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Leeds Contact Case - Greys, Abductions, Hybrid, UFOs, Psychic Abilities, Paranormal Activity

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 31/08/2016

Last Updated: 10/08/2022

The hybrid breeding program is a particularly unusual, and some would say disturbing, aspect of contact which is sometimes reported by contactees. It appears that one of the on-going agendas of the ETs is to obtain our DNA and use it to create ET-human hybrids for an as yet unknown purpose. While most of the time this seems to involve females, occasionally male contactees can also be utilised in a similar manner. This is one such case, involving a gentleman named Simon from Leeds who I have met and spoken with on numerous occasions.

Spinning In The Air

Simon’s first memory is from a very early age, he believes from 1970 when he was around 18 months old. This in itself is unusual as most people cannot remember anything which took place at this age. But Simon has the distinct memory of being lifted up into the air in his cot and spinning round and round. In this memory his father then enters his room and he drops back down onto the cot.

While it is possible that this peculiar memory is nothing but childhood imagination, there is the possibility that it is linked with contact, although why the ETs would pick him up in this manner is a mystery.

The Pirate

From the age of 3 Simon began to experience visitations by a strange being in his room at night. He would wake up feeling frightened and would cover his face with his bedclothes. However in the end the fear of something there would be too great and he would lift up the cover to look.

Standing close to his bed he would see a figure with a wide hairless oval-shaped head and olive-coloured skin. This being wore a large black eye patch over one eye. Its skin had a rubbery texture – it looked like a puppet made out of rubber.

Witness drawing of the "pirate":

Whenever he saw it standing there Simon would be too frightened to get out of bed or call for his parents. He would hide under the bedclothes again and would then drop back off to sleep.

It is clear from Simon's drawing and description that this being was a Grey. It is possible that it was using a screen memory to appear like a pirate, although it is clearly still very alien in appearance. Another possibility is that Simons mind was associating its large black eyes with a pirate's eye patch and so interpreted it as this.

Bed Switch

When he was 5 years old Simon went on a summer holiday with his family to Mablethorpe. They were staying in a chalet and Simon had a bunk bed to sleep in. He decided to sleep on the top bunk. During the night he awoke and found himself in the bottom bunk. Hey was quite shocked and began to cry. His parents came in and put him back to sleep in the top bunk.

Simon is mystified by what happened on this occasion. Because of his previous experiences with the pirate he was frightened to get out of bed during the night and would never have done so voluntarily, even if he needed to use the toilet. He says he would have rather wet the bed than step out of it while it was dark in the room. Obviously there is the possibility that he sleep-walked on this occasion, but Simon wonders if something more took place.

Faces In The Window

The following year Simon’s family went on holiday again to Wales in their VW camper van. They travelled around and stopped at a few different campsites. Simon was frightened to sleep in the hammock so instead slept in the back of the van. He woke up in the night feeling scared. Sitting up, he pulled back the curtain on the rear window of the camper van.

Outside he saw two faces looking in through the window. He could make out the shapes of the heads and eyes. Quickly he pulled the curtain back closed and hid under the bed covers. He did not shout out as he did not want to get into trouble for waking up his family.

Was this another visitation incident or could the faces have just been in his imagination?


From about age 10 onwards Simon began to have sleep paralysis experiences. He would wake in the night and would not be able to move at all. He would not be able to see, perhaps because he was under the covers. Sometimes he would hear a high pitched sound. These experiences were extremely frightening but he could do nothing to prevent them. After a period of time he would then drop back off to sleep.

Simon began to experience paralysis roughly once every couple of months. Between 1998-2001 it became more regular, about once a fortnight. It now happens rarely and he has not experienced it since 2015.

While sleep paralysis has some aspects which closely resemble contact, they are two distinct types of experience with a number of differences which set them apart. That said, many contactees do report having paralysis in addition to contact.

Out-Of-Body Experiences

In his early teens Simon underwent his first out-of-body experience. At the time he shared a room with his brother and they slept in a bunk bed, with him on the bottom bunk. He woke up during the early morning feeling really relaxed. Glancing over at the clock he saw the time was 3.10am. He decided to get up out of bed. When he did so he realised it didn’t feel normal. It felt like he was floating and not touching the floor. He turned around and saw his body still lying in bed.

Fascinated by what was happening, he began to explore the room. He moved over to the window and looked out at the M62. There was no traffic on the road at all. Everything seemed deathly quiet. He looked round and saw his brother asleep on the top bunk. He wasn’t frightened by what was happening, but knew that it wasn’t right to be outside his own body. He lay back down on the bed into his body. Immediately he sat up wide awake in bed.

Simon has had occasional out-of-body experiences ever since. In 2004/2005 he had a car accident and was forced to take time off work to recover. He spent a lot of time on the computer talking with people. One of his friends on the net was a lady from Texas. He told her all about his out-of-body experiences and she was very intrigued. Simon promised that the next time it happened he would come and visit her.

A number of weeks later he had an OBE. He had seen a photograph of his friend’s house in Texas. He pictured that in his mind and all of a sudden found himself there, hovering in the air outside of the house. He floated inside through one of the windows and saw his friend asleep in bed. One of her feet was sticking out of the end of the bed. To try and get her to react to his presence he pulled one of her toes. She did not seem to react.

Simon doesn’t know how he got back home, he just remembered what he had done when he woke in the morning. He decided to speak with his friend on the net. Before he had a chance to say anything she said “You came to see me last night and you grabbed my toe!” He confirmed that he had done precisely that. She had clearly somehow sensed he was there and what he had done. This served as proof for Simon that he really was coming out of his body during his experiences.


For much of his life Simon has felt like he has possessed heightened senses. On a number of occasions he feels that he has both seen and directly interacted with ghosts. One particularly dramatic example of this took place in 1998. It was early afternoon on a pleasant sunny day. Simon was on his way out to go shopping in Beeston, where he lived at the time.

He was on High Street when he saw an old lady attempting to cross the road. She was wearing a large coat, tights and flat shoes. She had grey hair and pale skin. She was holding two fabric bags full of shopping. Her face was all bruised and she had blood on her nose. It looked like she had just been mugged. Simon asked her if she was alright. She claimed to have fallen down the steps at home.

Simon took the bags and helped her cross the road. On the far side was a wide open space. The lady said thank you as Simon handed the bags back to her. He then crossed back over the road, which took no longer than a few seconds. He glanced back round and found that the lady had completely vanished! There was absolutely nothing nearby she could have walked behind, she was just gone. He immediately realised that the lady must have been a ghost. Perhaps she really had fallen down the steps at home, but had not survived the fall.

In 2001 Simon lived with his brother in Leeds and slept in the converted loft. One evening he was speaking with another experiencer he is friends with. They ended the call and she said she would give him a ring later. It was quite late and Simon dropped off to sleep. After a while he woke back up and found he was paralysed. There was a man next to him who was touching him on the forehead. The man looked similar to his brother but was elderly and bald. He recognised the man as his mother’s great uncle, who he had seen photographs of previously. He felt that it was his ghost who had come to visit him. The phone then started ringing but Simon was unable to move or speak. After a minute he found he could move again, and the ghost of his relative vanished from sight. This experience is particularly interesting because it involves both sleep paralysis and the appearance of a recognisable figure.

Many contactees report seeing ghostly apparitions and having other paranormal experiences in addition to contact. There certainly appears to be a direct link of some kind, and I wonder if experiencing contact alters their perception making them more susceptible to seeing things most do not.

Psychic Abilities

In addition to seeing ghosts, Simon has seemingly had premonitions at certain times. One night he went to bed thinking about what it would be like to win the lottery. During the night he had a dream in which he put down some numbers. The first two and last two numbers were clear, but the middle two were blurred.

In the morning he remembered the dream but didn’t act on it at all, thinking nothing of it. However later that day when the lottery was drawn the four numbers he had seen clearly actually came up! While this could just be put down to coincidence, it is odd that he would have dreamt about this on the previous night.

