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Merthyr Tydfil Contact Case - Greys, Nordics, Abductions, UFOs, Body Markings, Psychic Abilities

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 26/10/2013


For most of his life Zack has had to deal with unusual, often frightening experiences. These have included memories of being outside his house during the night, being paralysed and surrounded in white light. Missing periods of time he cannot account for. Being held by forces against his will. Strange markings found on his body.

He has always brushed aside these experiences and tried to go on with his life as normally as possible. However in 2012 he decided to look into the alien abduction phenomenon on the internet. What he found shocked him. He realised that much of what he had experienced seemed to fit in with details from other contact cases. In looking into the subject, he began to get vivid flashbacks to what had taken place over the years.

Not knowing what to make of what he discovered, in summer 2013 he decided to get in touch with BUFOG to seek answers and further understanding of his experiences. This report provides a detailed overview of Zack’s experiences which go right back to childhood.

Cone-Shaped UFO Abduction

The first unusual experience which Zack can recall took place in 1989-1990 when he was between 7-9 years old. He believes it took place in July or August during the summer school holidays. At the time he was living with his family in a council estate called Lansbury Park in Caerphilly, Wales.

One night he remembers finding himself outside of his home. He was wearing the clothing he had gone to bed in – a white T-Shirt and pyjama bottoms. The sky was dark and all the lamp posts were on. The weather conditions were clear and it felt warm considering it was night time. Zack believes it must have been between 2-4am but he had no watch on him so cannot be certain. He walked down the garden and along the street, Graham Court. He remembers walking past houses along a part of the road known as “The Stretch”, and arriving at the nearby youth club building.

Photograph of Graham Court Youth Club:

Aerial map of Graham Court, showing the position of the youth club:

He continued onward a couple of roads to some rural farm land just off the A438 which lies along the outskirts of Lansbury Park and St Helens. He began to walk along “the track”, a pathway that leads alongside some open fields surrounded in trees and bushes. He had been to the area many times before when playing with friends.

Photograph of the entrance of "the track":

Aerial map of the track with notes from witness:

Zack then saw something approach in the air off to his right. He looked round and saw a tall cone-shaped UFO hovering near to him. The main body of the object was either black or dark green in colour. It appeared to be split into layers or segments, and on each segment was a shimmering green coloured light, which Zack says could have been windows. There were also larger green lights on the base of the object.

Aerial map showing location where the UFO was situated:

It was about 100 yards away from him, and at a height of about 50 feet above the tree line. The object seemed quite large in size, about 70-100 feet across. When asked to describe the shape of the object Zack informed me “It was cone shaped not so much a traffic cone but it was that sort of shape. It is hard to describe but it was like a spinning top but the top half is more stretched out If I could best describe it was like a sea shell the ones that look like a spiral – swirly looking shells.”

Witness drawing of the UFO:

The UFO began to move slowly towards him. Suddenly after about 30 seconds, Zack suddenly found himself surrounded in white light. This light caused his body to become numb and he felt weightless. He felt like he was floating but does not actually remember lifting off the ground towards the object.

After this he does not recall much of what took place. He remembers being paralysed and feeling very frightened. He also recalls lying on his left side on a flat cold metallic table of some kind. He thinks that at this point his T-shirt may have no longer been on him, but he cannot be certain. There was a light above the table which seemed to obscure most of the surroundings from view, it was just dark.

His next clear memory was of being put down on the ground by the white light. He was in a lying down position and was gently floating back down until he touched the ground. The white light then faded away very quickly. Zack got back up to his feet. He looked up and saw the UFO in the same position it had been before. It remained hovering for about 20-30 seconds, then began to move away  in the direction of Rudry Mountain. It began at a slow speed but then sped up and flew away fast and was soon lost from sight.

After it had departed he felt  both physically and mentally drained, and his body was tingling like it was still partially numb. He felt very confused and light headed. He knew that something had taken place but that somehow he had been forced to forget the details.

Zack cannot recall walking back to his house. He just found himself waking up in the morning back in his room. He no longer felt drained of energy, but did recall the details of what had taken place. He just assumed it must have been a strange dream. Because of this he did not tell anyone about it and soon forgot about what had occurred. It was only when he looked into contact in 2012 that he realised the similarities to an abduction experience. Ever since he has wondered if the experience actually took place.

Looking back at the incident Zack has no idea of why he walked out over the farmland. He did not feel like he was being controlled to go there but he does find it strange that he would walk down there alone in his night clothes. Surely he would have just walked back to bed or gone and woke his parents in such a situation?

This experience has many links with contact, and I feel it is likely that Zack was taken on this occasion. It is unlikely that he would have dreamt up something so similar to an abduction without prior knowledge of the subject. The white light projected from a hovering craft, the feeling of weightlessness, his memories of being on a flat metallic table under a bright light, the after effects and feeling of being drained of energy, the realisation that memories had been blocked out – All themes very commonly reported by contactees.

I have investigated other cases where individuals have got out of bed and left their home, then been abducted from a specific location in their local vicinity. In all of these cases the location they have been taken from has been rural or out of the public eye, such as over farmland or in the middle of a large open park. Perhaps Zack was led to the area of farmland because there would be less likelihood of the UFO being observed by other witnesses at that location.

The appearance of the craft itself was quite unusual. I have looked into other cases of UFOs with green lights on them, but the segmented cone shape is far from common.

Unless Zack decides to go for a hypnotic regression, we may never find out any more about what took place aboard the craft. While blocked out memories of contact can sometimes come back naturally or can be triggered by seeing specific things that remind the individual, often they remain unknown. It is possible to sometimes retrieve these memories using regression, but at present Zack is not interested in pursuing this.

Lit Disc UFO Sighting

In late summer of 1989 or 1990 was out with three friends on Snowden Court. It had just got dark and the time was between 9-10pm. The weather was warm and dry, and the stars were visible in the sky overhead. Zack and his friends looked out over the area of farmland where he had been previously taken from (At the time Zack just put this down to a dream so was not bothered by this fact).

Aerial map of Snowden Court:

To the East roughly 2-3 miles away the boys suddenly noticed a flattened disc-shaped object. It was hovering over the hillside at about 700-1000 feet altitude. It looked quite large in size. It was hard to tell the colour of the main body of the object as it was covered in red and yellow flashing lights. These lights seemed to be randomly flashing on and off with no discernible pattern to them. It appeared to be completely silent.

Photograph of the sighting location in the direction the UFO was seen:

Drawing of the disc-shaped UFO:

The object remained stationary hovering in the air. The boys watched it for between 3-5 minutes. While they watched they joked with each other about it being a UFO, although they didn't really know  much about the subject at the time. They were sure that it was not an aircraft or helicopter. Zack says that he was used to seeing helicopters flying around the area. Even at a distance he was able to hear the rotor blades, yet this object did not make a sound.

After looking at it for a while the boys started to turn and talk to each other. Zack kept glancing back at the UFO every few seconds. He didn't see it depart – it was just there one moment, gone the next time he looked. Zack does not recall seeing anything about the object in the papers or on TV afterwards, but the incident has remained clear in his mind ever since. Sadly I am not able to speak with any of the other witnesses about what happened as Zack has not kept in touch with them.


During his childhood Zack sometimes had dreams which then seemed to come true. An example of a dream of this type occurred when he was 10 years old. His best friend and their parents  had recently moved away from his neighbourhood elsewhere. Zack was upset about this, and one night he had a dream that they would see each other again. In the dream he walked up his street. The weather was calm and sunny. His friend was around the corner wearing a red jumper and blue jeans standing with another friend of his dressed in a black tracksuit. When he awoke the memories of the dream remained with him.

Nearly a year later he was walking up the road when he suddenly had an overwhelming feeling that he had been there before. He knew straight away that the dream he had a year before was now coming true. Before he reached the corner of the road but he knew when he turned it his friends would be there. Sure enough when he did he saw them standing there in exactly the clothes he had seen in the dream! He had come back to visit the neighbourhood for the day. Zack had not been informed of this and had no way of knowing that he was going to be there on that particular date.

From about the age of 12 he would also sometimes hear voices calling out to him and sometimes see things out of the corner of his eye which would then vanish. The voices he heard would usually either say his name or some form of short greeting. He would never hear full sentences. The voice would sometimes be male and sometimes female, but would usually sound muffled. He would usually hear it when he was walking outside on his own, it rarely occurred at night. Zack put these voices down to energy which he was somehow picking up on, a sixth sense ability. This seemed to go on till about age 16 and then stop occurring.

