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Manchester Contact Case - Mantids, Abduction, UFO Sightings, Psychic Abilities

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report Originally forwarded from Richard Hall Author: Dave Hodrien Release Date: 09/09/2010

This report covers a very interesting case which appears to involve at least one, possibly multiple, abductions of a lady by the ET species we usually refer to as the Mantids. This race is called so because they have many similarities in appearance to the Praying Mantis. Anne (name changed for privacy reasons) knows very little about UFOs or ET contact, and was amazed to find out that the being she had described has been reported in numerous contactee cases.

Example drawing of a Mantid

Voices From The Graves

When she was young, Anne would be told off by her parents if she spoke of anything out of the ordinary. On the route to her school she had to walk through a cemetery. Sometimes she could hear the voices of the dead people actually speaking to her. They would ask her what her name was or where she was going. She was not frightened by this and used to respond and speak back to them!

One day her mother heard her talking back to the graves and asked her what she was doing. When Anne told her she could hear the dead speaking to her, her mother got very angry. She told her that people would think she was crazy and ordered her not to do it again.

After this incident, Anne could still hear the same voices as before. In the end this led to her mother actually changing Anne’s primary school so she would no longer need to walk through the graveyard.

Anne could only remember hearing the voices at this one cemetery. She has visited other cemeteries since but no longer hears anything.

This is fascinating, and appears to be something more than just childhood imagination. Surely Anne would not have dreamed up these voices she heard, especially after her mother got angry at her because of it? Could she really have been hearing the voices of the dead? If so this points towards her having heightened senses. Many contactees report gaining psychic-type abilities through their experiences. Could this apparent gift that Anne possessed have been gained through contact from an early age? Or is it completely unrelated to her contact experiences?

Initial Mantid Abduction

The first unusual experience which Anne can remember took place when she was 8-10 years old. At the time she was living with her parents, brother and sister in Corlton, Manchester. She shared a bedroom with her sister. As it happened many years ago, Anne’s memory is vague on some of the details of the incident. She feels that nothing happened out of the ordinary on the evening before the experience. The incident comes back to her as vivid memories, which at the time she assumed was a nightmare.

Her first memory was of being aboard some kind of vehicle. There were no windows and many rows of double seats, which reminded her of the layout of a coach. Anne does not remember seeing any kind of area for the driver to sit in towards the front. There were lots of other people sitting on the seats as well as herself. Next to her was sitting a man with blond hair.

There was a central isle between the rows of seats, and in this isle was a strange creature. It looked like a very tall praying mantis. Its skin/exoskeleton was a dark green colour. It had very large eyes which curved around the sides of the head, with a small nose and mouth. The being was about 7-8 feet in height. It was wearing long robes with a large hood which was down exposing its head. The robes were either purple or red in colour, and looked similar to thick velvet. The sleeves of the robes were bell shaped, so were hanging loosely on the being’s arms. These arms were again similar to a Praying Mantis, and were bent down at the elbow with pointed ends and no visible hands.

Anne doesn’t remember the being moving, she just remembers it standing over her. She was either trying to talk to the man, or upset and crying. The man was friendly and trying to comfort her. This appeared to anger the being and Anne remembers it giving her some kind of electric shock that was quite painful.

She does not remember any direct communication from the being, it appeared quite emotionless. However she feels that it may have communicated by telepathy. When she thinks about the experience she gets the recurring message in her head – “Now you know what you must do”. She currently has no idea what this relates to.

Anne’s next memory is of being in a large open room. She does not remember how she got from the vehicle with the seats to this room. There were lots of people in the room, at least a hundred. The room was filled with rows and rows of bunk beds covered in white sheets. She was on the lower bunk of one of these, with the blond haired man on the upper bunk. He came down from it and hugged her, telling her not to worry (She cannot remember his exact words). There was a bright white light filling the room which seemed to permeate everywhere, there did not appear to be a specific source of this light. Anne says that this place is where people had to stay. Some of the other people appeared to be quite traumatized by what was happening, but the mantis being would not let them speak.

Anne does not remember what happened next, her next memory is of waking up terrified. She cried for a while afterwards, but did not call her parents or wake her sister. In the morning she told her mother about what she remembered, and her mother said it must have been a bad dream. However it felt much more real and vivid than a dream would usually feel; Anne still remembers many of the details of it to this day. However she also feels that some of what she experienced may have been blocked out.

This is a fascinating experience and I feel that what Anne remembers may well be memories from an abduction. It is unknown whether the abduction actually took place on the night in question, or whether she was vividly remembering a previous experience, but the former option seems more likely. When Anne got in touch she had no idea that what she had described was a Mantid, a species which has been reported many times before, although they are not seen as commonly as some of the other species. Many people believe the Mantids are a benevolent race, and if there is a hierarchy between ET species they are thought to be high up in this hierarchy. The long hooded robes that the Mantid was wearing are also commonly reported, which is yet more evidence that this was more than just a strange dream.

