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High Wycombe Contact Case – Greys, Mantids, Visitations, UFO Sightings, Psychic Abilities

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 08/11/2020

Last Updated: 12/11/2020

Note: For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used for some witnesses

Joseph Seymour has been a member of BUFOG for a number of years now. He has had numerous fascinating experiences throughout his life since childhood. After keeping these experiences largely to himself for many years he has finally decided that it is time to get them documented and shared with the UFO community, to help further understanding of the contact phenomenon as well as help others going through simlar experiences. This report documents these incidents in approximate age order.

The Troll

Joseph was born in Battersea, London but in 1968 his family moved to Aylsham in Norfolk as his father got a job in the area. He shared a house on Sir Williams Close with his parents Steve and Patricia and two older sisters Jemma and Kerry. It was quite a rural location and only 5 miles away from RAF Coltishal (which is no longer active).

Aerial map of Sir Williams Close

It was a day in 1969 when he was 4 or 5 years old. He was playing at the base of the staircase. His mother was upstairs at the time. He happened to glance up the stairs. Standing at the top of the stairs he saw a short troll-like creature. It was humanoid in shape but only about 2.5 feet tall. The figure looked like a wrinkled old man with tan brown coloured skin. He had facial hair and scrappy looking hair, and was wearing a brown coloured tunic. He was leaning forward in a slouching position.

Joseph watched as the creature wandered into his sister’s bedroom, then back out and into his parent’s bedroom. He then heard his mother Patricia let out a scream! He was too frightened to go upstairs to find out what was going on. Patricia did not run downstairs. When he saw her later on he does not remember speaking with her about it, however he does remember being scared to go upstairs for a number of days.

Soon after, possibly within the same month, Joseph saw the creature a second time. He was walking upstairs to use the toilet. He suddenly heard a number of footsteps on the floor and watched the creature emerge from his sister’s bedroom onto the landing. It walked along the landing ignoring him completely and entered his parent’s room just like before. This time he noticed a strong smell of sulphur coming from the creature. He turned and ran back downstairs. He did not discuss what happened with his family as he did not think they would believe him.

Around 2008 ago Joseph recalls bringing up the first incident with Patricia in conversation but she could not remember anything taking place. If Joseph had only seen the creature once then it may have been possible it was just one of his sisters dressed up and playing a prank on his mother, or even his young imagination. However the fact that he saw it on two separate occasions suggests that it was a real being or entity of some kind. If so what could it have been? Numerous contactees have reported seeing very short dwarf-like creatures before, sometimes at the same time as other ETs. Could this have been one of these beings? Or perhaps it was a ghostly apparition of some kind, which may be why it walked the same path twice and appeared not to notice his presence.

The Bouncing Orb

In his childhood Joseph would regularly play with his friends around a World War II pill box at a local recreation ground situated alongside Sir Williams Close. The pill box was at the edge of a large ploughed field which has now been converted into a housing estate.

Aerial map showing the pill box (A) and the housing estate where the field used to be

One day in August or September of 1970 he and his friends were playing there with a catapult. It was a sunny day with a clear sky. To the South of them lay the field surrounded by hedgerows, with RAF Coltishal visible in the distance.

Joseph looked across the field and noticed in the distance what appeared to be a glowing orange ball of light. It was hovering over one of the hedgerows several fields away. It appeared to be about 10 feet across and seemed to be translucent around its edges rather than a solid object. The ball was bouncing to the right along the top of the hedge going like the singing marker on a karaoke video. Joseph pointed it out to his friends.

They continued to all watch the unusual object. It appeared to be slowly moving back and forth along the hedgerows. Eventually it reached the far left corner of the field they were at. As it reached this corner it suddenly bounced down into the field! Then without warning it sped up and shot right across the field in front of them! It took about 15-20 seconds to cross the field.

As they watched this happen in astonishment, they noticed a car pull up at the edge of Sir Williams Lane on the Western edge of the field. The driver and passengers got out and also appeared to be watching what was taking place. The orb must have been much closer to them. They watched a short while then seemed to hurriedly get back in their car and drive off, no doubt excited or perhaps even frightened about what they’d just observed!

