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High Wycombe Contact Case – Greys, Mantids, Visitations, UFO Sightings, Psychic Abilities

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 08/11/2020

Last Updated: 12/11/2020

Note: For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used for some witnesses

Joseph Seymour has been a member of BUFOG for a number of years now. He has had numerous fascinating experiences throughout his life since childhood. After keeping these experiences largely to himself for many years he has finally decided that it is time to get them documented and shared with the UFO community, to help further understanding of the contact phenomenon as well as help others going through simlar experiences. This report documents these incidents in approximate age order.

The Troll

Joseph was born in Battersea, London but in 1968 his family moved to Aylsham in Norfolk as his father got a job in the area. He shared a house on Sir Williams Close with his parents Steve and Patricia and two older sisters Jemma and Kerry. It was quite a rural location and only 5 miles away from RAF Coltishal (which is no longer active).

Aerial map of Sir Williams Close

It was a day in 1969 when he was 4 or 5 years old. He was playing at the base of the staircase. His mother was upstairs at the time. He happened to glance up the stairs. Standing at the top of the stairs he saw a short troll-like creature. It was humanoid in shape but only about 2.5 feet tall. The figure looked like a wrinkled old man with tan brown coloured skin. He had facial hair and scrappy looking hair, and was wearing a brown coloured tunic. He was leaning forward in a slouching position.

Joseph watched as the creature wandered into his sister’s bedroom, then back out and into his parent’s bedroom. He then heard his mother Patricia let out a scream! He was too frightened to go upstairs to find out what was going on. Patricia did not run downstairs. When he saw her later on he does not remember speaking with her about it, however he does remember being scared to go upstairs for a number of days.

Soon after, possibly within the same month, Joseph saw the creature a second time. He was walking upstairs to use the toilet. He suddenly heard a number of footsteps on the floor and watched the creature emerge from his sister’s bedroom onto the landing. It walked along the landing ignoring him completely and entered his parent’s room just like before. This time he noticed a strong smell of sulphur coming from the creature. He turned and ran back downstairs. He did not discuss what happened with his family as he did not think they would believe him.

Around 2008 ago Joseph recalls bringing up the first incident with Patricia in conversation but she could not remember anything taking place. If Joseph had only seen the creature once then it may have been possible it was just one of his sisters dressed up and playing a prank on his mother, or even his young imagination. However the fact that he saw it on two separate occasions suggests that it was a real being or entity of some kind. If so what could it have been? Numerous contactees have reported seeing very short dwarf-like creatures before, sometimes at the same time as other ETs. Could this have been one of these beings? Or perhaps it was a ghostly apparition of some kind, which may be why it walked the same path twice and appeared not to notice his presence.

The Bouncing Orb

In his childhood Joseph would regularly play with his friends around a World War II pill box at a local recreation ground situated alongside Sir Williams Close. The pill box was at the edge of a large ploughed field which has now been converted into a housing estate.

Aerial map showing the pill box (A) and the housing estate where the field used to be

One day in August or September of 1970 he and his friends were playing there with a catapult. It was a sunny day with a clear sky. To the South of them lay the field surrounded by hedgerows, with RAF Coltishal visible in the distance.

Joseph looked across the field and noticed in the distance what appeared to be a glowing orange ball of light. It was hovering over one of the hedgerows several fields away. It appeared to be about 10 feet across and seemed to be translucent around its edges rather than a solid object. The ball was bouncing to the right along the top of the hedge going like the singing marker on a karaoke video. Joseph pointed it out to his friends.

They continued to all watch the unusual object. It appeared to be slowly moving back and forth along the hedgerows. Eventually it reached the far left corner of the field they were at. As it reached this corner it suddenly bounced down into the field! Then without warning it sped up and shot right across the field in front of them! It took about 15-20 seconds to cross the field.