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Jane McCarthy Lecture Review

In June 2009, the Birmingham UFO Group was treated to a very interesting and varied lecture by “psychic investigator” Jane McCarthy. Her husband Tom who helps with her investigations was also there, as was their highly active pet dog, which apparently has a sixth sense and can detect the presence of ghosts. Tom did not talk during the lecture but was on hand to answer questions.

Jane claims to possess clairvoyant abilities which enable her to receive messages from spirits, and also what she believes to be an extraterrestrial intelligence. She also has the ability to sometimes see apparitions or spirit energy in the form of orbs. She is regularly contacted by people who wish to receive psychic readings, and she is also called out to investigate hauntings.

Before her lecture, Jane openly admitted to being more interested in ghosts than UFOs or aliens. However over the years she and her husband have had a number of fascinating UFO encounters. The first part of Jane’s lecture concentrated on these incidents, and featured many drawings and photographs. It became clear she had had some very interesting sightings indeed, and had even managed to twice photograph what she believes is a huge unidentified craft. This apparently appeared in response to her asking for proof of their existence. Jane has also had a contact experience, and is possibly an abductee, though she does not wish to pry into this too deep as it un-nerves her. She has a tiny scar in each eye which she believes was caused during an abduction. She also recounted a story where she awoke to see an amphibian-type alien being in her room. Her experiences seemed very believeable and she described them in great detail.

During the break I approached Jane to speak with her about her psychic messages. As we were talking, she actually received a message – not for me, but for BUFOG presidents Craig and Mark. Jane and Tom’s pet dog continued excitedly running around the room staring at everyone.

In the second part of her lecture, Jane discussed some of her psychic investigations in more detail, and moved away from the subject of UFOs to discuss spirits and orbs instead. Some of her stories were very creepy indeed, there was at least a couple of moments where I felt the hairs on my neck stand up! In particular, she recounted an investigation into a haunting on a stretch of road. When she visited the location she detected the presence of a young man and even drew a picture of him. Later she would learn that this boy had died in a fatal crash, and a relative even recognised him from her picture. Jane also detected the presence of a monk, which she again drew a picture of. She is not the only one to have seen the monk at that location – she read out a newspaper article about a sighting of the monk by a couple of police officers. While everyone was getting thoroughly spooked by her tale, we suddenly began to hear a strange quiet voice calling out. Then the dog let out a loud bark! Was there a presence in the room that was making itself known to us? Not this time…it was just Craig’s mobile phone which he’d left over by the podium! When speaking about the orb pheonomenon, Jane explained how she believes that they are doorways to another dimension through which spirits can manifest. She displayed some interesting photographs showing close ups of orbs to back up this theory.

Sadly in the end Jane’s lecture had to draw to a close, but everyone agreed it was both highly enjoyable and interesting. She came across as a very confident person who speaks very openly about her experiences. If you missed the lecture, look out for her speaking elsewhere, I cannot reccomend her enough.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2009



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