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London Contact Case - Greys, Nordics, Abductions, Hybrid, UFO, Automatic Drawing, OOB, Psychic

Birmingham UFO Group report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 11/07/2012

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used


In late April 2012 I was contacted via E-Mail by a lady from London. She informed me that she had experienced some strange and vivid dreams which she would like to understand. She also mentioned that she was seeking answers to what had happened and would be interested in being hypnotically regressed.

I got back to the lady, who in this report I will refer to as Selene, and soon afterwards we met up on Skype to discuss her experiences. As well as her various dreams, she also spoke of a number of drawings she had done which she felt had meaning behind them and were linked with these dreams. This report includes copies of these drawings and Selene’s own interpretation of what they could mean, as well as details of her numerous fascinating experiences.


Between 2008 - 2010 Selene suffered from depression. Eventually she recovered from this, and in April 2011 she began to think about what the next stage in her life would be. However she could not think of anything the world had to offer which she wanted to concentrate on. She felt that she just wanted to leave and broke down crying as a result. While she was crying a very clear and direct thought came to her mind - “Wait one year.” It felt to her that this thought had interrupted her other thoughts, like it had been projected directly into her brain.

She wondered why she had thought this, and what it could mean. As it was 2011 she started looking on the internet about the year 2012 seeking answers. She immediately came across the movie 2012. After watching the movie she read more into the Mayan 2012 prophecies and intrigued by this, continued to read. This lead onto her finding out about governmental conspiracies, and then Reptilian aliens. She read some cases in which they had reportedly materialised out of thin air. The fact that these beings could appear whenever and wherever they chose frightened her, and she felt quite vulnerable. For a while she was not able to sleep well, despite the fact that at this point she had little reason to believe that they would interact with her in any way.

Out Of Body Experience & Grey Visions

In 2011 Selene lived in Winchester. One night between 1-2am Selene was lying down on her bed watching TV. She was naked and lying face up with her head on the pillow. Alongside her was a towel she had dried herself with. She felt very tired but didn’t want to go to sleep. She looked out of the window for a short while. She began to feel sleepy and closed her eyes. But when she did she found that she could still see. She opened her eyes and there was just darkness. Closing her eyes again she found that once more she could see!

Selene was frightened that she had somehow damaged her eyes due to staying awake too long. She then felt a tickling sensation on her forehead and also within her head. She began to shake her head to attempt to stop this sensation. It seemed to work and she felt that everything was fine.

She then decided to get up to go and make a cup of coffee. She sat up on the bed and looked over at the TV. She felt completely normal, other than the fact she was tired. Her hair was still wet so she glanced round to pick up her towel off the bed. When she looked she saw her body still lying down on the bed. This was strange enough, but to top that, her body on the bed was lying down on its front, even though she had felt she was lying face up, right until she sat up off the bed. Her face was to the side and she could see that her eyes were closed.

Selene could not understand what was happening. It was almost like she had instantly fallen asleep but was still conscious and had come out of her physical body. After staring at herself a while she came to the conclusion that she must have died. She felt that she had died and  that soon it would be time to go elsewhere. She stood up in the room and looked out of the window. It was a calm and clear moonlit night. She felt that her father was going to come for her. When he didn’t show up she then felt maybe that she would see light come for her so she could pass over. But she then thought that she didn’t know how to call for anyone, so maybe she would be stuck there. This made her nervous and desperate.

She heard noises of someone moving around in the kitchen. She decided to go downstairs and see if she could call somebody from there. She was about to grab the door handle but then she got frightened that her hand would go right through it. She felt that maybe she would be trapped in the room forever. She wanted to fly away but found that she could not. With nothing else to do, she sat on the bed alongside her body and tried to calm down. She was too frightened to see what would happen if she touched her body. She started to feel sad that nobody had come for her.

Selene remained in that position for a number of hours, watching the early morning television shows. After a long while she began to feel very tired. She wanted to lie down on the bed. She stood up at the side of the bed and wondered how she would lie down with her body there. She lay down and did not feel her body at all, it was like she had re-entered it. She again looked out of the window and could see it was now almost morning time. She closed her eyes and felt herself dropping off to sleep.

