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Hadley Contact Case - Greys, Visitations, UFO Sightings, Implants

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Birmingham UFO Group Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 01/07/2010 Last Updated: 02/08/2020

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used

Darren lives with his family on The Grove, Hadley, Telford. He has had a number of interesting experiences throughout his life, experiences which could well be linked with UFO contact. His sister has also had numerous experiences which I have fully investigated, and can be read about in a seperate case report (Shard End Contact Case).

The Investigation

Darren first got in touch with BUFOG on 21st July 2010, after being forwarded our details by one of our contacts. He went over his experiences in brief detail, and mentioned that recently an object was ejected from his right leg which he believed could possibly be an alien implant.

I briefly discussed Darren’s experiences with him via E-Mail. At the time of the initial investigation he lived with his parents in West Bromwich. As he lived in the Birmingham area I felt it would be much better to meet up face-to-face. On Monday 26th July 2010 I drove around to his parent's house to speak to him directly. We discussed his experiences in great detail and I also got Darren to do some drawings, which are featured in this report.

Darren also passed on to me the possible implant in a small jar. I spoke with a contact of mine about the possibility of getting the object scientifically analysed, however due to its appearance and the circumstances it was found it has not been deemed worthy of analysis at this time.


The most compelling incident linking Darren with ET contact happened to him between the age of 7-10 in 1993-96 (He cannot remember the exact year). It happened during his school holidays so would have been towards the end of summer. On the evening of the incident, Darren settled down to sleep as normal.

The next thing he was aware of, he found himself stood near the bottom of his back garden. He was leaning up against a pile of stone slabs, which were there as the garden was being worked on at the time. It was dark and cold, and he was shivering. He only had his boxer shorts on, which is how he had gone to sleep. He looked up and all he could see above him was a very bright white light. It appeared to be low down below the tree line, and he could not see any edges to this light.

Old photograph of the garden, indicating the position where Darren found himself standing:

He then looked down at his left leg. It had some strange coloured markings along it from the knee down. It looked almost like it was painted on, however Darren cannot be certain that it wasn’t coloured light coming down and striking his leg. The pattern had a number of stripes in and was made up of green, red, black and possibly some yellow. It reminded him almost of a country’s flag. From what he remembers, the central section was green with a black stripe along each side, and then coming out from this at diagonals were four wide red stripes, it was very peculiar.

Drawing of the markings seen on Darren's leg:

Darren tried to move but found he couldn’t, it felt almost as if there were weights tied to him, though he knew there were not. This is all he can remember.

The next thing he was conscious of was being back in his own bed. It was morning time and he felt like he hadn’t slept at all. He briefly checked his leg, but the strange pattern was no longer on it. At the time he put it down to a strange and vivid dream, but now he is not so sure. Soon afterwards he told his sister about what happened, but did not tell his parents as he felt they would not understand.

Some of the aspects of what Darren experienced suggest that he may have been abducted. His memories of suddenly being in the garden in the middle of the night could have been from when he had just been returned. The glowing white light low down over his head could have been coming from a craft which had just brought him back after an abduction experience. Could the way in which he found he could not walk be related to this in some way? It is common for contactees to be paralyzed when they are taken. Perhaps his body was still partially shut down. Another aspect which points towards contact is how he felt in the morning – this feeling of extreme tiredness is often reported by contactees following experiences.

The strange markings on his leg is a very unusual aspect. Could they have been coloured lights from the craft landing on him? Possibly, but Darren says it looked more solid than just light, almost as if his leg had been painted. It is unlikely it was some kind of substance, because if it was it would still have been present in the morning.

Could Darren have just sleep walked out into the garden, and the white light and colours were brought on by his mind not being fully awake? This is a possibility, but Darren says that there were two locked doors he would have had to have got the keys for and then opened in order to get outside. He did not check to see if these doors were still locked in the morning as it did not cross his mind that he could have sleep walked. However he is not prone to sleep walking at all.

The other possibility which must be considered is that none of it took place and it was nothing more than a vivid dream. The markings on his leg are a very unusual aspect and it is true that Darren does not remember going back inside the house and getting back into his bed. He has no memories at all of seeing any beings or being aboard a craft, so perhaps the incident was just a dream. I have my suspicions that something took place, but just like Darren I cannot say for sure.

The Black Implants

The following evening after the incident where he found himself in the garden, Darren was sitting with his father watching TV. He suddenly felt that something was sticking out of his left ankle. His dad said “Let’s have a look”. He got some tweezers and yanked whatever it was out. This left a small gaping hole in his ankle, but strangely it did not hurt at all and did not look sore. Darren asked “Is it a splinter?” His father replied “No, it looks like a strand of metal” He showed Darren the object he had removed. It was a long thin black but metallic-looking strand. Darren was sure he had not been near anything which could have been responsible and stuck into his ankle. His dad put it in some tissue paper and threw it in the bin, and no more was thought about it.