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Longbridge Contact Case - Greys Visitation, UFO Sighting, Body Marking

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report Author: Dave Hodrien Release Date: 17/02/2009

In the summer of 2004, Darren Carey had an experience that would change his perception of UFOs forever. Later in the same year, he had a second experience where a number of small beings were seen in his bedroom. It is unknown whether these two events are linked, but it is certainly a possibility, as he has not experienced anything like them before or since. However, there are signs pointing towards ongoing abductions taking place against his knowledge. The incidents will be discussed separately in this report.

June 2004 UFO Sighting

In the summer of 2004, Darren was living in the village of Alvechurch with his wife. One evening in the later part of June, he visited his friend’s house in Longbridge for a catch up. He was driving back home around 11.30pm at night. It was a very warm, clear and still night, and he had the windows of his car down. He was just about to turn onto the Redditch Road when he noticed a bright white light in the field opposite. It was at the back of the field and around 70 foot in the air. It appeared to be stationary. He first assumed it must be a helicopter. He turned right onto the Redditch Road and began to drive along it. He was surprised to see that the light was also travelling in his direction at approximately the same speed, and maintaining the same distance from the road as when he had first sighted it. He kept glancing at the light and wondering what it was. He became more and more confused by it.

Photograph of location where Darren first spotted the object:

How the object looked at a distance:

In the end he decided to pull in at a bus lay by. Looking to his left he could not see the object any more. He got out of the car and walked around to the front of it. He looked all around and was amazed to see that the object was right over his head. It was still around 70 feet up, and looked different to how it had appeared at a distance. He could see a clump of multicoloured lights. The lights were red, blue, green, white and maybe other colours. There was no discernable shape behind the lights but he was sure they were part of one solid object. Strangely, although it was a very clear night, the lights looked blurred / smudged. This could have been caused by the various colours merging into one another, or perhaps it was some sort of aura that the object was giving off. Whatever it was, the lights were not as clear as they should have been for the height the object was and the current weather conditions. Darren also noticed that the object was completely silent. He looked across to the nearby Hopwood Pub car park to see if anyone else was around and looking at it too but nobody was around due to the time of night and quietness of the pub. After about ten seconds of staring up at the object he felt very spooked by it, the hairs on his neck were standing up, and he wanted to get out of there. He got back in his car and drove away, immediately feeling a bit safer but still highly un-nerved by the object.

Photograph of the bus lay by:

How the object looked when it was overhead:

He reached an island and turned right onto Birmingham Road. He thought the object had gone but looking to the right he was amazed to see that the object had crossed the road behind him and was now flying along to the right of him, again matching his speed. Like before, it now appeared as a bright white light, he could not see the other colours in it. At the next island he turned left and again the object changed its course to match, and continued along to the right of him. By this time he felt sure that the object was observing him. He was about to turn left at another island, but this time the object drew closer and passed right over the island in front of him. He turned and the object was now on the left still keeping the same pace as his car. He did not attempt to drive any faster to see if the object would keep up. As he continued along the road the object drifted to the right until it was directly in front of him in the sky. He reached Alvechurch and had to turn right. Rather than following him the object continued straight on and soon he had lost sight of it.

Photograph of location just prior to where Darren lost sight of the object:

Darren got home and woke his wife up to tell her about the object. He then stayed up for hours smoking and thinking about what he had just witnessed. He could find no rational explanation for what had occurred, and to this day feels that the object must have been an extraterrestrial craft of some kind.

Sketch by witness showing journey he took and the path of the object: