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Glasgow Contact Case - Nordics, Greys, Shadow Beings, Visitations, UFO Photograph, Psychic Abilities

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 05/10/2015

Last Updated : 23/06/2020


Alyson Dunlop is a member of SPI (Strange Phenomena Investigations) Scotland and a paranormal radio host on Enemy Within Radio. In September 2015 she saw my talk at UFO Truth Magazine Conference in Holmfirth. This prompted her to speak with me about her own experiences, some of which appear to be contact related. In early October she invited me to talk on her radio show, and we have kept in touch ever since.

Sleep Paralysis

Alyson has experienced sleep paralysis for many years. Some of these incidents have involved hpnogogic hallucinations and the appearance of entities.

In 1999 when she was 28 years old Alyson lived in a flat on Prospecthill Circus, Toryglen with her partner “Martin” (Name changed for privacy reasons). One night in December she was having a nightmare about vampires. She awoke from this dream to find the entire room bathed in a dull blue glowing light with no obvious source. As far as she was aware it was still fully dark outside. Martin was fast asleep alongside her. Alyson felt un-nerved so leaned over to her right and shook him a couple of times calling his name, but he did not stir.

Aerial map of Prospecthill Circus:

Photograph Alyson found which is representative of the blue glow in the room:

Suddenly she was violently pushed backward onto the bed and found she could no longer move or make a sound. A humanoid figure was crouched over her. He had a pale white face with black eyes and long black hair. In the hair was tied a number of red, blue and white coloured ribbons. Alyson believes he was wearing black coloured clothing although she did not see this clearly. The figure’s face was extremely frightening to look at and she sensed he was extremely evil.

Drawing Alyson found which looks similar to the pale faced figure: