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Glasgow Contact Case Part 2 – Greys, Nordic, Abduction, Missing Time, UFO Sightings, Implant

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 17/12/2019

Helicopter Intercept

In his twenties Rob would regulary go fishing with Mick on the pier at Helensburgh, 10 miles from Dumbarton. They would often stay up the whole night fishing for cod and then travel home in the morning.

On a Saturday evening in November 1988 they caught the train to Helensburgh with the intention of fishing till the following morning. They got there around 5pm. There were lots of other people around on the pier at that time but as the evening went on there were less and less around until it was just them standing in the darkness. They had warm clothes and a bottle of Whiskey to see them through the night. It was overcast with low lying cloud cover but quite still.

Aerial map of Helensburgh Pier

Photograph of Helensburgh Pier

Photograph on the pier at the position the witnesses were standing

Behind them at the edge of the town Rob heard the familiar sound of taxis leaving the nearby taxi rank. This meant that the pubs had closed and it was about midnight. He then began to hear a regular ticking noise in the distance.

He moved his head around and worked out that the sound was coming from the direction of Rhu along the coastline to the North West. The noise began to get louder. Rob then realised what it was. He said to Mick “Do you know what that is? That’s a helicopter! It’s actually coming down the water’s edge.”

They then caught sight of it in the distance against the base of the cloud layer which was reflecting the lights of Helensburgh. They soon noticed that there were no navigation lights visible on it, it appeared to be flying dark. As it got closer they realised it was a military helicopter and that it was flying at full speed, with its nose dipped down towards the ground. Rob exclaimed “This thing’s coming directly towards us! If he doesn’t elevate soon he’s going to crash straight into this pier!”

Photograph from the pier in the direction the helicopter came from

As soon as he had said this it started to gain altitude. It was now only about a hundred feet away from them along the beach. As it got close to the pier both Rob and Mick looked up to watch it fly overehead. It was now that they noticed a disc-shaped object in the sky directly over them! It looked completely black silhouetted against the cloud. It appeared to be about 300 feet above them and about 12 feet in diameter.

The disc remained motionless for several seconds but then suddenly began moving away from them to the South West. As it began to head out across the estuary it picked up speed until it was going a little faster than the helicopter was flying at (Rob estimates about 50mph faster). They watched as the helicopter turned, clearly giving chase to the object. Both the disc and the helicopter flew off into the distance in the direction of Greenock.

Photograph from the pier in the direction the helicopter and disc flew away

Aerial map showing Helensburgh Pier (A), the location the helicopter was first sighted (B), Greenock (C) and the route of the helicopter and disc

After seeing the UFO both Rob and Mick became very un-easy and felt a little vulnerable in their current location. They decided to reel their fishing rods in and head into the town. However it was now 12.30am and all the trains and buses to Dumbarton had stopped running. At the Co-Op on Sinclair Street they found a loading bay for delivery trucks and decided to rest there for the remainder of the night until morning. This felt preferable to remaining on the pier, despite the fact that they had nothing to do to pass the time, which highlights how uncomfortable they were feeling with the situation.

Aerial map showing the position of the witnesses (A), the Co-Op loading bay (B) and the route they walked to it

Photograph of the loading bay

In the morning when the trains finally began to run again they caught an early one back home.

Caravan Nightmare

Further along the coastline North West of Rhu is Gare Loch. The A814 runs along the Northern edge of the Loch. The road is usually very quiet as the only people who tend to use it are MOD staff on the way to Fastlane submarine base which is situated at the North West end of the Loch or residents of the sporadic properties in the area. A third of the way along the edge of the Loch is a gradually sloping hill which leads to Blairvadach stately home. This is used by the Council Office Planning Department.

Photograph of the entrance to Blairvadach stately home

Part of the grounds of the estate were used for camping, and Mick’s dad Jimmy owned a caravan there. When he wasn’t using it himself, Jimmy would let Mick, his brother Raymond and Rob stay in it overnight. They would regularly take a boat out from Blairvadach Outdoor Education Centre, go out fishing on the loch in the day and then return to the caravan for the evening.

