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Lancashire Contact Case - Grey, Portal, Orbs, Paranormal Activity

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 14/08/2013

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used

This report covers numerous interesting experiences of a lady from Lancashire. She got in touch with BUFOG in June 2013 to report what has happened to her as part of her on-going search for answers. Ever since moving into her current house in 2009 she has experienced some unusual events, some of which could well have links with ET contact.

Paranormal Events

Since moving into her current property, Pamela has had numerous experiences of a potentially paranormal nature. There have been two incidents where objects have moved in front of her, and many others where objects have inexplicably vanished and reappeared. On numerous occasions she has detected a horrible sewer-like smell on the landing at the top of the stairs. She got the pipes of the house checked but they are completely fine. On other occasions she has heard footsteps and unexplained scratching noises. Several times she has heard these footsteps coming from upstairs when her children have been away at the weekend, but has forgotten and called up to them only to be greeted by silence.

Pamela is not the only one to have experienced strange activity in the house. One morning her 10 year old daughter Kerry came running into her room as soon as the alarm went off at 6.30am. She was visibly upset. She went on to explain that she had awoken during the night to see four figures standing in her room. One of them looked like Pamela, but she knew it was not as she could hear her feeding the cat downstairs. The other three were wearing balaclavas around their heads like bank robbers. Some of them had red eyes, while others had completely white eyes. The figure which looked like her mother walked and sat down on the end of the bed. Then all of them began laughing at her. Terrified she hid under her bedclothes and pillow. She must have then dropped off to sleep again despite being frightened. While there is the possibility that this was nothing more than a nightmare, Pamela believes that it was something more than this due to the clear amount of trauma it had caused her daughter.

In July 2013 Pamela’s 6 year old son Ben started to report seeing “monsters” with red eyes around the house, both at night time and during the day. Kerry claims to have seen a figure walking into Ben’s room one evening while she was taking a bath. During the night of 3rd August 2013 Ben came into Pamela’s room about 3am saying that something had gripped him around the neck. Pamela allowed him to sleep alongside her for the remainder of the night. In the morning she asked him to go over what had happened. He said that he suddenly felt hands gripping his neck. He opened his eyes and could not see anything but the feeling continued for a short while before vanishing.

At face value these experiences do not appear to be related in any way with contact. But they could well be indirectly related. Many contactees report paranormal activity in their proximity, far too many for this just to be down to coincidence. There appears to be a direct link between the two but what this link is has not yet been determined.


In the summer of 2012 Pamela had two unusual experiences in close proximity to one another. One evening she was sat in the living room in her chair reading a book. It was about 8pm and the children had gone up to bed. A flash of light caught her eye over by the window. She glanced up from her book. She saw four orbs of varying colours and sizes. They appeared to be spheres of energy. The largest was about the size of a clenched fist. They were purple, blue, red and golden coloured. They danced around in the air. As they did they seemed to give off golden coloured sparks of light which quickly faded away. They moved at varying speeds. Some of them zipped around, whereas others were slowly gliding.

Witness drawing of the coloured orbs:

Photograph of the location in the living room where the orbs appeared:

Pamela was fascinated by the objects and not frightened of them. She had no idea of what they were, but certainly appeared to be there in the room. The only thing in the room which could cause reflections was the glass table, but there was nothing moving which could have accounted for the orbs. She watched them for about 10 minutes. After this time they seemed to fade away one by one. She just watched them from the chair, she did not attempt to get closer to them or get a camera to photograph them.

Overview of living room and position of orbs:

Later in the same week Pamela was having a bath and reading at the same time. Once again it was evening time and the kids were in bed. She happened to look up and there the orbs were again! They were over by the bathroom window. There were multiple purple orbs, one red and one green. This time none of them were zipping around extremely fast, they were all just slowly drifting through the air. Intrigued by them, Pamela watched them for 10-15 minutes. They then seemed to fade into the window and disappear.

Photograph of where the orbs appeared in the bathroom:

Overview of bathroom and position of orbs:

What could have accounted for these orbs? The fact that Pamela saw them twice in different locations does tend to suggest that they were not being caused by reflections of light off a specific object. In both cases she observed them for an impressive period of time, so it is unlikely that they were down to an issue with her eyes. Also if they were an optical illusion of some kind then why were they not seen on other occasions before and afterwards? Nor could they have been ball lighting. This is quite rare and only appears during thundery weather. Also reports of ball lightning tend to only mention a single orb not multiple, and if there were multiple they would logically all appear the same colour. The orbs seemed to an energy manifestation of some kind. Contactees have often reported seeing orbs around their home, so this may well have had something to do with her other experiences.