Soon after the car had left the orb had fully crossed the field. It reached the first of a row of council houses on Sir Williams Lane. It then appeared to vanish into the wall of this.

Drawing of the field and orange orb indicating path of movement

Joseph and his friends were not scared by what they had witnessed, they were simply amazed. They did not think about walking over to the house that the ball had vanished into, they just continued playing. Joseph does not remember whether he told his family about what he’d seen or not.

Childhood Visitations

The first visitation from beings which Joseph recollects occurred in 1970 when he was 5 or 6 years old. At the time he slept in a downstairs bedroom. It was very dark during the night as there was not much light coming into the room from outside (In the mid 1970’s a street light was erected near to his house but before then it was much darker).

For an unknown reason he woke up in the middle of the night. The only light coming into the room was moonlight from around the edges of the curtains. He glanced over at the door of his room, which was open and lead out to the hall way. Standing in the doorway was a Grey – obviously at this time Joseph was unfamiliar with UFOs or contact. The being was about three feet in height which a rounded head, and large black almond shaped eyes. On each hand were three or four long clawed fingers. The Grey was wearing a dark coloured skin tight jumpsuit. The being stood in the doorway staring at him.

Joseph was struck by the size of the being’s head against the rest of its body. He was petrified of it and just stared back at it not knowing what to do. He does not feel that he was paralyzed at the time, but was too frightened to shout out for his family. He wondered what was going to happen next.

The Grey stepped forward towards his bed. It was followed by two others who looked the same as it. They walked towards him until they were clustered around next to the bed. One of the beings had a black rod-like instrument in its hand. Joseph was in a state of shock and did not move.

Two other taller beings wearing dark hooded cloaks then also entered the room through the open door. These taller beings were roughly six foot in height. They too had clawed hands, but their faces were more narrow and insectoid in appearance, with smaller rounded eyes. Thinking back to the experience Joseph feels sure that they were making a chirping noise. Many years later Joseph would come to learn that these beings were referred to as Mantids by the UFO community.

Suddenly a glowing white light lit up on one end of the black rod which one of the Greys was holding, almost like it had been switched on. The glow from this lit up the beings, making it easier to see their features. The light looked similar to the UV lights which are sometimes used to light up fish tanks at aquariums.

The Grey reached out and touched Joseph on the forehead with the rod. Immediately a sense of calm spread throughout his mind and he no longer felt frightened by the beings. He does not recall what happened after this point. There is the possibility he was abducted but he has no recollection of this at present. The next thing he became aware of was of waking up in the morning. He did not tell his parents about what had happened, as he felt they would just say it had been a nightmare.

From this point onwards Joseph would experience visitations by similar beings roughly three times a year, usually around the autumn months. There would not always be the same number of beings, and sometimes there would be a sulphuric smell, but the general aspects of these experiences would be similar.

One notable incident that took place was a visitation by a singular Grey in October 1971. This took place in daylight hours and was also witnessed by his sister Jemma. Joseph was outside in the garden while his parents and sisters were inside the house. It was a pleasant, sunny and still day. At the south west corner of the garden there was a cooking apple tree. Joseph was on the lawn kicking apples around on the grass.

He turned round and saw a Grey standing in the garden roughly 20 feet away from him under the apple tree. It was roughly three feet in height and was wearing a dark grey coloured hooded robe. He could see the being’s face and hands. It had smooth pale grey coloured skin. Its eyes were large, black and almond-shaped. It had a very small nose and a slit-like mouth. The being was standing still with its arms down by its sides. Its fingers were elongated and thin with claw-like ends.

Witness drawing of the Grey under the apple tree

Joseph wanted to grab hold of the being. He was not frightened of it, just curious. He ran towards it. As he got to about 3 feet away from it, the being seemed to fold in on itself and vanish into thin air!

He was disappointed it had gone but excited about what he had just seen. He ran back into the house and told his sisters (who were 14 and 16 years old at the time) about the being, saying “I’ve just seen something unusual. There was this short man outside!" He tried to get them to look out of the window towards the apple tree. Jemma decided to look. She immediately shouted out “There’s a little man standing under the tree!” He does not recall whether Kerry also looked outside, but does remember that his parent’s told him off for frightening his sisters.

Joseph forgot about this particular incident for many years. It was only after he had his own children that it began to come back to his memory. He asked Jemma about what happened but she denied it took place. He no longer speaks with his sisters so unfortunately I am unable to talk with them directly.

The last visitation in his younger years which he recalls occurring took place in September 1975 when he was 11 years old. By this time he had started high school and had been given keys to let himself in at 3.30pm after school each day. He also now had his sister’s old bedroom as they had gone away to university and art college. On the day of the incident he does not recall his parents being there, he thinks it is possible that they’d gone on holiday. His grandparents lived next door so they were around if required.

He let himself in, went up to his bedroom and lay down on the bed to read a comic. After several minutes, three figures suddenly walked into the room. At first they looked like his mother and sisters, but they were all about six foot tall, all wearing dark grey coloured jumpsuits, expressionless and had black coloured eyes. Within moments their faces changed and Joseph saw them as three Greys walking towards him. He then suddenly had the feeling of blacking out and falling downwards into the bed.

When he came round it was late evening, about 9.30pm. There were a number of hours he could not account for. He felt disorientated and nauseous. As his parents were away at the time nobody else was aware of what had happened.

Over the years these visitations took place Joseph cannot recall ever speaking in depth with his family about what was taking place. This puzzles him and he does not know why he did not do this, he says that this was out of the ordinary and that he would usually speak with them about thinks. He recalls making a vague mention that there was something odd with the house, but his father brushed it off saying that he had built the house from the foundations up and there was nothing wrong with it.

Waking Up Outside

In the spring of 1971 Joseph began to have recurring dreams of flying over the house and recreation ground. On a number of occasions he would then wake up and find himself standing outside the house on the grass still wearing his pyjamas. After this happened several times his parents began bolting the doors and windows at night as they naturally assumed he must be sleepwalking. However after this was done he continued to find himself outside, which greatly perplexed them. One time when this happened he was discovered outside by the neighbours of his grandparents (They actually mentioned this incident at his mum’s funeral many years later).

On one occasion he woke to find himself over a quarter of a mile away from home in the early hours of the morning. On another he felt like he was falling down onto the grass when he came round. It was roughly 5am and he was quite a distance from his house. This led to him having nightmares about turning up to school wearing his pyjamas.

His parents were religious and began to suspect that there was something evil in the house which was causing Joseph’s night time disappearances. In the end they called in a priest to bless the house. They also contacted a hypnotherapist who attempted to hypnotise him to see if they could determine what was happening. However they were not able to do so.

It is of course entirely possible that these experiences were down to repeated sleep walking incidents. Perhaps Joseph was mistaken when he thought that his parents had locked all the windows and doors and he was still able to find a way outside, he was after all quite young at the time, and we have no way of verifying if all the windows and doors were truly locked. Even if they were there is the possibility that Joseph was able to unlock them himself in his sleep and then get out. However when abductees are taken, they are not always put back in exactly the same location they are taken from. Therefore the possibility remains that Joseph was being regularly abducted and had the memories of these experiences removed.

Vision In The Flames

In late 1971 Joseph visited the local library and borrowed a book about Vedic scripture to read. One night soon after reading through the book he experienced a strange vision. It was night-time and he headed upstairs to his bedroom.

When he walked into the room there was a light glowing over his bed. Within this light was a vision of flames within which was an arrangement of smaller circles. Inside each of the outer circles was an animal - a panther a bird (stork). a lion, a bear, a monkey and a snake. In the central circle was an indian woman, no taller than 5 inches high. She was dancing with her arms and legs in the shape of a swastika.

Witness drawing of the vision

As he stood and stared at this bizarre sight he felt that if he walked closer towards it the flames would consume him, but if he backed away from it he would freeze to death. The vision lasted for up to two minutes before suddenly vanishing, plunging the bedroom back into darkness. Soon after the experience he told his sisters about what he had seen. Jemma was disturbed by this and in turn told Patricia, who then told him off about it.

In recent years Joseph spoke with his Indian friend about the vision. They informed him that it may have represented Stravana, the female aspect of Rashi Lord of the Dance. Other possibilites are Parvati, the Hindu goddess of fertility, love, beauty, harmony, marriage, children, devotion, divine strength and power, or Kali, another Hindu Goddess and the chief of the Mahavidyas.

Obviously the fact that he had just been reading a book about Hinduism could have had something to do with what he saw. He saw the vision before getting into bed, so it could not have been a dream, but could it have been a visual hallucination of some kind?

Orange Orb In Garden

On one evening in the summer of 1970, Joseph’s parents and Jemma had gone out to a fete, leaving Kerry in charge of looking after him. His bedroom was downstairs at the time. Between 10-11pm he recalls waking up and going upstairs to use the toilet. It was very quiet so he looked around for his sister but could not find her anywhere, it was like she had vanished from the house. Joseph says she was quite responsible so would not have left the house willingly leaving him on his own.

He went into his parent’s bedroom to look for Kerry. While in there he happened to glance out of the window. It was dark outside but still possible to see the surroundings. Low down near the hedgerow of the garden he saw an orange glowng ball of light, similar to the one he had seen over the field, but not as large. It was about the size of a football. It swept across the garden and halted near to the apple tree a moment, before disappearing from sight.

Joseph was not frightened by the orb, he was more curious. He was much more concerned that his sister appeared to no longer be in the house. He does not recall when his sister re-appeared but she must have been there when his parents arrived home.

To this day Joseph wonders if his sister was abducted from the house that evening, and that the orange orb seen was linked with this abduction.

Black Disc

Around the same period of time as his sister’s disappearance, Joseph recalls another incident where he saw a UFO hovering close to the house. Like before he remembers waking up and going upstairs to the toilet, and again finding nobody around. He went into his sister’s room to look for them. When he looked over at the window the curtains were open. Outside quite close to the glass he saw the silhouette of a domed disc shaped object. It appeared to be about 12 feet across. There were no markings or lights visible on it.

At first it was hovering completely motionless. Joseph stood there froze to the spot. He was not paralyzed but did not know what to do, he just stared at it. After about 20 seconds the disc suddenly moved off to the right and was lost from view.

He walked back out onto the landing. Looking back down the stairs he could then see strange moving lights reflecting off the walls. It was almost like someone was holding a torch and spinning it round in their hand. He was un-nerved by this and so remained upstairs. After about two minutes the lights vanished.

Joseph is not entirely sure what happened next. He assumes he must have gone back downstairs and got back into his bed. The whole situation was bizarre, and he is unsure why his parents and sisters would have been missing from their rooms.


As you are probably aware, the Rendlesham Forest Incident of December 1980 is one of the most well-known and fascinating UFO incidents that has ever taken place in the United Kingdom. It involved many military witnesses from two Air Force bases – Woodbridge and Bentwaters. Various UFOs and even beings were encountered over several nights. I will not go over the details of this incredible case here, but if you are unfamiliar with what happened it is definitely worth looking into.

At the time of the incident Joseph was 16 years old and played in a brass band named Aylsham Silver Band. The conductor, Lenny Spinx, as well as numerous other people in the band were ex-military, so they would often get invited to play as entertainment at military bases around the UK. In mid January 1981, just a few weeks after the infamous incident, his band was invited to play as part of a bands night at RAF Woodbridge!

Aerial map of RAF Woodbridge and Rendlesham Forest

When they arrived at the base Joseph noted that there seemed to be a very high level of security, more so than there had been at the dozens of other military bases he had played at. All of the band were fully searched, and their musical equipment was checked thoroughly.

