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Merthyr Tydfil Contact Case - Greys, Nordics, Abductions, UFOs, Body Markings, Psychic Abilities

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 26/10/2013


For most of his life Zack has had to deal with unusual, often frightening experiences. These have included memories of being outside his house during the night, being paralysed and surrounded in white light. Missing periods of time he cannot account for. Being held by forces against his will. Strange markings found on his body.

He has always brushed aside these experiences and tried to go on with his life as normally as possible. However in 2012 he decided to look into the alien abduction phenomenon on the internet. What he found shocked him. He realised that much of what he had experienced seemed to fit in with details from other contact cases. In looking into the subject, he began to get vivid flashbacks to what had taken place over the years.

Not knowing what to make of what he discovered, in summer 2013 he decided to get in touch with BUFOG to seek answers and further understanding of his experiences. This report provides a detailed overview of Zack’s experiences which go right back to childhood.

Cone-Shaped UFO Abduction

The first unusual experience which Zack can recall took place in 1989-1990 when he was between 7-9 years old. He believes it took place in July or August during the summer school holidays. At the time he was living with his family in a council estate called Lansbury Park in Caerphilly, Wales.

One night he remembers finding himself outside of his home. He was wearing the clothing he had gone to bed in – a white T-Shirt and pyjama bottoms. The sky was dark and all the lamp posts were on. The weather conditions were clear and it felt warm considering it was night time. Zack believes it must have been between 2-4am but he had no watch on him so cannot be certain. He walked down the garden and along the street, Graham Court. He remembers walking past houses along a part of the road known as “The Stretch”, and arriving at the nearby youth club building.

Photograph of Graham Court Youth Club:

Aerial map of Graham Court, showing the position of the youth club:

He continued onward a couple of roads to some rural farm land just off the A438 which lies along the outskirts of Lansbury Park and St Helens. He began to walk along “the track”, a pathway that leads alongside some open fields surrounded in trees and bushes. He had been to the area many times before when playing with friends.

Photograph of the entrance of "the track":

Aerial map of the track with notes from witness:

Zack then saw something approach in the air off to his right. He looked round and saw a tall cone-shaped UFO hovering near to him. The main body of the object was either black or dark green in colour. It appeared to be split into layers or segments, and on each segment was a shimmering green coloured light, which Zack says could have been windows. There were also larger green lights on the base of the object.

Aerial map showing location where the UFO was situated:

It was about 100 yards away from him, and at a height of about 50 feet above the tree line. The object seemed quite large in size, about 70-100 feet across. When asked to describe the shape of the object Zack informed me “It was cone shaped not so much a traffic cone but it was that sort of shape. It is hard to describe but it was like a spinning top but the top half is more stretched out If I could best describe it was like a sea shell the ones that look like a spiral – swirly looking shells.”

Witness drawing of the UFO:

The UFO began to move slowly towards him. Suddenly after about 30 seconds, Zack suddenly found himself surrounded in white light. This light caused his body to become numb and he felt weightless. He felt like he was floating but does not actually remember lifting off the ground towards the object.

After this he does not recall much of what took place. He remembers being paralysed and feeling very frightened. He also recalls lying on his left side on a flat cold metallic table of some kind. He thinks that at this point his T-shirt may have no longer been on him, but he cannot be certain. There was a light above the table which seemed to obscure most of the surroundings from view, it was just dark.

His next clear memory was of being put down on the ground by the white light. He was in a lying down position and was gently floating back down until he touched the ground. The white light then faded away very quickly. Zack got back up to his feet. He looked up and saw the UFO in the same position it had been before. It remained hovering for about 20-30 seconds, then began to move away  in the direction of Rudry Mountain. It began at a slow speed but then sped up and flew away fast and was soon lost from sight.

After it had departed he felt  both physically and mentally drained, and his body was tingling like it was still partially numb. He felt very confused and light headed. He knew that something had taken place but that somehow he had been forced to forget the details.

Zack cannot recall walking back to his house. He just found himself waking up in the morning back in his room. He no longer felt drained of energy, but did recall the details of what had taken place. He just assumed it must have been a strange dream. Because of this he did not tell anyone about it and soon forgot about what had occurred. It was only when he looked into contact in 2012 that he realised the similarities to an abduction experience. Ever since he has wondered if the experience actually took place.

Looking back at the incident Zack has no idea of why he walked out over the farmland. He did not feel like he was being controlled to go there but he does find it strange that he would walk down there alone in his night clothes. Surely he would have just walked back to bed or gone and woke his parents in such a situation?

This experience has many links with contact, and I feel it is likely that Zack was taken on this occasion. It is unlikely that he would have dreamt up something so similar to an abduction without prior knowledge of the subject. The white light projected from a hovering craft, the feeling of weightlessness, his memories of being on a flat metallic table under a bright light, the after effects and feeling of being drained of energy, the realisation that memories had been blocked out – All themes very commonly reported by contactees.

I have investigated other cases where individuals have got out of bed and left their home, then been abducted from a specific location in their local vicinity. In all of these cases the location they have been taken from has been rural or out of the public eye, such as over farmland or in the middle of a large open park. Perhaps Zack was led to the area of farmland because there would be less likelihood of the UFO being observed by other witnesses at that location.

The appearance of the craft itself was quite unusual. I have looked into other cases of UFOs with green lights on them, but the segmented cone shape is far from common.

Unless Zack decides to go for a hypnotic regression, we may never find out any more about what took place aboard the craft. While blocked out memories of contact can sometimes come back naturally or can be triggered by seeing specific things that remind the individual, often they remain unknown. It is possible to sometimes retrieve these memories using regression, but at present Zack is not interested in pursuing this.

Lit Disc UFO Sighting

In late summer of 1989 or 1990 was out with three friends on Snowden Court. It had just got dark and the time was between 9-10pm. The weather was warm and dry, and the stars were visible in the sky overhead. Zack and his friends looked out over the area of farmland where he had been previously taken from (At the time Zack just put this down to a dream so was not bothered by this fact).

Aerial map of Snowden Court:

To the East roughly 2-3 miles away the boys suddenly noticed a flattened disc-shaped object. It was hovering over the hillside at about 700-1000 feet altitude. It looked quite large in size. It was hard to tell the colour of the main body of the object as it was covered in red and yellow flashing lights. These lights seemed to be randomly flashing on and off with no discernible pattern to them. It appeared to be completely silent.

Photograph of the sighting location in the direction the UFO was seen:

Drawing of the disc-shaped UFO: