pony at this school which she liked. One day her mother got a call from the school saying that the riding lesson had been cancelled because the school had been broken into and vandalised. One of the ponies had also sadly been killed. Haley was immediately convinced that it was the pony which she was particularly fond of. Her father said this was impossible to know, so he decided to ring up the school to find out. Sure enough, it was this pony which had been killed. Haley was not sure how she had known this; she had just felt something inside tell her that this was the case.

When she was older she was out with her boyfriend at Croft Fisheries fish and chips shop in Nuneaton. Haley was on the back seat of the car. She looked out of the rear window and saw another car parked up nearby. When she saw this she immediately had the sense that this other car would reverse into their car. She told her boyfriend that this was going to take place, but he wouldn’t believe her. Several minutes later this exact scenario took place. Once again Haley had somehow sensed inside that this would occur.

According to Haley, these are just a couple of examples out of many incidents of this type which have taken place. At first glance these experiences appear to have nothing to do with ET contact. However it is extremely common for contactees to possess abilities such as premonitions or high intuition. In over half the cases I have looked into this aspect plays a part. This is far too common to be just coincidence. I feel it is likely that the ETs are particularly interested in certain individuals who possess psychic-type abilities. Another possibility is that the abilities are a side effect of experiencing contact.

A Hair Raising Experience

The firs specific unexplained incident which Haley can remember occurred in 1996 when she was 16 years old. It may not have anything to do with ET contact but I feel it is worth mentioning all the same. It was the summer holidays. Haley and her two friends Samantha and Claire were hanging around on Snow Hill Recreation Ground, commonly referred to as “The Rec”, at Hartshill, close to Nuneaton. They would often go to this location to relax and smoke cigarettes.

Aeial map of Snow Hill Recreation Ground

It was a bright and sunny afternoon, between 2-4pm. The girls had driven to The Rec on Haley’s moped. They were leaning against this, chatting and smoking. All of a sudden Samanthas long hair began to stand right up in the air like she was electrically charged. The other girls began to joke about it. Haley remembered something her mother had told her – that your hair could stand up prior to a storm due to the electrical charge in the air. However it was a bright sunny day and definitely not stormy weather. The whole situation felt very strange and eerie.

Photograph of Snow Hill Recreation Ground

After a while Samantha’s hair dropped back down into its normal position. The incident remained a running joke for the rest of the week. However Haley has always been puzzled by what took place that day.

This is an odd experience, though it may well have a mundane explanation. It is entirely possible that Samantha had become electrically charged with static, possibly from the moped when she was either on it or leaned against it. This could have caused her hair to stand up in the way that was observed. It is unlikely that the incident had a paranormal explanation, although this can of course not be entirely ruled out.

Pulled Out Of Bed

While discussing Haley’s experiences, her mother Beth was also present. She informed me about something unusual which had happened independently to both her and her husband within a fortnight of each other. Beth believes the incident happened around 1996. She awoke one night with a strong feeling that she was being pulled down her bed by an unseen force. To her knowledge she didn’t actually leave the bed, but after struggling against the feeling for a short while appeared to black out. In the morning she just put the experience down to a vivid dream. She did not tell anyone about what had happened.

A couple of weeks later, her husband Peter reported something extremely similar. He awoke one morning and exclaimed “I reckon that cat came up last night and was attacking my feet. And I was dreaming that I got pulled out of the bed and rats were nibbling my feet”. He too had felt like he was forcefully dragged out of the bed. This completely mystified Beth and she explained to her husband what she had experienced.

It is a known fact that one of the side effects of sleep paralysis can be a feeling of being dragged a certain direction. However neither Beth or Peter have experienced sleep paralysis before or since. Also, although she cannot be certain, Beth did not feel like she was paralysed when she underwent her experience. If the two experiences do have a mundane explanation, then it does seem like an extremely unusual coincidence that both witnesses would experience very similar feelings within a couple of weeks of one another.

Contactees have often reported being dragged out of their bed during the night, usually preceding an abduction experience. Sometimes they have just sensed a pulling sensation, other times they have actually seen themselves lift up into the air and float across the room or up towards the ceiling. Are these two similar incidents evidence suggesting that both of Haley’s parents are contactees? While her parents have not experienced much else besides this, it is still worth considering, as often contact can run through multiple generations of a family.

Beth also informed me that she has always been frightened of the dark, and must sleep with the bedroom door ajar with some light entering the room. While this could be un-related, it is worth pointing out that contactees often end up with a fear of the dark or of going to sleep at night, as they are aware that this is when contact experiences or visitations have taken place.

Examination & The Reptilian Face

It was a typical night in November or December 2006. Haley went to sleep as normal. During the night she had a very unusual experience. She was lying on her front in bed, with her head to the side facing her partner. She opened her eyes and found that she was paralyzed. Her partner was lying there with his eyes open looking right at her. Then she felt like something was being pulled out from the small of her back, like some kind of energy. She wanted to look round but could not. Her hand was out to the side of her face so she started reaching towards her partner but he did not react. He looked like he was awake but was acting like he was in a deep sleep. She tried calling out for him but no sound came out. This seemed to go on for ages, but looking back at it Haley says it was probably around a minute. After this she blacked out. When she awoke in the morning she remembered these details, but nothing more. She put the incident down to an unusual dream.

Two nights after the unusual dream, Haley felt a bit sleepy so decided to go up to bed. She lay down on the pillow and closed her eyes. Soon after doing this, an extremely clear vision suddenly came to her mind. She saw the face of a strange lizard-like creature. It had green-grey coloured scaley skin, and large pale orange eyes with vertical red slits. Its mouth was partially open exposing lines of small pointed teeth. The creatures tongue extended. It’s tongue was a similar colour to it’s skin though darker in shade. There were also blotches of orange on it at various places. The creature then licked from one side of its face to the other.

Witness drawing of the face that she saw

Haley was absolutely horrified by the vision. She immediately jumped up out of bed in fear and ran out of the room. She was very upset at what she had seen and did not understand why it had occurred. It took her a good while to calm down.

The being that Haley saw in her vision was a Reptilian, one of the reported ET species involved with contact. Reptilians are not reported as often as some other species, but there are still many cases where they have been seen. Many people feel that they have a negative agenda here on Earth. There is often an element of fear involved with them, which may be partially due to their appearance. Yet more often than not they are described in a more neutral light, and are sometimes seen working alongside other species.

At the time of the vision, Haley did not know anything about the Reptilians. In 2009 she decided to look into the UFO subject on the internet just out of general interest. She started to listen to recordings of Coast to Coast paranormal radio. From this she heard David Icke mentioned, which in due course led to her hearing about the species. She had a look at some pictures of Reptilians and was shocked when she saw them. She realised that the face she had seen several years previously was of one of these beings.

The strange “dream” that Haley has certain aspects that fit in with sleep paralysis. However the way in which her partner appeared to have his eyes open but would not wake up is very odd and not something which would usually be experienced while in this state. Contactees are usually paralysed during their experiences, probably on purpose to prevent harm to the ETs or themselves. There have been many cases where the ETs have also seemingly “shut down” other people in the area to prevent them from interfering. It was clear that Haley was still in her own bed, however could this have been some kind of procedure which was carried out on her in the room itself? If so then perhaps her partner was temporarily shut down. Could more have happened with this experience than she can currently remember? If so this may explain the vision of the Reptilian that she had just two days later. Memories of experiences can often come back in this manner – sudden flashbacks of things which have been witnessed but then been blocked out.

Beeping Sound

Ever since Haley experienced the unusual dream and vision of the Reptilian face, she has occasionally heard a sudden loud beep noise when she is just about to drop off to sleep. It occurs roughly every 6 weeks, though not in a regular pattern. When she hears it, it wakes her back up. She sometimes checks with her husband to make sure he has not also heard it. It is definitely not coming from any electrical devices in the room.

While noises such as this can be associated with sleep paralysis, it is very interesting that it has only happened since the dream and vision, never before. This tends to suggest that it is related. Many contactees have spoken of hearing such noises. Sometimes they appear directly linked with contact experiences, other times such as this they occur at random. Could this be evidence of ongoing scanning or observation by the ETs?

The Implant

In July or August of 2011, Haley bumped her inner left wrist while out digging in the garden. It was sore for a short while afterwards so she decided to massage it with oil. When she did so, she felt a solid lump deep under her skin just below her wrist. However when she looked there was nothing visible.

A short while later she found a bracelet made from small spherical magnets that she had bought for the children to play with. She decided to put it on a while. When she next took off the bracelet to once again massage her wrist she then noticed a strange lump under the skin. She thought to herself “That’s funny, it’s come higher up!” She felt it with her fingers and found that whatever it was, it appeared to be disconnected from her vein or surrounding tissue. It seemed to be rounded triangular in shape. She could pinch it and pull it upward, and it would take a few seconds to drop back down.

Haley was mystified by the object, and wondered whether it was one of the alien implants she had read about online. It was now that she remembered passing through the passport office security gate on the previous year. The gate had gone off several times inexplicably. Her daughter owner a metal detector, so Haley decided to place it on top of the unidentified object. Sure enough the metal detector went off. The object appeared to be metallic. When she moved the metal detector over her body, it also went off around one of her toes, although she could not see anything there. It is possible that there is a second object within one of her feet. Although Haley did not have the metal detector to hand when I went round to visit, she showed me a video of it activating when in close proximity to the object which I believe to be genuine.

Photograph of Haley’s left wrist taken on 18th October 2011, showing the lump caused by the object

Same photograph with the estimated shape of the object outlined

Photograph in negative making it easier to see the object

In late 2011 Haley decided to go to her GP about the lump. She didn’t want to tell him about what she thought the object may actually be, so she suggested it may be a piece of bone which had become separated. She informed the GP of her wrist sprain but did not inform him that this had taken place months before. The doctor assumed that the wrist sprain had only recently happened. He said that the object was temporary and caused by the trauma to her wrist. He said it would only last a couple of weeks. However Haley knew full well that this could not be the case, as it had already been a number of months since she first discovered it.

Haley also believes that the object inside her wrist may actual effect the signal strength of mobile phones. On a number of occasions she has been out with other people in areas of low signal strength. They have tried unsuccessfully to get a signal, but when Haley was handed the phone the signal has gone right up.

Electrical Actvity

On many occasions where Haley has gone to switch off the light she informed me that the light bulb has blown, causing the electric to turn off all over the house. This has only ever happened to her, never to her husband or children. This has happened roughly every couple of months. It is now treated like a regular occurrence by the family.

In the numerous cars that she has owned she has regularly had issues with the car radio switching channels inexplicably or losing signal without warning. If this had happened just with one car you could put this down to a manufacturing fault, but the fact it has occurred with all the cars she has owned is interesting.

While these incidents could all be put down to nothing more than coincidences, they should still be taken into account as contactees have often reported unusual electrical activity in their vicinity.


Although there are many contact cases which have involved suspected implants over the years, it is relatively rare to actually have a definate physical object to examine. When I conducted the investigation back in 2011 I hoped that we would next be able to arrange for a private X-Ray to clearly see the shape of the object and confirm it as metallic. This could have later led on to possible surgery to have it extracted.

Unfortunately Haley did not appear to be interested enough in this process. I contacted her a number of times by phone to ask about this possibility, however she informed me that she was very busy in other areas of her life. She confirmed that the lump on her wrist was still present but that it was not causing her any discomfort. After a number of years she appeared to have changed her phone number and sadly this investigation could not proceed any further.

Her feelings towards this are in no way suspicious. Many people who experience contact or have a UFO sighting just wish to get on with their lives afterwards. Experiencing something does not necessarily mean thet will be fascinated by the subject going forward. If Haley ever gets in touch with me again, and the object is still present, the investigation may be re-opened.

Copyright © Dave Hodrien 2021



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