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Leicester Contact Case - Greys, Hybrid, Abduction, Visitation, Body Markings, Implant, UFO

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 11/07/2013

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used


For most of her life Paula has had very unusual experiences. So many things have happened over the years that she has come to accept them as normality. In recent years she has become very intrigued by the cause behind these experiences, which has led her to look into the ET contact subject. She soon realised that her experiences appeared to have many similarities to contact experiences being reported by people, so she decided to get in touch with BUFOG to explore further into what has happened. This resulted in her and her partner coming to visit me to discuss everything over numerous hours, which has led to the creation of this report. Paula seems both very open and honest about her experiences and I have no doubt that she is sincere.

An Early Visitation?

When Paula was 5 or 6 years old she had an experience which shows signs of being a visitation by Greys. She remembers waking up one night for no particular reason. She thinks it must have been around 11pm-midnight but did not check the clock so does not know for sure. She looked across her bedroom towards the far wall. Her bedroom door was ajar and the landing light was on.

It was now that she noticed the silhouettes of three figures on the wall. They appeared to be shorter than adult height. The one on the left was very short, about 3.5 feet in height. The central silhouette was a little taller, about 4 feet. The one on the right was taller still, at around 5 feet. The silhouettes did not look human in shape. Their heads appeared too large for their bodies. They had long slender necks, and long thin arms hanging by their sides. Paula has always had quite a slender neck herself, and she remembers being amused that the necks of these figures were even thinner! There was no noticeable clothing on them. They were standing still but not completely stationary, she could see movement in them so they definitely appeared alive to her.

Witness drawing of the silhouettes:

Paula remembers not being frightened by the figures. She stared at them for quite a while, around 10-15 minutes. She does not recall any communication. However she sensed that they were not there to harm her. After a while she decided to call out to her father. He entered the room and asked her whether she was alright. She said to him "Those three are still standing over there!" He looked round the room but could not see the figures with his own eyes. He asked her if she was alright. She said she was fine, and he said goodnight and went back to bed. The figures remained in view for a short while more, then slowly seemed to fade away.

The shadows could not have been caused by her parents standing on the landing as they were in bed at the time, and even when her dad entered the room they were still present. It seems unlikely that it was just her imagination because of the amount of time they were seen for. Something imagined would surely have vanished when her father entered the room? However it does seem that only she could see the figures. It's possible that they were Greys manifesting in the room in some way, and only presenting themselves to her.

Another possibility is that they were other entities of some kind such as ghosts, and that Paula was susceptible to see them but her father not. The shape of the silhouettes and their short height certainly appear reminiscent of Greys.

Another interesting fact which Paula mentions is that ever since this experience she has had chronic nosebleeds, where as she does not recall having them before. Nose bleeds are one of the many things reported by contactees on a regular basis. They can sometimes indicate the presence of an alien implant - a small metallic object that many believe are placed within the individual for some kind of tracking/monitoring purpose. At present we do not know if this is the case, and unless Paula decides to go for an X-ray we will probably not find out either way.

Paranormal Activity

Around the same time as this visitation experience, Paula also remembers seeing a tall man wearing a long coat standing in her bedroom on numerous occasions. He reminded her of someone from her dad's side of the family due to his long dark wavy hair. However as this man was never identified this could just have been a coincidence. Whenever she saw him he would be smiling. She sensed that this man was watching over her and did not have malicious intent. Like the three figures, he never interacted with her directly, and after a while would fade away.

On other occasions Paula would see other people in her room too. Like the man in the long coat, they too did not appear to be there to cause her harm.

