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Lyneham Contact Case - Grey, Orb, Missing Time

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 25/06/2012

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used

In many cases of ET contact, it is generally just one individual who undergoes the experiences, with other family members only indirectly affected. However sometimes numerous people can all be directly involved. These cases can be particularly convincing due to multiple accounts of the same incident.

This report covers a fascinating experience involving a mother, her son and daughter, as well as an earlier ET visitation experienced by the mother at a young age.

Glowing Orb

In 1987 Mark, his sister Carol and mother Deidre lived in a RAF officers house which was part of an estate on Muscovey Close, Lyneham, Wiltshire. Mark’s father was RAF air crew so was away from home a lot of the time. Mark was between 13-14 years old, Carol was around 18-19 and Deidre between 36 and 37.

Aerial map Muscovey Close, showing its proximity to RAF Lyneham:

Photograph of Muscovy Close:

One night Mark was woken from his sleep by a strange sound. He felt that the time was between 1-2am but he did not check the clock. He had gone to bed around 10pm that evening, and felt that he had been asleep for at least a few hours. Outside it a typical still and quiet night. The noise he could hear was a continuous high pitched ringing which seemed to fill the entire house. It seemed to be coming from the back of the house. He had never heard anything like it before and was frightened as to what could be causing it. He was confused and wanted to know what it was, so he jumped out of bed and went through to his mother’s room.

He found that she was still asleep, so he woke her up to ask her what the strange sound was. Deidre was just as confused as Mark as to what the sound was. Less than a minute later, Carol also came into the room, again un-nerved by the strange noise. They huddled up on the bed and continued to listen. The noise seemed to slowly be getting louder and louder.

A couple of minutes went by, then suddenly without warning a glowing orb of light appeared in the room. It was over to the left of them near to the door. The orb was about 4 feet off the floor and was glowing a bright white, with green shimmering around the edges. It was quite small in size, about the size of an apple. It did not look like a solid object, more like a ball of energy. It was quite clear in the semi-dark room, but was not so bright that it illuminated the surroundings.

The orb moved to the right slowly, about a foot every few seconds. As it moved the sound also changed, and it was clear that the noise was resonating from this object. It continued on this straight course across to the right side of the room, by which time it had moved about 15 feet.

And then...nothing. Everyone woke up the following morning like normal, and had completely forgotten about the incident. This extremely strange event which had frightened them all during the night had been completely wiped from their minds.

Details of the experience would not return for several of years. These details came back to Mark initially, and later to his sister and mother. He doesn’t really know how this happened; there was no sudden flashback or revelation. The memories of what had taken place came back to him but at first felt to him like a unusual dream. However the more he thought about it, the more he felt that it was not a dream and may have actually taken place. He also had a strange feeling that he wasn’t supposed to or allowed to talk about what had happened with anyone.

Not long after, Mark was out on a bike ride with his mother. Despite the strong feeling that he wasn’t supposed to talk about the incident, he decided to bring it up in conversation. He recalls feeling the same sense of fear that he had felt on the night itself as he went over the details of what he remembered. To his surprise his mum remembered exactly the same thing. Just like him she had no memory of anything taking place after seeing the glowing orb. She too felt that for some reason she was not supposed to talk about it. Mark felt pleased that his mother had confirmed the incident was real, but was also a sense of fear about what had occurred.

A while after the bike ride, Deidre mentioned the incident to Carol. She too had remembered what had happened, and reacted by exclaiming “Oh my god, I thought that was a dream!” Just like Mark and Deidre she could not remember anything else which happened that night.

The family did not speak of the incident again until several years later when they were all together somewhere. Mark says this was due to the fact that it felt uncomfortable to talk about it, as well as the fact that there was nothing really any of them could say about it which hadn’t already been discussed. It has remained a mystery ever since.

Glowing Orb - Conversation Transcript

It was Mark who got in touch with BUFOG about the experience. After speaking with him via E-Mail, I asked him to ask his sister and mother if I could speak with them about what happened. Below is the conversation Mark had with his sister, which he gratefully transcribed for me:

M: Morning Carol, don't know if you remember when living in Muscovy seeing that strange light that time? Always confused me to what it was and why I can't remember talking about it the next day and not remembering anything for about two years. Anyway I E-mailed this bloke on a paranormal / UFO website just to ask if anyone else ever had the same experience. I got talking to him and he said he could get some woman he works with to hypnotise me and see if I can remember any more at no cost, so think it would be interesting and worth a go. I spoke to mum about it and she remembers it too but in a slightly different way and is happy to speak to him about it, Anyway this bloke asked if he could E-Mail you and get a statement of what you remember if anything and if you’re interested in finding out anymore.

C: Yes I can remember it, but only bits and pieces, mostly I remember a light going across the room, and I didn't remember anything until about 10 years later when mum, you or Simon mentioned it! Was Simon there? I would be happy to give a statement but it's not much my E-Mail address is ***************. Oooh how interesting!

M: No was just me you and mum. Cool I'll pass it on. It's just something that's bugged me for years and what I always found strange was the not remembering about it for so long after, as if you witnessed something like that the next day you would surely talk about it and remember.

C: I know! That's what I find weird too; I can't remember how old I was? Also when it was brought up I remember thinking that we shouldn't be talking about it! But I don't think that now.

M: Yeah that's how I felt for a long time, but not bothered about it now.

C: How old were you?

M: I think I was about thirteen or fourteen and around sixteen or seventeen when it started to come back to me.

C: Ah that makes me twenty! I think it was before I had Sal. But I could have been pregnant.

M:  Yeah was think it was about a year before Sal was born. But I'm a bit vague but Justin had moved out so I think it was around that time.

Glowing Orb – Mother’s Statement

On 22nd April 2012 I got in touch with Deidre about the incident over the phone. Below is the statement that she gave about the experience. As with the rest of the report, the names mentioned have been changed:

“It was a long time ago, and it certainly was very odd what happened. I was talking about it to Carol, my daughter and she can remember it quite clearly, but there are things that Mark and I remember that she doesn’t remember. As I remember it, Mark must have been about thirteen, fourteen at the time, and my husband was in the Air Force, and he was away as he always was, and I was in my own in bed.

I didn’t wake up to any noise or anything, I just remember waking up to Mark. He said “Mum!” and came into my bedroom, and as he came running in he got into my bed, I saw this light sort of following him, I didn’t know what it was at first, and then my daughter came in as well, and they both just jumped into bed really quietly, and the light as I recall moved across the bedroom, and it was orb-like, sort of tennis ball sized I suppose, and there was a whining with it, and it just went from one side to the other.

Now I can’t honestly say what happened to the light. I just remember it going across the room, and I do remember saying to the kids, ‘cause they got into the bed, and I remember saying “Don’t look at it!” I just said “Don’t look at it!” I don’t know why I said this, I think it was the whine and I can remember being frightened actually, and there was no way I would have got out of bed and sort of looked at it, and I often wonder why. And it just went slowly across the room into the corner and I don’t remember after that, and we certainly never talked about it. And it was years, years later, that Mark and I were going for a walk, we had our bikes actually, we were biking up a hill, and he said “You know, there’s something I want to talk to you about.”

As soon as he mentioned it I remembered it, and I said “Ooh yeah!” And I’d definitely forgotten but I never thought about it. And then a while after that I saw my daughter Carol and I said “Do you remember?” and she said “Yes I do remember it”. She said “I was really frightened”.  I said “Well we all were, we all got in my bed and honestly I couldn’t tell you anything more about it. The glow of the orb, and the whine, it was like a light, to me it was a light colour like a white light but Carol said to me that she remembered it with a line through it and she said it had a pinky colour to her. And I said no I didn’t see anything that colour. So it’s really a most peculiar thing. I just sort of shrugged my shoulders about it.”

Glowing Orb – Sister’s Statement

I received Carol’s statement via E-Mail on 25th April 2012. It read as follows:

“I was woken by something; I don't know what because I can't remember the noise, although I feel there was one. I went into my mother's bedroom and my brother Mark also came in. My father was away at the time so it was just me, Mark and my mum. I don't remember any of us talking to each other, just getting into my mum’s bed and all cuddling up together and us all being very frightened. Then a light came into my mum’s bedroom, it was approximately 2 feet above the bed and moved across the room from right to left, disappearing through the wall. The size of the light was about a tennis ball size, it may have been slightly bigger and was glowing white and I feel it had a red line running through it, coming out of each end about a foot.

At this point I think there was a high pitched humming noise. I can't remember anything else until we talked about it years and years later, not even waking up the next day thinking it was a dream! It wasn't until my mum remarked “Do you remember that strange thing that happened to me, you and Mark years ago?” that I got very upset and had a feeling of panic and saying we shouldn't be talking about it! My feelings of what it was? I don't know, I am inclined to believe it was a poltergeist.”

Glowing Orb – Analysis

This incident is truly fascinating, and has numerous aspects which fit in with ET contact. It clearly took place as it was experienced by three witnesses, so could not have been a dream or visual & audible hallucination of some kind. What could the glowing orb of light have been? A natural explanation for such a sight could be ball lightning, which are rare but do exist. However these only occur during stormy weather. The weather was clear at the time of the experience. Also ball lightning is completely silent, it is just an electrical charge that builds up in the air. It does not make the loud whining sound which was heard. Therefore I believe this explanation can be put out of the question. Many contactees have reported seeing these orbs around their home, and they do seem to have a link with contact. It is possible that they are a manifestation of some kind, or possess intelligence and are used for monitoring purposes.