During the evening while standing at the bar Joseph overheard two of the officers chatting about the incident that had taken place. They mentioned unidentified lights that were observed in the forest around the perimeter fence of the base, and that they had sent people out to investigate including the base commander. Joseph did not question the officers further as he did not feel it was his place to do so.

Later on the band’s conductor Lenny informed him and the other members of the band that he had had a conversation with the deputy base commander, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt, about what had taken place. Apparently Halt had respect for him because he was ex-military. Lenny did not provide any further details, and Joseph does not recall anyone asking him anything further about it.

Lights, Sounds and Markings

By 1998 Joseph had moved to Fulton Close in High Wycombe. He had also married to his partner Laura and was the father of two sons Henry and Paul. In July that year they went to visit his parents at his old house on Sir Williams Close. He and Laura slept in his old upstairs bedroom.

During the night something very peculiar took place. Joseph and Laura both awoke to find a very bright light pouring in through the window. It was pale blue-white in colour and appeared to have visible waves through it like vibrations. Laura got out of bed and walked to the window to take a better look. She exclaimed “This is curious, the light is coming round corner of house like it’s bent!”

They then began to hear noises coming from various locations. They could hear what sounded like scuttling feet coming from downstairs, and also scratching on the roof tiles above them. Instead of going to investigate Laura got back into bed and they both fell off to sleep. Joseph is puzzled by how they acted in this situation. He says that in normal circumstances he would have definitely gone and checked to see if he could find the source of the noises.

In the morning Laura’s father asked them “What was going on last night?” Joseph replied “What do you mean?” to which he responded “When I came down in morning I found everything on - the TV, the lights, the stereo, the oven! What were you doing last night? Having a party or something?” Joseph informed him that they had not gone downstairs and had no idea how everything had been switched on.

Soon after this Joseph discovered a couple of strange markings on his inner thighs. They looked like pale circles with darker pink at the centre, almost like suction cup markings. They were about the size of a 10 pence piece, and were at exactly the same height on each thigh. Louise also discovered similar markings – one on her arm and one on her leg. Joseph recalls that when he checked his sons they too had these markings, but he cannot remember where.

He first considered the idea that the markings were insect bites, as they had been walking along the bank of River Ant the previous day. However there were certain things that did not fit in with this explanation. None of the markings were raised off the skin, nor did they itch in any way. Normally insects would bite areas of exposed skin such as ankles and wrists, but these were in locations which had been covered. After several days the markings had all faded away. He did not take any photographs of them at the time as he did not yet understand their potential significance.

This is a fascinating incident with numerous aspects. What could the light have been? It was clearly present as it was observed by both Joseph and Laura. And what to make of the unusual sounds coming from downstairs and the roof? Again these were heard by both Joseph and Laura so were definitely occurring. The way in which they did not go to investigate further but just settled down and went back to sleep would fit in with contact – often the individuals involved do not act in a normal manner and are usually complacent to what is taking place. The fact that Laura’s father independently confirmed that everything was switched on downstairs the following morning is again significant. Could the light have been from a nearby craft and the noises heard be ETs entering the property? Or did burglars break in and possibly look around before deciding to leave empty handed? This seems improbable, and there were no signs that this had occurred such as damage to the door or windows.


During the 1990’s Joseph practiced karate. By 1999 he was training towards his black belt, and he ended up visiting the karate headquarters on 42nd Street in New York with his friends. While over there they decided to visit the “Windows On The World” on the upper floors of the North tower of the World Trade Centre.

The Windows On The World

As Joseph looked out of the windows at the stunning view of the city he suddenly got an overwhelming feeling that something very bad was going to take place. He said to his friends that the World Trade Centre would be completely blown up. He had no idea where this feeling came from. He tried to dismiss the thought and enjoy the rest of the visit.

Two years later when the World Trade Centre came down he realised that he had predicted the disaster. He was frustrated that he had not written down the details of what he had seen in his mind, so from that point onward if he had a feeling that he thought might be a premonition he vowed to write it down.

