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Leeds Contact Case - Greys, Abductions, Hybrid, UFOs, Psychic Abilities, Paranormal Activity

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 31/08/2016

Last Updated: 10/08/2022

The hybrid breeding program is a particularly unusual, and some would say disturbing, aspect of contact which is sometimes reported by contactees. It appears that one of the on-going agendas of the ETs is to obtain our DNA and use it to create ET-human hybrids for an as yet unknown purpose. While most of the time this seems to involve females, occasionally male contactees can also be utilised in a similar manner. This is one such case, involving a gentleman named Simon from Leeds who I have met and spoken with on numerous occasions.

Spinning In The Air

Simon’s first memory is from a very early age, he believes from 1970 when he was around 18 months old. This in itself is unusual as most people cannot remember anything which took place at this age. But Simon has the distinct memory of being lifted up into the air in his cot and spinning round and round. In this memory his father then enters his room and he drops back down onto the cot.

While it is possible that this peculiar memory is nothing but childhood imagination, there is the possibility that it is linked with contact, although why the ETs would pick him up in this manner is a mystery.

The Pirate

From the age of 3 Simon began to experience visitations by a strange being in his room at night. He would wake up feeling frightened and would cover his face with his bedclothes. However in the end the fear of something there would be too great and he would lift up the cover to look.

Standing close to his bed he would see a figure with a wide hairless oval-shaped head and olive-coloured skin. This being wore a large black eye patch over one eye. Its skin had a rubbery texture – it looked like a puppet made out of rubber.

Witness drawing of the "pirate":

Whenever he saw it standing there Simon would be too frightened to get out of bed or call for his parents. He would hide under the bedclothes again and would then drop back off to sleep.

It is clear from Simon's drawing and description that this being was a Grey. It is possible that it was using a screen memory to appear like a pirate, although it is clearly still very alien in appearance. Another possibility is that Simons mind was associating its large black eyes with a pirate's eye patch and so interpreted it as this.

Bed Switch

When he was 5 years old Simon went on a summer holiday with his family to Mablethorpe. They were staying in a chalet and Simon had a bunk bed to sleep in. He decided to sleep on the top bunk. During the night he awoke and found himself in the bottom bunk. Hey was quite shocked and began to cry. His parents came in and put him back to sleep in the top bunk.

Simon is mystified by what happened on this occasion. Because of his previous experiences with the pirate he was frightened to get out of bed during the night and would never have done so voluntarily, even if he needed to use the toilet. He says he would have rather wet the bed than step out of it while it was dark in the room. Obviously there is the possibility that he sleep-walked on this occasion, but Simon wonders if something more took place.

Faces In The Window

The following year Simon’s family went on holiday again to Wales in their VW camper van. They travelled around and stopped at a few different campsites. Simon was frightened to sleep in the hammock so instead slept in the back of the van. He woke up in the night feeling scared. Sitting up, he pulled back the curtain on the rear window of the camper van.

Outside he saw two faces looking in through the window. He could make out the shapes of the heads and eyes. Quickly he pulled the curtain back closed and hid under the bed covers. He did not shout out as he did not want to get into trouble for waking up his family.

Was this another visitation incident or could the faces have just been in his imagination?


From about age 10 onwards Simon began to have sleep paralysis experiences. He would wake in the night and would not be able to move at all. He would not be able to see, perhaps because he was under the covers. Sometimes he would hear a high pitched sound. These experiences were extremely frightening but he could do nothing to prevent them. After a period of time he would then drop back off to sleep.

Simon began to experience paralysis roughly once every couple of months. Between 1998-2001 it became more regular, about once a fortnight. It now happens rarely and he has not experienced it since 2015.

While sleep paralysis has some aspects which closely resemble contact, they are two distinct types of experience with a number of differences which set them apart. That said, many contactees do report having paralysis in addition to contact.

Out-Of-Body Experiences

In his early teens Simon underwent his first out-of-body experience. At the time he shared a room with his brother and they slept in a bunk bed, with him on the bottom bunk. He woke up during the early morning feeling really relaxed. Glancing over at the clock he saw the time was 3.10am. He decided to get up out of bed. When he did so he realised it didn’t feel normal. It felt like he was floating and not touching the floor. He turned around and saw his body still lying in bed.

Fascinated by what was happening, he began to explore the room. He moved over to the window and looked out at the M62. There was no traffic on the road at all. Everything seemed deathly quiet. He looked round and saw his brother asleep on the top bunk. He wasn’t frightened by what was happening, but knew that it wasn’t right to be outside his own body. He lay back down on the bed into his body. Immediately he sat up wide awake in bed.

Simon has had occasional out-of-body experiences ever since. In 2004/2005 he had a car accident and was forced to take time off work to recover. He spent a lot of time on the computer talking with people. One of his friends on the net was a lady from Texas. He told her all about his out-of-body experiences and she was very intrigued. Simon promised that the next time it happened he would come and visit her.

A number of weeks later he had an OBE. He had seen a photograph of his friend’s house in Texas. He pictured that in his mind and all of a sudden found himself there, hovering in the air outside of the house. He floated inside through one of the windows and saw his friend asleep in bed. One of her feet was sticking out of the end of the bed. To try and get her to react to his presence he pulled one of her toes. She did not seem to react.

Simon doesn’t know how he got back home, he just remembered what he had done when he woke in the morning. He decided to speak with his friend on the net. Before he had a chance to say anything she said “You came to see me last night and you grabbed my toe!” He confirmed that he had done precisely that. She had clearly somehow sensed he was there and what he had done. This served as proof for Simon that he really was coming out of his body during his experiences.


For much of his life Simon has felt like he has possessed heightened senses. On a number of occasions he feels that he has both seen and directly interacted with ghosts. One particularly dramatic example of this took place in 1998. It was early afternoon on a pleasant sunny day. Simon was on his way out to go shopping in Beeston, where he lived at the time.

He was on High Street when he saw an old lady attempting to cross the road. She was wearing a large coat, tights and flat shoes. She had grey hair and pale skin. She was holding two fabric bags full of shopping. Her face was all bruised and she had blood on her nose. It looked like she had just been mugged. Simon asked her if she was alright. She claimed to have fallen down the steps at home.

Simon took the bags and helped her cross the road. On the far side was a wide open space. The lady said thank you as Simon handed the bags back to her. He then crossed back over the road, which took no longer than a few seconds. He glanced back round and found that the lady had completely vanished! There was absolutely nothing nearby she could have walked behind, she was just gone. He immediately realised that the lady must have been a ghost. Perhaps she really had fallen down the steps at home, but had not survived the fall.

In 2001 Simon lived with his brother in Leeds and slept in the converted loft. One evening he was speaking with another experiencer he is friends with. They ended the call and she said she would give him a ring later. It was quite late and Simon dropped off to sleep. After a while he woke back up and found he was paralysed. There was a man next to him who was touching him on the forehead. The man looked similar to his brother but was elderly and bald. He recognised the man as his mother’s great uncle, who he had seen photographs of previously. He felt that it was his ghost who had come to visit him. The phone then started ringing but Simon was unable to move or speak. After a minute he found he could move again, and the ghost of his relative vanished from sight. This experience is particularly interesting because it involves both sleep paralysis and the appearance of a recognisable figure.

Many contactees report seeing ghostly apparitions and having other paranormal experiences in addition to contact. There certainly appears to be a direct link of some kind, and I wonder if experiencing contact alters their perception making them more susceptible to seeing things most do not.

Psychic Abilities

In addition to seeing ghosts, Simon has seemingly had premonitions at certain times. One night he went to bed thinking about what it would be like to win the lottery. During the night he had a dream in which he put down some numbers. The first two and last two numbers were clear, but the middle two were blurred.

In the morning he remembered the dream but didn’t act on it at all, thinking nothing of it. However later that day when the lottery was drawn the four numbers he had seen clearly actually came up! While this could just be put down to coincidence, it is odd that he would have dreamt about this on the previous night.

One night in the mid-1990s Simon had an unusual dream. In this dream he watched a large aircraft fly overhead and then drop down behind a hill in the distance out of sight. He was then holding and shaking a jar filled with water and small black square-shaped objects. In the morning he saw on the news that there had been a plane crash at an airshow in Toronto, Ontario in which 7 people lost their lives. The news report showed video footage of the plane, which ditched into Lake Ontario. When it hit the water square-shaped pieces broke off and flew up into the air. Simon realised these were in the same pattern as the objects he had seen in the jar in his dream. It immediately became clear to him that he had experienced a premonition of the crash.

I have managed to locate a video of the crash in which the pieces of debris are clearly visible:

Something similar occurred on the night of 9th May 2002. This time he had a dream in which he was looking at a book. The pages of the book were turning and on them were photographs. He saw what he thought was a derailed rollercoaster carriage. The following morning he felt ill so took the day off work. On the news was a story about a train carriage which had derailed at Potters Bar killing a number of people. He immediately realised that this had been what he had seen photographs of in his dream during the night.

Below is a video about the train crash which Simon seemingly predicted:

In April 2016 pay day was coming up at work and Simon was speaking about it with his work colleague. For some reason he was suddenly aware of his colleagues PIN number in his mind. He told his colleague the numbers. His colleague looked shocked and said “If you were a pickpocket I’d be skint now!” Another friend who witnessed this then asked Simon if he could guess his PIN number too. Apparently he managed to guess two of the four digits correctly, and was also aware that his account was with Lloyds bank. Simon says that there is no way he would have found out this information previously.


In the mid 1990s Simon appears to have been followed by an unknown vehicle. He was on his way to visit his mother who lived at Beeston at the time. He suddenly noticed in the rear view mirror some headlights behind him. At first he thought it was the police, but after a while realised it was a dark coloured car.

He made some turns and the car remained behind him. He began to get suspicious that the car was purposely following him. To test this theory he began to turn left at each turn, essentially going round in a loop and ending up back where he started.  According to Simon he drove around the block 4 times and the car continued to follow. Eventually it stopped following and drove on as Simon turned.

There would have been absolutely no reason for the driver of the car to have made the same turns that Simon did, it was clearly following him, although the reason for this is unknown.

Glowing UFOs

In 1998 Simon lived on Wesley Croft, Leeds near to Elland Road football stadium. He has always been fascinated by the stars and would regularly star gaze from his back garden with a telescope. One evening he was outside and facing NNE. He noticed two white orbs of light alongside one another moving in his direction. They appeared to be around the height of a low flying aircraft, but were moving too slowly to be a plane. He initially assumed them to be Chinese lanterns.

Aerial map of Wesley Croft: