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London Contact Case - Greys, Nordics, Abductions, Hybrid, UFO, Automatic Drawing, OOB, Psychic

Birmingham UFO Group report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 11/07/2012

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used


In late April 2012 I was contacted via E-Mail by a lady from London. She informed me that she had experienced some strange and vivid dreams which she would like to understand. She also mentioned that she was seeking answers to what had happened and would be interested in being hypnotically regressed.

I got back to the lady, who in this report I will refer to as Selene, and soon afterwards we met up on Skype to discuss her experiences. As well as her various dreams, she also spoke of a number of drawings she had done which she felt had meaning behind them and were linked with these dreams. This report includes copies of these drawings and Selene’s own interpretation of what they could mean, as well as details of her numerous fascinating experiences.


Between 2008 - 2010 Selene suffered from depression. Eventually she recovered from this, and in April 2011 she began to think about what the next stage in her life would be. However she could not think of anything the world had to offer which she wanted to concentrate on. She felt that she just wanted to leave and broke down crying as a result. While she was crying a very clear and direct thought came to her mind - “Wait one year.” It felt to her that this thought had interrupted her other thoughts, like it had been projected directly into her brain.

She wondered why she had thought this, and what it could mean. As it was 2011 she started looking on the internet about the year 2012 seeking answers. She immediately came across the movie 2012. After watching the movie she read more into the Mayan 2012 prophecies and intrigued by this, continued to read. This lead onto her finding out about governmental conspiracies, and then Reptilian aliens. She read some cases in which they had reportedly materialised out of thin air. The fact that these beings could appear whenever and wherever they chose frightened her, and she felt quite vulnerable. For a while she was not able to sleep well, despite the fact that at this point she had little reason to believe that they would interact with her in any way.

Out Of Body Experience & Grey Visions

In 2011 Selene lived in Winchester. One night between 1-2am Selene was lying down on her bed watching TV. She was naked and lying face up with her head on the pillow. Alongside her was a towel she had dried herself with. She felt very tired but didn’t want to go to sleep. She looked out of the window for a short while. She began to feel sleepy and closed her eyes. But when she did she found that she could still see. She opened her eyes and there was just darkness. Closing her eyes again she found that once more she could see!

Selene was frightened that she had somehow damaged her eyes due to staying awake too long. She then felt a tickling sensation on her forehead and also within her head. She began to shake her head to attempt to stop this sensation. It seemed to work and she felt that everything was fine.

She then decided to get up to go and make a cup of coffee. She sat up on the bed and looked over at the TV. She felt completely normal, other than the fact she was tired. Her hair was still wet so she glanced round to pick up her towel off the bed. When she looked she saw her body still lying down on the bed. This was strange enough, but to top that, her body on the bed was lying down on its front, even though she had felt she was lying face up, right until she sat up off the bed. Her face was to the side and she could see that her eyes were closed.

Selene could not understand what was happening. It was almost like she had instantly fallen asleep but was still conscious and had come out of her physical body. After staring at herself a while she came to the conclusion that she must have died. She felt that she had died and  that soon it would be time to go elsewhere. She stood up in the room and looked out of the window. It was a calm and clear moonlit night. She felt that her father was going to come for her. When he didn’t show up she then felt maybe that she would see light come for her so she could pass over. But she then thought that she didn’t know how to call for anyone, so maybe she would be stuck there. This made her nervous and desperate.

She heard noises of someone moving around in the kitchen. She decided to go downstairs and see if she could call somebody from there. She was about to grab the door handle but then she got frightened that her hand would go right through it. She felt that maybe she would be trapped in the room forever. She wanted to fly away but found that she could not. With nothing else to do, she sat on the bed alongside her body and tried to calm down. She was too frightened to see what would happen if she touched her body. She started to feel sad that nobody had come for her.

Selene remained in that position for a number of hours, watching the early morning television shows. After a long while she began to feel very tired. She wanted to lie down on the bed. She stood up at the side of the bed and wondered how she would lie down with her body there. She lay down and did not feel her body at all, it was like she had re-entered it. She again looked out of the window and could see it was now almost morning time. She closed her eyes and felt herself dropping off to sleep.

Suddenly she once again opened her eyes. For a brief moment she saw a short white being standing by the wardrobe alongside the base of the bed. The figure had the stature of a child. Its face was an off-white colour. It had a large oversized cranium coming down to a thin chin, and large completely black eyes. It was hairless. Selene cannot remember seeing a nose or mouth. The being appeared to be wearing a black or very dark coloured skin tight suit. This seemed to cover the rest of its body, or at least this is what Selene remembers. It is clear from her description that this being was a Grey, although Selene did not realise this at the time as she had only read about Reptilians on the net not Greys. The figure was only visible for a brief second before it vanished. Selene felt that it was just a vision from a dream she had been having.

She then heard a noise that sounded like someone hitting her on the head with a hammer. She felt like she needed to breathe, like she had dived down very deep underwater and needed to take a breath. She felt a little shocked and disoriented. Her whole body was in pain as if she had been doing extensive exercise. For a few seconds she didn’t realise who she was or where she was. Then she remembered looking down at her body and feeling that she had just died. She got up and looked back at the bed but there was nothing there, to her relief she was back inside her body. She checked the clock and found it was now 7am, the time she usually wakes up at. She began to get ready for work. For the rest of the day she felt very tired.

In the evening she