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November 2002 - London - Domed Disc UFO Landing

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Originally forwarded by Richard Hall

Release Date: 20/06/2011

In June 2011 a man named Brian Seers got in touch with me via about a possible UFO landing that he and his friends witnessed back in November 2002 in London. Unfortunately he did not send through any additional details after the initial correspondence, so at present this is all that is known about what took place.

Incident Details

It was a cold but clear night in November 2002. Brian and three friends were out doing some after dark fishing. It was 9.15pm and they were all sitting along the bank.

Brian turned round and noticed a strange looking object on the ground. It was about 25 feet away from them, and looked like a large disc-shaped object with a raised dome on the top. It was completely black in colour and there were no markings or lighting on it. It was about 12-13 feet across and 10 foot in depth.

Brian did not approach the object but informed his friends about it. When they turned round and also saw the object they appeared to become panicked. They quickly packed up their fishing gear and left the area, and Brian headed away with them. He has no idea how long the object remained in the area for, but when he returned to the location it was no longer there.

Incident Analysis

Could the object seen have actually been a landed UFO in close proximity to the witnesses? It certainly appeared to be a “classic” flying saucer shape. It is unknown at present if it was really black in colour or if this was just because it was after dark and in shadow. It certainly appeared unusual to the witnesses, and spooked some of them enough to get them to leave the area rather than approach it. The actions of the men do sound unusual; I would have expected at least some of them to approach it to make sure whether it really was a landed craft or something else.

As none of them did go right up to it, we cannot rule out the possibility that it was something mundane that was placed there temporarily. Perhaps it was an unusual model or modern art sculpture, or perhaps some kind of container. You may feel that this sounds unlikely, but it is very easy to mistake a mundane object for something more unusual, especially after dark. The object did not move at all, did not have any lighting on it and was completely silent, so other than the apparent shape of the object and the fact that it was only there temporarily, there is nothing else which would suggest it actually was a landed craft.

Unfortunately we will probably never know whether this really was a UFO landing or just a case of misidentification, but it is an interesting case none the less.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2011



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