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Leicester Contact Case - Greys, Hybrid, Abduction, Visitation, Body Markings, Implant, UFO

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 11/07/2013

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used


For most of her life Paula has had very unusual experiences. So many things have happened over the years that she has come to accept them as normality. In recent years she has become very intrigued by the cause behind these experiences, which has led her to look into the ET contact subject. She soon realised that her experiences appeared to have many similarities to contact experiences being reported by people, so she decided to get in touch with BUFOG to explore further into what has happened. This resulted in her and her partner coming to visit me to discuss everything over numerous hours, which has led to the creation of this report. Paula seems both very open and honest about her experiences and I have no doubt that she is sincere.

An Early Visitation?

When Paula was 5 or 6 years old she had an experience which shows signs of being a visitation by Greys. She remembers waking up one night for no particular reason. She thinks it must have been around 11pm-midnight but did not check the clock so does not know for sure. She looked across her bedroom towards the far wall. Her bedroom door was ajar and the landing light was on.

It was now that she noticed the silhouettes of three figures on the wall. They appeared to be shorter than adult height. The one on the left was very short, about 3.5 feet in height. The central silhouette was a little taller, about 4 feet. The one on the right was taller still, at around 5 feet. The silhouettes did not look human in shape. Their heads appeared too large for their bodies. They had long slender necks, and long thin arms hanging by their sides. Paula has always had quite a slender neck herself, and she remembers being amused that the necks of these figures were even thinner! There was no noticeable clothing on them. They were standing still but not completely stationary, she could see movement in them so they definitely appeared alive to her.

Witness drawing of the silhouettes:

Paula remembers not being frightened by the figures. She stared at them for quite a while, around 10-15 minutes. She does not recall any communication. However she sensed that they were not there to harm her. After a while she decided to call out to her father. He entered the room and asked her whether she was alright. She said to him "Those three are still standing over there!" He looked round the room but could not see the figures with his own eyes. He asked her if she was alright. She said she was fine, and he said goodnight and went back to bed. The figures remained in view for a short while more, then slowly seemed to fade away.

The shadows could not have been caused by her parents standing on the landing as they were in bed at the time, and even when her dad entered the room they were still present. It seems unlikely that it was just her imagination because of the amount of time they were seen for. Something imagined would surely have vanished when her father entered the room? However it does seem that only she could see the figures. It's possible that they were Greys manifesting in the room in some way, and only presenting themselves to her.

Another possibility is that they were other entities of some kind such as ghosts, and that Paula was susceptible to see them but her father not. The shape of the silhouettes and their short height certainly appear reminiscent of Greys.

Another interesting fact which Paula mentions is that ever since this experience she has had chronic nosebleeds, where as she does not recall having them before. Nose bleeds are one of the many things reported by contactees on a regular basis. They can sometimes indicate the presence of an alien implant - a small metallic object that many believe are placed within the individual for some kind of tracking/monitoring purpose. At present we do not know if this is the case, and unless Paula decides to go for an X-ray we will probably not find out either way.

Paranormal Activity