Suddenly she once again opened her eyes. For a brief moment she saw a short white being standing by the wardrobe alongside the base of the bed. The figure had the stature of a child. Its face was an off-white colour. It had a large oversized cranium coming down to a thin chin, and large completely black eyes. It was hairless. Selene cannot remember seeing a nose or mouth. The being appeared to be wearing a black or very dark coloured skin tight suit. This seemed to cover the rest of its body, or at least this is what Selene remembers. It is clear from her description that this being was a Grey, although Selene did not realise this at the time as she had only read about Reptilians on the net not Greys. The figure was only visible for a brief second before it vanished. Selene felt that it was just a vision from a dream she had been having.

She then heard a noise that sounded like someone hitting her on the head with a hammer. She felt like she needed to breathe, like she had dived down very deep underwater and needed to take a breath. She felt a little shocked and disoriented. Her whole body was in pain as if she had been doing extensive exercise. For a few seconds she didn’t realise who she was or where she was. Then she remembered looking down at her body and feeling that she had just died. She got up and looked back at the bed but there was nothing there, to her relief she was back inside her body. She checked the clock and found it was now 7am, the time she usually wakes up at. She began to get ready for work. For the rest of the day she felt very tired.

In the evening she had a look on the internet to try and find out what had happened to her. It was here that she learned about out-of-body experiences and near death experiences. She felt that she must have had an out-of-body experience. She did not think much about the small being she had briefly glimpsed as she assumed this had just been a dream.

The following day Selene was off work. She was reading some horrific stories about cattle mutilations online. She thought to herself, wondering why the ETs were doing this against people’s will. Immediately a vision of the face of a being appeared in her mind. This being had an elongated white coloured head which appeared smooth and shiny. Like the short being it had very large black eyes, and a long thin neck. It reminded her of the mask from the “Scream” horror movie series. She could not see the rest of the being but sensed that it was tall.

The being responded to her in her mind, saying that they don’t do anything against our will and never will. Due to what she had read about abductions and animal mutilations she didn’t believe it. The vision lasted for about 5-6 seconds before fading from her mind. Looking back on the incident, Selene feels that it was an ET speaking to her directly. She also believes that it was a type of Grey, although she didn’t interpret it as this at the time.

Within the week following the experience, Selene glimpsed visions of the short Grey on two further occasions. Both times it was standing in the same place in her bedroom and was only seen for the briefest of moments.

The interesting thing about OOBs is that while they initially do not appear to have much to do with ET contact, many contactees have reported having these in addition to their contact experiences so there appears to be a link between the two. Some researchers even speculate that OOBs are the explanation for abductions, however there are many aspects that do not fit with this explanation, aspects which are usually ignored completely by these individuals.

It is very interesting that Selene briefly had a vision of a Grey in her bedroom just as she woke up from her out-of-body experience, and then also on two other occasions within the following days, and also had a vision of a different being soon afterwards. This certainly suggests that the experience was not a normal OOB and could have in some way been related to a contact experience, or perhaps somehow triggered memories of a previous experience. This was not to be the last time she would see the small Grey (see below).

Dreams - Overview

Selene has had a number of very vivid dreams which appear linked to contact. Some could well be actual experiences she has had which have then been blocked out from her conscious mind. Often experiences of this type will later on come back to the individual in this manner. She has not had any noticeable physical side effects from any of the dreams after she has woken so if any of them are of real events it is likely that they have happened in the past. Some of the dreams she has had are unlikely to be of actual events, but could well be visions of the future or metaphorically linked to her experiences.

It should be noted that Selene had looked more into the UFO subject prior to having these dreams, and did know what Greys looked like. However she informed me that had barely looked into the contact aspect, and had no knowledge of their possible agendas. Selene mentioned that these felt far more real and different to any other dreams she has remembered. This is common with contact cases, real experiences can often feel like very vivid dreams. However as there are no physical aspects, you may feel that they were nothing more than her imagination brought on by her research into the subject. Either way they are worth noting.

Abduction Dream

This was the first dream that Selene had which appeared clearly linked with contact. It took place in late October or early November 2011.

At the start of the dream she found herself in a room with white walls, ceiling and floor. She appeared to be grown up rather than a child, but could not tell whether she was younger in the dream than she actually was. She was sitting up on a white smooth plastic-like rectangular table, with her legs dangling off one side. Her legs were bare, and Selene feels that she may have been naked. She could not tell if there was anything under the table, it was quite high and she felt that it may have been free floating.

There was a door in one of the walls of the room, again white in colour. There was also a window through which she could see that she was high up in the air. It was light outside. She could see houses, areas of grass and a river down below. The room she was in appeared to be at normal temperature, it was neither overly hot or cold.

Witness drawing showing her view of the surroundings including the edge of the table and window, and the door in the wall:

In front of her was a Grey with a wrinkled face, a few feet away. She felt like the surroundings and this being were very familiar to her, like she had been here on previous occasions. She was not frightened of the Grey at all and instead felt a connection with it. Due to her research into the subject she recognised it as an ET, although she felt that it may have been a robot rather than a biological being.

The Grey was standing still and not blinking. It spoke to her in her mind, asking her to do something. She cannot remember what it said, but she remembers that her response was “Yes I’ll do it, because that is for a good thing.” She does not remember whether she said this out loud or spoke telepathically using her mind.

Witness drawing of the Grey’s face and the view from the window:

Suddenly she heard a loud female scream coming from outside of the room to her right. It sounded like someone was getting murdered. She wanted to find out who was screaming and why, so she got down off the table. There was an open doorway at one edge of the room. She walked across the room away from the Grey, and stepped through into a corridor. There were lots of open doorways leading off this corridor. A door to her right led through to a very similar room to the one she had been in.

Stepping backwards out of this door was a very frightened lady. She appeared to be English. She was quite obese in size and had very short and thin hair. Her cheeks were red, probably from the screaming. She was wearing a black shirt and beige coloured short trousers. Her lower legs were exposed and covered in red dots like she had just shaved them. She was not wearing any socks or shoes. Immediately Selene had an image appear in her mind of this woman sitting on the sofa eating chips and watching TV just after she had shaved her legs. She has no idea whether this was simply a thought or an actual psychic vision.

Looking through into the other room she saw it was very similar to the one she had initially come from. Again there was a white coloured table. Either side of the table was a Grey. However these beings looked very different to the one she had been speaking with previously. They had blue-grey coloured skin and were both much taller and more slender in build. Selene sensed that they were very wise and also actually alive rather than robotic. She looked at one of the Greys and asked it what was happening. But both of the beings remained still and continued to watch the frightened lady. It appeared that they were waiting to see what she did next.

Witness drawing of the two blue-grey coloured Greys:

The lady raised her hands to her face and continued to scream loudly. She was staring at the two Greys and slowly backing away from them. Selene moved to give her space to walk past. The lady then turned towards Selene momentarily before looking back at the Greys. She did not appear to have seen Selene, possibly because of how panic stricken she was. Selene thought to herself “She even hasn’t noticed that I’m human”. Looking back at the dream Selene finds it odd that she had this thought.

Rather than try to get the lady’s attention, Selene decided to let her calm down first. Another being then emerged from a doorway beyond where the lady was standing. This being was immediately familiar to Selene – it was the small Grey she had seen in her room several times following her out-of-body experience! The Grey had an injection needle like instrument in its hand. As soon as Selene noticed this she realised that this being would take control of the situation. She did not fear for the woman’s safety, she just felt that the best thing for her would be for her to calm down and get her normal senses back.

Witness drawing of the small white-coloured Grey and the lady:

Selene walked back through to the room she had begun in. The Grey she had initially been speaking with was still there but had moved to a different position in the room. When it noticed Selene it looked at her. She spoke with it, saying “She’s not ready yet, I want you to send her back.” This is where the dream ended, though Selene feels certain that they did send the woman back home and didn’t do what they had planned to do.

After the dream ended she continued to sleep as normal until morning. When she awoke, Selene felt like it was still continuing for several seconds before she realised where she was. She clearly remembered what had taken place and decided to write it down due to how vivid it had felt. She also realised that in the dream she had acted differently to how she normally would. Selene says if she saw an ET she would be frightened, yet in the dream she appeared to be comfortable with them.

This experience clearly fits very closely with an abduction experience.  There are many details which closely match other cases I have both directly investigated and heard about over the years. If this dream was a memory of an actual experience, it appears that Selene was abducted at the same time as another lady. With shades of what happened to Travis Walton during his abduction in 1975, this lady appeared to have woken up unintentionally.

Even though Selene has no memory of the ETs actually taking her, the fact that she began sitting on the smooth table aboard the craft suggests that she had been abducted. It appears that Selene was familiar with her surroundings and comfortable with both the situation and the Greys. This suggests that this was far from the first time she had been taken.

There are numerous points which suggest a high level of trust between her and the ETs. More often than not, the contactee is paralysed during their abduction experience. This is probably done to prevent them from attacking the ETs, hurting themselves or reacting precisely how the other lady reacted. The fact that Selene was able to move freely, and was even freely allowed to leave the room and walk around the craft suggests that the ETs trusted her and were not bothered by her decision to do this.

Usually the ETs will not even speak with the contactee, or will just say a few words to calm them down. However they appeared fine with conversing with Selene. Towards the end of the experience, Selene actually asked them to do something, and although she does not actually remember them acting on her request, she feels that they did and that she had intervened with their original plans. This may suggest a deeper connection with the beings than many contactees seem to have.

Near Future Events Dream

Approximately a week after her initial dream, Selene had another dream linked with contact. She once again found herself aboard a craft, though this one was completely different to before. Unlike the previous dream, this craft was out in space. Selene feels that it may have been a mother-ship of some kind.

She was standing in a large open area, which she believes was the front of the craft. The walls were white in colour, and the ceiling was very high. In front of her was a table above which was a holographic representation of planets including our solar system. Surrounding this were many distant stars that looked like pin-pricks of light. The planets in the hologram looked completely solid, they were not semi-transparent. They were moving slowly on their orbits.

On the other side of the table was a human-looking woman. She was about 170-175cm in height and in good shape. She had short blonde-coloured hair. Selene cannot remember too much detail about her other facial features. On the far side of the area, at what Selene believed to be the forward facing edge, was a long window which looked out to the stars.

The woman began to speak, referring to the holographic display. When she did so she spoke to Selene telepathically, her lips did not move. The voice in Selene’s mind sounded calm and gentle. The woman said “Mercury will see the Sun as the first. When Venus will see the Sun, it will go further away, and when Earth will see the Sun, it will go much further away”. As she said this, the Earth in the holographic display moved and entered what appeared to be a different planetary system shown above it. As it did so all the surrounding stars also changed. Selene had the impression that this was not only a different place in space but maybe a different universe entirely. The new system that the Earth moved into appeared to have over 16 planets, and the Earth was the 5th closest to the new Sun.

Selene reached up and tried to touch the hologram. She was excited to find that she could actually feel the planets in her hands like they were solid and physical. The lady began to speak again. Selene cannot fully remember what she said but from what she remembers she stated that she had a task to do, but something needed to take place first. After this, the Earth would be in a different universe and then she would need to perform this task. She also mentioned a coming war.

Then the woman took a step backwards away from the table, and pointed towards the long window. Selene walked up to the window and looked out into space to see what the woman was pointing at. She saw fleets made up of what appeared to be hundreds of craft. All these craft looked the same, and were all a dull yellow non-metallic looking colour. She believed they were warships, although there were no visible weapons on them.

The woman said to her “You see, everyone is waiting.” Selene was shocked and could feel her heart beat. She exclaimed “Why?!” This is where Selene’s dream ended. However when she woke up she was left with the feeling that her and the lady had continued discussing what was to come. The lady had told her that there were multiple species. Some were good, some had bad intentions and others were un-decided. These un-decided species had the choice to either help us or join the species with bad intentions. However they had decided to help us. The lady said there would be a war and that we should prepare for it.

The lady that Selene saw in this dream was more than likely a Nordic. It is clear that she wasn’t human as she spoke to Selene telepathically. The Nordics (sometimes referred to as the Pleidians) look extremely human-like but are almost always described as having blonde-coloured hair. They have been reported by lots of contactees, including many I have directly investigated.

The hologram which Selene describes, with its unusual physical properties, is very reminiscent of what was seen in the recent Ridley Scott movie "Prometheus". However it should be noted that Selene discussed this with me before the movie was released at the cinema, so it is very unlikely that she got the idea for it from this. Obviously there have been numerous other movies before which have shown similar things e.g. "Mission To Mars", though to be fair you could say that about most things.

