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March/April 2015 - Hythe - Flying Triangle Sighting

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 27/09/2023

Last Updated: 28/09/2023

Note: For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used

In September 2023 me and my wife spent a week with one of our friends, who I shall name “Rebecca”. During this time she informed me of a couple of fascinating incidents which had previously occurred. The most recent of these was a sighting of a triangular shaped UFO which she witnessed in the spring of 2015.

Sighting Details

Rebecca regularly enjoys star gazing using high magnification binoculars. At the time of the incident she was 39 years old and living on a caravan park in Dymchurch. Every year she had to vacate the park for a couple of weeks in the latter half of February as it would close for renovations.

In 2015 she stayed at a B&B on Seabrook Road, Hythe, close to the junction with Bell Inn Road. She got on so well with the house owner that she decided to remain there for a little longer after the caravan park had re-opened instead of immediately returning to the caravan.

Aerial map of Seabrook Road

There were very few streetlights in the nearby vicinity, which made the back garden of the B&B the perfect location for star gazing. Every night if the weather was clear she and her boyfriend at the time, "Steve", would step outside between 9-10pm and watch the stars through her Celeron Skymaster binoculars.

Every night about the same time they would see three particular pieces of space junk in close proximity pass across the sky from left to right heading to the North. On the night in question she was standing alongside Steve and chatting with him while they waited for the familiar space junk to appear.

They nipped inside the house a moment. While inside they briefly messed around with the focus of the binoculars. Once back outside, Rebecca fiddled with the focus to get the view clear again, then looked back up at an elevation of about 40 degrees.

A brief moment later a dark object entered the viewing area from the right. It had the shape of an isosceles triangle facing to the left, with a low dome visible on the upper side. Along the lower edge was a line of dimly lit white coloured lights. She assumed that these lights also existed along the other edges but were not visible due to the angle she was looking at it.

The object appeared to be quite large in size ad definitely within the atmosphere rather than out in orbit. It was blocking out the stars and jet black in colour, darker than the night sky visible beyond it. It moved slowly across her vision until roughly half way across before suddenly halting.

Close up drawing of how the UFO appeared

Without looking away she grabbed Steve’s arm and tried to pull him towards her, planning to hand him the binoculars and point out the object. But before she could do so the object instantly vanished without trace. She did not see it leave the viewing frame, it had just inexplicably disappeared. In total she had watched it for about 7 seconds.

Drawing indicating the position of the UFO in the binoculars viewing frame and its movement path

Rebecca was stunned by what she had just seen. She turned to Steve and said “I think I’ve just seen a spaceship!” In response to this he merely asked “What?” Rebecca replied “When I just grabbed you I just saw something that wasn't a plane. You think I’m nuts don’t you?” But Steve fully believed her, as he was aware that Rebecca cannot stand people telling lies.

Rebecca says that she spent ages thinking about the sighting afterwards, and it is still something she thinks about often. She is just disappointed that she was the only witness to it.

Sighting Analysis

This is a very interesting sighting with a variety of fascinating aspects. It was clearly a solid object as Rebecca saw it blocking out the stars as it moved across her view.

It is first important to point out that this could not have been a misidentification of a Starlink satellites launch. Although Elon Musk's satellites do create a line of white lights that move across the sky on a straight course, the earliest test launches for Starlink took place in 2018, three years after this incident took place. It it also clear that this was a solid object blocking out the stars which had numerous white lights.

Both the appearance and manoeuvres the object performed point away from it being a normal aircraft of any kind. It did not have standard navigation lights on it – there was no red or green lights, and no flashing strobes, just a line of dimly lit white lights. It looked very large in size, yet there was no wings or tail fin visible. Also if it was an aircraft it would not have been able to suddenly halt for several seconds.

It looked much too large to be a drone, and the lighting was again wrong for this. It seems very unlikely a lit blimp or other large inflatable would have been in the area. Also if it was either of these it would not have been able to suddenly disappear in a clear sky. Rebecca says that there were no clouds on the night of the sighting, and as she was staring up at the stars through binoculars built for sky watching it would have been immediately obvious if there was as patches of stars which could not be seen. This is how she was aware that the object had been present but then had suddenly vanished.

I have investigated many cases of dark coloured triangular shaped craft, commonly referred to as Flying Triangles. In some of these cases small lights have been seen along each of the sides exactly like Rebecca reported. The low dome which was visible on the upper side of the object is an unusual aspect, although this may have been present in some other cases but just not visible due to the viewing angle. I have also looked into numerous cases where Flying Triangles have suddenly appeared or disappeared in a clear sky. All of these facts point towards this potentially being a sighting of one of these craft.

As it was after dark and the object was only visible for a short period of time Rebecca may have been the only witness to it. However if you have any information relating to what took place please get in touch. Rebecca previously experienced a very interesting incident potentially involving missing time back in 2008. Click here to check out the separate report on this.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2023



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