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Morecambe Contact Case - UFOs, Missing Time, Psychic Abilities, Shadow Beings, Paranormal Activity

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 07/11/2021

On 9th October 2021 I gave a talk at Mini-con in Preston. One of the attendees of the conference, Jon Gibirdi, got in touch soon afterwards to discuss a number of experiences which had happened throughout his life. We arranged numerous video calls to go over everything in depth. This report covers these incidents, which may be directly or in-directly related to contact.

Iron-Shaped UFO

In May 2008 when Jon was 34 years old he had what he believed at the time to be his first sighting of a UFO (This later on turned out not to be the case as you shall see). At the time he lived in Preston on Wildman Street with his partner at the time Julie, and daughters Calista and Claudia.

One evening Jon took Calista out driving along the country lanes on the outskirts of Preston. She enjoyed it so much that a few days later she asked to go for a return trip. It was a cold but clear and still evening. The light had faded in the sky and the stars were fully visible.

Aerial map of Wildman Street

They drove out a couple of miles to Boys Lane, which became Walker Lane. As they drove along this with open fields either side of the road, Jon became aware of a bright star-like light in the sky to the North West at an elevation of about 40 degrees. As he continued to look at it, he realised it seemed a little too bright for a star. He pulled up in a lay-by to continue looking at it. Both he and Calista got out of the car.

Aerial map of Walker Lane indicating the lay-by
Photograph of the sighting location in the direction the light was seen

As they watched it became even brighter, with a glowing haze around it, they soon became aware that it was slowly coming in their direction. Wondering whether it was a helicopter or plane with a light facing towards them, Jon turned the engine of the car off to listen for the sound of rotor blades or jet engines but there was silence. Nor could he see any other navigation lights on the object.

Witness drawing of the UFO at a distance

They continued to watch for up to 7 minutes as the object slowly approached. Unfortunately Jon did not have a smartphone or camera on him so could not try to photograph or video it. Eventually it passed almost overhead, just off to their right. As it did the light emitting from it seemed to die right down and they could see its true shape. The base of the object was an elongated curved triangle, similar to an iron. The colour appeared to be a slightly luminescent copper, although it was possible it was metallic and reflecting lights on the ground.