Selene feels that what she was shown was events which would take place in Earths near future, though there was nothing which directly indicated when or where she was. Could Selene have really been shown things which are going to take place – a coming intergalactic war and the moving of our entire planet to a new point in space or even a new dimension? And if so, for what purpose? For what reason would she be shown such things? At present we cannot say for sure. However if what Selene dreamed about is actually real, the implications are absolutely massive.

Meeting Discussion Dream

Again within a week of the hologram dream, Selene had another similar dream. She felt that she was on the same craft as her previous dream but within a different area. She found herself in a hallway-like area with a window positioned on either side. At either end of this hallway was an open door leading off to other areas. Selene was aware that one of these doorways led off to the area at the front of the ship which she had been in during her previous dream. The other doorway led to a meeting room at the centre of the craft.

In the dream, Selene was aware that she was close to the Earth, and would be able to view both it and the Sun from the window of the craft. In her own words Selene says “They try to keep the craft in view of the Sun and Earth so people (humans) on the craft can see it, so they will not feel too far away from home”. She was standing near to one of the two windows so she decided to look outside. But she saw nothing but darkness. She walked across to the other side of the hallway and looked out, expecting to see them. When she looked she could see the Sun, but the Earth was not where it should be.

Another thing that Selene knew was that there was a meeting between different beings taking place in the central area leading off from the hallway. She was waiting until this meeting came to a close. However she grew tired of waiting on her own, and was also curious to discover what the ETs were discussing. She was angry that they would not let her be a part of the meeting, and couldn’t understand why she had to be excluded. She walked into the meeting room.

The circle of beings were made up of was a human male who looked like an Indian, the lady with blonde hair she had seen in her previous dream, a tall blue-grey coloured Grey, some shorter Greys, and a tall blue coloured humanoid wearing golden and blue coloured robes. Selene felt that this being was the most hierarchically important.

There was one more figure in this circle. It was another her. A wiser version of herself. Rather than a clone, Selene believes that this was her subconscious or her soul, a part of her which had been separated from her physical body. From what she understands, this is the part of her which the ETs directly interact with. Selene went and stood next to her other self. Her other self was discussing what she would do next with the rest of the circle. Selene had the impression that they wanted her to be there so that she could remember it. This was where the dream ended.

Unlike her two previous dreams, this one actually felt like a dream rather than something more vivid and real. However she does believe that it was more than just her imagination and the ETs were trying to tell her something through it.

UFO Sighting

After experiencing the above mentioned dreams, Selene believed that they were both significant and contact related. She wanted to see a UFO as she felt that this would confirm this was the case. She thought to herself that she would not purposely go looking to see one; if she was undergoing contact then they would come to her. She also told herself that she would not accept an unidentified light in the sky as a genuine sighting; she would only be convinced if she saw a proper structured object.

It was between 4-5pm on a day in late November 2011. Due to the time of year it was already dark. It was cloudy and cold, with light rain. Selene was on her way home from the nursery where she works. She was walking along a road in Hainault, London. There were a couple of other ladies nearby.

She happened to look up into the sky to her left. It was now that she saw a strange object hovering 10-20 metres over the tops of the houses on the opposite side of the road. The object was disc shaped, with a wider band around its middle. This had a number of multi-coloured lights around it – red, green, yellow, blue and white. The lights were flashing in a circular pattern continuously. The main body of the object was a dull metallic colour.

The object was hovering completely motionless. Selene stared at the object for a couple of minutes. It continued to hover in the sky. She thought to herself “Thanks, I got the message, my dreams are true. Now you can go.”  But the UFO remained. Selene decided to continue walking. She glanced back and the object was still visible.

After a short while she looked again. She could see that the object had now moved higher in the sky and further away from her. As it had now clearly moved she decided to stay and watch it to see what it would do next. For a time it was still. Then it began ascending in a zig-zag pattern. Shortly after this it vanished without trace, not into the distance, it was just gone.

Selene was convinced that the object had been an ET craft and that they had appeared on purpose to prove to her that she was experiencing contact. Sadly she did not have a camera on her at the time so could not film the UFO. Nor did she tell either of the women who were walking nearby. She felt that they probably didn’t want to see it and she would look stupid if she pointed it out to them. Later on she told her mother about the sighting, and her mum informed her that she had also seen two UFOs that same week!

Distraction Dream

In this dream, which took place soon after the UFO sighting, Selene found herself standing in a school classroom. There were lots of desks, a blackboard and many windows through which bright sunlight poured. She sensed another person standing alongside her to her left. She looked round and saw that it was her other self from her previous dream. Her other self appeared to be waiting for someone. Then a blue-grey coloured Grey came into view. It was around the same height as her, and appeared younger than the ones she had seen in her other dreams.

Selene was aware that the Grey wanted to take away her other self. But her other self said “She doesn’t sleep yet.” The Grey moved its hand up and then Selene began to hear a buzzing noise.

Even though she was interested in what the Grey and her other self were doing, she felt obsessed to look for the source of the buzzing sound, it drew her like a magnet. She began to search round the classroom. Suddenly she saw a bee but in reverse colours, mostly black but with yellow stripes. Her other self said to the Grey “She sees it as the bee with opposite colours.” The bee flew around the room and then landed to her right. As it did, a huge sunflower sprouted up from where it sat. Selene felt that the Grey was showing her child-like visions to distract her so that it could take away her other self. She felt that where they were going to she could not follow. She didn’t want to lose sight of them but felt compelled to look at the bee. And when she looked back they were both gone. At that precise moment the bee also vanished and she forgot all about it, she just remembered that she had been searching for something.

This dream is certainly metaphorical. It is very unlikely that Selene found herself in this situation and actually physically experienced it as she remembered. However it may well be symbolic, and could suggest that a part of her, perhaps her sub-conscious is linked with the beings, yet her physical body is not. This is what Selene herself feels is the meaning behind this particular dream.

Meeting Her Son

In late 2011 Selene had a fascinating vision, one which had a lasting effect on her. It happened without warning during the day time. She was on her way to the nursery. Suddenly she saw a male being standing in front of her. He was very tall and was wearing a long dark coloured coat. He had long pale blond/white coloured hair and large completely black eyes, similar to the eyes of the Greys she had seen on previous occasions. However his other features looked completely human.

The man then took Selene to a different place. She found herself standing in front of some kind of transparent wall. Through this wall she could see a place covered in lush green vegetation. The sun was shining brightly and it looked beautiful and calm. She turned to look at the tall being. He pointed towards the wall and Selene knew that he was inviting her to step through it. When she did so, her body changed and she found that she now was now one of his race. She was taller and had blonde coloured hair. She was wearing a long pale beige/white coloured coat.

She entered a building with a dome made from white coloured stone. Inside the dome she sat down in a circle with other beings. All of them looked similar to her and were wearing the same garments. She watched as they made a drink out of some long green leaves. They handed a cup of this drink to her. She tried it but didn’t like it as it tasted quite bitter. They were talking amongst themselves and also with her, though she cannot remember exactly what was being said.

Her next memory was of leaving this strange place. The male being was there near to her. There was also a five year old boy there. Even though he was clearly not human she recognised him as her own son. She knew that she had to leave and return to Earth. She wanted him to come with her but he told her that he could not go. She hugged him and then stepped back through the transparent wall. As she did she once again became human.

She then found herself back on Earth walking towards the nursery. But she could still see the male being, although he was standing further away from her. She asked him why she could not take her son with her. He said that he would not survive on Earth so had to remain where he was. The vision of the male being then faded away.

Selene felt deeply saddened. It felt to her that her own son had been taken away from her. This feeling remained with her for several weeks and was quite overbearing. During this time she had to keep telling herself over and over that she did not have a son.


Occasionally contactees find that as a result of having contact experiences they suddenly become very artistic, which sometimes is completely unlike them. The art pieces they create appear to be linked with their experiences. They often contain symbols, complex geometrical shapes or recognisable images such as ET faces.

Earlier in her life Selene had been an artist. But she had not drawn for many years. However in early 2012 she began feeling the urge to draw pictures again. She believes that these pictures have come as a result of her contact experiences. In the past she would always think of what she was going to draw. However these recent pictures she has drawn have been drawn completely abstract. She has not been aware of what she is drawing and has just let her hand move.

When she has drawn these pictures, Selene has felt like there is a female being to her right side guding her hand. It felt like she has stepped aside and let this being control her hand movements, although she has never physically seen anyone there by her.

Sometimes she has been given an explanation for what she has drawn, other times she has sensed that the drawing is done to assist in her remembering something from her past. Below are each of the drawings she has done including Selene’s own interpretation of what they may show.

“I think that picture on the right represents balanced energy, while the picture on the left side represents unbalanced energy. The spiral above represents a galaxy or something similar. Something is falling from the galaxy.”

“I’m not sure what this is. The spiral in the centre represents something (don’t know what), and the spiral on the left represents how we see it or perceive it. The spiral below it represents some kind of imbalance. The helix on the top represent DNA that is trapped in something (I think some kind of energy). The triangles on the top right corner both represent some kind of electrical towers that send or receive signals. Under them is some land with a tower on. I’ve feel I’ve been told by somebody that this picture is to remind me of something, but I don’t remember anything. The rest is very strange to me.”

“This is again something to do with DNA. She (the being that was drawing it through me) tried to show me how the DNA looks. There are different frequencies of DNA strands. The other frequency than we do not currently have is, or will be, inside of the present one. On the right side there is some kind of device or machine that is sending something on Earth to stop or promote DNA growth. The little device or machine is doing opposite. I have no idea what the little thing in front of the first described machine is.”

“This is the same machine as on the previous picture. DNA needs something to grow or access something, and this device is preventing it from doing so.”

“I don’t know what this is. I don’t know if it has some sense or meaning.”

Drawings - Analysis

These pictures are very interesting indeed, especially as Selene feels that they have been drawn by the ETs working through her rather than thought up by herself. It is clear that many of the pictures show DNA helixes. While the rest of the images are open to interpretation, they could well be themed around energy balances and DNA manipulating devices as Selene believes they are. This fits in with the commonly held belief that the ETs are involved with an ongoing genetic program, mixing our genes with their own and possibly manipulating our development as a species.

The final picture seems to show the same electrical towers which Selene has drawn on the second picture. On the right appears to be DNA strands again, perhaps entering something. The upper part of the picture could well show star constellations and possibly a sun or planet in the top right corner.

It should also be noted that the base of the 3rd drawing looks somewhat similar to Solsbury Hill, an Iron Age hill fort situated near Batheaston in Somerset, England. Although this is probably just coincidence, it is still worth mentioning.

Photograph of Solsbury Hill:

Psychic Abilities

As with many other contactees, Selene has informed me that she has high intuition and can often sense emotions of people near to her. She can sense what they are feeling. She believes she has had this ability since childhood but has only accepted it as fact in recent years. When she was young she often used to forget people’s names and faces. People used to think she was arrogant. But in reality she just saw them differently. She was more interested in who they were as a person, their personality and emotions.

It rarely happens randomly, usually Selene will actively think about how the person is feeling or the emotions will become apparent after she has spent a period of time with them. However occasionally she senses emotions but does not know from who they are coming from. Sometimes Selene will get a visual representation of the cause of the person’s emotions within her head. This may be something recent or something which has happened to them many years ago. Because of her ability, Selene does not like crowds of people and tends to avoid them.

There have been a number of occasions where Selene has had confirmation that her ability is real. She has surprised people by telling them how they are feeling. She has informed people of the real reason for their emotional state, and they have been frightened by how she has known this information. Because of these experiences she tends to keep these thoughts to herself more often than not.

In over half the contact cases I have investigated, the individuals involved have described having psychic or sixth sense abilities, usually without me having to ask them directly. This is far too regular to be just coincidence, and I am convinced that there is a link between ET contact and these abilities. The real reason for this link is not yet fully understood.


This is certainly a very interesting case. Because Selene has looked into contact prior to her numerous vivid dreams it is impossible to rule out the possibility that some of what she has seen has not been down to her own imagination. However in addition to these dreams she has had many other contact-related experiences. She has had daytime flashbacks of beings and other worlds, one of the ways that these experiences can often come to light. She has had an impressive UFO sighting which appeared to be in response to a request. She has drawn numerous pieces of art which seem to be linked to her experiences. She has also mentioned other things such as her psychic ability which are often reported by contactees. All of this points to a compelling case for contact.

Selene is seeking answers to what has taken place, and has decided to proceed with a hypnotic regression. We plan to go ahead with this in the coming months. If any additional information is uncovered from this, it will be added to this report in due course.

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