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Hamilton Contact Case – Greys, Mantid, Blue Dwarves, Abductions, Implant, UFO Sightings

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Birmingham Contact Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 23/11/2022

Note: For reasons of anonymity certain specific location details have been ommitted

In late October 2022 a man named Tom Stewart commented on one of my uploaded case reports, remarking on the similarity of the UFO sighting it covered to one of his own. I got in touch with him via Whatsapp to discuss these similarities.

In doing so I became aware that not only had he had a second UFO sighting earlier in his life, but he also had a fascinating contact-related experience as a child, and a possible discovery of an alien implant. Tom now lives in Adelade, Australia, but spent his childhood living in Hamilton, Scotland.

When I initially contacted Tom, I found out that he had already reached out to another researcher, Glen Richardson, about these earlier incidents. I got in touch with Glen and he was happy for me to discuss these incidents in depth with him and include them in this report. As you will see, they involve quite extra-ordinary claims, but you are encouraged to read the evidence both for and against them before making up your mind about the validity of the case.

Abductions in the Neighbourhood

This case begins in late 1960 or early 1961 while Tom was only 8 years old. At the time he was living on Bradshaw Crescent in Hamilton, a town in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. The road is L-shaped and joins with Belhaven Road at the Southern end, and Clarkwell Road at the Eastern end. He shared a bedroom with his two sisters, Anne, who was 7 at the time, and Jackie who was 12. He slept on a normal bed, while his sisters shared a bunk bed.

Aerial map of Bradshaw Crescent indicating the house where Tom used to live
Photograph of the house as it looks today

One night he awoke in the early hours of the morning. He did not have a clock in the room so does not know the exact time, but it was still fully dark. However there was a strange glowing white light covering the ceiling, which is probably the reason why he woke up. His sisters remained fast asleep.

He realised the light was coming over the top of the closed curtains. He initially thought that it had snowed outside, and the moonlight was reflecting off it. The light was bright enough for his room to be lit up. He got out of bed and walked across the room to the window, which faced to the South East and overlooked the back garden of the house.

When he opened the curtains to take a look outside he was astounded by what he saw. It was a clear and still night outside, with no snow on the ground. There, level with his bedroom window, was a glowing oval-shaped craft. It was hovering completely motionless roughly ten feet away from him. It appeared to be at least the size of a large car, perhaps 15 feet across by 7 feet in height. There were no markings or windows visible, it just looked completely smooth. It reminded him of a glowing white egg. There appeared to be no sound coming from it, at least none that he could discern through the glass.

Witness drawing of the oval-shaped UFO hovering outside the window

He only stared at it for a few seconds before stepping back away from the window in fear. The curtains dropped closed again, but he could still see the light coming from the object on the ceiling of the room, so he knew it was still outside.

He stood in the room thinking about whether he should go and get his parents or wake his sisters up. He thought that if he went to get his parents they would not believe him, and he didn’t want to frighten his sisters so left them asleep. The white light remained. Slowly his initial fear was partially replaced with an interest in the strange object outside. He crept back to the left side of the window and pushed the edge of the curtain aside just enough to be able to see what was going on.

The craft remained still for a further minute. Then suddenly it smoothly and slowly moved to the right towards the back of the nearest house, 8 Belhaven Road. Here it stopped again. The upper bedroom window of the house was completely obscured by the craft.

Witness drawing showing his view of the UFO outside the neighbouring house

It remained there for about 5 minutes. Then without warning it moved again to the next house along, before stopping again. Following this pattern it slowly but surely move all around the houses in the square of gardens. At some houses it would only stop for a minute, at others it would remain there for about 5. Tom wondered why it kept stopping at the houses, it was like it was observing each in turn, but he could only really see the back of the object at this point due to the angle he was looking at it.

After a while the craft was now to his left and moving back towards him along the houses to the North East. He moved to the other side of the window to continue to watch it. He was now viewing it at an angle which afforded him more of a view of what was going on. As the object came to a halt a doorway folded forward from the front of it, forming a flat platform. At this point it became abundantlyclear that this was a glowing craft of some kind. He was then shocked to see a number of short beings emerge, lit up in the light pouring from the craft.

There was four to six of them, and they were all wearing black hooded robes which seemed to go right down to their feet. They were about 3 feet in height, and looked quite stumpy in appearance. The beings were floating in the air. They drifted across to the bedroom window of the house, which like his own had closed curtains.

Witness drawing of the craft with open door and short beings floating by the window of the neighbouring house

The short beings hovered outside the window for a minute, almost like they could see inside through the curtains. They then suddenly moved forwards in unison, literally passing through the window and surrounding wall and vanishing from sight! A minute later the emerged again. This time they were now facing him and he could see their faces. The being’s faces looked quite ugly and lumpy, with a pig-like nose and what appeared to be sharp pointed teeth in their partially open mouths. It was hard to tell the exact colour of their skin, but it looked dark.

Witness drawing of one the short beings

They were not alone. Between them was a boy floating on top of a flattened bench-like structure in a lying down position. Tom did not recognise the boy, even though he lived on the same road. There were a couple of beings on either side of him, one in front by his head and another down by his feet. They all floated back over to the open platform. At this point the structure the boy was on came to rest on the platform, and the short beings seemed to enter the object and vanish from sight, leaving him lying there alone.

Witness drawing of the short beings emerging from the house with the boy

Now another being emerged from the craft. This one looked quite different. Tom could see it from a near-side on perspective initially as it stepped out onto the platform. It looked very slender and about 5-6 feet in height. It was unclothed and had pink coloured skin. Its head was large and smooth, with dark bulbous eyes and a slit for a mouth. The being looked rather insectoid to him, and reminded him of a Praying Mantis. As it emerged its legs bent backwards like an insect.

Witness drawing of the taller being

It now stepped off the edge of the platform, seemingly into thin air. It then proceeded to move around the edge of the platform staring at the boy, like it was performing an examination of some kind on him. In its hand was a silver coloured pen-like instrument which it would reach out and touch him with numerous times.

Witness drawing of the examination procedure

After this, the taller being re-entered the craft. The short beings emerged again, then floated back over to the house again with the boy between them. They once more disappeared into the wall, and then emerged after a short time without the boy. Lastly they too then floated back into the craft. The door lifted back into the front.

The craft now moved again and ended up hovering outside his own bedroom window. It was now apparent that there were three round windows in it, which had not been visible up to this point. In the windows he could see a number of beings. In the left window was a hairless pink-skinned being sitting at a console of some kind. It had its back turned to him and its head was bent forwards staring at something. It looked shorter than the being which had emerged to perform the examination and more smooth-skinned.

In the second window was a similar being but this one was facing him. He could see it had large black eyes and was not wearing any clothing. The final window was clear. Tom assumed that the taller being was sitting to the right of it out of sight.

The being facing him suddenly lifted its arm and waved at him! Despite being a little scared at everything that was taking place, Tom instinctively lifted the curtain a bit and waved back. Then immediately he thought to himself “What am I doing?” and quickly pulled the curtain closed again, though not fully. He was as much fascinated by the craft and strange beings as he was frightened of them.

Witness drawing of the craft windows with the beings visible inside

He was concerned that the craft was going to turn, the doorway open and the short beings emerge for him, but this did not happen. Instead it moved on and once again started to go around the housing in an anti-clockwise direction. This time the houses it stopped at for longer periods was different than the first time. Tom assumed that it was taking different children from different homes each time, although most of the time it was not possible to see this taking place.

At one point while it was over on the far side and passing along the houses on Clarkswell Road it suddenly shot vertically extremely fast out of sight. Tom wondered what was going on but then heard the noise of a bus or truck driving along the road. Once it had driven away and the sound of its engine vanished the craft suddenly shot back down to where it had been, and then continued on its path.

Tom claims that he watched the craft for up to two hours as it moved around the neighbourhood numerous times, seemingly abducting different people. It was hard to say whether they were all children, but the ones he was able to see always were. In the end he says that he actually went back to bed with the craft still visible outside, mostly due to being extremely tired at this point.

Overhead map of the neighbourhood showing path of the craft

The following morning it was unsurprisingly nowhere to be seen. Tom did not tell his parents or sisters what he had witnessed. He thought that they would not believe him and would either say he was lying or would put it down to a bad dream. Nor did he go round to any of the neighbouring houses or tell any of the children from his road what had taken place. He kept the entire incident to himself for many years. Later on he did tell his sisters for a very specific reason, discussed later on in the report.

