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Huddersfield Contact Case - Greys, Abduction, Visitations, UFO Sighting, Psychic Abilities

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 22/07/2014

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used


Emily first got in touch with me about her experiences in May 2013. Looking back through her life there are a number of very interesting incidents which have taken place. These incidents include a clear recollection of an abduction experience, signs of other abductions and a possible visitation. This report covers her experiences in depth and includes numerous drawings she has sent to me for inclusion.

A Different Home

When Emily was young she remembers that whenever she got upset she would start to cry and say to her parents that she wanted to go home. She would do this even if she was in her house at the time. She does not know what “home” she was referring to at the time, but assumes that it was somewhere else, possibly elsewhere in the universe.

Certain contactees appear to have a deep connection with the beings that interact with them. These individuals sometimes referred to as “star children”, often feel that they have come from elsewhere and do not really belong on Earth. They are often drawn to the stars at night, and are usually concerned with the destruction of the environment and the barbarism of the human race.  They tend to possess heightened senses, and as a result often suffer from allergies and avoid artificial/cosmetic products. All of these things Emily says apply to her. Obviously none of them are definite signs of contact, but they are aspects which are regularly observed.

A Visitation

The first unusual experience which Emily can remember happening took place when she was 7 years old. Even at an early age she would often find it hard to sleep at night, something she still suffers from today. One night in the summer of 1997 she was lying awake in bed. Back then the family used to live in a house in Farnley, Huddersfield. Emily used to share a room with her twin sister. As she lay there, she felt like she was being watched in the dark. She decided to get in to bed next to her sleeping sister for comfort.

She recalls getting into bed and closing her eyes for about 10 seconds. She feels sure that she did not drop off to sleep. She opened her eyes again to peer round the room. When she did so she immediately saw a shadowy figure leaning over her. She only saw the head and shoulders as it was only about 10 cm away from her face! Despite its closeness to her she could see no features, it was just a humanoid shaped shadow. However it was shorter than an adult human would have been. It looked about the same height as her, around 4 feet.

Point Of View witness drawing of the figure:

Witness drawing of the figure alongside the bed:

Emily closed her eyes and screamed in fear. Her sister woke up and her mother came rushing into the bedroom. When she opened her eyes she found that the figure had vanished. She told her mum and sister what she had seen. Her mother dismissed it as a dream. Emily insisted she remained in the room, so she sat alongside the bed until she had dropped off to sleep.

In the days following the incident Emily says that she tried not to think about what had happened or tell anyone else. She was scared that if she did the figure would return. Looking back at the incident, Emily feels that the figure did not want to cause her harm, she was just scared of it due to its proximity and sudden appearance. Many years later she spoke with her sister about it. Her sister remembers her screaming and crying but does not recall being told about the figure.

It is of course possible that Emily had dropped off to sleep and that the figure she had seen was the result of a dream. As she only caught a glimpse of it before shutting her eyes, and as it was clearly no longer in the room when her mother entered, this cannot be put out of the question. However this could well have been a visitation by a Grey or other short ET. I have dealt with a number of cases where the ETs appear to mask themselves in shadow, so no physical features can be seen, just a silhouette. This may be done in an attempt to reduce the trauma of the experience, or there may be another reason why they would want to mask their true appearance. There is also the possibility that this was not an ET but a “shadow being”, a type of apparition which has often been reported by both contactees and non-contactees alike.


When Emily was 15 years old she went on holiday to Somerset with her family. They stayed at a Haven holiday camp in a chalet. Emily was again sharing a room with her sister. They had gone up to bed and she was lying there with her eyes closed trying to get to sleep. Suddenly she found that when she tried to move she was paralyzed. She thought that she was dying but when she tried to open her mouth and shout for help no sound came out. She then felt waves of electrical energy start to flow through her body from her toes to the top of her head. At the same time as this she began to hear a roaring sound in her head which steadily got louder and louder. She sensed that there was a presence of some kind in the room but was too frightened to look.

This seemed to go on for about 3 minutes. Then suddenly everything stopped and went back to normal. She found she could move freely again. She went and informed her mother what had just taken place. Her mother put it down to a migraine, and so she returned to bed.

Several years later she started to have similar experiences happen. Her parents arranged  for her to have a number of tests at the local hospital to see if they could work out what was causing it. She went in for an EEG and was required to go to sleep in a room. But Emily found that she was unable to do this, and decided not to go back again.

Although she was not officially diagnosed, it is likely that the above described experiences were a result of sleep paralysis. Everything she describes – the inability to move or speak, the electrical sensations, strange sounds, sense of a presence and the way in which it started and stropped without warning are all commonly described side effects of this. Although some aspects of sleep paralysis are not yet fully understood, it is widely accepted that it is a real state which can occur. Some people are more susceptible to it than others. It is probable that this is what Emily was suffering from on these occasions. As certain aspects appear to be similar to aspects of abduction, some researchers believe that sleep paralysis fully explains ET contact experiences. However there are many distinct differences between the two.

The Abduction

In the winter of 2010 when Emily was 20 years old she was to experience the only abduction she can currently recollect. One night she was staying over at her boyfriend (now husband) Ben’s house in Bradford. They both went to sleep at around 11pm. In the middle of the night, Emily woke up seemingly for no reason. There was no clock in the room but she felt it was around 1am. She immediately became aware that everything was extremely still and silent. She lay there for a couple of minutes wondering what was going on. Everything seemed un-naturally quiet and she got a sense that time itself had stood still.

Emily then looked over at Ben alongside her. As she turned it felt like everything was moving in slow motion. Ben appeared frozen, she could not even see him breathing. For some reason she felt that this was not the first time she had seen this, although she had no memories of it happening before this date. She sensed that neither her or him were going to come to harm. Because of this she was not frightened and did not try to wake him up. She was also aware that someone was going to come for her, and that she had known this was going to take place, but had somehow forgotten until this point. It was as if it had all been planned in advance, but that it had been blocked from her mind so that she could lead a normal life. She felt completely calm and relaxed, which was unusual given the circumstances.

After this her memories are extremely fragmented. However the memories which she does recall certainly indicate that she was abducted and taken aboard a craft. She recalls being up in the air floating towards the wall and window of the room. She was floating about 5 cm off the floor in a standing position. She could move freely but did not try to struggle against what was happening. As she got near to the wall and window she put out her hand to stop herself from bumping into it. But she continued forward and passed through it. Her head and upper body passed through the glass of the window. Her lower body passed through the solid wall. As she did so she felt the sensation of doing so. It was an itchy feeling, and felt more viscous than moving through the air.

After this she then has a period of missing time. Although she doesn't recall seeing a craft hovering in the sky close to her house, she does have an image of what it looked like. She remembers it being a silver disc-shaped craft with a dome in the middle of the upper surface. It had smooth curved edges and no visible markings or other lighting. She feels it was about 30 feet in diameter.

Her next recollection is of standing in a large open room with white walls and no visible furnishings. She is unsure whether she was on board the disc-shaped craft at this point or somewhere else entirely. There was a Grey being standing about 15 feet in front of her. It was about 6 feet in height and was wearing a skin-tight suit either silver or white in colour. There was some kind of insignia on this suit on the upper chest area but she currently cannot recall the details of what this looked like. The being had a slender body with long thin arms and legs. The skin of its exposed head was pale grey in colour. Its head was tear drop shaped with a very pointed chin and large black oval-shaped eyes. It had very small nostrils and just a 2cm long slit for a mouth.

Witness drawing showing the proximity of the Grey:

Point of view witness drawing of the Grey:

She remembers that the being then communicated telepathically with her. She could hear its voice directly in her head. It felt neutral to her, neither male or female. She believes that she had a long conversation with the Grey but does not currently recollect most of what was said. Her only clear recollection is that it said to her “It’s time for you to come back with us now.” At the time she knew exactly what it meant by this without the need for it to explain to her. She did not feel ready to leave behind her life on Earth and responded saying “I’m not ready yet, I want to experience more before I go.” The being did not seem angry at her response.

Another memory which Emily feels sure took place during the same experience was of being shown a glowing golden holographic map.  This was displayed in the air and was covered in unusual symbols, points of light and lines. The points of light appeared to be star constellations. At the time she feels that she could read and understand what the strange symbols meant, but does not when she thinks back to it. She also remembers that one or more Greys were showing her something on this map but can’t remember what. Emily says the holographic maps in the control room in the movie Avatar were reminiscent of what she observed. If she decides to be regressed at some point we may be able to gain more information or even a layout of it.

Witness drawing of the holographic map (map details shown are a representation and not accurate):

Emily believes that after this she was returned to the house, although she has no recollection of this return journey. She just found herself back in bed under the covers. Initially the eerie silence was still there in the room but after a short while it seemed to dissipate. She lay in bed thinking about what had just taken place and wondering why there appeared to be large gaps in her recollection of events.

She did not tell Ben what had happened till about a year later. As time went on she began to view the experience as nothing more than a bizarre dream, even though at the time she knew that it had felt much more vivid than this. However in recent years she has looked into ET contact on the net and realises the similarity between her experience and other cases.

Further Contact Memories

Another recurring memory that Emily has is of standing on a path close to where her mother lives in Comle, Huddersfield. In the memory it is daylight so cannot have been related to the above mentioned abduction experience. She recalls seeing the same craft that she remembers from her abduction – a silver coloured domed disc. It approaches about 100 feet above her and then suddenly stops in the sky. The domed part of the craft has a rectangular shaped window in it, and she sees a Grey on board the craft put its hand up against this window. She then reaches up towards the craft almost as a return gesture. She has no idea whether this craft was there to observe her, abduct her or had even just dropped her back off after being taken.

Witness drawing of the UFO and Grey at the window:

The fact that the craft she sees in this memory matches the one she remembers from the abduction means it is clearly linked with her experiences in some way. While it is entirely possible that she has just imagined this memory it seems more probable that this is a flashback to an experience which has happed at some point in her adult life prior to the abduction.

Pyschic Abilities

Many contactees often appear to express one or more psychic abilities, so many so that this could be termed a common aspect of the contact phenomenon. Emily claims to possess a high level of intuition. She says that often she will be able to detect an individual’s personality and emotions before speaking with them and can be aware of ulterior motives. Sometimes this feeling is so strong that she feels physically sick when in the presence of certain individuals and can’t go near them. She can often sense a connection with people and can feel sorry for them without knowing why.

On a number of occasions Emily has had dreams which have seemed to later on come true. I have looked into many other cases where similar premonition dreams have been reported. Many of these premonitions seem to be warning Emily of danger to either herself or others around her.

When she was 17 her boyfriend at the time started driving. She knew when things were going to go wrong. One night she had a dream that something bad was going to happen to him on the road. She dismissed it but later that same day her boyfriend pulled out onto a junction and almost crashed.

About a year later she had a dream that her boyfriend’s mother had stomach cancer. She told him about it soon afterwards. A week later his mother went into hospital for some tests. Emily never found out whether it was cancer as around that time they broke up. Her boyfriend blamed her in a way for what had happened.

Emily used to own a motorbike. On a number of occasions she would get a gut feeling that it was not safe to go out on the bike. A couple of times she ignored this feeling, but on both these occasions even when riding extra safely she still skidded and came off the bike. After this she used to put on extra padded clothing or where possible not go out at all if she sensed something was wrong.

In 2012 she had a dream that Ben’s car was going to break down. In the morning she informed him and told him to get the car serviced. He ignored the warning, and later that day the car’s tyre burst, damaging the wheel. After this incident Ben tended to take Emily’s warnings more seriously!

In summer 2013 Emily’s twin sister visited Scarborough for a few days. She said she would pop in on the way home but did not give a time of arrival. That day Emily had got up early so she decided to take a nap. While she was asleep she had a dream of looking at the clock in the front room. It said 6.13pm. She then heard a knock on her door and her twin sister arrived at the house. She remembered the dream when she woke up as it was extremely vivid.  She told her husband that her sister was going to arrive around quarter past 6. Sure enough, that evening her sister turned up at exactly 6.13pm!

On another occasion later in the summer she was watching a film with her husband when she suddenly began feeling uneasy. She felt that something bad was going to take place. She heard distant shouting along the road of some teenagers. The bad feeling got stronger so she ran upstairs to take a look out of the front window. She watched as the teenagers opened the garden gate and started trying to light a fire on the doorstep. She shouted at them and they moved on elsewhere. It seemed that her senses picked up the imminent danger of the situation.

Another Visitation

In early August 2013 Emily woke up in the middle of the night to find she could not move. She looked over at the bedroom door which was open. Out on the landing she saw what appeared to be the silhouette of a Grey. It was standing completely still at the top of the stairs. It was completely black and no physical features could be seen. It was about 5 foot high. Its arms were very long and hung down at its sides past its hips. It was slender in frame and had skinny arms and legs. It’s head was pear shaped, similar to the Greys she had seen during her abduction.

She panicked trying to move and get away but found she could not. The Grey just stood there, it did not begin to move towards her. After a short while she must have drifted off to sleep, and awoke several hours later. She did not feel unusual in any way, and there were no signs that she may have been taken on this occasion.

Silver Disc Sighting

On 7th August Emily and Ben where out driving on their way into town. It was about 1pm in the afternoon. Emily suddenly noticed a large object in the sky. It was disc-shaped and silver in colour, with a white light at either end. It appeared to be larger than a plane. She pointed it out to Ben saying “Look at that!” He replied “That’s weird!” A moment later they lost sight of the object behind a clump of trees. When they had passed the trees they again looked up into the sky but the object had vanished without trace!

Emily believes that this was the first time she had seen a craft while being fully consciously aware. Ben was more sceptical, and suggested that it must have been some kind of plane, though he does admit that it looked very strange.


On a night in December 2013 Emily experienced what she could only describe as multiple flashbacks while asleep. These felt very different to a normal dream. She saw about 30 quick visions one after another. The themes of these visions included the following:

- Being awake during the night in the front room of her house and seeing a small craft-like object with red lights on hovering outside the window as if monitoring her. The vision ended with a sudden bright white light filling the window.

- Waking up in the night to see white light pouring into her bedroom from outside.

- Multiple visions of her being outside and witnessing a craft in the sky. The craft flew overhead of her and then she felt a tremendous pulling sensation from above.

- Beings with human heads and features but with large black eyes. This vision made her feel sick and terrified. The beings were a mix of male and female and varied in age.

After experiencing these visions Emily woke up feeling extremely disturbed, and could not get back to sleep for a long while. At the time she was heavily pregnant, so she wondered if that could have triggered what she saw. But she still could not shake the feeling that the visions were actual memories of things she had seen during contact experiences.


Due to Emily’s detailed recollection of an abduction experience, it seems clear that she is a contactee. Some of the flashbacks/dreams she has had indicate that she has been taken on more than one occasion. It is common for contactees to be abducted more than once, so this would not be at all surprising. The recollection of a shadowy being in her room as a child is interesting and could well be a visitation. Perhaps this was an intended abduction which was avoided, or maybe she was just being observed at this point.

Because of the length of time between her experiences, it is unknown at present if she will continue to experience contact in her life. If she does experience any further incidents and keeps in touch with me then this report will be updated as necessary.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2014



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