The Voice

It was the early hours of the morning and Pamela was fast asleep in her bed. Suddenly she awoke to find herself in a sitting up position. At the same moment she heard a voice speak to her. It sounded like it was audibly in the room close to her face. It sounded male and had no detectable emotion in it. She cannot recall what the voice said to her but she was extremely frightened by it. Her heart pounded in her chest. The voice continued for at least a minute, possibly up to 5 minutes. When it finished speaking to her she immediately fell back off to sleep despite her extreme fear.

In the morning when she awoke she remembered hearing the voice, and was extremely puzzled by why she had dropped off rather than investigate where the voice had come from. She felt that this was not how she would have normally acted in this situation and it troubled her. She was also puzzled as to why she could not recall what the voice had said to her even though it had gone on for a number of minutes.

This is an intriguing experience. It would of course be easy to dismiss it as nothing but a vivid waking dream. After all Pamela did wake up in the middle of the night, and did drop back off to sleep directly following the experience. However the way in which she could not recall what was said, and the fact that she dropped back off immediately almost like she had been sedated are both very interesting points which are often reported by contactees. Could the voice have been some kind of ET communication? We will probably never know for sure, but this is certainly worth considering alongside Pamela’s other experiences.


One night in May 2013 Pamela had a terrifying experience. She had gone to bed that evening about 10pm. It was a normal evening and she was not feeling different in any way. In the middle of the night she suddenly awoke. She believes it was the early hours of the morning as it was still dark, but did not check the exact time.

She found that she could not move her body, only her head. She looked round to her left and saw the left side of a strange being. It had blue-grey coloured skin and looked slender. It was reaching out and gripping hold of her left arm. The beings arms were long and extremely thin. The figure was emerging from what she could only describe as a portal coming through the wall over the bed. This portal spiralled into the wall and was a glowing silver colour. It reminded her of liquid metal. It was no more than a couple of feet across.

Witness drawing of her view of the being:

How the portal looked from the front:

How the portal would have appeared  from a side perspective:

Pamela was absolutely terrified of what was taking place. She tried to scream but her voice came out muffled. Panicking, she struggled to move but found she could not. Then she felt herself blacking out, almost as if she had been sedated. She quickly fell back off to sleep. When she came round she had no idea of how long had passed. It was still dark in the room, but everything was back to normal. Despite the fact she was still extremely scared she managed to drop off to sleep again.

Overview of bedroom and position of portal and being:

In the morning Pamela awoke to the sound of the alarm and got ready to take her children to school. She pushed what had happened to the back of her mind and just put it down to a vivid nightmare. But despite this in the days following the incident she found it extremely frightening to be alone in the room. She would only go to sleep if one of her children was also present. This fear has remained until the present, although she will now sleep in the room alone. She still cannot sleep if the room is completely dark, and always leaves the bedroom door open.

Another thing that Pamela noticed following the incident is that her pet cat would not come into the room. Up until then it would occasionally curl up on the end of the bed, but following the experience it was clearly disturbed by something. Even today it will only remain in the room for a short time.

This is an interesting experience for which the explanation is unclear. On the one hand, much of what Pamela has described would fit in with a sleep paralysis experience. During sleep paralysis the individual usually finds they can only move their head. They will often see strange figures in the room, and these figures will often push down on them or hold them in some way. It is believed that this is due to the brain dreaming up an explanation for the lack of movement. Also when the individual tries to shout they will usually find that their voice is muffled or completely silenced.

However some of what Pamela describes does seem to fit with a contact experience. The details of the being that she described do seem to match that of a Grey. The body was very slender with long thin arms and had blue-grey coloured skin. She did not see its face as it was too far behind her head. The being appeared to be emerging through a portal of some kind. There are many visitation experiences where the contactee has stated that the ETs entered the room by walking out from a solid wall, often surrounded in glowing light. Could this have been something similar? Was the being not holding her down but trying to drag her into this portal? Lastly the behaviour of her cat after the incident is also interesting. It certainly seemed bothered by something. However there is the possibility that it could sense Pamela’s fear of the room rather than be frightened by it directly.


There is some evidence to suggest that Pamela may be a contactee. Certainly the being which she saw in her most recent experience does appear to have been a Grey, although she was only able to observe part of it. However, while it is clear that some very unusual things have taken place, many of them could potentially have other explanations not linked with contact. She has not had any UFO sightings or direct experiences of being taken. So at the moment I cannot say for certain if she is experiencing contact, although she certainly seems to be experiencing some very unusual activity. I would like to thank Pamela for sharing her experiences with me, and hope that she keeps me informed on another further that may occur.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2013



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