Leeds Contact Case - Greys, Abductions, Hybrid, UFOs, Psychic Abilities, Paranormal Activity

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 31/08/2016

Last Updated: 26/03/2017

The hybrid breeding program is a particularly unusual, and some would say disturbing, aspect of contact which is sometimes reported by contactees. It appears that one of the on-going agendas of the ETs is to obtain our DNA and use it to create ET-human hybrids for an as yet unknown purpose. While most of the time this seems to involve females, occasionally male contactees can also be utilised in a similar manner. This is one such case, involving a gentleman named Simon from Leeds who I have met and spoken with on numerous occasions.

Spinning In The Air

Simon’s first memory is from a very early age, he believes from 1970 when he was around 18 months old. This in itself is unusual as most people cannot remember anything which took place at this age. But Simon has the distinct memory of being lifted up into the air in his cot and spinning round and round. In this memory his father then enters his room and he drops back down onto the cot.

While it is possible that this peculiar memory is nothing but childhood imagination, there is the possibility that it is linked with contact, although why the ETs would pick him up in this manner is a mystery.

The Pirate

From the age of 3 Simon began to experience visitations by a strange being in his room at night. He would wake up feeling frightened and would cover his face with his bedclothes. However in the end the fear of something there would be too great and he would lift up the cover to look.

Standing close to his bed he would see a figure with a wide hairless oval-shaped head and olive-coloured skin. This being wore a large black eye patch over one eye. Its skin had a rubbery texture – it looked like a puppet made out of rubber.

Witness drawing of the "pirate":

Whenever he saw it standing there Simon would be too frightened to get out of bed or call for his parents. He would hide under the bedclothes again and would then drop back off to sleep.

It is clear from Simon's drawing and description that this being was a Grey. It is possible that it was using a screen memory to appear like a pirate, although it is clearly still very alien in appearance. Another possibility is that Simons mind was associating its large black eyes with a pirate's eye patch and so interpreted it as this.

Bed Switch