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Glen Etive Contact Case - Being Photograph

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien Originally forwarded from Richard Hall Last Updated: 06/12/2010


In UFO-related incidents it is quite rare that ET entities are seen, let alone photographed. However occasionally, beings that defy normal explanation are caught on film. This can sometimes represent very good evidence, and at the very least backs up the story of the witness. In this case, while out walking with his wife, a man saw what he believes may have been an ET being using a screen memory to mask its true appearance. He has reached this conclusion because of the appearance of the being on a single photograph that was taken at the time. This report covers the incident in detail and includes analysis of the photograph.

Incident Details

On the 8th May 2004, Ewan Cameron and his wife Debbie (name changed for privacy reasons) were on their way home from a week’s holiday in the Scottish Highlands. It was a mild but overcast day. On the way back they decided to stop the car for a break, and go for a walk in Glen Etive to stretch their legs. The Glen Etive Road comes off the A82, and leads down Glen Etive for 14 miles to the head of Loch Etive.

A short distance along it, the couple parked at the side of the road and began their walk. The road runs alongside the Etive River. Ewan took with him his binoculars and Sony DSC-F717 camera in case there was any nice scenery to photograph.

Aerial map showing the location of the parking place along Glen Etive Road:


Photograph of the parking location (The people in the photo are not Ewan and Debbie):


After walking a while, Ewan noticed a blue coloured object by the river’s edge about 500 metres ahead of them. He assumed at first it was someone fishing. But when he looked through his binoculars all he could see was a navy blue coloured square. It appeared to have a mottled effect to it, almost like army camouflage. The square shape did not look particularly large, perhaps a metre across and down. He thought nothing more of it at the time.

Photograph of where Ewan first sighted the blue square, with its location indicated:


They continued along the road, and as they did the blue object was lost from sight behind a hillside. A short while later they came round a bend in the road. As they did they saw a woman about 30 metres away from them. She was approximately where the square object had appeared to be. She was sitting by the edge of the river on a rock that was jutting out into the water. She appeared to be wearing a blue waterproof jacket zipped up over a white blouse, black leggings and brown walking boots. She had short black hair. There were several items lying out on the rock in front of her.

Aerial map showing the location of the lady:


Photograph of where Ewan and Debbie first spotted the lady, with her position indicated:


As Ewan and Debbie approached her position and were not quite side on with her, she turned and looked at them. Ewan found this a little odd as she would certainly have not heard them approaching due to the sound of the running water. When the lady saw them, she stood up. They noticed she was slim and quite tall, about six feet in height. She walked forward and picked up one of the objects, which looked like a sketchpad. She then returned to where she had been and sat down cross-legged. Ewan and Debbie decided that the woman must be an artist.

Ewan was a little annoyed at the presence of the lady, as he felt the surroundings would make a nice photo if she wasn’t there. They started to walk away from her location. A little further along the road Ewan decided to take the photograph anyway, with the intention of editing out the woman later on. He left the road and walked a short distance down the embankment towards the river. As he didn’t want to intimidate the lady, he continued to walk away from her, then without warning turned and quickly took the photo.

Aerial map showing the location where Ewan took the photograph (A) and the location of the lady (B):


When he returned to the road, Debbie informed him that she had suddenly started to feel ill. She would later inform him that the woman had watched him the entire time. They began their walk back to the car. When they were almost back, another man clambered up the embankment onto the road a few yards in front of them. He appeared to be acting strangely and seemed to be avoiding eye contact.

Aerial map showing the points of interest involved in the incident – the parking location (A), position where the square was first seen (B) and position of the lady (C):


Once back home, Ewan decided to scan in and check the photographs he had taken during the week. When he got to the photo by the river he was confused by what he saw. He found that in place of both the woman and the objects in front of her was what appeared to be a short pale or glowing figure with a blue square behind it. The figure appeared to be about a metre in height. No detailed features could be made out.

The photograph that Ewan took (To view full size click on it, use back button in browser to return to report. See later for a detailed analysis):


When he asked Debbie about the incident, they both agreed that the woman had appeared to stand out vibrantly, almost as if she wanted to be seen by them. Both of them were confused by the photograph, and Ewan wondered if it was some kind of photographic fault or anomaly.

A short time later, Ewan decided to return to Glen Etive with Debbie to perform some additional analysis of the area. He took further photographs, and got Debbie to take one of him sitting in exactly the same position the woman had been to compare the original photo to.

Close up photograph of the rock which the lady was sitting on:


Later in the year he got in touch with Sony and sent them the photograph to see what they would make of it. Sony believed there to be no anomaly on the photograph, and whatever could be seen was actually there at the time. The figure remained a mystery.

In autumn 2010 Ewan watched an interview on Richard Hall’s website about the Greys and their use of screen memories. He wondered if this could explain what he had seen and photographed. Could the unusual lady have actually been an ET being disguising itself from their direct sight, but which was revealed by the photograph?

E-Mail Correspondence

Below is the 2004 E-Mail correspondence between Ewan and Sony:

Dear Mr Cameron Thank you for your reply. Our technical team have now concluded their investigation of the sample image you have sent to us. The outcome of this is that they could find no abnormalities in the image that would be as a result of a fault with the camera. There does appear to be something on picture but it looks like something that was there anyway rather than as a result of camera processing. If it is due to camera, we would expect to see similar things on other photos. I trust this information is of assistance to you. With regards ************* For and behalf of Sony United Kingdom Limited Customer Information Centre

Dear Ms ******,

I would like to thank you and the Sony team for taking the time to investigate the photograph that I sent. At least I know now that there was no fault with the camera. Unfortunately this has increased my confusion over the photograph, as the figure in the photograph was definitely not present when I took the photo.