Aerial map of Blairvadach showing the location of the caravan (A), the stately home (B) and the Outdoor Education Centre (C)

Photograph of the edge of the field where the caravan was situated

One weekend they were out fishing when it begin to spit with a light rain. They decided to call it a day before the rain got any heavier. They tied up the boat at the boating centre and walked across the road to the caravan field. On arrival they put some music on and sat down for a relaxing evening with a few drinks.

The main window end window of the van faced in a North Westerly direction with a view of part of the field including the six foot high hedge that separated it from the A814. There were also two smaller side windows. The curtains of the right side window were closed but the main window and left side window were uncovered.

It was between 11pm-midnight and very dark outside. However it was possible to see the road due to the occasional street lights along it and the lights from the nearby Outdoor Education Centre. Looking out of the main window, Raymond suddenly remarked “Look at this guy here!” He drew Rob’s attention to a figure in the distance on the opposite side of the hedge. The figure appeared to be slowly heading in their direction and on the path alongside the edge of the road. But something wasn’t right. The figure seemed to be much too tall. It was possible to see them down to their waistline. But the hedge itself was 6 foot high, and was also at an elevated height of several feet from the road, so this meant that the figure would have to be about 15 foot in height.

Photograph of the path from the position the caravan was situated

Photograph of a cut through between the path and the estate grounds, highlighting the elevated position of the hedge

Rob’s immediate thought was that it must be someone hanging out of the top of a sunroof of a car which for one reason or another was travelling on the pavement instead of the road, and was out of sight behind the hedge. This was the only way he could rationalise what he was seeing. He looked down to the base of the hedge to see if there were any car lights visible but there was just darkness.

The figure got closer and closer, moving at a constant speed. They got to about 25 feet away from the caravan. It was now possible to see features. The figure was wearing a black outfit. Its face was grey coloured, almost sickly looking. Its eyes were dark, almost like they were sunken into the head. Rob realised in that instant that he recognised this figure. It was the same being that had touched him on the shoulder back in 1971!

He turned to Raymond and said “That’s the guy from Househillmuir Road!” He, Raymond and Mick stared out at the being as it continued along the path. There was no motion of movement in its upper body, it was as though it was drifting along at a constant speed rather than physically walking. Rob recalled that the being he had seen back in 1971 was about 5 feet in height. If this was indeed the same being then it must have been 10 feet off the ground to be able to see it as they were. This meant that it was either standing on something out of sight behind the hedge, or as Rob suspected was floating in mid-air.

Witness drawing showing the Grey moving along the path

The being continued moving along the path. It went out of sight from the main window of the caravan. Rob, Raymond and Mick continued to watch it though the left side window. It was now only about 10 feet away from the van. As it was in alignment with them its head turned very slowly until it was looking right at them. Rob says the way that it did this was so eerie. It did not stop but continued until it was out of sight.

Witness drawing of the Grey looking towards him and his friends

Aerial map showing the location of the caravan and the movement path of the Grey

The three witnesses began to discuss what they had just seen. Then without warning the caravan started to shake! There were loud thudding sounds like something was banging against it. With the thudding came a high pitched screaming sound which was horrifying to listen to. Rob, Raymond and Mick soon realised that the sounds and banging were coming from the right side of the van.

Raymond slowly walked towards the right side window and pulled back the curtain. They were all shocked at what they saw. There was the face of a sheep pushed up against the glass! The sheep was terrified and letting out the screaming sounds. The thuds were its legs bashing against the outside of the van. The window was at least four feet off the ground. Something was lifting the sheep up into the air and pressing it forcefully against the window.

Witness drawing of the sheep's face at the window

Raymond backed away from the window in horror and the curtain fell back down. Immediately the banging and screaming sounds ceased. They never re-opened the curtain to see whether it was still there. All three witnesses were deeply un-nerved about what had just taken place. But Mick was especially affected by the series of events that had unfolded. He began briskly looking through all the cupboards of the caravan until he found some blue coloured rope. He then started to tie the latches of the door and all of the windows closed. By the time he had finished there was rope crossing the van like a spider web. He was clearly in a panicked state and wanted to make sure that the being did not come into the van. When he had finally finished and was happy everything was locked down he went and sat underneath the table.

All three of them stayed awake all night. They were so frightened about what had happened that none of them got any sleep. They spent most of it discussing what had taken place. Around 6am when the morning light started to appear they discussed what to do. They were still nervous about going outside but decided it was time to get out of there. They untied the rope from the caravan door and all left together. There was no sign of the sheep outside. Usually they would catch a bus back to Helensburgh but it was too early for that. So they walked back to the town and caught a train home from there.

There are many unusual and un-nerving aspects to what happened here. Why could the Grey be seen over the hedge? Was it really floating in the air? I have investigated other cases where Greys have been seen to float so this is not out of the question. It seems extremely likely that it was either there specifically for Rob, or perhaps for Mick and Raymond too. But if so why did it float along the path past the caravan instead of coming towards it (or even appearing inside it directly)? It clearly sensed they were looking at it as it turned to look back at them. Why would it travel along the path then vanish from sight and never re-appear? There is no suggestion that the witnesses were abducted. Maybe this was the original intention but due to the reactions of the witnesses this was called off, we will never know for sure.

What happened with the sheep is truly horrifying. Why was it being lifted up into the air and pushed against the window? Was there some kind of energy doing this? Perhaps there was a craft over the van or in the vicinity and what was happening to the sheep was un-intentional. Perhaps the being was doing this using its mind or even physically picking it up. But if so why? To frighten the witnesses? If so, to what end? Why did this stop as soon as Raymond had put the curtain back down? Was this merely coincidence or something more? And what happened to the sheep? It clearly didn’t die as it was not lying on the grass outside of the van in the morning. Could it have been abducted aboard a craft and this is why the noises and banging instantly stopped? Or had it merely been dropped and then it ran off back to its own field? These are just some of the unanswered questions surrounding this fascinating yet disturbing incident.

Night-Time Disc

Robs older brother James sadly passed away in early February 1992. After he died Rob felt it was his duty to keep in touch with people who had known him throughout his life. One of his brother’s friends was named Peter. On an evening in late February Rob went round to visit him at his house on Flanders Street, Clydebank.

Photograph of Flanders Street

Photograph of the house Peter used to live at

When Rob arrived Peter was busy feeding his many pets. After he had finished they decided to take his pet Doberman out for a walk. At the end of Flanders Street is a small park. Beyond this is some open grassland. Peter’s dog would enjoy playing on this, so Rob and Peter made their way to the edge of it.

Photograph of the entrance to the park

The sun had already set but there was a perfectly clear star-filled sky overhead. It was still and not particularly cold. Rob and Peter stood at the top of the hill and let the dog loose to run onto the grassland. The only artificial light was a slight orange glow coming from Faifley Road behind them. In the direction they were facing there were just rural farmers’ fields.

Aerial map showing Peter’s house (A), the location the witnesses stood (B) and the route they walked

As they looked up at the stars the men suddenly noticed something up in the sky off ahead and to the left of them. There was a patch of stars which were clearly being blocked out by something solid. This patch seemed to grow and grow as it approached until it was right overhead. Rob knew exactly what it was – there was another disc directly above them! It had descended which is why it appeared had appeared to grow in size. It appeared to only be about 20 feet above them, just above the tree line. Looking up at the object they could make out no lines or markings, it was just a silhouette. They were only able to see three quarters of the object, it had descended so low that the furthest edge was obscured from view by foliage. Rob estimates it was about 25-30 feet in diameter.

Photograph of the sighting location. The disc descended to just above the height of the tree

Without warning many very intense beams of white light suddenly appeared all around the rim radiating outward. As they shone they slowly rotated in an anti-clockwise direction and moved up and down in a fan-like motion. The beams lit up everything in the surroundings – the trees, insects flying in the air, even the buildings on the corner of Auchnacraig Road.