Witness drawing of his premonition of the World Trade Centre disaster

In 2010 Joseph began to get repeated thoughts about death by hanging. He was confused as to where these thoughts were coming from as he felt happy and in no way suicidal. What he didn’t realise at the time was that his next door neighbour was having issues, and within weeks he hung himself. As soon as this had taken place Joseph no longer had the thoughts, so they certainly seemed linked with his neighbour’s death. He was upset that he was not able to work out who the thoughts were about, as he may then have been able to do something to prevent it.

Joseph says that there have been other similar incidents, but cannot recall any specifically to share with me. It should be noted that many contactees report having premonitions of this type or other psychic abilities, and it did not surprise me at all when Joseph confirmed these events had taken place.

Car Abduction

In 2000 Joseph worked at Tesco on London Road, Loudwater, several miles to the South East of his home in High Wycombe. He used to regularly commute to work by car.

One evening at the end of his shift he went into the washroom to get changed into his casual clothes. Suddenly a black shadow in the shape of a teardrop fell down right in front of him then immediately vanished. By this time he had looked into the contact phenomenon and took this as a sign that something else was potentially going to take place.

He got into his car and prepared for the drive home. Before setting off he checked the clock as he was familiar with the phenomenon of missing time, and if something was going to happen he wanted to be sure of what time it was beforehand. It was around 10pm. He took the same route as always. This route would take him along Micklefield Road and under a railway viaduct.

Aerial map of Micklefield Road with the location of Joseph’s car marked

As Joseph neared the viaduct he suddenly felt strange, almost detached from his physical body. He quickly glanced down at his watch as he was familiar with the missing time phenomenon. Suddenly he found himself up in the air, about 10 feet above the car looking downwards. He could see that the driver’s seat was empty through the car sunroof. An image then briefly flashed into his mind. It was a geometric pattern of concentric rounded curves.

He then dropped and found himself back in the car, still driving along. Again he looked at his watch. He did not appear to have experienced any missing time.

Photograph of the approaching viaduct tunnel

Witness drawing showing himself being lifted from the car

Joseph drove through the tunnel and continued on his way. He was quite frightened by what had happened so remained at top speed until he was home. When he arrived about 10.30pm he told Laura all about what had happened.

About a week later there was an article in the local newspaper, the Bucksfeed Press. This article described a UFO sighting that a girl named Melanie Rogers had experienced. Joseph was astounded to find out that this girl lived on Hangings Croft, a side road only about 100 yards after the viaduct tunnel, and that her UFO sighting had occurred on the same date and time as his own experience.

Aerial map showing the location of Joseph’s experience (A) and Hangings Croft (B)

There had been a craft in the vicinity near when he had apparently been taken from and then dropped back into his car! If he had looked up into the sky after emerging from the tunnel he might have even been able to seen it himself. Joseph still has this newspaper article and I hope to obtain a copy of it soon to include in this report.

This incident is unusual and it’s hard to know what to make of it. If Joseph had experienced some missing time when he was lifted up from the car then this would be indicative of an abduction from his vehicle, but he did not appear to have lost any time when he re-checked his watch. It’s possible of course that he was taken and time stood still, there are all sorts of time anomalies which take place around contact experiences. The fact a UFO was seen in the area at the time by an independent witness, and the unusual shadowy form which Joseph observed prior to the incident are both very interesting and perhaps signs that point towards contact taking place.

Silver Orbs

On the Friday of the week following the car incident, the day before the newspaper article came out Joseph had another UFO sighting! It was a beautiful sunny day and he had stepped outside his house on Fulton Close to go shopping. There were no other pedestrians or drivers around. He looked up and saw a spherical silver coloured object about 50 feet overhead. If it was at the height it appeared to be this would have made it about 12 feet in diameter.

Aerial map of Fulton Close

The sphere was moving on a straight and level course at about 15-20 mph. Joseph cannot recall the direction it was travelling in. As he watched it start to move away he then realised there were two other identical spheres on the same course. The three objects were spaced at about 500 feet apart from each other, and were all travelling at the same speed. Their movement seemed very direct and controlled, rather than objects drifting on an air current.

