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Moseley Contact Case - UFO Communication, MIB, Orb Videos, Shadow Being, Paranormal Activity

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 31/10/2019

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used for some witnesses

Encounters with the mysterious Men In Black are statistically rare it the world of UFOs. However they have sometimes been reported to grill witnesses for information about things they have seen. The main focus of this report is a night of UFO sightings, and a related incident involving possible MIB which occurred many years later!


Back in 1992 James was 18 years old and lived on Mayfield Road in Moseley with his parents, grandmother, sister Karen and pet dog Duke. Duke had arthritis in his hind legs but was still active, so James would regularly walk him around the local neighbourhood during the evening.

The incident took place on 14th November. At the time James had an interest in UFOs and ran an online blog page named Paralnoia, which is no longer active. He documented what took place on the page, which is the reason he recalls the precise date it happened.

He was out walking Duke. They were walking along Highfield Road which leads directly off Mayfield Road. It was about 7pm and a very pleasant still evening. Due to the time of year it was already fully dark. The stars were visible overhead.

Aerial map of Highfield Road

Suddenly Duke became agitated by something and began whimpering. Simon looked around to see what was causing this agitation. He happened to glance up into the sky. As he did he saw what appeared to be a bright white comet with a tail shoot across the sky in front of him from right to left in a curved arc. It moved slower than a meteorite, and appeared to be a few hundred feet up rather than out at the edge of the atmosphere. It travelled with quite a slow and deliberate movement.

But this was not all he saw. As the comet-like object began to move away to the left it seemed to pass behind something invisible in the air. For a split second it illuminated the curved edge of a second large aerial object which was not visible to his naked eye!

Witness drawing of the dog walk route and comet-like UFO

Highfield Road in the direction the UFOs were seen

After this had occurred the dog immediately seemed to recover and stopped whimpering. He thought to himself “That’s really weird! I’ll go back to the house, get my binoculars out and have a look to see if anything’s there.” He quickly walked Duke the rest of the way three times as fast as usual. Within 5 minutes they were back home. There was nobody else in at the time.

Duke would usually remain downstairs in the house as climbing up the stairs caused him pain. So James left him downstairs and went up to his bedroom. He grabbed his binoculars then opened the big bedroom window which had a view to the East. Highfield Road was to the right of the view. He looked to the left in the direction of Birmingham International airport and scanned the sky for normal aircraft.