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June 2012/13 – Chudleigh Knighton – Glowing Red Oval UFO Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 02/11/2022

On Sunday 23rd October 2022 I spoke at the LAPIS UFO & Paranormal Conference up in St Annes, Blackpool. On the same day there was another fascinating talk by crytozoologists Jackie Tonks and Richard Freeman. Towards the end of the conference Jackie approached and informed me that a number of years ago she had an interesting UFO sighting. A few days later I contacted her via phone to go over what happened in more depth.

Sighting Details

Jackie used to live in Chudleigh Knighton, a village in Devon. She rented a cottage on The Chapelry right opposite St Pauls Church.

Aerial map of The Chapelry indicating the house and its proximity to St Pauls church

One early morning in June of either 2012 or 2013 she was awoken by a constant low buzzing sound. The noise was quite unpleasant and made her feel a little nauseous. She could feel it vibrating through the bed. She realised the noise was coming from outside.

Getting out of bed, she pulled back the curtains of her bedroom window. It was around 4.30am and the morning sun had come up. The weather seemed to be clear and dry.

Across the road to the South she noticed that there was a strange localised mist around St Pauls Church. Through this mist she could see a stationary red glowing oval-shaped light which appeared to be hovering near the left side of the roof of the church, around 35-40 feet off the ground. The glow of this light could be seen through the mist.

Intrigued by the light and the strange sound which seemed to be coming from it, she decided to step outside the house and approach it. She was wearing her pyjamas and some socks, and felt that this was enough clothing to go and investigate.

Stepping outside she walked across the back patio and down the steps which led to the road. There was nobody else around due to the time of morning.

Photograph of the road showing the gate to the house opposite the church wall:

As she crossed the road the sound became louder. It was clearly coming from the glowing red light. It was so strong that it began to affect her middle ear and make her feel slightly giddy.

The mist was completely covering the left side of the church, but was also starting to spread across the road. As she crossed the road she entered the edge of it. She noted that it not only looked unusual, but it also was not damp on her skin. It reminded her of dry ice or the mist made by an air diffuser.

On the far side of the road she walked along the flint wall to the left a short distance to get a better view of the red light near the church roof or just beyond it. The open gate of the church was a short distance to herleft, but due to her attire and how giddy she was now feeling she did not enter the church grounds.