These experiences are suggestive of psychic abilities which Zack possessed, or may still possess. Many contactees report having similar type experiences to this, and premonition dreams are very commonly reported. There appears to be a direct link between abilities of this type and ET contact, but what that link is has not yet been fully understood.

Entity Attacks

It wasn't until Zack was in his early 20's that something else out of the ordinary would occur. He and his parents now lived in a house near to Merthyr Tydfil. Around that time in his life he used to stay up very late. One summer night he went to bed around 1-2 am. As he was going off to sleep he remember feeling nervous and sick in his stomach, like he could sense something was wrong. He was in good health at the time so could not put the feeling down to illness. Something felt very negative and he was disorientated by it. After about an hour he managed to ignore the feelings and settle down to sleep.

In the early hours of the morning he suddenly awoke without warning. When he opened his eyes he was greeted by a frightening sight. The room was quite dark, but due to a nearby street light he could make out furnishings in the room. The layout of the room was fine but the colours seemed all distorted, a mix of copper brown and purple. Directly over him floating in the air at about arms length was what appeared to be a dark cloaked figure. It was wearing a hood and had no face, just blackness. The cloak it was wearing appeared to be frayed and tattered at its edges. It appeared humanoid in shape with arms and legs, and was about 7 feet in height.

Layout of the bedroom showing the position of Zack and the shadow being:

The shadow being:

The figure began to move over Zack’s body, seemingly trying to pin him down. He felt himself being pushed downward and then lifted. He tried to scream out for help but his voice came out very quiet and distorted, almost electronic sounding. It was not loud enough to wake up his parents in the other room. Zack reacted by trying to protect himself with his arms.

Suddenly he was no longer in his room. He found himself in the back garden of the house. Again the colours were distorted as they had been in the bedroom. He was still wearing what he had gone to sleep in, a T-shirt and shorts. He felt the cold of the concrete under his feet and breathed in the fresh air. It was a pleasant night and the stars were out in the sky. Zack walked round the corner into the main area of the garden. Looking up he saw the black hooded figure. It was flying away into the sky at a very steep angle. It was already around 100-200 feet in the air. Its cloak moved as it slowly flew away, making it appear like a black flag blowing in the wind. Once it was no longer visible Zack recalls going back into the house.

He then found himself back in his bed waking up. The colours in the room had gone back to normal. It felt like only a minute had gone by since he had re-entered the house from the garden, but as he did not check a clock at any point of the incident he cannot say for certain. It was still dark in the room. He remembered what he had seen and felt very shocked and nervous. What had taken place was quite traumatic. He glanced round the room, half expecting to see the shadowy figure there again, but it was gone.

Zack got up out of bed and ran downstairs. He walked out into the garden still in his night clothes, looking up into the sky in the direction he had seen the figure depart. Other than the colours now being correct everything felt the same as it had done when the figure was present. The moon was in the same position in the sky. The positions of the clouds and stars in the sky appeared extremely similar to what he recalled. This convinced him that something very real had taken place and it had not just been a bizarre dream.

Later on in the morning once his parents woke up Zack informed his mother about the incident. She informed Zack that she too had experienced similar things when she was younger, with beings appearing in the room during the night. He told some of his co-workers about what had happened. One of them suggested it was likely to be sleep paralysis, but whatever the explanation he felt shaken and puzzled by the experience.

Zack recalls that for a period of years he did experience other similar incidents involving strange terrifying dreams or seeing figures in the room. On one of these other occasions when he was either 22 or 23 he remembers having a particularly un-nerving nightmare. In it he got out of bed and went to the window of his downstairs bedroom. He pulled back the curtain and peered outside onto the road. Standing there was a strange looking extremely tall man wearing a black jacket. His skin was a mottled mix of yellow, brown, green and grey colours. He appeared to be over 15 feet in height with long arms and legs. The man was facing to the right and slouching down.

