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Nottingham Contact Case – Being Photograph, Body Markings, UFO Sightings, Paranormal Activity

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 19/05/2013

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used for some witnesses


Paul Black first got in touch with BUFOG via phone on the morning of 28th February 2013. He was quite concerned by a strange triangular-shaped marking which had seemingly appeared on his right arm during the night. This was not the first marking to have appeared on him. On other occasions since mid 2012, he had discovered other unusual markings. He had also experienced two UFO sightings and numerous incidents around his home which potentially were paranormal in nature.

Due to his location I was not able to visit Paul directly. Thankfully he sent through some photographs of the markings for my analysis. They are viewable later in this report.

Metallic UFO Sighting

The unusual activity noticed by Paul seemed to kick off with the sighting of a UFO on a bright sunny day in July 2012. It was about 4.30pm. Paul and his wife Susan were on their way home from a friend’s house in their car. They were about 3 minutes drive from home. Susan was driving and Paul was in the passenger seat. The road was relatively quiet at the time, but there were a few other vehicles around.

Paul glanced out of the passenger side window to the East, and happened to notice a strange object in the sky visible between two houses. The object was hovering completely still. It appeared to be around 200 yards from the road and 100 feet in the air. The object was metallic silver in colour and shiny, possibly due to reflection of the sunlight. It looked quite small in size, possibly 3-4 feet in diameter. Paul only saw the object for a couple of seconds before it was lost from sight behind the houses due to the movement of the car. He was not able to accurately see the shape of the object.

Paul was intrigued by the object, and almost immediately asked his wife to pull over the car. He jumped out and ran back to where he had seen the object but it had vanished. Initially he had thought it was possibly an aerial of some kind, but the fact it was now gone meant it could not have been.

Due to the fact that the object seemed relatively small in size, I asked Paul whether he felt it could have been a balloon or other inflatable. He does not believe it could have been this, due to the fact that the object was motionless in the air. It was too high to be a balloon being held by someone on the ground, and too low down to have been an inflatable up in the sky such as a weather balloon.  It is possible that the object was a remote controlled model which had flown out of sight by the time he returned, but we are unlikely to ever know for sure.

Rugby Ball-Shaped UFO Sighting

Paul’s second UFO sighting occurred in September/October 2012. He was at home at the time on Garden City Carlton, and was upstairs in the bedroom. It was roughly 11am. Paul decided to look out of the window. Outside it was a normal autumn day, still and with scattered cloud. He noticed a dark object moving in a Westerly direction over a nearby block of flats. The object appeared to be about 5 feet across, and was shaped like a rugby ball, at least from the location Paul was situated. The object was moving quite slowly, about 5-10 mph. It was travelling on a direct course and did not change speed or direction at all.

Photograph taken from the sighting location with the UFO and movement path drawn on top:

Paul watched the object for about 5-6 seconds until it had gone out of sight. Once it had gone he immediately felt on edge and found he was shaking. He thought to himself “Oh God, what the hell was that?” He called Susan upstairs and told her what he had seen. She confirmed that she had not seen the object. Later on, Paul called his local police station to ask if anyone else had reported the object. According to the police, no other reports had been made.

While this sighting sounds unusual, it is not possible to fully rule out a balloon/inflatable as the explanation. Just as with Paul’s first sighting the object was relatively small in size. It appeared to be under control and flying on a straight course. However if a balloon is caught in an air current it can travel on a straight course in this manner. The object did not perform any advanced manoeuvres which would indicate intelligence. Despite this, Paul’s reaction to the object is fully understandable, especially after seeing something else unexplained several months before.

Body Markings

Since late 2012 both Paul and his son Nicolas have woken up on several occasions with markings/lumps which have not been adequately explained. Sometimes these have seemed linked to dreams they have had around the time.