The coach-like vehicle she found herself on accompanied by the blond haired man is interesting, and could have been a transportation craft of some kind. The fact that the vehicle had no windows or apparent driving setup tends to support this theory. Was the blond haired man sitting next to her another abductee, or could he too have been an extraterrestrial? The species known as the Nordics are reported as having blond hair, could he have been a Nordic who was there to accompany her to her destination? This is only a possibility to consider, there is nothing else which would suggest this.

The lack of emotion shown by the being is another commonly reported factor. The fact that it appeared to be stopping people from speaking or interacting gives the experience a negative almost hostile edge. What were the people being taken for? What plans did the Mantids have for them? Why were they not allowing them to interact with one another?

Was the large room Anne then found herself in aboard a large spacecraft? The glowing white light coming from all around is very commonly reported during contact experiences. However what of the rows of bunk beds she saw? This aspect gives the experience a more earthly aspect, although it is entirely possible that the ETs had created these on purpose to appear familiar to Anne and the other people present. Or could some aspects of the experience be a screen memory? The ETs have the ability to mask their own appearance and also the appearance of their surroundings, often adjusting things to appear more familiar.

It is unknown whether anything else took place during this experience, although it does seem probable. There would be no reason for the Mantids to take so many people without interacting with them in any way at their destination, and then simply return them. It is possible that hypnotic regression would reveal further memories of what took place.

Other Contact Experiences

While Anne does not remember seeing Mantids on any other occasions, there are a number of signs that suggest she may have been taken at other times. Sometimes when she is lying down in bed on her own, the bed starts to gently shake, and when it does this she will always fall off to sleep immediately, almost like she is being sedated.

On other occasions she has felt a presence in the room. Again when this occurs she will suddenly feel very sleepy. Sometimes she has fought against this sleep, then jumped up out of bed and either put the light on or gone and got her partner. On one particular occasion she saw a shadowy figure standing next to her bed. It appeared to be about 3 feet in height, and was covered completely in a robe, with a hood covering over the head. It was quite stocky in build. As it was dark in the room she could not make out any details, it was just an outline. When she saw this figure she got extremely frightened. She leapt up out of the bed and ran out of the room.

Some of what Anne is describing here could be explained away as side effects of the condition known as sleep paralysis. This is where the body starts to drop off to sleep, but then becomes conscious. However from what Anne has said, she does not appear to be paralysed during these experiences – she is often able to actually get up out of bed. She does not recall being paralysed on any of these occasions, including the incidents where the bed has shaken.

I feel that there is certainly the possibility that these experiences are the result of further visitations and abductions. Most of the time memories of contact are blocked out from the conscious mind. This is probably deliberate, and done so that the contactee has no idea they have been taken. Could Anne have undergone experiences which she currently has no recollection of?

UFO Sightings

Anna has now moved to Spain where she lives with her partner and children. She and her partner have witnessed UFOs in the sky numerous times. Anna says the sky is very clear after dark so it is easy to spot things which are out of the ordinary. Many times they have seen objects which at first appear to be stars in the sky, but then suddenly descend rapidly. She wonders if military planes are the explanation behind some of these sightings. They have also seen a pulsating white light at high altitude that moved across the sky in a pulsing motion similar to a jellyfish. I hope to obtain further details on these incidents from Anna soon.

Anger Manifestation

On numerous occasions Anne has apparently remotely affected objects around her when she has got angry. She says that electrical objects in her proximity such as electric car windows and TVs have inexplicably stopped working, and then later on will work fine again.

One time she went out to her local shop, just round the corner from her house. On the way home, she had an argument with a neighbour. When she got back home she took out her front door key and found that it had bent in half. She was certain it had been fine when she locked the door on the way out, and had not consciously bumped into anything which could have caused such damage to the key. She believes it is possible that her own anger had somehow caused it.


I certainly feel that Anna may be a repeat contactee. Although many aspects of her experience at 8-10 years old are unusual, I feel that the fact she accurately described a Mantid being without any prior knowledge of them is too much of a coincidence. Also other aspects of the experience fit with contact, such as the large room bathed in bright white light. Her other experiences point towards further contact which she cannot currently remember the details of. A hypnotic regression may be a way that Anna could remember further details of her experiences, although because of where she now lives it is unlikely I will be able to arrange this for her, at least in the near future.

Other things she has experienced suggest that she may have psychic abilities or heightened senses, something often reported by contactees. Add to that the fact she has has numerous UFO sightings where many go through their whole life without seeing one. Although some of the evidence may possibly be explained away, I still feel it is a strong enough case to suggest that contact is taking place.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2010



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