It is not just Paula who appears to have this gift, it seems to run in the family. In 1994 when her son Simon was about a year and a half old, Paula's uncle Neil died of cancer. Soon afterwards Simon used to start seeing Neil and his pet dog Bosco on regular occasions in the bedroom. Simon used to sleep in her room in a cot. He would regularly stand up in the cot without warning, point and say "There's the poorly master". This is what Simon used to call Simon, as Neil had been ill for a number of years prior to his death. He would also say "Here's Bosco!" Simon could not say the word Bosco correctly so would say this instead. When he first started doing this Paula had no idea that Bosco had also died soon after Neil. She rang her father and asked "Has the dog died?" Her father confirmed that the day after the funeral, Bosco had ran out into the road and got hit by a car. Simon is now 22 and no longer talks of having experiences such as this.

Paula has also often heard unexplained sounds in her room at night which sound like children playing and laughing, or of footsteps crossing the floor.

When Paula was 31 her husband at the time, Chris, sadly passed away. One night 5 years later in 2005 she woke up in the night to hear someone calling out her nickname "Pals". She assumed it was her son. She tried to ignore him but again he called out again. In the end she sat up in bed and saw a figure standing at the end of the bed in the darkness. Still thinking it was her son she asked "What? What do you want?" The figure asked if she was alright. At this point she wondered why her son was calling her by her nickname instead of calling her mum. She dismissed him, saying "Go back to bed! Goodnight."

In the morning she asked her son why he had entered her room in the night. He denied having done so. At this moment Paula realised that the figure had not been her son, but had been Chris. Seemingly he had appeared to her in the night to see how she was doing. Paula is quite sure that she had been awake at the time and not just dreamed the experience. This is another incident which suggests that Paula has heightened senses and can sometimes see things which many people do not.

Electrical Disturbances

For most of her life Paula has noted that electrical devices often act unusual in her proximity. This started when she was quite young. She remembers her mother telling her that she used to set things off. She claims that battery powered devices sometimes seem to run out of charge extremely fast.

In February 2012 Paula and her partner moved into a new property. Over the next 4-5 months they informed me that the bulbs have blown around 15 times, far more often than would be considered normal. As the property itself is relatively new this is unlikely to be down to dodgy wiring. In addition to this both the dishwasher and washing machine also stopped working. Paula has also noticed that when she is handed a mobile phone to check something on-line through it, the wi-fi will often switch off. Obviously this could all be down to coincidence and not related to her contact experiences, but it should be noted that many contactees have reported extremely similar things happening around them.

An Implant Detected?

When Paula was around 10 years old she found an unusual rounded lump on her right ankle. She was at school and accidentally cut her right shin on some wire. When she bent down to check her leg she noticed the lump. She touched it and it felt solid, like a ball bearing under her skin. This appeared to be permanent and after a while she just accepted it and largely forgot about its presence.

When she was 17 she went on holiday abroad. She was going through the airport boarding procedures. When she stepped through the metal detector it went off. The airport security took her to one side and went up and down her with a hand held scanner and again it went off. She was quite worried by what was happening and said to the lady who was scanning her "I haven't got anything on me, I swear to God I don't have drugs!" The lady informed her that drugs don't beep! She replied "Well I haven't even got a battery on me, maybe there's metal in my underwear or bra." She was taken through to a private room where they conducted a full body search on her. But the scanner still went off. In the end the security guard said to her "You're just weird!" and let her go.

It is possible that Paula was giving off some kind of charge which was setting off the scanner. As described earlier, electrical devices have often acted in an unusual manner in her proximity. However another possibility is that the lump in her ankle was an implant. These are small metallic objects sometimes placed within the body of contactees during abductions. It is theorised that they have a monitoring/tracking purpose, but nobody knows for certain at present.

Paula does not know exactly when the lump in her ankle vanished, but when she checked for it in her late 20s she found that it had completely gone. Was the lump just something natural which dissipated after many years? Or had it really been an implant which had been placed within her for a period of time and then removed for whatever reason? If Paula decides to be regressed at some point we may discover the answers to these questions.


Paula says that she has often had dreams which have seemingly come true later on. When she was growing up her family's house used to be situated alongside a sloped area of grass. Her grandfather used to walk down this green whenever he came round to visit. Paula would occasionally have a dream of her grandfather coming to visit, and he would always have a huge black gorilla with him. Paula put this down to the fact that she really liked gorillas as a child. In the dream the gorilla would jump around and dance as her grandfather walked to the house. Whenever she had this dream, the following morning her granddad would show up to visit.

When she was around 24 and married to her first husband Chris, she continued to have dreams that seemed to foretell future events. One night she had a dream that Chris's brother purchased a blue car, and then crashed it. She informed Chris in the morning saying "Your brother's going to get a blue car and he's going to crash it". He told her to stop being horrible. But the following week her dream seemed to come true. Chris's brother went and bought a new blue coloured car, and soon afterwards accidentally crashed!

On another occasion she dreamt that she and Chris went to a wedding. In the dream they were driving a red car, different to their actual car. They also had two children in the dream, a girl and a boy. In the morning she recounted the dream to Chris. As they had no children at the time, they assumed it must just be a normal dream, but took note of what had taken place in it.

A couple of years on, they now had two children just how she had dreamt. Paula's dad lent her some money to get a new car. The one she purchased was red in colour. Soon after this Chris's niece got married. When they drove to the wedding Chris started to laugh. She asked him what was up and he reminded her about her dream. She realised at this point that it had come true.

On another occasion she had a dream that she, her current husband Lee and the kids went on holiday to a place she had not been before. When she awoke she had no idea of where the dream had been situated but remembered the details of what the location looked like. Later in the year the family planned a holiday to Devon, and when they arrived Paula immediately realised it was the place from her dream. She knew exactly where everything was going to be. There is another location she has also dreamt about but so far has not actually visited. However she says that this dream felt incredibly real and she is sure that it is a premonition of a real life place.

Paula often has a warning sign before she experiences such dreams. She claims that before she drops off to sleep she will get a humming sound in her ears. This has happened so often that she is able to predict when she will have a premonition.

It's clear that some of the above could merely be coincidences. However Paula has had so many dreams of this nature that it seems unlikely they are all just down to chance. Contactees often report having experiences such as this, and it appears that many of the people who the ETs contact seem to possess psychic abilities of some kind. It is not really known whether the ETs are interested in them because they have these gifts, or whether they have been granted these abilities as a result of contact.

The Device

Another recurring dream which Paula has is of a strange device made of interconnected parts. When she first had this dream she woke up in the morning with the urge to draw it. She was aware that it needed to be made out of gold (or possibly another gold-coloured metal) in order for it to work. The device is formed of cylindrical bars with rounded joints between them which can swivel. The purpose of the device is that it can connect any two objects together.

Witness drawing of the device:

Whenever she has this dream she has the feeling that someone is going to make it, although she does not know who. It is unknown whether it has anything to do with her contact experiences and is an alien device of some kind, or if it is really nothing more than a dream.

Moving Lights

One night in 2012 Paula was having a dream about spaceships. She woke up from this dream and realised it was still dark outside. She decided to take a look out of the bedroom window at the stars. While looking up at the sky, she noticed one bright star which appeared to have other smaller lights surrounding it. They were appearing and disappearing. At first she thought they must only be other more distant stars. However she soon realised these smaller lights were moving around the central star, shooting back and forth in different directions.

Witness drawing showing the star and other smaller lights around it:

Paula excitedly ran downstairs to find Lee, who had fallen asleep in the living room. She woke him up and asked him to come and see. They both returned to the window and continued to observe the unusual lights for about 15 minutes. They noted that the lights were all located within a circular area around the central light, which they assumed was a star.

The couple claim to have seen similar phenomena since on other occasions. Paula also informed me that on one occasion she rang up her mother and asked her to look out of the window to also see what she was looking at. Her mother confirmed that she could indeed see the same thing. It is unknown whether these strange lights have been down to an optical illusion caused by particular atmospheric conditions, or something more unusual. Due to the fact that it has been observed on repeated occasions by witnesses in different locations it could be assumed that this is the explanation. However it is far from normal to observe such things, otherwise they would be visible on most nights and easily identifiable.

Possible Scoop Mark

Around 2006 Paula was getting dressed when she noticed something strange on the front of her lower left leg. There appeared to be a prominent circular indentation below the knee. It felt a little hard around the edges. She pressed on it but it did not hurt at all. However it was significantly wide and deep for her to be concerned about it.

Recent photograph of the indentation, with a pencil shown for scale:

Close up of the indentation:

After showing it to her husband she decided to visit her GP about it. They were as puzzled as she was. They asked her if she had had an absciss, but she was quite sure she had not. They informed her that this would have been quite painful so it is likely she would have known about it. This was their only suggestion for what could have caused it.

In the years since then she has visited two further doctors to ask for their opinions on it, and they have commented the same. None of them have been able to give her a valid explanation. If it was natural, then it was clearly something very unusual. However there is also the possibility that this is what is sometimes referred to as a "scoop mark", a small circular area of flesh which has been removed as a sample during an abduction experience. As you will see below, she clearly appears to have been abducted, and there are signs that she has also been taken on prior occasions.

Abduction Experience

In May 2012 Paula appears to have been abducted. She does not remember her actual travel to the craft but recalls finding herself in a slightly domed room. While the walls, ceiling and floor were largely metallic-looking, parts of the floor appeared to be neon pink in colour. Along the right hand edge of the room there was some unusual silver coloured equipment. This appeared to be giving off a greenish glowing light. She was sitting on a flat silver-coloured metallic table, with her legs dangling off the side. This was quite high as her feet did not touch the floor. She was not wearing her night clothes, but instead was wearing a white coloured gown of some kind which went down to her knees.

Standing quite close to her alongside the table was a Grey. There were four other beings standing in a curved line on the far left side of the room. She sensed that prior to this she had been lying down on the table without the gown on, and that these beings had been interacting with her in some way but she could not recall what they were doing. She was not frightened of where she was, it had a great feeling of familiarity to it. She felt that she knew these beings and had seen them before at some point in her life.

Overview of the room, showing the position of the table, herself and the various beings:

The Grey close to her had a slender but not skinny body, long arms, a long thin wrinkled neck and an egg-shaped head. Its eyes were oval shaped and completely black. It had very small nostrils but no visible nose, no lips, and a small slit for a mouth. Its skin appeared grey-green in colour, although Paula feels this was due to the lighting in the room. and was wrinkled under the eyes and cheeks, giving it the appearance of being elderly. It was naked and had no wrinkles or markings on its body, it just appeared smooth. It had no visible sexual organs.

Witness drawing of the Grey closest to her:

Three of the beings on the far side of the room looked quite similar to the one close to her, but had no wrinkles and appeared younger. However the second being in the line appeared different to the others. It looked more human in its features. It was still hairless and had large eyes, but they were more human shaped and had irises. Its nose was more pronounced, and had thin lips rather than just a slit. It had quite high cheekbones, and looked healthy and strong. It appeared to have a mix of both human and Grey features. It was wearing a thin overall which was cream coloured with a slight pale pink tinge. Paula sensed friendliness from it, and feels that it may have been smiling at her but cannot remember for certain.

Witness drawing of the face of the more human-like being:

Paula sensed that the Grey next to her had authority over the others and was in charge. It reached out and put its left hand on her shoulder. It then began speaking to her directly in her head. Its mouth did not move but she could hear its voice. It sounded like a man speaking to her. It informed her that the more human-looking being on the far side of the room was related to her. The Grey did not specifically point out this particular being, yet Paula was aware that this is the one it was referring to. She sensed almost like the more human-looking being was like a brother to her. It informed her that they had taken something from her (she does not know what) and made the more human-like being with it. She felt amazed at this, that these beings had the ability to create people in this manner. For some reason she feels that they took whatever they needed from her when she was small, even though the Grey did not specifically state this.

Paula sensed that the more human-like being already knew that it was related to her. For some reason she had the impression that it was older than her, almost like a big brother, even though if something from her had been used to make it then it logically could not have been. She felt completely safe and happy with the situation.

She then sensed that the Grey near to her wanted her to go with it. However it did not actually ask her this in words. She walked across the room towards the far wall off to the side of the other beings. As they approached the wall a doorway lifted up from the floor upwards. She had not noticed it up to this point. They stepped through it into another darker room. The floor was at a lower level to the first room and they walked down a few steps to reach it. The far end of this room had a curved wall with a window in but she could not see much detail or what was through the window due to the lack of light. In the middle of the room was a large chair with tall arm rests and a back rest which came up to shoulder level. On the arm rests were what appeared to be pockets to put something into, and some buttons.

A short distance in front of the chair was a brown box-like structure with a screen on and some buttons to the right. It reminded Paula of an old style 1950s television, and appeared old-fashioned, especially considering where she currently was.

Witness drawing of the structure with the screen and buttons:

Overview of the second room showing the positions of the chair and the screen:

She was led over to the chair and sat down in it. Then some images began to come up on the screen in front of her. It was clear that the beings wanted to show her things. She saw images of a couple of domed disc-shaped silver coloured craft which appeared to be flying through Earth's atmosphere. At least the sky behind them was blue. Next she started to see lots of images of things on Earth being destroyed - bombs exploding, buildings collapsing, fires burning. Images of different evil people such as Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein were displayed. Paula felt that she was being shown these images as a warning that the human race and the planet would be ruined unless we make changes. She felt that it was likely they would show these same images to lots of other people too, and that they were trying to stop the human race from destroying itself. The images were quite tough to watch, and she started to cry as she watched them.

She then felt the hand of the Grey on her shoulder again. Then her viewpoint changed and she could see what appeared to be a drawn map of the stars. There were many lines connecting these stars together, apparently showing networks between them. As she looked at this she got the impression that the Grey thought she should know what she was looking at and understand it. However she did not. But she did have a sense that whatever this map was it was something to do with stopping the destruction she had just witnessed on the screen.

Then she noticed a green glow which got stronger and stronger. It was a similar colour to the green glow she had seen the equipment in the first room giving off. Her next recollection was of being back in her own bed. She felt like she had just been placed down upon it. She jumped up off the pillow with her heart pounding thinking to herself "I'm back!" But then she told herself to stop being silly and that it must have been a dream. She did not wake her husband at the time, and settled back down to sleep.

Paula suffers from sorisis and regularly applies cream to her legs to combat it. In the morning she was putting cream on her lower right leg when she noticed a reddish lump about 5mm in diameter. It did not hurt when she pressed on it. She felt quite sure that this lump had not been present the previous evening, although she of course cannot be absolutely certain of this. A short while later when the lump did not go away she decided to go and speak with her GP about it. They informed her that it was nothing to worry about. The lump appears to be permanent and still exists today.

Recent photograph of the lump, with a pencil shown for scale:

Although this experience did take place during the night, and Paula has no recollection of travelling to or from the craft, this is extremely likely to have been an abduction rather than just a dream. There are too many aspects of it which fit in with contact, some of which Paula was not aware of until I spoke with her. The surroundings, the beings seen and the many aspects of the experience all fit in with other known cases. The more human-like being which she was introduced to towards the start of the experience was a hybrid which the ETs would have created from her DNA at some point. This appears to be one of the ongoing agendas of the ETs, and many female contactees have reported seeing hybrids aboard the craft or even having them grown and then taken out from them. We do not know exactly when Paula's DNA would have been taken, but she felt during the experience that they took it from her when she was young.

We have no way of knowing how old the hybrid was or how fast they grow compared to humans. The sense of connection that Paula felt with this being has often been described by contactees involved in the hybrid program. The ETs will often bring the hybrid offspring to the human mother, either as a baby or later on as a child. This appears to be some kind of bonding ritual, perhaps to establish an emotional connection. The reason why these hybrids are being created is not yet fully understood, although numerous theories have been suggested.

I have looked into and read about other cases where contactees have been asked to sit in chairs aboard the craft, usually which appear to have buttons or controls of some kind on them. The screen which showed Paula lots of destructive images is again a commonly reported aspect of abduction experiences, although the structure the screen was on in this case is quite unusual, possibly unique. It appears that the ETs have an interest in maintaining the human race, the planet or both and are trying to inform the people that they interact with. What they hope to achieve through this is unknown; obviously any one contactee cannot make much of a difference but perhaps they are trying to educate us over time.

There have been a number of cases where people have been shown star maps. Unfortunately Paula was not told any information about this map, at least to her current knowledge. It was as if the Grey expected her to already know. She cannot recall the positioning of the stars on the map well enough to draw it either. Because of this it is unlikely that we will be able to work out which stars were shown on the map.

The lump on Paula's leg is interesting due to the fact that she thinks it appeared on the same night as the abduction recollections. It is of course possible that it is natural; it does not have a shape to it which would imply it was created via artificial means.  But there is the possibility that it was something to do with her abduction, either permanent damage to her skin, or an indication of a implant. Implants generally leave no visible scar or marking on the surface of the skin, so this does seem unlikely. However unless Paula decides to get it X-rayed we cannot dismiss this entirely. If Paula decides to proceed with a hypnotic regression at some point we may decide to look further into this.

The Children

On other occasion after the recollected abduction Paula has had another dream which may well have links to contact and the hybrid program. It is possible that this was a flashback to a real event which happened to her, either on the same or a different night.

In one dream she found herself in a room with a number of babies crawling around her feet. She was holding a tiny baby in her arms. Its features looked completely human but it was an unusual orange-brown colour rather than pink. She felt that this was her baby, and remembers thinking it had beautiful eyes. She also remembers wanting to be given the chance to look after all the babies present there. This was how the dream ended. A short while before it she sadly had a miscarriage, so it is possible that this dream was a result of her wanting to have a baby.

She also recalls seeing a small girl sitting on the floor alongside a Grey. She had dark hair was wearing a white dress with no shoes or socks. The girl was staring directly at her. She appeared devoid of emotion, like she was in some kind of trance.

Glowing UFO Sighting

In late June 2012, shortly before speaking with me, Paula had a sighting of an unidentified light. She was lying down in bed again looking out of the window at the night sky. She noticed a light hovering in the distance. It was mostly white but occasionally seemed to have blue and red tinges to it too. Because of this, Paula at first thought it was an aircraft. The light appeared to be stationary. After a few seconds the light instantly accelerated and shot across part of the sky, and was obscured from view behind some nearby trees. A moment later it suddenly flew back to where it had originally been situated!

This interesting manoeuvre immediately caught Paula's attention. She continued to watch the object. It moved slowly up and then back down. Then it suddenly left the area by again performing an incredibly fast and sudden movement. It was completely gone from sight within just a second.

If it wasn't for the movement pattern which was observed, I would have certainly suggested that this object was likely to be a distant helicopter. However helicopters move relatively slow, they cannot perform sudden manoeuvres with instant acceleration. The fact that the object did this means that many mundane explanations such as an aircraft, remote controlled model or lit inflatable can all be discounted.


As you have seen, Paula has had a wide variety of experiences of a paranormal nature. Her recollections of the abduction experience with the hybrid being have convinced me that she is a contactee. Many of her other experiences have likely occurred as a result of this contact. Fortunately she is dealing with the reality of this extremely well, and certainly appears to have moved past any fear that may have once existed. We intend to plan a regression at a convenient point in the future. Any further revelations from this will be added to the report. I also hope that she keeps in touch to report any further experiences.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2013



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