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Haunted Skies

A ground-breaking new series compiled by former Police Officer John Hanson and his partner Dawn Holloway, together with David Sankey, a veteran UFO researcher and artist. The multi-part series covers British UFO sightings from 1940 to the present day. Haunted Skies is the most ambitious series of books ever attempted in the history of ufology, and will - no doubt - provide a new benchmark in the quality of such publications.

A Word From The Authors

We would like to thank Dave Hodrien and his colleagues for including information about Haunted Skies series of books, which started in 2010, following a research period of now nearly 20 years experience into the UFO subject.

We believe the public has a right to know the full extent of what took place during periods of UFO activity, going back to the 1940s, as seen through the eyes of the UFO witness, rather than trusting low grade UFO reports which were declassified annually by the MOD, until recently.

Over the years we have spent thousands of our money, as we passionately believe in getting this information out into the public domain. Fortunately, we now have control over the way that these books are published.

Contrary to speculation widely held that authors of UFO books make money, we have run at a huge loss. However, we believe future generations should have the opportunity of looking back into past history and seeing for themselves what really happened.

We therefore hope that people may feel inclined to purchase the books, knowing that their purchase will go towards the production of further Volumes.

We have done and are doing as much as we can to help the UFO cause, and we welcome any ideas, suggestions, photographs, artwork, and personal experiences, which the reader may wish to bring to our attention. At the end of the day it is not about us, it is about so many people that have had the courage to stand up and report simply and only what they saw.

The books are available from,, and other book sellers’ websites on line.

John Hanson and Dawn Holloway, 0121 4450340



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