Joseph watched as the second and third spheres passed overhead and all three flew away into the distance. They were completely silent. The sighting lasted for several minutes. Unfortunately he did not have a camera on him and back in 2000 smartphones with in-built cameras were of course not available.

Joseph says that when he saw the spheres he felt quite tranquil. He sensed they were friendly and was not at all frightened of them. In his mind they in a way confirmed what had happened the previous week.

There is of course the possibility that the spherical objects Joseph saw were in fact silver-coloured inflatables. Sometimes when caught in strong air currents balloons can follow on from one another and appear to be travelling under control. He estimates the objects were 50 feet up and 12 feet across, but there is a chance that they were lower and smaller than they appeared to be. However Joseph is adamant that the objects were completely spherical in shape and that their movement was too direct to be caused by natural drifting.

Alien Dream

Later in the same year Joseph went to Olton Barnes to visit a crop formation and attempt contact through a CE5 protocol. Nothing significant took place, however a couple of nights after he returned home his wife informed him she had had a strange dream in which an ET was coming up the stairs of the house. However everything in the house was reversed, a mirror image of how it actually was. She had tried to wake Joseph up but for some reason he would not stir.

Joseph did not ask Laura any further questions about the dream such as what the being looked like as he did not want to frighten her by insinuating it may have actually taken place. This incident may obviously have been nothing more than a dream, but it seems worth mentioning due to its proximity to other experiences which were going on at the time.

Shaking Door

Soon after Laura reported having the dream another bizarre incident took place. The family were awoken in the early hours of the morning between 4-5am by a loud thudding sound. Joseph and Laura sat up in bed wondering what was causing the sound and soon realised it was coming from the front door. It sounded like an express train was going past the outside of the house and causing the door to violently shake on its hinges.

After about a minute of listening to the sound Joseph decided to go and investigate. As he walked down the stairs towards the shaking door everything just stopped. He reached the door and immediately opened it expecting to see something outside, but there was nothing which could have accounted for what happened.

Fulton Close is a cul-de-sac so it would be extremely unusual for large vehicles to come down it. And Joseph says even a large lorry would not have explained what took place. The shaking of the door was too violent to have been caused by vibrations of a passing vehicle. He has never heard the sound again, it only ever occurred the once.

Possible Surveillance

Later in 2000 the family went away on a holiday to Ireland. Very soon after this this there were a number of incidents which took place which Joseph took to be possible surveillance of his home and family.

One day they’d gone out in the car and were returning home. As Joseph turned into Fulton Close they noticed a man standing at their front door further up the road. He appeared to be trying to open the door with a set of keys. The man was white with a slender build, and he was wearing smart casual clothes. Joseph pulled up the car so as not to alert him to their presence. The man appeared to give up trying to get in. He walked back down the drive and got into a white-ish coloured old fashioned looking car. He then drove up the cul-de-sac to turn around.

While he was at the top of the road Joseph drove his car back outside the house. He knew that the man would have to drive past him again to leave the road. As he did, Joseph checked the licence plate, then wrote it down once in the house.

At the time Laura worked for a telecommunications company, which Joseph had also previously worked at. She had access to a system which would allow the searching of registration plates to identify owner details. When she checked the registration plate on this system she found out that the owner of the vehicle worked for British intelligence, often referred to as Special Branch.

Neither Joseph nor Laura ever heard from the man or found out why he was attempting to enter their house. As if this incident wasn’t concerning enough, other things also took place around the same time. Joseph claims that for a period of about a fortnight he and the family saw black unmarked military helicopters in the sky around the house. At night they would sometimes shine searchlights down into the garden or through the windows. He managed to take a photograph of one of them, which he is going to try and find to add to the report.

On another occasion Joseph was in the hall when he noticed through the misted glass of the front door the silhouette of someone approaching the house. Expecting the front door bell to go he prepared to answer the door but nothing happened. He opened the door and found that there was nobody there. Nor was there anyone in the nearby vicinity. Joseph says that this only happened the one time so was unlikely to have been caused by a trick of the light.

There were also numerous times where he was on the phone to people and at the end of the call he heard a click sound, almost like the call was being monitored. He could never prove this of course, it was just an observation.

Joseph is unsure whether these incidents were linked with his contact experiences or not. There was nothing suggesting a direct link, but numerous contactees have reported being monitored before or even experiencing visits from Men In Black. However there is another possibility. Back in 2000 tensions were still high with the IRA. While on holiday Joseph had placed an Irish flag in the back of the car as he was worried it may get vandalised by someone if they found out it was British. He wonders if he was suspected of being an IRA sympathizer and was perhaps being looked into for this reason. We are unlikely to ever really know for sure.

The Golden Chair

Between 1996 and 2000 Joseph had a number of contact related experiences at a variety of locations across the South of England including Oxfordshire and Kent. After several years he came to realise that these incidents had all happened on the same longitude and latitude.

These lines crossed at a place known as Compton Down in Wiltshire. Upon checking a map Joseph found out that numerous different famous nearby archaeological sites and the locations of a number of famous contact cases (including the Ann & Jason Andrews case) all seemed to be located at 10 degrees intersections from this central point. He began to wonder what was so special about this particular place.

Witness drawing representing the map he created

In the summer of 2000 Joseph finally decided to drive to Wiltshire with two friends to see the location with his own eyes. It was night time when they arrived. The actual point was inside an MOD test range, so they was unable to walk right up to it. However soon after arriving they witnessed what appeared to be a dome shaped explosion of light coming from a nearby dry river valley.

Joseph believes that the location holds special significance. He has nicknamed it “The Golden Chair”. He thinks it is likely that our ancestors were aware of this significance too, and built surrounding landmarks in specific locations to act as markers for it.

Around the time of the car abduction incident, Joseph began to see an unusual image in his mind. It was a circular geometric pattern of concentric curves. He had no idea what it meant, and even ended up creating some Christmas decorations to match the shape.

In early 2001 he discovered that a crop formation had appeared very close to the location at Compton green. When he saw photographs of this formation he was amazed to see that it matched the image which he had been seeing in his mind.

Witness drawing of the crop formation

Joseph does not know why he would have seen this, or what it means, but believes that it is further proof of the significance of the location he has discovered.

Light Beings

One night between 2004 and 2006 Joseph’s younger son came into his bedroom frightened as he had had a nightmare. He was too scared to go back to his own bed, so Joseph allowed him to take his place in the bed, and he went to sleep in his son’s room instead.

He was lying there a while when he suddenly felt a strong pressure pushing into his back on one side around the area of his liver. This sensation woke him up but looking around the room there was nothing there. After a short while he dropped back off to sleep.

The following night his son wanted to continue to sleep in his bed so once more Joseph slept in his son’s room. During the night exactly the same thing happened. He woke up with a start. However this time when he rolled over he saw two entities alongside the bed. They were very short in height, about 40 inches. They were the shape of Greys, but were glowing bright white with no visible features. Joseph felt that the beings were there for his son, and that they did not expect him to be there in his place.

He was angry at them for coming for his son. He said out loud to the beings “This is not from God.” (Joseph informs me that this was a reaction probably due to his Catholic upbringing). Immediately they moved away extremely fast, vanishing in opposing directions from one another, and leaving him in the room alone. They did not come back on subsequent nights.


Joseph has had some varied and fascinating experiences over the years. At least some of these experiences seem to clearly be linked with contact, while others may well also be directly related. The UFO sightings he has witnessed are quite compelling, and in some cases have had other independent witnesses. Unfortunately Joseph has not kept in touch with any of these individuals so we only have his testimonial evidence to go on.

Joseph says that he has not had any experiences now for quite a number of years, however as with other repeat cases this does not mean there will not be further incidents in the future. I would like to thank him for his bravery in coming forward regarding his experiences and allowing me to document them in this report. If you have any additional information regarding any of the incidents mentioned please get in touch.

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