Tom knows how incredible this series of events sounds, and he is aware that many people reading about it will think he has just made it up. We unfortunately only have his word to go on at present. He did not take any photographs or videos of what took place, or draw any pictures of what happened at the time. He has not kept in touch with any of the friends he knew from his neighbourhood who may have been directly involved. The only family members he ever spoke to about the event were his sisters. Unfortunately he no longer speaks with his elder sister Jackie. I asked whether I could get in touch with Anne to see if she remembered him mentioning what happened, According to Tom she could not remember anything and was unwilling to speak with me directly.

It is also important to note that the beings reported are somewhat reminiscent of those witnessed by American experiencer Whitley Strieber. His description of the very short beings is very similar indeed, right down to the clothing which they were wearing.

The Blue Dwarves as depicted in the movie Communion

The Greys which Whitley interacted with were unclothed and had flesh coloured skin, just like those reportedly seen by Tom.

The Greys as depicted in the movie Communion

However these similarities are not something which he has tried to cover up for fear of not being believed. He voluntarily informed me that he had watched the movie of Communion a number of years ago, and that this was the closest depiction of what he remembered seeing as a child. And if the beings reported by Whitley were real (as many including myself believe they were), then why wouldn’t other people around the world have also seen them?

There are also some unusual aspects which Tom mentioned which suggest he is being honest about what happened. For example, he informed me that the round windows of the craft were only visible when it came back round, when he first saw it he said that there were no windows present at all. If the story was fabricated surely he would have stated that they were visible from the off?

If the incident did indeed take place as Tom says it did, then this was clearly not a mundane object, but an ET craft with occupants, and he bore witness to a series of abductions of people from nearby buildings. It is interesting that the windows of the craft were not initially visible to him. It is possible that at this point they were round the other side of it, and it had turned by the time it came back round. Another possibility is that they had been intentionally opened by the beings themselves, perhaps to observe him or let him know they were there.

The short stumpy beings Tom reported are quite rare and not often seen. They are sometimes referred to as “blue dwarves” due to the usual colour of their skin, although this could not be seen clearly by Tom at the time. As mentioned, they were reported by Whitley Streiber, but a number of other abductees have also encountered them, including some I have investigated directly. The tall being which emerged from the craft sounds very much like a Mantid. Sometimes these beings have green skin or even carapaces like an insect, but on other occasions look more Grey-like in appearance.

Due to the fact that memories are often blanked out with contact, in some cases entirely, it is unknown whether or not Tom himself was examined by the beings. It seems logical that he may have been due to what took place at the other houses. Perhaps it happened to him (and maybe his sisters) initially, and when he awoke in the room he had just been put back in his bed. Next year something would happen which suggested that this might have been the case.

An Extracted Implant?

A number of months after the abductions incident, Tom began to develop pain in the left side of his abdomen which would come and go. His mother took him to the GP, who informed him that there was an infection in his appendix, but it wasn’t dangerous so there was no need to immediately go for an operation. However as the months went by the pain got more and more severe. In the end he began to take days off school because of it and his GP decided it was time to have it taken out.

He was booked in to University Hospital Hairmyres in East Kilbride, Glasgow. When he went in for the operation he was knocked out using chloroform as back in the 1960s this type of operation was quite significant and involved a long cut to the abdomen. As the operation was performed Tom found that he could not see or feel anything, but could hear what was being said.

Aerial map of University Hospital Hairmyres

At one point during proceedings he heard the doctor call the nurse over to take a look at something. He then seemed to imply that something unusual had been found inside him near to where his appendix had been, and that they were going to try and remove it.

They then attempted to extract whatever it was. At this moment Tom felt a sudden burst of intense pain and began involuntarily convulsing. He could hear the doctor and nurse panicking, not knowing what to do.

Suddenly, as quickly as it had started, the pain ceased. He then became aware of a glowing white light coming down from above him. He felt himself lifting up towards this light. As he did so the light became more and more intense, until he turned away from it to shield himself from the glow.

When he did so he realised he could see his surroundings. He found himself up near the ceiling of the operating theatre and looking down over himself lying on the table! He could see the doctor and nurse desperately trying to resuscitate him. At one point he watched something shiny fall out of the doctor’s pocket and roll under the sink in the room. In the end they seemed to give up and resign themselves to the fact that he had passed away.

Tom was horrified as he knew that he was still alive. He could not say anything but found that he could blink his eyes. He started to do so to get the attention of those in the room and show them that he had not died. When he did so he immediately found himself back in his body. In the end the nurse happened to notice him and called the doctor back over. He heard the doctor lean in close and say that everything’s cool, they were now going to stich him up and take him back to the ward. He does not know what happened next, it is possible they knocked him back out again with more gas.

When he came round he found himself in the bed of a recovery room with a nurse sitting alongside him. He slowly recovered over a period of hours. Eventually he found he could speak again. He was intrigued about what had taken place during the operation and asked the nurse whether he could speak with the doctor who had performed it.

At first the nurse ignored his requests, but after repeatedly asking her she went and got him. At this point the nurse left the room and Tom seized the opportunity to tell the doctor what he recollected from the operation. When he told the doctor that he could hear what was taking place, the doctor initially didn’t seem to believe him. However as he began to describe what he had heard he could see the doctor’s face was looking more and more concerned.

He then went on to tell him that when he had started convulsing he was watching what was happening from above. In an attempt to confirm to the doctor that this had happened he mentioned that he had seen the object fall out of his pocket and roll under the sink, and asked him to go to the operating theatre and check. The doctor agreed to do so.

Several minutes he returned to the room. Tom asked him “Did you find it? Was it where I told you it would be?” The doctor responded by telling him that it was a silver coloured pen that had fallen out of his pocket. He was amazed that Tom knew about this.

Next Tom asked him “You found something inside me. What was it?” The doctor confirmed to him that he didn’t know what it was, and that he’d never seen anything like it before. They had found it after they had removed his appendix. Tom asked “How do you think it got there?” The doctor informed him that was not something he had swallowed, and his body did not seem to have rejected it. There were no obvious signs of injury on his skin, so he was completely baffled by its presence.

When Tom heard this he thought back to what had happened that winter night at his home. He decided that he must have been examined too, even though he could not remember it, and that the beings must have placed it inside him. He then decided to tell the doctor about what he had seen. He is not sure of whether he believed him or not, but after telling him he left the room.

A short while later he was moved back to a bed in the main hospital ward. However due to the seriousness of what had happened, he had to remain there for an extended period of time. His family would come to visit him regularly as he slowly recovered.

Several weeks went by. Then one day both of his parents turned up by his bedside with worried looks on their faces. This was quite unusual as most of the time only his mother would be present, so he suspected something significant was about to occur. His parents told him that he would need to have a second operation. When Tom asked why they told him that they had been informed by another doctor that a couple of swabs had gone missing, and they were worried that they had accidentally been dropped inside him during the operation.

Tom did not believe that this was true. He thought that it was something to do with the object they had found inside him and that they now wanted to extract it. He told his parents that what this doctor had told them was nonsense, and that they should ask to speak with the doctor who performed the initial operation.

Later on they returned to his bedside and informed him that they were unable to speak with the original doctor, but this new doctor had then gone on to say that a watch must have been dropped inside him. Later still they said that they had been informed that he must have swallowed a coin as a child. The story details kept changing. Tom continued to refuse to go for the operation.

He informed his parents that there was something else going on with this and everything was not as it seemed, but unsurprisingly they did not believe him. In the end he was forced to go for the second operation. He initially assumed that he was being taken somewhere just to get an injection, but after being sedated he was wheeled into an operating theatre. In the room were about six surgical staff. However in addition to these were up to ten men in smart suits off to his right.

He thought to himself “What going on here?” A man behind him put a mask over his mouth in order to knock him out. He brushed it aside, not trusting what was going to take place. The man tried again. Once more he pushed it aside. This continued in the same pattern a short while, but every time he was taking a couple of gasps. In the end he became really drowsy and could night fight back anymore. The head doctor leaned on in really close to his face. He smiled at him and said “That’s it, you may as well put he mask on take a couple of breaths and it’ll all be over.” Tom had no fight left in him so agreed, and very quickly blacked out.

When he came round he found that he was in a bed on a breathing machine. Shocked by the situation he panicked and had to be restrained. He thinks that at this point he may have once more been sedated. It took him a while to get used to being on the machine. He believes he was on it for a number of weeks. In the end he recovered enough to be taken off it. He had grown so used to it by this time that he was scared that he would not be able to breathe without it. However in the end his parents came and informed him that it was no longer a requirement. After this he was moved back to the ward.

It took Tom a number of months to fully recover from whatever had occurred. During this time, occasionally the older doctor who had performed the second operation would sometimes come onto the ward. Whenever Tom saw him he would shout abuse at him, as he was convinced that he had only performed the second operation to get hold of the unusual object that had been discovered. The other hospital staff and his parents told him to calm down but he would ask them to bring him over so they could have a conversation.

One morning Tom woke up to find the older doctor standing right by his bed. The doctor started apologising for how he had been treated during the second operation. He then produced a small jar filled with a clear liquid. Floating in the liquid was a small object which Tom could not initially see very clearly due to its size. The doctor said that this was what had been taken out from him and that he could have it back if he wanted.

Handing him the jar, Tom took a closer look at the object. It was black in colour, and cylindrical. It was no more than 10mm long, possibly less. At one end of it there appeared to be three prongs. Half way down one side was an elongated L-shaped extension. It was very peculiar indeed.

Witness drawing of the black coloured object in the jar

However despite its odd appearance Tom did not believe this was really the object that had been taken out of him. He became convinced that the doctor had switched the actual object with this one, and that he was being shown this just to keep him happy. He handed the jar back to the doctor telling him he didn’t want it. He reminded him that he had lied to his parents multiple times, and that he would therefore not be giving back what he had performed the operation to obtain.

The only people who would have been able to validate whether it was the same object were the doctor and nurse from the initial operation, but he never saw them again for the remainder of his time at the hospital. Over the following months he slowly recovered until he was finally allowed to head back home.

Modern photograph of the hospital

A number of months later Tom recalls that many children from his neighbourhood, including his sisters, were asked to visit the hospital for a check up. The reason given for this was an apparent outbreak of Scarlet Fever in the area. This would not have been suspicious if it wasn't for the fact that Tom himself was not asked to attend. Thinking back to the abductions he saw taking place, and the subsequent operations he then had to endure, he wonders if someone knew what had taken place and were checking other children for implants. As he had already had his removed there would have been no reason for him to head back in.

Could the object found inside Tom have been an alien implant placed inside him during the previous incident without him being aware at the time? Perhaps it was not meant to be removed and was attached to him in some way, and this is why he started convulsing when they attempted to do so.

In speaking with Tom it is clear that he feels some kind of cover up took place regarding the object. Looking back at the incident he believes that the second doctor who lead the follow on operation was not who he said he was, and that this operation was done specifically to obtain the object inside him. It is implied that the men in suits standing in the operating theatre were Men In Black.

It does seem that the object was removed during this operation, as the doctor willingly brought it to him in a jar. Tom believed at the time that this was not the object and that it had been switched, but I am not so sure. The object in the jar was very peculiar in shape, and I find it more probable that this was the actual object, and that the doctor had no clue what it was.

Perhaps the men in suits standing in the operating theatre were nothing more than other staff or medical students invited to observe what was taking place. It is important to remember that Tom was just a child at this time, so perhaps misinterpreted what was taking place. It does seem odd that Tom’s parents kept being told different reasons for why the second operation needed to happen, but maybe they had left something inside him accidentally and were trying to shirk responsibility to prevent getting into trouble.

Most implants tend to be silver in colour and smooth spheres/elongated objects with no extensions. However in some cases they have found to be covered in black membranes, so maybe this is why the object looked this colour. Tom willingly decided to give the object in the jar back to the doctor, so we have no way of knowing for sure.

Tom’s account of his out-of-body experience during the first operation is also fascinating. It is quite common for people to experience OBE’s while under anaesthetic during medical operations, in fact I myself experienced one when I was 14 and having some dental work done while knocked out with gas. Many people close to death have also reported seeing a bright white light, just as Tom describes. It appears that he only just pulled through, no doubt the reason for his extended stay in hospital.

One thing we both thought might shed some light on what took place was Tom’s medical records. Tom initially suggested that I should reach out to the hospital. However I informed him that he would need to contact them personally about this as they would definitely not send them to anyone other than himself.

On 16th November 2022 he sent them the following E-Mail message:

They responded, but unfortunately confirmed that the records had been destroyed as they were from so long ago:

Tom next attempted to contact his Primary School to see if they have records of him not attending school for the periods he was at the hospital:

Again he received a response from the headteacher, but unfortunately once more no records existed due to haw long ago the absence occurred:

It is a shame that Tom’s records were no longer available, and I could see that he was genuinely upset about this fact. While it is debateable as to what these records may or may not have confirmed, the fact that he reached out to both the hospital and school shows that he is open to aiding my investigation into the incident, which can only be seen as a good thing if considering the authenticity of his claims.

