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June 2014 - Quinton, Birmingham - White/Metallic UFO Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: George Gregg

Release Date: 18/10/2014

Sighting Report

In mid June 2014 a man and his wife, facing south east,  out of their kitchen window saw an object following a commercial airliner or cargo plane (witnesses description)  at speed over Hagley Road, Quinton (B32 postcode). It was around 55 degrees from the horizontal. There was nothing obscuring the view of the airplane and anomalous object. They had a clear sight of the object which was thought to be white / metallic. No noise was heard from either plane or object.

There was a straight flight path, both plane and object were very fast. The UFO quickly closed up to the left side of plane. The anomalous object left no trail unlike the plane. There were no psychic elements or contact reported by the witnesses.

Map and photograph of sighting location:

Sighting Analysis

An intriguing report from two members of the public however insufficient detail to reach any formal conclusion. Nevertheless it is highly unusual for traffic control to allow two aircraft to fly so close together. There is a long history of aircraft and UFO encounters. We would be grateful if any pilot involved in this case or other witnesses could contact either David Hodrien or George Gregg to upgrade this report.

Copyright George Gregg 2014



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