The way in which the family experienced missing time, and also completely forgot about the experience immediately after it had taken place have both been reported before in many ET contact and UFO sighting cases. There has to be a definite reason why this occurred. Even if one person were to forget about such an experience, the chance that all three witnesses would forget is inconceivable considering how unusual and frightening it was. Also even when the details did come back to them years later, none of them had any recollection as to what happened next – where the orb went, how they returned to their beds. If the two children were frightened they would surely have remained in the room with their mother and slept alongside her. Yet when they woke up in the morning they were all back in their own beds.

What occurred here is commonly referred to as a memory block. This is something which I and many others believe to be a genuine part of contact experiences, and probably initiated by the ETs themselves so that the individuals will not recall what has happened to them. There are many different theories as to why they would do this, but I feel it is probably done to prevent any long term trauma that the experience may cause.

Another aspect that is common with these so called memory blocks is that the individual feels that they are not allowed to or should not discuss the experience with anyone else. This suggests that the ETs do not want them to share the details of what has happened to them. Considering the fact that these beings are working in covert and are not currently engaging with the human race openly, this makes perfect sense. All three witnesses in this case experienced these feelings, although they now feel more open to talk about what happened after so many years.

Mark has decided to be regressed to see if any further details about this experience come to light. This will be arranged within the coming months, and I will update this report with any findings after it has taken place. It would be great if Carol could be independently regressed, but at present this is not something she wishes to proceed with. Deidre has stated that she has gone for hypnosis before but she could not be hypnotised. She says that because of this it is unlikely to work and for this reason does not wish to go ahead with one at this time.

Grey Visitation

The glowing orb incident was not the first experience that Deidre had ever had. When I rang her up to ask about what took place at Lyneham, she recounted a visitation from a Grey, and possible abduction which occurred when she was young. Earlier in her life she lived over in Kenya on a farm. One day in 1957 when she was just 5 years old, she went to check on the chickens. They were kept in a round hutch along a path which lead through the bush from the main farm buildings. Off to the left side of the path was a large field of maize. This was very high, about 6-7 feet tall. It was also very dense.

Deidre walked along past this field of maize. When she had almost reached the chicken’s hutch, she suddenly had the distinct feeling that something was watching her. She looked up and to her left, and saw the face of a Grey staring directly at her. Obviously at the time she had no idea what it was, however later on when she was older she saw pictures of Greys and realised that what she had seen looked the same.

The Grey had large black eyes and very pale skin, nearly white in colour. Its head was sticking out above the crop, and was swaying back and forth. Deidre could not see the body of the being as the maize was too dense. However the crop was very tall so unless the being was over 7 feet in height, it appears to have been floating. This could explain the swaying motion observed. The being was clearly observing her.

Deidre was of course un-nerved by the strange creature looking at her. She crouched down and began drawing in the dirt. She felt that if she ignored the being and didn’t look at it, it would go away. She did this for a short while without anything happening. In the end she decided to look up to see if it was still there.

This was the last thing that she remembers doing. Just like the glowing orb experience, Deidre then had a period of missing time. As she was so young she finds it difficult to say what her next clear memory was. She certainly doesn’t remember walking back to the house. However she does have a very strange memory that she feels may be related. She remembers being inside her home next to a rolled up decorated rug in the living room. She was bending down and rubbing the ends of her fingers on the rug again and again until the ends of them were red and sore. She has no idea why she was doing this, and while she is not certain about when this occurred, she believes it was directly after seeing the Grey in the field.

Grey Visitation – Analysis

If this incident took place as Deidre remembers, then it is clear that she is a contactee. Whether she has had other experiences prior to the glowing orb which have been blocked out of her mind is unknown at present. However there is certainly the possibility that the two incidents we do know about are connected despite the fact that they occurred in different countries and many years apart.

After speaking with her in depth, I do not believe that Deidre is fabricating this experience at all. At the time she did not know that the strange figure she saw peering at her was an ET, she only found this out when she was older when she saw a drawing of a Grey somewhere and recognised its features.

Just as with the glowing orb incident, Deidre has a period of missing time surrounding the experience. This suggests that she may have been abducted after seeing the Grey in the field. Perhaps its ship was nearby and she was taken on board, at present we can only speculate. Another interesting aspect is what she was doing directly after the experience – rubbing her fingers on a rug again and again. Could something have been on her fingers that she was determined to remove, something which was causing irritation?

As mentioned earlier,. Deidre has already turned down hypnotic regression due to the fact that she has tried hypnosis before and it didn’t work on her. Therefore it is unlikely she will ever find out what happened during the missing time and how she got back to her house.


This case is on-going, and until Mark has been regressed it would be unwise to draw many conclusions. However there are many aspects of the glowing orb incident which fit with ET contact, and I would not be at all surprised to find out that it was related. Also the incident which happened in Kenya certainly sounds like a definite visitation, as it is very unlikely she would have seen/heard about Greys or the contact subject when she was only five. As there was also missing time with this incident it appears that this visitation may have been followed by an abduction experience, although she has no memories of this at present.

Keep an eye on the website and if it goes ahead I’ll let you know once the regression analysis has been added to the report.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2012



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