One night in the mid-1990s Simon had an unusual dream. In this dream he watched a large aircraft fly overhead and then drop down behind a hill in the distance out of sight. He was then holding and shaking a jar filled with water and small black square-shaped objects. In the morning he saw on the news that there had been a plane crash at an airshow in Toronto, Ontario in which 7 people lost their lives. The news report showed video footage of the plane, which ditched into Lake Ontario. When it hit the water square-shaped pieces broke off and flew up into the air. Simon realised these were in the same pattern as the objects he had seen in the jar in his dream. It immediately became clear to him that he had experienced a premonition of the crash.

I have managed to locate a video of the crash in which the pieces of debris are clearly visible:

Something similar occurred on the night of 9th May 2002. This time he had a dream in which he was looking at a book. The pages of the book were turning and on them were photographs. He saw what he thought was a derailed rollercoaster carriage. The following morning he felt ill so took the day off work. On the news was a story about a train carriage which had derailed at Potters Bar killing a number of people. He immediately realised that this had been what he had seen photographs of in his dream during the night.

Below is a video about the train crash which Simon seemingly predicted:

In April 2016 pay day was coming up at work and Simon was speaking about it with his work colleague. For some reason he was suddenly aware of his colleagues PIN number in his mind. He told his colleague the numbers. His colleague looked shocked and said “If you were a pickpocket I’d be skint now!” Another friend who witnessed this then asked Simon if he could guess his PIN number too. Apparently he managed to guess two of the four digits correctly, and was also aware that his account was with Lloyds bank. Simon says that there is no way he would have found out this information previously.


In the mid 1990s Simon appears to have been followed by an unknown vehicle. He was on his way to visit his mother who lived at Beeston at the time. He suddenly noticed in the rear view mirror some headlights behind him. At first he thought it was the police, but after a while realised it was a dark coloured car.

He made some turns and the car remained behind him. He began to get suspicious that the car was purposely following him. To test this theory he began to turn left at each turn, essentially going round in a loop and ending up back where he started.  According to Simon he drove around the block 4 times and the car continued to follow. Eventually it stopped following and drove on as Simon turned.

There would have been absolutely no reason for the driver of the car to have made the same turns that Simon did, it was clearly following him, although the reason for this is unknown.

Glowing UFOs

In 1998 Simon lived on Wesley Croft, Leeds near to Elland Road football stadium. He has always been fascinated by the stars and would regularly star gaze from his back garden with a telescope. One evening he was outside and facing NNE. He noticed two white orbs of light alongside one another moving in his direction. They appeared to be around the height of a low flying aircraft, but were moving too slowly to be a plane. He initially assumed them to be Chinese lanterns.

Aerial map of Wesley Croft:

As they got closer he realised they were too bright for lanterns and were not flickering at all. Suddenly the lights instantly performed a right angle turn and began heading to the North North West. He continued to watch them until they had flown out of sight into the distance. In total he had watched them for about 4-5 minutes.

Sadly Simon did not have a camera on him at the time as he was not expecting to see something unusual. He was certain that the lights had been under direct control, and they turned much too fast to have been aircraft, helicopters, lanterns or LED balloons.


Although many of Simon’s childhood experiences could be put down to sleep-related experiences, in 1998/99 an incident occurred which certainly appears to be linked with contact. At the time he was living in a one bedroom flat with his wife and daughter, and sleeping on a double air bed. During the night he woke up to find himself paralysed from the neck downward. He could hear a high pitched whistling noise inside his head. Around him the room was lit up in blue light, seemingly from no specific source. He felt as though he was encased inside a clear bubble.

Suddenly a face pushed through from the other side of this bubble and stared directly at him. The face was flattened oval in shape. It had brown wrinkled skin, large black slanted eyes and a small nose not very pronounced. It was quite ugly to look at. It stared directly at him less than a foot away from his own face. Simon was shocked by the appearance of this being. Either speaking out loud or thinking it, he asked “What the fuck are you doing in my house?”

Witness drawing of the being's face:

The high pitched noise then increased in volume and Simon felt himself lifting up off the bed. This feeling continued for a number of seconds and he could feel himself moving left and right. Then he was dropped back down and realised he was no longer in his bedroom. He found himself on a flat metal table in the middle of a room with curved walls which was lit up in white glowing light. There were no other furnishings visible in the room.

Around him stood about 5 or 6 glowing figures. They looked like females with blonde hair. Their facial features were unclear due to the light coming from them. He looked round to his left at the figure closest to his shoulder. He realised it wasn’t a blonde-haired female but looked the same as the being he had seen in his room. At this moment his perception changed and he realised that all of the figures in the room were these beings, and that they were surrounding him and holding him down on the table.

Witness drawing showing how the being's initially appeared and what they actually looked like:

Looking down he saw a strange device hovering above his knees. It looked like a dull metallic coloured cube about 30cm across. The cube was floating about a foot above him and drifting a small amount in the air. Attached to this cube was a tube which was the same dull metallic colour. The end of this tube widened out and was attached to his genitals. There was an uncomfortable pain coming from his groin.

Simon kicked out with his left leg and hit one of the beings in its face! The being at his shoulder reached out and put its hand on his forehead. Immediately he felt an intense cold sensation like ice. 

Witness drawing showing an overview of his surroundings and the beings:

Everything went dark and he sensed movement, then found himself in the air above his bed. He was dropped back down onto the mattress quite forcefully. This disturbed his wife who almost woke up, but quickly dropped back off. Despite the fact the experience was over, Simon still had pain coming from his groin. He stared out of the bedroom window but could not see anything. He doesn’t really recall what happened after that, he assumes he must have got back in and dropped off to sleep.

In the morning he recalled what had taken place. There was still discomfort coming from his groin, but it was not as painful as it had been in the night. He checked in a mirror and found 4-5 red coloured dots on the base of his groin which looked like needle marks. He could also feel a lump under the skin.

Worried about what he had found he decided to visit his doctor. His doctor arranged for him to go to the hospital for a scan. When he went for the scan about eight people came into the room one at a time and examined him. He was very troubled by this and wondered if they were going to tell him he had cancer. Eventually someone came into the room and performed the scan. They then informed him “It’s not cancer, we don’t know what it is. See you later!” Simon was not content with this abrupt response so asked “What could it be?” The man who performed the scan simply said “I don’t know.”

Puzzled by the situation, Simon had no choice but to get dressed and head for home. A couple of days later the lump in his groin vanished. To this day he wonders what it could have been.

There are many fascinating aspects to this series of events. The brown wrinkled beings which he encountered on this occasion appear to be a type of Grey. They are quite rare, but have been reported in other abduction experiences before. A good example of this is the Scottish A70 abduction case. The witnesses from this case met with one of these beings, which they interpreted as the "leader". Below is the photograph from a news article on this case which shows the brown being at the top left. The similarities to what Simon has drawn are clear:

It is also interesting that Simon initially interpreted the beings aboard the craft as blonde-haired females. The humanoid ETs commonly referred to as Nordics are usually reported to have blonde or pale coloured hair. Could the beings have been using a screen memory to appear in this form, and if so why? Perhaps it was to appear human and reduce the fear of the situation. Or could this even be evidence that the beings can take on multiple shapes and that they are one and the same? Whatever the reason, this visage did not seem to last for long.

The machine attached to Simon during his abduction is very likely to have been used to extract sperm. The reasons for doing so will become apparent below.

The Baby

In 2001 when he was 32, roughly a year after the incident with the lump on his groin, Simon had another abduction experience. As with previous occasions the room was lit up in blue light and he heard the high pitched whistling noise. He then found himself in a darkened room sitting on a chair. There was a spotlight glaring down on him. He could not see his surroundings but sensed he was in quite a large open space. The temperature of the room was warm. The chair he was in was black coloured and looked like it was made out of moulded plastic.

A being then approached him. He cannot recall exactly what this being looked like as his attention was drawn to what it was holding. It was carrying a very peculiar thing. It looked cone-shaped and was a orange-brown colour. It had two blue dots for eyes. Due to its colour it reminded him a little of Zippy off the children's TV programme Rainbow. Even though it was inanimate, Simon sensed it was alive. He had a deep emotional connection with this strange thing and interpreted it as his own baby.

Witness drawing of the "cone baby":

Photograph of Zippy off Rainbow for comparison:

Even though he knew it did not look like a baby in his mind it was. The being handed it to him and he held it for a few minutes. After this time, the being in front of him held out its arms to take it back from him. Simon cannot remember whether he handed it over voluntarily or whether it was forcefully taken. He just recalls waking up crying. He was fully aware of what had taken place and felt like his child had been taken from him. The emotions he experienced following this were extremely strong and it took him a while to calm down.

Simon has only told a few people about what happened. He still thinks about it from time to time, and the experience has affected him ever since.

This and the previous incident both suggest that Simon is part of the hybrid breeding program. It is likely that during the first abduction sperm was taken from him by the device attached to him. This would then have been used to create a hybrid. This baby was then brought back to him to hold for a while, perhaps to establish an emotional bond with it. I have investigated other cases where near identical things have been reported by female contactees.

The odd look of the baby in this instance is very interesting. It seems likely that this was a screen memory, and he is remembering it differently to how it actually looked for whatever reason. Most of the time hybrid babies are reported as a cross between a Grey and a Human with mixed features of both, it is quite rare for them to be seen with a different appearance.

Electrical Disturbances

Many contactees report experiencing unusual electrical disturbances in their proximity, and Simon appears to be no different. He has noticed over the years that he has witnessed an unusually high amount of electrical faults. His kettle has blown about five times, and he has had an extension cord actually blow while holding it. He has seen the DVD player open and close on its own on numerous occasions when he is near to it. At various times the light bulb has blown immediately after he has entered the room.

On one occasion at work Simon had a feeling that something was about to take place. Jokingly he said to the foreman “Watch this!” He raised his hand and snapped his fingers and that exact moment there was a power cut! The foreman just said to him “You’re really weird!” and walked away.

In 2001 Simon lived with his brother in Leeds. One day he was speaking with another experiencer from Cumbria on the phone. All of a sudden they started to hear interference on the line. Then Simon watched as the bedroom door closed by itself. This door was apparently old and would never close properly. The temperature in the room dropped quite significantly and Simon began to shiver. He informed the lady he was speaking with about what was taking place. The line continued to get worse and worse. In the end Simon decided to end the call, saying “I’ll see you soon.” At that moment the phone completely cut off. When Simon checked he found that his alarm clock and the TV had both stopped working, their batteries completely drained. He did not speak with his friend for a few days, but when he did she informed him that her phone had also died at the same moment his had.

This electrical activity seemed to be most prevalent between 2002-2007, and since then seems to have calmed down.

Hair Growth

One day in 2001 Simon went to get his hair cut at the barbers. He had it clean shaven up the back. That night he went to bed like normal. In the morning he checked in the mirror and was shocked by his appearance. His face looked grubby and greasy. His stubble seemed to be longer and his hair seemed to have regrown overnight!

He then had a memory of standing naked in a field during the night. He felt like he had been taken somewhere and had been put back in the wrong place. Simon had no idea where these thoughts came from, but he felt sure he had been taken, and that this had resulted in how he now appeared.

High Altitude UFOs

Around 2007 Simon his partner and pet dog went camping close to Barnard Castle in Durham. His partner had gone off to sleep in the tent, but he remained awake to sky watch. It was around 11pm and a clear starlit sky. He lay out under the stars with some binoculars and a bottle of beer. Looking up he began to notice glowing objects manoeuvring at high altitude. They looked the same as satellites would, but were curving and turning, sometimes temporarily halting before starting to move again. The objects looked like they were in low Earth orbit. Simon was convinced they were not helicopters at high altitude. However they did seem to be under intelligent control. Sadly he had no camera on him at the time, but even if he had it may have been very difficult to capture the lights due to their distance.

He watched the UFOs for about an hour, during which he also noticed satellites crossing the sky. In the end he dropped off on the lounger. He was woken later by the rain that had started to fall. Cold and wet he crawled into the tent and went back to sleep.

Unusual Flashback

One day in 2013 Simon recalled a memory of something which doesn’t make logical sense. The memory was from the early 1990s when he lived in Beeston. He recalled walking home from the pub one evening. He was walking on a path along the edge of an area of open grassland known as Holbeck Moor.

Aerial map of Holbeck Moor:

He stepped through the hedge onto the grass. In the middle of the field was a rounded building with a domed section at the top, round windows and a spiral staircase leading up the outside of it into an open doorway.

Witness drawing of the building:

He walked over to it and began climbing the stairs. This is where the memory ended.

Most of this recollection makes perfect sense to him. He did used to visit the pub in Beeston and then walk home past Holbeck Moor. However there has never been a building there, it is just open grass. Simon is absolutely sure of this, yet he has had this vivid memory of approaching and climbing up it.

Due to the appearance of the building, which is reminiscent of a domed disc-shaped craft, it seems likely that this is a screen memory, and that the building was really a landed craft which Simon went aboard, perhaps under direct control.


One evening in October 2015 Simon was visiting a friend in Glossop, Derbyshire. It was a stormy night and they were listening to some relaxing meditation music. They both dropped off to sleep. While they slept they both had simultaneous nightmares.

Simon dreamt that he was standing in mud and it was raining. Lying in the mud was a Grey but with a glowing lightbulb-shaped head. He wasn’t frightened and instead tried to help the being to its feet shouting “Come on then!” He then noticed a flying saucer-shaped white coloured building, with rounded windows around its perimeter that looked like a plane.

Witness drawing of the white building:

He walked into the building and inside was a crowd of people.  At this moment he woke up feeling unsettled by what he had seen.

Meanwhile his friend had a dream about being aboard an aerial vehicle similar to an aeroplane with lines of seats. A doctor wearing a white lab coat and with a purple coloured lightbulb-shaped head approached her and gave her an injection. She was awoken from the dream by the sound of Simon looking round at her.

Both of these dreams had aspects which could be considered linked with contact. The white building that Simon recollected is again likely to be a craft, just as the one he recalled at Holbeck Moor. While it could just be coincidental that they both had these dreams on the same night, the possibility remains that there was something more to them, and they were perhaps sparked by memories of real experiences, either individual or shared.

Location Fear

In late December 2016 Simon headed out late one evening to a lay-by on Monks Road in Glossop to take some photographs of the stars. It was a very pleasant evening with a clear sky. He had been to the location numerous times before so was familiar with it. Monks Road is a rural country lane which leads up to the top of a hill, making it the ideal place to star gaze.

Aerial map of Monks Road:

Photograph of the lay-by on Monks Road:

When he arrived at the location he had the car window down. But for some reason he felt very un-nerved about the idea of getting out of the car. There was nobody else around and he knew the location so he has no idea why he felt this way. But try as he might he could not shake the feeling of uneasiness. In the end he decided to drive back home without getting out.

When contactees have had an experience at a particular location they can get an innate fear of that location, even if the memories of the experience have been blocked out. This is one of the noted after effects of contact. While this is just speculation, you have to wonder why Simon was un-nerved by that particular location which he had been to before on multiple occasions. Could he have had a contact experience there which he is not currently aware of?

Taken From The Car

Within a couple of months of the incident on Monks Road, Simon had another more definitive experience, this time involving apparent physical aspects. It was around midnight on 11th February 2017. Simon was lying in bed and feeling tired, but had not yet dropped off to sleep. He was trying to get comfortable so rolled over onto his side. Immediately he suddenly found himself sitting in his car. It was night-time and he appeared to be on a darkened rural road. It was hard to see much outside as there were no street lights, but the stars were out in the sky and he could make out silhouettes of bushes and trees either side of the road. Interestingly he was not wearing his seat belt (Simon says he always puts it on when he is out driving)

He stepped on the accelerator but the car had no power and was slowly grinding to a halt. As it slowed he saw out of the driver’s side a very bright white light descending from the sky. Whatever was making the light was out of sight above the top of the window frame, but he could see the glow of whatever it was getting brighter and brighter.

Due to everything which was happening Simon immediately knew this was a contact experience. Despite being aware of this fact he was still panicking as he had not experienced anything like this before.

The car ground to a halt on the road. Almost immediately Simon then saw the driver’s side door open at a normal speed. He then felt something grip his right arm and forcefully drag him out of the vehicle. In shock he jumped and immediately found himself back in his bed. Looking around his room he began to relax when he realised where he was. The experience had seemed far more vivid than a dream, and it had started and stopped so suddenly. He looked at the clock and saw the time was approaching 12.30am, so he did not appear to have had any extensive missing time. He soon settled back down to sleep.

He awoke around 4.30am to get ready for work. During the night he had kept his mobile phone charging on the bedside table alongside him. When he checked it he found that all of the text messages on it had vanished. This was very unusual, as even though there is an option in the settings to clear messages Simon would never choose to have actively done this. He also noted when getting ready that he felt particularly well and healthy.

Around 5am he left the house. However when he tried the ignition in the car he found it would not start. He tried a couple more times and then it started up like normal. However he then noticed that there was a light and message on the dashboard indicating there was a rear left indicator fault. He got out of the car and checked it but the light appeared to still be working.

Photograph showing the faulty indicator warning light:

As he drove to his girlfriend’s house to pick her up he began to notice a bruise-like marking begin to appear on his upper right arm. It was a dark oval-shape and quite sizeable. During the daytime other smaller reddish dots appeared in close proximity to it. The markings were a little itchy but did not really ache.

Photograph of the marking on Simon’s arm:

Photograph showing the smaller markings which also appeared within hours:

The markings lasted for several days before fading away. Simon could not think of anything in his room or which he had been doing the previous day which could have accounted for them. The feelings of wellness also lasted for a few days.

This is a bizarre series of incidents which certainly appear to bear the hallmarks of contact. Simon does not appear to have been physically been in the car during the night. If he had experienced a long period of missing time it would have been plausible that he was in some way controlled to get into his vehicle and drive somewhere for one reason or another, and that most of the memories of this were blocked out. However this does not seem to be the case.

It would be easy to dismiss the experience than nothing more than a dream. However it seemed to come on very abruptly. Simon was aware he was lying in bed one moment and the next found himself in the car. This seems much more like a vivid flashback, perhaps of a previous occasion where he was abducted from the vehicle. Many contactees have reported recollecting memories of experiences in this manner, sometimes though not always triggered by something in particular.

However this begs the question – if it was a flashback of something that happened on a different night, then what could account for the numerous other unusual aspects observed on the following day. The unusual faults on both his mobile phone and his car. The feelings of healthiness. The unusual bruise markings on his arm. All these things, if related, point towards something occurring on that night rather than a previous occasion.

Perhaps it was merely coincidence that there were issues with the phone and car directly following the experience. Perhaps the feeling of wellness was just random, and the markings were caused by a skin rash or something he had accidentally bumped into on the previous day without realising. But it does make you wonder if they are all connected in some way.

I did wonder if the incident in December 2016 was also related, and that potentially Simon was taken from his car either prior to or following him visiting the lay-by on Monks Road. After all Monks Road is rural without street lighting, and some parts of it would look similar to what he described seeing outside of the car in the vision. However Simon pointed out that Monks Road is on a slope, so if the power on the vehicle was not working the car would have started rolling backwards not ground to a halt. This is of course a fair point, and suggests that maybe the incidents were not related.

Rotating UFOs Sighting

On 2nd May 2022 Simon had gone fishing at Hargate Hill Equestrian Centre in Glossop. The centre has several lakes which are perfect for fishing and it is a location he visits regularly.

It was 4.05pm in the afternoon. The weather was dry with partial cloud cover in the sky. There was a light breeze blowing to the South. Simon was sitting on the left side of the largest of the three lakes at the centre. There were several other fishermen also present at other points around the lake.

Aerial map of Hargate Hill Equestrian Centre indicating Simon's fishing spot
Photograph of the lake prior to the incident

He happened to glance up into the sky to the North East and noticed two distant dark coloured objects. They appeared to be flattened disc shaped objects which were slowly rotating but not at a constant rate, so their shape would change from that of a squared off cigar to more circular and then back again. They were both moving slowly to the South East and appeared to be at quite high altitude. Simon estimates they were at least 15 feet across.

Aerial map indicating the position and direction the witness was facing (red arrow) and the direction the objects were moving in (blue arrow)

The objects seemed to be situated above the housing estate at the Northern part of Simmondley about 1000 feet from his location. He watched the objects for several minutes before informing another fisherman along the bank of their presence. However the other fisherman could not make them out, possibly due to poor eyesight.

Simon continued to watch the objects for a further 10 minutes. There was very little movement from them other than the sporadic rotation. Suddenly the lower object seemed to sparkle, almost pixelate, and completely vanish from sight! A moment later the upper object started to ascend vertically, not particularly fast, but a manoeuvre that seemed linked to what had just occurred. A couple of minutes later it too was lost from sight in the cloud.

Later on when he checked the photographs he had taken of the lake he realised he had managed to capture the two UFOs in one of the images.

Original photograph
Zoomed view with the objects ringed
Clsoe up of upper object
Close up of lower object

Unfortunately the objects are too distant to clearly see their shape. Obviously the upper object looks more rectangular than the lower one, but this could be down to pixilation as well as the angle it was at when the photograph was taken.

The objects were not aeroplanes as they were observed for almost 20 minutes. In this time period planes would have flown overhead or travelled across the skyline. These objects were clearly not moving very quickly at all. From the still they do not look like distant helicopters either. Flight Radar 24 confirms there were no tracked aircraft in the vicinity at the time:

360 Radar confirms that the area is within controlled airspace and does not lie within an airway, which reduces the possibility of the objects being untracked helicopters:

While the idea of the objects being drones cannot be entirely ruled out, it seems unlikely due to the way in which they were changing shape. Drones are able to hover still or move slowly, just as reported, however they would not roll over as they did so, the shape would remain largely static. Also the way in which the lower object suddenly vanished from sight does not really fit this explanation. That said, there is the possibility that the lower object seemed to vanish due to the distance or because it stopped reflecting sunlight.

Could they have been balloons? Simon says that the objects were not drifting enough in the sky for this possibility. He watched them for a good period of time, and there was a breeze, so some buffeting of the objects would have been expected if this were the case. And again there is the way in which the lower object seemed to suddenly vanish, immediately followed by the remaining object ascending. That said, the objects did not move particularly fast at any point, so this does remain a possibility.


As you can see, Simon has had a wide variety of unusual experiences throughout his life. While many of these do not seem to be directly contact related, they are never-the-less regularly reported by contactees and therefore may be linked in some way.

Simon clearly appears to have experienced visitations since a young age, and has numerous recollections of abductions. He also appears to be involved with the hybrid breeding program, which appears to be one of the ETs on-going agendas. This is one of the first male cases I have investigated which has involved this aspect of contact. Yet the similarities to female cases I have previously looked into are striking.

Since the initial release of this report, Simon has kept in touch and numerous updates have been made. It is clear that he is still experiencing unusual incidents and I feel his story is far from over. I would like to thank him for continuing to come forward with this fascinating, and in some cases quite sensitive, information.

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