I do not know what my next step will be to find out how this image appeared on the photo, but I would be grateful for any advice.

Yours sincerely,

E Cameron

Dear Mr Cameron

Thank you for your recent email reply addressed to Miss ****** and passed to me for a reply to be sent.

Unfortunately, I do not know what could be the cause of the figure that appears in your photograph. I am confident that it has not been caused by a fault in the camera but I am unable to say what exactly has caused this to appear. If this was present in more than one picture, it could indicate that the problem has arisen from the camera, though this would still have to be substantiated at the time, if this does occur.

I am sorry that I cannot clarify how this has appeared on your picture.

Finally, if you need to reply to this e-mail, please quote reference ********* in the subject field of your e-mail.

With Regards

**************** For and on behalf of Sony United Kingdom Limited

Dear Mr Cameron

Thank you for your e-mail.

Having looked at the photo closely I do not feel it is a figure. It looks as if it may be symptom called a spirit orb. These can be caused by all sorts of things and are fairly common in digital photography. For more information please go to and type "Spirit Orb" into the search engine.

I do not think it is anything to worry about and you will probably never experience it again.

With regards


For and on behalf of Sony United Kingdom Limited

Dear Mr Hunt,

Thanks again for your time. I can understand why you mention "spirit orbs," as I have been doing a lot of investigation myself into this photograph. Until now I have not informed you of the circumstances of the photograph. When I took the photo, there was a woman sitting on the rock. Before I had taken the photo, I had passed within 30 yards of her. She was very tall (at one point she stood up) with dark hair and was wearing a blue waterproof jacket zipped right up, black leggings tucked into brown walking boots. I had intended erasing her from the photo when I returned home and It was when I went to do so that I could not find her, instead, the only image that was there is what you see in the photo. Since taking the photograph in May, I have returned to the site and have estimated that the image that appears on the photo must be only about 1metre tall.

I hope that this explanation gives you an idea of why I have been so determined to get to the bottom of these phenomena. In your experience, is it possible for an orb to have blocked out the woman or is there some other explanation? I am sorry for not informing you of these details before now, as I was afraid that I would be thought of as some crank, but I assure you that what I have told you is 100% true.

Yours sincerely E Cameron

Dear Mr Cameron

Thank you for your reply.

It is possible that an orb has blocked the initial image but this is probably something nobody would be able to prove or diagnose. From what you describe it would appear that this could just be one of things that stays unexplained. I can not think of any other possible interpretation of what shows up on the image.

With regards

David J Hunt For and on behalf of Sony United Kingdom Limited

Photographic Analysis

Unfortunately Ewan cannot currently locate the original hi-resolution photograph file. However he was able to send me a lower resolution copy he had saved, numerous close ups of the original, and the new photograph of himself in the same position.

Below is the copy of the original photograph, with the strange “figure” and blue square ringed in red:


A zoomed image of the figure. Note that the blue square appears to be behind the figure and not an extension of it. However it is also possible to see that to the left and right of the square there is other discolouration which ends at approximately the same height as the top of the square. This does tend to suggest that pixilation or another photographic fault may have occurred (which would be at odds with what Sony said), or that whatever was causing the effect was wider than just the square:


Zoomed and enhanced image of the figure. The colour differences either side of the square are even more clear:


Photograph of Ewan sitting in the same position as the figure, taken from the same location in similar lighting conditions. Note that even without zoom it is possible to make out his correct shape, blue clothing and pink face and hands, and that that there is no discolouration in the area around him:


Zoomed view of both the figure and Ewan next to each other for comparison. Obviously the surroundings are slightly brighter in the photo of Ewan, however the differences between the two are clear:


Incident Analysis

The incident that Ewan described and the photograph that he took are both intriguing. Even though the lady was distant when he took the photo, there are obvious differences between it and the one of him in the same position. Sony analyzed the photo and informed Ewan that as far as they were concerned it was not an anomaly or camera fault. These two aspects represent the best evidence that suggests that something unusual may have happened that day, and that the lady may not have been who she appeared to be at the time.

The blue square shape that appears to be behind the figure in the photo is also interesting. This is the same shape and colour that Ewan initially saw through his binoculars and even with his own eyes. This tends to suggest that it was a real part of the incident and not just pixilation or an anomaly on the photograph. It could not have been a physical object on the ground as if it was Ewan and Debbie would have seen it near the woman when they approached. If the lady really was an ET using a screen memory, could this square have been some kind of energy field around the being? Or perhaps it was something else entirely, like a portal which the being had come through.

I suggested to Ewan that the strange “figure” and the blue square could have been caused by light reflection in the camera lens or a mirage. However if this were the case then this same effect should have been seen when the later photograph was taken at the same location in similar lighting conditions. Also it is very unlikely that this same effect would have been seen through his binoculars at a different location, angle and distance. Neither does it explain how the objects laid out on the rock in front of the lady were also mysteriously missing from the photograph.

If the being really was an ET, could Debbie’s sudden feeling of sickness have had something to do with it? Perhaps the being did this to her on purpose to ensure that the couple left the area. Ewan certainly feels that this may have been the case. Looking at the photograph, if it was an ET, then it could have possibly been a Grey. The short height of the figure and pale colouration would both fit in with this, but as it is distant there is no way of knowing for sure.

Obviously as the figure in the photo is quite far away we cannot really say for certain it was an extraterrestrial being. Perhaps the lady really was just an artist down by the river’s edge. Perhaps what is seen on the photo is just a camera glitch or pixilation effect. But if so there are still many remaining unanswered questions. No matter how improbable the idea may seem, I feel there are enough unusual aspects of this case to suggest that there could have been an extraterrestrial explanation behind what took place.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2010



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