Rob could barely believe what was happening. He turned to Peter and exclaimed “We are either blessed or cursed here!” The beams shone for about 30 seconds before all going out at once. Then the disc began moving away to the North East East in the direction of Milngaive. It travelled quite slowly, Rob estimates about 20-25 mph. As it moved away into the distance they were able to see a bit more of the object’s shape. It was flat on the base but gradually domed on top. The men watched it until it was out of sight. Unfortunately neither of them had a camera on them and back in the early 90s camera-enabled smartphones did not exist.

Aerial map showing the sighting location and the path the disc left the area

Peter was quite un-nerved by what took place. After the incident he did not get back in touch with Rob, and seemed to be avoiding him on purpose. Rob has not kept in touch with him and so I am unable to speak with him about what he recollects.

Distant UFO Sighting

In the 90s Rob used to go out fishing on Loch Fyne with various friends. On one occasion he went there with his friend Gordon, Tony and Tony’s wife Tina. He had told his friends about his previous experiences. Gordon and Tina were quite open minded but Tony was very sceptical.

It was late afternoon and the sun was starting to set. They decided to end their fishing excursion and return to the camp where they would be staying for the night. They lit a bonfire and then sat around it chatting.

Aerial map of Loch Fyne

On the far side of the loch about a mile away is a road. From their camping location they would often see headlights of passing cars after dark which would appear and then disappear as the vehicles moved behind the trees and hills.

It was now fully dark. Tony spotted a bright white light above the road and trees. He pointed it out asking “Is that a helicopter?” The light was quite dazzling to look directly at. It sat stationary above the trees. To the right hand side of it there was a reddish glow. The main beam of light was really intense. There were no visible navigation lights which would usually be seen on a distant helicopter. Also they were in a valley and it would have easily been possible to hear the rotor blades. The object appeared to be completely silent.

Rob replied “That’s not a helicopter, it’s something else!” The object remained stationary for several minutes. Then it began to slowly move to the right. It began to gain altitude keeping in line with the hillside and then disappeared. In total they had watched it for about 10-12 minutes. As with previous sightings nobody had brought a camera with them, and in this case the object was probably too distant to photograph anyway.

The Disappearing Men

Rob remembers the exact date that this unusual incident took place because it was his son’s 5th birthday – 1st June 2001. At the time his ex used to look after his son during the week and he would have him at weekends. Rob was living in Cardross, and each weekend he would pick up his son from his sister’s house on Jean Armour Drive, Clydebank. As he did not drive he used to get the train to Drumry train station and then walk from there.

As usual he picked up his son around mid-day from his sister’s then began walking back towards the station with him. Their route took them Southward along Clarence Street, a gradually sloping straight road with Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses Church at the end corner. It was a really pleasant sunny and clear day, and there was very little traffic on the road.

They were walking along the pavement on the left side of the road. At the base of the road on the far side the church was visible in the distance. As they reached the T-junction with Melfort Avenue, Rob noticed a man leaning against the white wall which runs alongside the boundary of the church. He was bent over forwards with both hands pressed against the wall. Standing next to him were two other men. Rob assumed that the man leaning over was ill in some way and the other men were there to assist him.

Photograph of Clarence Street at the location Rob first noticed the men

Photograph of Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses showing the position where the men were intially standing

As they continued down the hill Rob was able to see the three men more clearly. Strangely the man leaning against the wall was wearing what looked like a salmon-pink coloured robe which went right down to his feet! Rob was not able to make out his face but he could see that he had long hair. The two other men looked identical to one another. They were both about 7 feet tall. Their skin looked pale and their faces had a chiselled appearance. Again their clothing was unusual. They were both wearing what appeared to be green coloured body warmers and black trousers. This was especially bizarre considering how warm a day it was, their clothing looked completely inappropriate.

Rob was intrigued and so crossed over the road and continued down the hill towards the men. Suddenly the two tall men began moving towards him and his son. One of them stepped into the road while the other remained on the pavement. They both began marching up the hill! As they got nearer the man on the pavement also stepped out onto the road. They continued briskly walking, staring directly at Rob as they approached. Rob kept shifting his eyes between the two tall men and the third man who was still leaning against the wall.

Photograph of Clarence Street at the position the tall men began walking towards Rob and his son

Within moments they had reached them. But the men did not react or do anything they just continued marching right past them out in the road. Rob kept glancing at them as they moved. He glanced back towards the church and then saw that the third man had stopped leaning on the wall and was walking down to the far corner of the road away from him. When he glanced back the two tall men had vanished without trace! There was nowhere they could have gone to in the space of time Rob had looked away.

Deeply puzzled by what had just happened he wanted to catch up with the remaining man in the robes. He briskly continued down the road with his son. The man reached the corner of the church and turned right onto Montrose Street, vanishing from sight. Within seconds Rob had caught up and also walked round the corner – and just like the two tall men the third man had now also gone. Rob was extremely frustrated at this fact and mystified as to what had just occurred. Due to the clothing the man had been wearing it would have been easy to spot him but he had vanished. Rob checked every car, every doorway in the nearby area just to make sure he had not stepped out of view but it was no use.

Aerial map of Clarence Street showing the route Rob and his son took (Red) and the route the tall men took (Blue)

Photograph of Montrose Street corner which the robed man walked around before he vanished

The incident bothered Rob for a long time. He knew something very odd had happened but had no idea as to why it occurred. He even wondered if it was somehow religious in nature due to the fact the men had been initially standing alongside the church, although I feel that this could easily have just been coincidental and might not be anything to do with who the men were. Due to Rob’s many other contact related experiences there is definitely a possibility that these men were humanoid ETs, which would explain how they were able to suddenly vanish. However what they were doing there or why they approached but did not interact directly with Rob remains a mystery.

Another Orb

In 2007 Rob moved into a house on Alsatian Avenue, Clydebank with his partner Julie. For a couple of years nothing out of the ordinary occurred there. But one early evening in the autumn of either 2009 or 2010 things another incident took place.

At the time Rob was considering setting up a video channel on to broadcast videos discussing some of his previous experiences. He had purchased a cheap web cam and was in the process of setting it up on the top of his computer monitor. He had already plugged it in so he could see himself on the screen, and the part of the living room immediately behind him.

Suddenly he saw a fiery orange orb of light enter the frame. It looked to be between his computer chair and the couch and was about a foot off the floor. It was about the size of a football. It appeared to slow to a halt for a second.

Surprised by the presence of the orb, Rob turned round to see it with his own eyes. He caught a glimpse of it for about a second, then it suddenly shot off across the living room at a great speed and vanished through the wall. On the other side of the wall was his bedroom. He headed through there but the orb was nowhere to be seen.

If Rob had only seen the orb through the camera picture it could be easy to dismiss it as some kind of reflection or lens flare. But he saw it directly and also watched it shoot across the room, so was clearly physically there, similar to the orb seen many years before by him and his father.

Possible Implant

On a Thursday morning in the summer of 2010 Rob woke up with a dreadful pain in his lower right jaw. It had started hurting overnight and was swelling up. He went to his dentist and she performed an emergency tooth extraction. This seemed to stop the pain and obviously Rob thought this would be the end of it. But on the following morning the pain and swelling had returned even more intensely than before.

Rob went back to his dentist. This time she told him she could not do anything further and he would have to go to Glasgow Dental Hospital for further work. He booked an emergency appointment and headed there later the same day. They extracted a second tooth alongside the one he had previously had out.

There was very little pain on the Saturday, and Rob assumed his ordeal was finally over. However on the Sunday morning once again he work up with pain and swelling! He rang the hospital and booked a second emergency appointment. To attempt to see what was happening they took an X-ray. Rob was sitting in the dental chair and could see the photograph on the screen.

On the photo he could see a close up of one of his teeth. A short distance under it there was another small object which appeared white on the image. It appeared to be 5-6mm long and stood out on the picture. Rob pointed at the object and asked the radiologist “What’s that?” The radiologist responded in a very abrupt tone “I don’t know what it is.” They then handed Rob a copy of the photograph and asked them to take it to the dentist.

Rob had read about alien implants before and wondered if this could be one. As soon as he was out of sight of the radiologist, he opened up the envelope, took out the X-ray and photographed it on his mobile phone. He then took it to the dentist, who proceeded to extract a third tooth. The dentist made no mention of the small object and Rob did not ask him about it.

Below is the photograph of the X-ray which Rob took, with the object of interest ringed in red. Rob informed me it is not as high quality as the original was:

The white object in the upper middle of the photograph is one of Rob’s teeth. There are a number of possibilities for what the smaller object could be. Perhaps it is merely a bone fragment off the root of the tooth. It is the same colour as the tooth on the photograph. Perhaps it is some kind of cyst which was responsible for the pain that Rob endured and subsequent teeth extraction. But there is the possibility that it is in fact an implant placed there on a previous occasion. It is very likely Rob was abducted back in 1971, and may have been taken since but had the memories blanked out.

It is possible that the object has since vanished. However if it is still there then the first step towards determining if it is an implant is to confirm that it is metallic. This in itself could prove to be difficult. I own a stud finder which can be used to detect implants under the skin. If Rob and I meet up at a later date I could use this on him. However Rob has had some metal fillings and these might set it off giving false readings. We will have to wait and see.

A Strange Vision

In late August of 2011 Rob was invited to attend the reception of the son of his friend Pete. It was an evening reception so beforehand he decided to go and visit his younger sister Julie. At the time she owned a fancy dress shop on Glasgow Road in Clydebank. Rob would occasionally pop in just to keep her company.

Aerial map of Glasgow Road

He arrived at the shop about 4.30pm. There weren’t many other customers around, however there was a mum and daughter who were there to pick up a costume. Julie asked Rob “Could you do me a favour and go down the stairwell, find the box and get the wee girls costume she’s ordered?” Rob was happy to help and so headed down the steps to the cellar of the shop where the costume box had been stashed. He soon found it and knelt down next to it to look through it.

Suddenly he felt something hit him in the left side of the head, so hard that it almost knocked him over! His first instinct was “We’re being robbed and someone’s just hit me in the head.” But as he leaned to the right he glanced round and could see there was nobody there. The impact had felt like someone had hit him in the head with a bat above his left ear. He didn’t want to freak his sister out so when he went back upstairs with the costume he didn’t mention what had happened. He soon headed back home to get ready for the reception.

He was standing in his bedroom at the base of the bed, preparing his clothes and still thinking about what had happened at the shop. Suddenly there was another impact on his head exactly like before! He fell backwards onto the bed. He looked all around the room. Once again there was nobody there. Rob sat himself back up and rested on the corner of the bed. Again there was another impact, and he once more fell backwards.

When he sat back up a second time he felt like he was almost going to black out. It was now that he realised he was not alone. At the right hand side of the base of the bed he saw three strange goblin-like creatures. They were crouching down and moving around. To their left was a man wearing a white coloured hooded robe. He had long grey hair and a beard. In his left hand he was holding a long wooden stick. He began hitting the three creatures with this stick. They cowered away from the blows, holding their hands up into the air to defend themselves. After a moment they backed off and vanished into the bedroom wall.

Witness drawing of one of the squatting creatures raising its hand to defend itself

Rob felt that it had been the three creatures which had been hitting him in the head and this man had helped him by frightening them away. He stood up and said “Thanks very much!” He then held out his hand and shook hands with the man. The man’s right hand felt very coarse and weathered. Rob asked “Is there anything I can do for you?” The man replied “Just be loyal.” After he said this he instantly vanished.

Rob was extremely frightened by what had taken place so did not go the reception. The blows he had received to his head were quite traumatic. He was concerned that the man and three beings had been hallucinations brought on by a medical condition. Three days later he plucked up enough courage to go to his GP about what had happened. The GP referred him to Southern General Hospital to have a CAT scan.

A number of days later he went for the scan. However when the results came back there was no sign of any trauma, growths or blood clots, it looked completely clear. This put his mind at ease. Since this incident Rob has never experienced the same thing again. The reason for the impacts on his head and the origins of the man and three creatures remains a mystery.

Glowing Window

In 2015 Julie worked at the local hospital and Rob would regularly pick her up after her shift ended. On an evening in October he was preparing to head out to get her. It was about 10pm and he was standing in the kitchen having a cigarette.

Aerial map of Alsatian Avenue

The houses on the opposite side of the road are on a gradient and set higher up than his property was. He noticed out of the window a light just above the roof of the house directly opposite his. His first thought was that there was a youth messing around and opening a sky light. He kept looking and soon realised that the light wasn’t coming from a sky light in the roof itself but was beyond the roof.

Photograph of Alsatian Avenue showing the difference in height of the buildings on either side

Photograph from the sighting location in the direction the light was seen

As his eyes became adjusted to what he was looking at, Rob began to interpret the shape as a cone-shaped window with orange-yellow light spilling out. It was like an upside down triangle with the lower point severed off. There were two black lines running down it separating the window into 3 distinct sections. Within the light he saw what he believed was the head of a being looking out and bobbing around. The window itself was not stationary but was slowly moving up and down, it would descend down behind the roof and then would reappear.

Rob stared at it for a number of minutes. He was convinced there was a UFO hovering there behind the building, out of sight because of the darkness, and this glowing window was the only sign that it was there. He was so interested in watching it he did not think to try and take a photograph. Rob tells me that his phone at the time had a poor quality camera on it anyway, and it is unlikely much would have come out.

He was not frightened, and wanted to make direct contact by the being he could see in the window. He threw his cigarette out of the open window, stepped back and then tried to contact it telepathically, inviting it to come on down and enter his house. He thought to himself “If you want to spy on me why don’t you just come down and talk to me?” He gestured with his hand, pointing towards the floor, inviting the being to come closer. He tried this for a short while, but nothing took place. Then the light suddenly went out. Rob did not walk across the street to see if anything was still there, he just assumed it had gone.

He thought about what had happened for a short while, then left the house to pick up his girlfriend. He did not tell her about what he had seen as he thought it might frighten her.

Due to the flattened cone shape of the object and the colour of the glow coming from it I did ask Rob whether it could have been a Chinese lantern hovering in the air and slowly drifting around. However Rob dismissed this. He informed me he not only knows what lanterns look like but has actually launched them himself numerous times, so would certainly have known how they appeared at different distances. The object which Rob saw remains a mystery, but considering his previous close encounters with craft it is entirely possible that this was indeed another close proximity sighting.


Rob has had some truly fascinating, sometimes un-nerving, encounters throughout his life. One of the aspects of his case which particularly stands out for me is the fact that most of these incidents have also involved other independent witnesses. This is quite rare, especially in cases involving contact. From the original experience involving him and his brother it is extremely likely that Rob is a contactee. Due to the missing time he currently has no memory of what took place in those missing hours, but everything which took place suggests that he and his brother were taken aboard the glowing disc. I hope to arrange for Rob to be regressed in the coming months to see if any additional details can be retrieved.

It is common for contactees to have encounters with UFOs, and it is very probable that at least some of the later craft which Rob witnessed were there for him, perhaps monitoring him in some way. It is also very interesting that two of these incidents seemingly involved attempted interception of the craft by military forces. We have no way of knowing what the end result of these interceptions were but it is clear they were aware of the presence of the UFOs on these occasions.

Obviously many of the incidents in this report include other individuals. Unfortunately at present I am not able to speak with any of them. Rob’s father has now passed away, and his brother Mick does not like to speak about the incidents that occurred. Rob has lost contact with some of the other people involved. His friend Raymond still lives in the area but is not yet ready to speak with me, so for now we only have Robs word to go on. However I find him a very sincere and believable man and have no doubt that he has had these stunning experiences.

I would also like to thank him for his assistance in putting together this report, including the many location photographs he has obtained which have aided my understanding of his experiences. I hope that going forward he keeps in touch should anything else take place.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2019



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