Reflective Sphere Sighting

By the time Tom was 17 he had moved with his family to Australia. It was the summer of 1970 and he was out camping at Hancocks Lookout, a shooting range and camp site to the North West of some hills known as Flinders Ranges in Wilmington. He was there with his older sister Jackie, and her partner Steve.

Aerial map of Hancocks Lookout
Modern photograph of Hancocks Lookout

Their visit to the location was at an end. Early on the morning, around 4.45am they set off towards Port Augusta, a city to the North West. Steve drove, Jackie was in the passenger seat and Tom was in the back. It was a clear morning but the sun had not yet come up. There were very few other vehicles on the road.

At around 5.05am they were heading North West along Spear Creek Road which joins Augusta Highway, the main road which leads to Port Augusta. The desert landscape in the area is very flat with little vegetation, which provides substantial views in all directions.

They suddenly noticed a circular glowing light in the distance to the West. It appeared to be hovering over one of the buildings of Port Augusta Power House, the main power station for the city.

Modern photograph of the Power House

The building the object was over had lit stairwells up each side which were glowing yellow. The object hovering above was the same colour, and it appeared to be reflecting the lights below. Tom estimates it was at an altitude of about 60 metres (240 feet).

Aerial map showing the rough location of the witnesses (A) and Port Augusta Power House (B)

As Steve drove along the road they watched the object slowly move to the left. It then suddenly descended straight down to about 10 metres off the ground! It then continued heading to the left. Tom believes that as it did so it was actually moving away from them to the West across the estuary. It appeared to follow a road on the other side which Tom says was lined with wooden shacks, although these are either no longer there or cannot be easily seen from above.

Modern photograph of the Power House in the distance from Spear Creek Road

It then suddenly shot back up to 60 metres and headed back to the East until it was over the Power House again. As they continued their journey they watched it perform this pattern of manoeuvres multiple times, almost like it was looking for something.

Witness drawing of the UFO over the Power House indicating its path of movement
Aerial map showing the estimated path of the UFO across the estuary

Around 5.30am the sunrise appeared over the tops of the hills to the East. As it did so the object glared intensely bright reflecting the sun’s rays. A short while later it had stopped reflecting the sunlight as brightly, and looked almost like a bubble. They continued to keep their eye on it as they continued their journey, until they entered Port Augusta and it was lost from sight behind the buildings.

Aerial map showing the route the witnesses took from Hancock Lookout to Port Augusta

Tom says they stopped in Port Augusta for some breakfast and by the time they were back on the road and left the city there was no sign of the object.

Seeing the UFO reminded Tom of what had happened to him as a child. Soon afterwards he spoke with Jackie about the abductions experience. He informed her that she might have been taken but had the memories removed. He recommended that she should get herself checked out by a GP just in case there were any implants or internal damage. However he does not think she ever acted on this.

This is an intriguing sighting. It was quite distant so it is unknown if the object really was spherical in shape or whether it just appeared that way. The sudden descents and ascents which the object abruptly made seem to suggest that it was not a distant helicopter, and this sighting occurred decades before drones. It was certainly moving in a controlled manner, so a drifting reflective inflatable of some kind can be put out of the question. It is a shame that the witnesses did not try to get closer to the Power House in order to observe the object more closely.

As mentioned before, Tom is no longer in contact with Jackie or Steve, so I am unable to speak with them directly about the incident.

White Spheres Sighting

One day in the summer of 2020 Tom was around his daughter Renee’s house in Hackam West, Adelade. His daughter was out shopping. He had arranged to meet his son Mark at the house. It was between 1-2pm and he was sitting in the back garden waiting for him to arrive. It was a very sunny and warm day, so Tom had his sunglasses on. Due to the heat there was a white mist coming off the sea to the West. There were also quite a number of wispy clouds.

Tom happened to glance up into the sky to the West. All of a sudden he noticed what appeared to be a small white sphere in the sky at quite high altitude. It seemed to be heading in a Southerly direction at a very fast pace, much faster than a distant aircraft would appear to fly at. It appeared to be over the the area of Christies Beach. Tom was intrigued by the object and got up, then stood up on a chair to continue watching it.

Aerial map of Hackam West (A) and Christies Beach (B)

Suddenly the object either came to a stop or dropped to a much slower speed. It then continued moving to the South much slower than it had before. As it moved across the sky to the left Tom heard a car pull up on the front drive. He was expecting it to be Mark, but instead it turned out to be Renee back from the shops earlier than expected. When she entered the house he called her out to come and see the object. However she wanted to first put away the shopping.

By the time she had come outside the object had disappeared into one of the wispy clouds. Tom explained what he had seen but because she had not seen it herself she was not particularly impressed. He waited to see if it would emerge from the cloud but it did not.

Witness drawing of the white orb indicating its path of movement

Renee then went inside to get a couple of drinks. Suddenly the object was visible in the sky again. It seemed to be about 1 km to the West over the sea. Tom yelled “It’s back! Come out and see!” Renee came back outside and asked where it was. But when Tom pointed right at it in the sky she could not see it. He was mystified by this as it was clearly visible to him.

He then suggested swapping sunglasses with his daughter. They did so and at this point found that the object was only visible against the mist filled sky through Tom’s Polaroid shades (he informed me he likes to go fishing and these make it easier to see the fish underwater). His daughters were not Polarioid, and when he put those on instead he was unable to see the object.

Renee immediately exclaimed “Oh wow!” Tom asked her what it was doing. She informed him that it was just sitting there. She then said that she could see a second similar object coming in from the left and travelling North towards the initial one. Tom was a little frustrated that he could no longer see what was going on.

According to his daughter the second object approached the first, and then they started dancing around one another. Then it moved back to the left until it was out of sight, and the remaining object began slowly spiralling in an ascending arc until it vanished due to the distance.

This is again a distant but interesting sighting. However I do wonder if the objects seen could have been two distant inflatables, such as white or silver coloured mylar balloons. These could have conceivably drifted in shifting air currents and performed the various manoeuvres seen. The spiralling motion performed by the initial object towards the end of the sighting certainly sounds like an inflatable caught in a rising air current. They also did not appear to be particularly large in size.

Tom says that Renee will get in touch with me soon to discuss the incident. She is awaiting a new mobile phone and once this arrives I have been instructed to get in touch with her via Whatsapp. Her testimony will be added to this report in due course.


Tom homas has had some quite varied experiences, some obviously far more significant than others. The incident which he witnessed from his bedroom window as a child (and perhaps was even directly involved in) sounds almost too incredible to be true, something which Tom is clearly aware of. He says that many people reading this report will likely not believe what he says took place. There are also some very odd aspects to it. Obviously we only have his testimony to go on. I am unable to speak with his sisters and according to him he did not tell anyone else about what had taken place (even if he had done, he has not kept in touch with anyone who lived in his neighbourhood back then).

We discussed the incident in great detail and Tom answered all my questions without pause. Also it should be noted that he is not seeking any fame or fortune by sharing the details of what happened. He has not attempted to sell his story to a newspaper and has very little to gain from spending the time to discuss it with me in depth.

Your views on this particular incident will likely shape your views on the entire report, as if you believe he has fabricated this experience then he could logically have done the same for his other experiences too. However, if his testimony is truthful then this clearly represents a fascinating multiple abduction incident which was directly witnessed for an extended period of time, something which is very rare in the world of ufology.

The possible implant extraction which took place relatively soon afterwards may indicate that Tom was abducted and has missing memories regarding what took place. The doctor confirmed to him that something unusual had been found, and the object brought to him in a jar sounds far from normal. Whether you believe that it really was an alien implant and that there was some kind of cover up regarding its extraction is going to be down to personal interpretation of the details. It is a shame that the hospital records have been destroyed, but the fact that Tom was happy to reach out to them (and subsequently his old school) in the first place shows he is serious about trying to get evidence to support his claims.

Both of the UFO sightings Tom experienced were quite distant, and both involved multiple witnesses (although due to circumstances I am unable to speak with most of them, and have not yet been able to discuss the Adelade sighting with Renee). As with the previous experiences he went into extremely good depth over what took place, assisting me with locating specific road names where necessary. I have no doubt that they occurred as reported, and while mundane explanations cannot be entirely ruled out, both incidents have some intriguing aspects.

I would like to thank Tom for spending the time to go over these incidents, creating the numerous drawings scattered throughout the report and reaching out to the hospital in an attempt to retrieve his medical records. If you have any information about any of these experiences please get in touch.

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