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June/July 1996 - Wythall, Worcester – Cigar UFO Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 20/11/2019

In late September 2019 I gave a talk and ran a live UFO investigation desk at an event known as the Supernatural Fayre. Towards the end of the day a man named Alan Darcy provided details of a UFO sighting he had experienced back in the mid 1990’s.

Sighting Details

On a day in either June or July of 1996 when he was 31 years old Alan visited his parents’ house in Wythall, Worcester with his wife and two daughters (precice location unknown at present). It was around 7-7.30pm in the evening and the weather was bright, sunny and still with a clear blue sky.

Aerial map of Wythall

One of them looked up and noticed a cigar-shaped silver coloured object in the sky through the window. They pointed it out to everyone else present. The object was completely stationary. There was no discernable noise, although the witnesses were viewing it from inside the house. It looked cylindrical but with rounded off ends. At first they thought it must be an aircraft coming in to land and travelling towards their location but they soon realised this was not the case.

Witness drawing of the UFO

After watching it for about 30-40 seconds Alan went to find his parent’s binoculars while everyone else continued to observe the UFO. He returned a few minutes later and the object was still present. Looking through the binoculars Alan got a closer view of the object. It was chrome silver in colour all over with no discernable markings, lights or windows.

Everyone continued to watch it for a number of minutes. Then suddenly the UFO shot off horizontally to the left extremely fast and was lost from sight! It was gone in less than a second. They were all astounded by what they had just witnessed.

Sighting Analysis

This is a very impressive sighting due to the movement the object was seen to perform. If it had remained stationary for the duration of the sighting I may have suggested it was some kind of large inflatable such as a solar airship or distant silver coloured blimp. However it could not have been this due to the manner in which it suddenly left the area at an extreme speed. It was stationary at first so was not an aeroplane, and Alan was able to see it clearly through the binoculars and confirmed it was not a helicopter or drone.

I have investigated many reports of similar objects to this. The manoeuvre it performed suggested it was under intelligent control and exhibited advanced propulsion capabilities. Although no occupants were seen, I feel that due to both it's appearance and manouvering capabilities observed there is a high likelihood that this was a genuine sighting of an ET craft.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2019



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