The tall man:

Face of the tall man:

Suddenly the man noticed Zack peering through the window at him and came towards the window, appearing to float along the ground. As he approached Zack felt a surge of energy pass through his body, similar to pins and needles. When the tall figure reached the outside of the window he passed right through into the room, grabbing Zack on the shoulders. His fingers felt cold to the touch. Zack screamed out for help but nobody seemed to hear. The figure pushed him down to the floor. At this point he blacked out, and the next thing he became aware of was waking up in the morning.

On other occasions Zack would feel like he was being watched by something while he was in his room. This would usually occur at night time but occasionally he would also sense it in the day time. At night he would sometimes feel like something was standing right alongside the bed. He would lash out at it, either kicking out with his leg or trying to punch it. This would wake him up and he would find himself alone in the room.

There are aspects of these experiences which fit with them being caused by sleep paralysis experiences rather than visitations or attacks by entities. During sleep paralysis the brain comes up with reasons for why the body cannot move, and this will sometimes take the form of indistinct shadowy figures or strange beings appearing in the room, often with a great sense of dread and evil. These figures will often proceed to hold down the individual in some way or they may sense they are being pulled in directions, just as Zack describes. Another common aspect of sleep paralysis is that when the individual tries to shout out they find they cannot or that they can only make slight noises. This too has been experienced during these incidents. The fact that Zack experienced similar things on multiple occasions for a period of years which then seemed to stop may suggest that for whatever reason he became more susceptible to sleep paralysis over those years.

However  some parts of the experience featuring the dark hooded figure do not fit well with sleep paralysis. Generally sleep paralysis experiences are confined to the room which they take place in. However it is possible that this experience was caused by sleep paralysis that then led on to sleep walking or even an out-of-body experience, during which the vision of the shadowy being continued. The fact that the colours were distorted in both the bedroom and the garden shows that Zack was not in a normal waking state while either part of the experience was taking place. But there is still the possibility that the entity was real, this cannot be entirely ruled out.

The fact that the sky and clouds appeared to be in the same positions when Zack ran back outside is evidence that suggests he had really been outside and it wasn't just a dream. If the figure was real, what was it? There is nothing in the experience particularly linking the entity seen with ETs or UFOs. Zack did not see a craft when he stepped outside, just the figure flying away. Nor did it appear similar to any known species of ET. Could it have been some kind of ghostly apparition?

The Woman In Blue

There were two other occasions where Zack woke up during the night to see a figure standing on the far side of the room. On both occasions this figure quickly faded away. The first time Zack saw the figure it was just a blurred humanoid shape. But on the second occasion, which occurred when Zack was 26, he had a clear view of a blonde-haired lady wearing a silvery-blue suit. She appeared to be about 5.5 feet tall and had a slender build and white skin. He observed her for about 5 seconds before she faded away.

The woman who Zack saw in his room:

These incidents are intriguing, due to the woman's similarities to a Nordic, one of the more commonly reported ET species. Nordics are almost always reported to have long blonde coloured hair, and are often seen to be wearing blue coloured body suits. Perhaps these visions were not down to sleep paralysis or ghosts, but were of a Nordic being who was watching over him.

V-Shaped UFO Sighting

In January 2004-5 Zack was on his way home from work at around 6.30-6.45 pm. Due to the time of year it was already dark. There was low level cloud and it had been raining earlier in the day so it was still damp. He got off the bus and was walking down the hill to his house, with a girl a short distance behind him on the path.

His attention was drawn towards light up in the sky. Looking up he was amazed to see five massive round glowing lights in a V-shape. Between the lights he could just about make out a dark V-shaped object against the sky. This object appeared to be very large in size, Zack suggests it was at least 400 feet wide and 5-600 feet in length.

The V-Shaped UFO:

When he first spotted the object it was about a mile from his location. He watched it approach and fly right overhead, then continue into the distance, after which it entered the cloud and was lost from sight. It was moving quite fast, Zack estimates at least 300-400 mph. It took about 12 seconds to vanish into the distance. It was completely silent throughout.

Zack did not have a mobile camera phone at the time and was not carrying a camera on him, so sadly was not able to photograph or video the object. Once it had gone, he turned to the girl behind him and exclaimed “What on earth was that?” They then discussed what they had just witnessed.

The UFO was very large so there is the possibility that it was seen by other people elsewhere. However it was after dark and winter time so there were not many people around on the street. At the time Zack felt that he was just at the right place at the right time to see the object, but now he has looked into contact more he is not so sure, and wonders if it was there specifically to observe him.

Due to the very large size of the object, its shape and lighting configuration, and complete lack of sound, I find it unlikely that it was an aircraft, military or otherwise. Zack was able to see a silhouette of the main body of the object so it was clearly a single large object rather than five individual objects flying in formation. It was moving too fast, and was too large to be a lit inflatable or hand glider. The sighting actually has some striking similarities with the craft seen during the infamous Phoenix Lights incident. Zack says that although he is now aware of this case and can see the similarities, he was not aware of it at the time of the sighting.

The Green Being

As stated in the introduction, in 2012 Zack began to look into the contact subject, and was astounded by how similar some of his experiences seemed to be to other reports. He began to wonder whether he too was a contactee.

One night in November he began to experience what appeared to him at the time as a strange dream. In this dream a Grey being entered his bedroom and walked up alongside the left side of the bed (The right side was against a wall). It was about 5 feet in height. Its skin was a patchy green/brown colour. It had a slender body frame with long thin arms and hands. Zack thinks it had 3 or 4 fingers on each hand. The being’s head was disproportionately large when compared with its body. It’s head was shaped like a light bulb with a bulging cranium. It had large dark green coloured eyes with no pupils visible. It has a thin slit for a mouth. Zack does not recall seeing  a nose or ears.

Photograph of a model which reminds Zack of the Grey which he saw:

Instead of being frightened by the being, Zack greeted it like a friend and felt content with its presence. He felt calm and seemed to know who this being was, even though he could not recall seeing it before. He recalls having a short conversation with the being, but cannot remember exactly what was said. He remembers asking the being questions and getting answers almost instantly inside his head. It appeared the being was using telepathy to speak to him. Its mouth did not move when it spoke to him. The beings voice sounded slightly male in tone.

The next thing he became aware of was of lying down on some kind of white padded bed. He was still in the T-shirt and shorts he had worn to bed. Looking around he found himself in a white walled room of a similar size to his bedroom. It was very bleak and he could make out no fixtures, furnishings or doorways. The walls and floor of the room seemed very bright almost like they were glowing. The ceiling was darker. The bed he was on was central in the room. It was quite long in length and continued a few feet further on past his body. He estimates it was 8-10 feet in length and 5-6 feet wide. Unlike the bed in his room, this one had no railings along the edges. It was also tipped up giving him a view of his surroundings. Zack thinks that possibly there was a couple of instruments, perhaps a panel, down near the base of the bed but he cannot remember. It felt different to lie on than the bed in his room, comfortable yet quite firm.

Overview of the room:

The Grey was now standing on his right. He felt very tired and lethargic and was not able to move much. But he was still alert enough to see what was taking place. The being appeared to be working on the inside of his left thigh around his groin. It was holding what appeared to be a metallic rod in its right hand. This instrument had a rounded handle with some buttons on it. The rod itself was cylindrical and a silvery-grey colour with a slight blue tint to it. It seemed to shimmer in the light, whereas the handle did not. The being was pressing the rod again and again against his inner thigh, almost in a stitching motion. There was a warm uncomfortable sensation but it didn't hurt.

The instrument the Grey was holding:

Zack asked the being “What are you doing to me?” To this question he got two mixed replies almost at the same time in his mind. One felt like annoyance, “Be quiet you pathetic thing!” The other was more caring, “Please stay still I have to do this.” The response which Zack had received from the being made him feel rather insecure and angry at the situation, which was heightened by the fact he could barely move.

This was the last thing that Zack remembers about what was taking place. The next thing he became aware of he was waking up back in his room. It was around 9 am. He recollected what had happened during the night. It felt somewhat similar to a dream, but also seemed more vivid, more real. Due to his previous experiences he wondered whether it had actually take place.

Zack remembered what the being had been doing on the inside of his left thigh. When he checked the location he was astounded to see a roughly triangular shaped red mark in the exact spot where the being had been pressing the rod-like instrument! He touched the marking and found that it felt a little tender. It was about 1 cm across. The centre appeared to be a straight edged triangle, but around the edge was a less distinct sore patch of skin. Because of its implications, Zack took a photograph of the marking.

The marking on Zack's left thigh:

He felt very calm about what had taken place, it almost felt to him like it was normal and had been planned. He thought about what he remembered for about 15-20 minutes. He was amazed at the amount of detail he could recall about certain things such as the bed he was lying on, the being and the instrument it had used on him.

As he began to further wake up a name came to the front of his mind. For some reason he kept thinking the name Bruce. For some reason he felt that this was the name of the being, even though he realised how unlikely this would be. As he thought back to the experience Zack became more and more convinced that something had really happened to him and it had not just been a dream. He considered that perhaps he had damaged himself at some point before going to bed, and then his brain had conjured up the experience because of the irritation. But he felt quite certain that it had not been there when he had gone to sleep, and that it had been caused by something else.

Later on in the day, Zack told his mother about what had happened. She thought it was strange but did not dwell on it any further. After about 3-4 days the marking on his thigh faded, and by a week it had completely gone. Looking back at the incident other names seemed to come to mind, Hector and either Thorne or Sorn. He had no idea of why he was thinking about these names or what they could mean.

This is a very interesting experience which could well have been an abduction. We must take into account that this occurred after Zack had started looking into contact, so would have been familiar with the types of beings seen and the sort of things which can take place. You may feel that because of this, the incident was nothing more than a dream which Zack then believed was an abduction experience.

However there are a number of factors which could suggest otherwise. Zack says that it felt far more vivid than simply a dream. This is the way that memories of contact often come back due to the fact it is night time, that the individual is often not in a normal frame of mind, and the high strangeness of the experience. The way in which Zack felt calm about the situation both during and after is also commonly reported. He felt that he knew the being he saw, even though he did not remember seeing it previously in his life. He knew what it was doing there and was relaxed about everything. This is often reported by contactees.

The marking on his thigh is also evidence that points towards the experience being real. Zack did not know of anything that could have caused the marking before he went to sleep, and surely he would have noticed it if this was the case? The fact that the marking was at the exact place where the being was placing the metallic rod tends to suggest this was the cause. It’s obviously far from conclusive but is certainly valid and should be taken into account.

If Zack really was abducted on this occasion then what observations can be made? The being was similar to a Grey in appearance, but was an unusual colour. Greys can sometimes be tinged green, but I have not had anyone else report one which was green and brown in patches, with dark green eyes. The rod-like instrument it was using on him has been reported by other contactees before, and is usually pressed against the skin in the manner which Zack stated. Its function is unknown at present, however as it was close to his groin it is possible it was related to the hybrid breeding program in some way. It is unlikely that the names Zack remembered after the experience are related to the being itself. Perhaps they were the name of other abductees he was either informed about by the being or even met aboard the craft. As some of his memories of the experience were clearly blocked out this is a possibility worth considering.

Nordic Examination

Soon after contacting BUFOG for the first time Zack had another abduction related dream. This time he found himself lying on his back on a table in a surgical looking room. The walls were white and silver with shelves and tables up against them. There were no visible light sources but a dim light seemed to fill the area. It was a square shaped area about 20 feet across. The table he was on was in the middle of the room. It was metallic silver, flat and smooth, with no padding or pillows. He found he was unable to either move or speak. This feeling of being trapped annoyed him more than frightened him. He appeared to be naked, but his lower half was covered by a thin white coloured sheet.

Standing on his right at about waist level was a humanoid looking being. He appeared to be male and had pale skin and blond wavy hair. He realised this figure looked very similar to the drawings of Nordics he had seen on-line, and believed this is what the man was. The figure was wearing a white coloured coat, similar to a lab coat. He appeared to be observing Zack. He leaned in close to Zack's face as if inspecting him.

Point of view drawing showing the room and Nordic being:

Face and upper torso of the Nordic:

As with his previous abduction experience, he did not feel like the experience was strange, it felt familiar to him. It just felt like he was being taken care of, like going for a routine check-up at the doctors. After a while of lying there, Zack got the idea to play dead to see how the man would react. At this moment the man seemed suddenly curious, it was as if he had heard his thoughts. He leant in over him very closely and observed his eyes, like he was trying to understand something. After the man did this Zack found that he could move a little more than before and could tilt his head towards him. He seemed ok that he had done that, and after this point left him alone. He walked to the end of the table and then off to the left out of view. Zack now had a better view around the room he was in.

This was the last thing he remembered from the dream. He woke up to find it was morning time. Unlike the experience with the green being Zack did not feel like anything had taken place during the night. He viewed the memories as nothing more than a dream. This is of course entirely possible, perhaps it was just an abduction themed dream brought on by the fact he was looking into the subject and had got in touch with BUFOG. Even though it is unlikely anything took place on this occasion, there is still the possibility that the dream was in fact memories of a previous abduction experience; it is hard to say for sure either way.


On numerous occasions Zack has seen white coloured orbs in the sky while outside. Most of the time these sightings only last for a few seconds - he just catches a glimpse of something fast moving overhead or a white flash of light. On 28th January 2013 he was out in his back garden. He was looking up into the sky when he suddenly noticed some flashes of light between the clouds. He grabbed his mobile camera phone and took a few pictures to see if he could capture anything.

On most of the photos there was nothing but sky, but on one of the photos appeared two glowing white objects/lights. Zack feels certain that what is on the picture is what he was seeing with his eyes and not down to reflections or a camera anomaly.

Photograph of the glowing UFOs:

Zoomed view of the disc-shaped light:

Zoomed view of the rounded light:

Unfortunately the photographs sent to me has been saved in a manner which has lost much of the metadata, the data which sits behind photographic images. I would usually use this to determine authenticity. Although not possible in this case, there is no reason to believe that the images have been doctored in any way.

Looking at the photographs it is hard to say whether the two "objects" are anything more than reflections of sunlight in the camera lens, but it is interesting that Zack noticed something with his naked eye which prompted him to take the photograph in the first place.

Zack views the orbs he sees as some kind of energy manifestation. It is quite common for contactees to report seeing orbs either floating around their own house or outside in the sky. They could well serve an observational purpose of some kind.

Body Markings

As well as the marking which appeared on his inner thigh during his abduction experience in November 2012, Zack has found a number of other markings on his body which he cannot account for.

In early 2013 Zack noticed a pale scar-like marking about 8 mm across on the right side of his stomach just above the belly button. It looked similar to a scratch but seems to be permanent.

Photograph of stomach marking:

There are also two permanent markings on his right leg.  One is on his inner leg is the shape and size of a pea. He first noticed this marking several years ago. In early 2013 he also found an indentation on his right knee cap. After reading into contact, Zack wonders if these could be scoop marks.

Photograph of inner right leg marking:

Photograph of right knee cap indentation:

Even though any of these markings could in theory be linked with his contact experiences, they may just as easily be natural or caused by accidental damage. Zack cannot relate any of the markings to specific experiences, so unlike the marking on his inner left thigh there is not much evidence that they were caused by instruments used on him during abductions.

Mind Processing

Late evening on the 21st June 2013 Zack experienced something unlike anything which has taken place before. Most of the day was completely normal. He spent the evening watching TV, and then browsed the internet a while. It was around 11pm when he began to experience some very odd feelings in his stomach.

At first he put it down to something he had eaten. But as the night progressed this feeling in his stomach increased in strength. His whole body began to get a heavy feeling. His limbs started to tingle a small amount. He did not feel sick or feverish. By about 3am the feelings were very intense. His whole body was tingling and felt sensitive. He began pacing up and down the stairs, and walking back and forth in the living room, with an overwhelming feeling of anxiety.

By this time he had began to notice something else as well. His mind seemed to be processing information at incredibly fast speeds. He saw images in his head, maps and diagrams. These thoughts seemed to continuously pop into his head for no apparent reason. This continued for about an hour. Just after 4am Zack decided to go to bed and try to drop off to sleep.

As soon as he closed his eyes in the darkened room he began to see in his mind sillouettes of beings and faces which were clearly not human. They looked humanoid with typical features, but were smaller or larger than humans would usually be. These images were combined with the diagrams, maps and sights of incredible landscapes. It was completely overwhelming his senses. He felt like someone was coming for him or was going to do something against his consent. For brief moments he managed to switch his mind off, but the images would soon return even more intensely than before.

Zack felt sure that something was going to come and take him away again. In his mind he refused this, saying to himself “No I won’t go!” again and again. In the end he began to actually shout it out into the darkness of the room. Around 5am he either passed out through exhaustion or was purposely blacked out.

He then found himself in familiar surroundings. Just as with previous experiences he found himself lyng down on his back on a table of some kind. He was completely paralysed. Around him he could see a white coloured room. Due to his knowledge of contact experiences by this point he considered the possibility that he was having a dream or experiencing sleep paralysis. But it did not feel like either of these things. And it seemed very odd that he would experience such unusual sensations in the hours leading up to him going to sleep, only for it to be followed by this experience.

His memories of what happened next were fragmented. Afterwards when looking back at what happened Zack remembers being led to another room, but by whom he is not certain. He also recalls hearing voices but does not remember what was said. After lying back down he remembers having an incredible sensation of falling through the air. Suddenly this sensation stopped and he landed on a firm surface. He then saw himself being laid back down on his own bed. There was a white light surrounding him and the bed, which then seemed to move away.

The next thing he became aware of was of waking up in his bed. He checked the clock on the wall. It was 8.30am. The sensations in his body were still present but not as strong as before. But his mind felt totally clear. After a while of lying there thinking about what had happened, he decided to get up and go to the bathroom to wash and get a drink. At this point he noticed in the mirror a lot of strange bruising on both of his arms. This shocked him a bit, as he was quite sure he had not bumped his arms before going to bed that night. They were all similar in colouration. Some were rounded and others more elongated.

Two clear bruises on the left arm:

Single bruise on the right arm:

Elongated bruising on right forearm:

Mild bruising on right wrist:

When checking over his arms, Zack also found another small indented scar on the inside of his right arm. He had no idea of how long it had been there for, but immediately reminded him of the markings on his leg, knee and stomach which he had discovered previously.

By 11 am the feelings in his body had almost disappeared entirely. He was extremely puzzled by what had taken place and what had caused him to become so physically, mentally and emotionally overwhelmed. He had never experienced anything like it before. The bruises lasted for about 48 hours before vanishing without trace. Zack says that usually bruises would last on him for around a week, so it again felt strange that they had disappeared so rapidly.

What could explain what Zack experienced on this night? Were the sensations in his body and the images which he saw in his mind down to a medical condition which he has not experienced either before or since? Could the intensity of these feelings have caused him to believe that something was interacting with him and was going to come and take him? If so, perhaps these feelings lead on to him having a vivid abduction-related dream, sleep paralysis, or even a mix of the two. Perhaps during his dream he thrashed out his arms in his sleep, bashing them against the bed posts or wall and causing the extensive bruising.

However due to his other previous contact related experiences, we should also consider that this was in fact ET related. Contactees sometimes report having sudden bursts of images or information appear their mind, which seems to have come from the beings they are in contact with. This is commonly referred to as an “information download”. Could this be what was taking place here? And if so for what reason was Zack being shown these things? Contactees are often aware of when they are going to be taken, just as Zack reports here. The surroundings which he found himself in are very commonly reported. Although Zack does not recall seeing any beings, he feels that something did happen during this time which he cannot currently remember. Perhaps a procedure of some kind was carried out on him which resulted in the bruising. There is even the possibility that he struggled against something taking place.

The sensations he felt of air rushing past him could well have been him being returned to his house from a craft. Next he recalls actually seeing himself being put down on the bed. However he saw this in the third person. If this really took place and was more than a dream then there are two possibilities. Either his mind had constructed imagery after the fact to show him what had taken place, or he was having an out-of-body experience at this point. This is an intriguing possibility, and one which should not be ignored. Many contactees report having out-of-body experiences in addition to abduction experiences, and they can usually differentiate between the two.


Zack has obviously had some interesting experiences, many of which have links with contact. Some of his recent experiences could possibly be down to his research into the subject, but do contain very interesting aspects such as physical body markings seemingly linked to the experiences. Other incidents are from his childhood long before he started looking into UFOs. From my communication with him I can see that he has a genuine desire to find out as much as possible about what has happened to him and accept it as part of his life. Hopefully he will keep in touch with me going forward, so if anything else occurs it should be added to this report.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2013



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