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Glasgow Contact Case - Nordics, Greys, Shadow Beings, Visitations, UFO Photograph, Psychic Abilities

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 05/10/2015

Last Updated : 23/06/2020


Alyson Dunlop is a member of SPI (Strange Phenomena Investigations) Scotland and a paranormal radio host on Enemy Within Radio. In September 2015 she saw my talk at UFO Truth Magazine Conference in Holmfirth. This prompted her to speak with me about her own experiences, some of which appear to be contact related. In early October she invited me to talk on her radio show, and we have kept in touch ever since.

Sleep Paralysis

Alyson has experienced sleep paralysis for many years. Some of these incidents have involved hpnogogic hallucinations and the appearance of entities.

In 1999 when she was 28 years old Alyson lived in a flat on Prospecthill Circus, Toryglen with her partner “Martin” (Name changed for privacy reasons). One night in December she was having a nightmare about vampires. She awoke from this dream to find the entire room bathed in a dull blue glowing light with no obvious source. As far as she was aware it was still fully dark outside. Martin was fast asleep alongside her. Alyson felt un-nerved so leaned over to her right and shook him a couple of times calling his name, but he did not stir.

Aerial map of Prospecthill Circus:

Photograph Alyson found which is representative of the blue glow in the room:

Suddenly she was violently pushed backward onto the bed and found she could no longer move or make a sound. A humanoid figure was crouched over her. He had a pale white face with black eyes and long black hair. In the hair was tied a number of red, blue and white coloured ribbons. Alyson believes he was wearing black coloured clothing although she did not see this clearly. The figure’s face was extremely frightening to look at and she sensed he was extremely evil.

Drawing Alyson found which looks similar to the pale faced figure:

In the far corner of the room stood an elderly hag-like woman wearing a white coloured night dress. She was laughing into her hands. The pale faced figure leered towards her and pointed at her with one long fingernail and said “You thought you could get away from me, didn’t you?” He then reached down and began to scrape at her throat. Alyson felt that he was there to kill her.

As she was paralysed she could not escape from this attack. She backed her head into the pillow as hard as she could. Eventually she passed out, and did not wake till the morning.

After this terrifying incident Alyson was understandably frightened to go to sleep. She began to stay up much later, but would usually drop off in the end through tiredness. About a week later she experienced paralysis again. She woke up and found she could not move. The blue glowing light was there again but no figures. However this time she found that she could still speak. Martin was still awake and in the adjoining room. She shouted out for him. He came into the bedroom and was able to bring her round before anything else took place.

Following these experiences Alyson began looking into sleep paralysis and found out that many other people had seen very similar entities to those she had witnessed, and described similar incidents.

Since then she has experienced sleep paralysis roughly once every 1-2 years. Most of the time she just senses a presence in the room. The last time it occurred was in June 2015. She awoke to find that she could not move. Alongside her bed was a brown creature which had a grotesque smile on its face. She realised she was experiencing sleep paralysis so started to chant “Go to sleep” in her head. As she did this the creature slowly closed its eyes, and then the paralysis ended and it faded away.

It is clear that there is some cross-over regarding aspects of contact and aspects of sleep paralysis and hypnagogia. However there are also many differences which set them apart. I have investigated numerous contactees who have experienced both. Some people believe that contact can be fully explained as a sleep-related phenomenon, however there are many physical aspects to contact which are not so easy to explain.


There have been a number of occasions where Alyson has experienced what she believes to be pre-cognitive dreams.

In 2001, 3 months before 9/11, she had a vision of a plane coming through the window of her 15th floor flat. Soon afterwards she had repeated visions of planes going into other high rise buildings around Glasgow. These visions came to her as vivid day dreams. After them she would question where they came from and why she was thinking so negatively. It was only in September that she realised what these visions may have symbolised.

In the summer of 2013 she had a dream in which she found herself in car with some gun wielding agents. The car drove past a wolf at the side of the road. As they went past it, it looked her right in the eye. She realised it had human looking eyes. The agents sped away and took her to what she interpreted as a safe house. They locked all the doors and asked her to go upstairs. About a month later she started to date someone who had very similar eyes to those of the wolf in the dream. The relationship did not work out well. Alyson wonders if her dream was trying to warn her of this in advance.

While these experiences are far from conclusive, it is very common for contactees to report such pre-cognitive dreams/visions.

Shadow Beings

Alyson used to work in the Hetherington Research Club at University Gardens. This was a private members club for post grads, mature students and staff. One day at around lunchtime she arrived at the club to find her friend Bryony sitting alone at a table next to the fireplace. Behind her was a staircase leading downward, and another staircase to the next floor to her right.

Aerial map of University Gardens:

As she entered the building her eyes had to adjust to the dark, as there was not much light coming in through the windows. As her eyes adjusted Alyson immediately became aware of what appeared to be a shadowy apparition wearing a hooded cloak standing behind Bryony on the staircase leading down. It was quite well defined and about six feet in height.

As she looked at it, it was as if it was aware it had been spotted. It moved across to the corner which was filled with boxes, and seemed to crouch down, as if trying to avoid detection. This sent shivers down Alyson’s spine (and still does when she thinks back to the incident). Within seconds it had faded from view.

Bryony could see the look on Alyson’s face, and asked her what was wrong. Alyson told her what she had just witnessed. Bryony informed her that she had felt the sense of someone standing behind her all morning, but when she had looked she could not see anything there.

Several nights later, Alyson was working at the club with her friend Kerry. Some of the staff were quite spooked to work at the place after dark. Several people had thought they had seen a ghost, which they named Hector, after Hector Hetherington, the man who had bequeathed the building to the post graduates.

At the end of their shift, Kerry went to use the toilet down the same stairs Alyson had seen the cloaked shadowy figure. She was in the toilet when Alyson suddenly heard her shout. Alyson asked her what was wrong. She came back up the stairs and asked “Was that you?” Apparently she had heard a male growling sound outside the door and heard the boxes being kicked. Both Alyson and Kerry searched the building before locking up but found no-one.

By early 2014 Alyson had moved to a flat on South Woodside Road. One night Alyson was feeling sleepy so decided to sleep on the sofa in the living room. She reached around and turned out the side lamp behind her. Immediately she saw what appeared to be a shadowed humanoid form step out of the open doorway to the adjacent bathroom. As this happened her pet cat Gandalf jumped up and called out loudly. It seemed that he had reacted to the presence of this entity.

Alyson immediately switched the light back on in shock. The room was once more bathed in light, and nothing could be seen. She was understandably quite disturbed by what had just happened so left the light on for the remainder of the night.

On another occasion her other cat Merlin appeared to observe something in the hall of the flat. Alyson discovered him standing still and clearly fixated on something she could not see. After about 15 minutes she felt a little spooked by the cat’s behaviour so said out loud “If you are a friend or relative visiting you’re welcome. If you are just passing through do so quickly”. Immediately the cat seemed to snap out of what it was doing and walked away.

Although these experiences may seem at first to be related to ghostly phenomenon, it should be noted that contactees have often reported seeing shadowy figures, commonly termed “Shadow People”, around their home or in their vicinity. There appears to be a connection, but exactly what this connection is has not yet been determined.

Nordics on Platform

Soon after the sighting of the shadow being in her flat, Alyson woke up in the night to find she was paralysed. She could feel her head and shoulders lifting off the pillow. There was a cone shaped beam of light above her which appeared to be coming from the centre of her forehead. It seemed that the ceiling no longer existed, the cone expanded upward much further than the height of the room, like she was staring through it.

Aerial map of South Woodside Road:

In the circle of light roughly 15 feet above her was a round flattened white platform. Peering over the side of this platform was a humanoid male being with black hair. He was wearing a skin-tight blue coloured suit. He looked down at her then said to someone else out of sight “We’ve got her!” A moment later several other similar beings also leaned over the edge of the platform to look down at her.

One of them was again male, but was wearing black and had pale brown coloured hair. He reached out to her saying “You’ve got to promise me you’ll tell people about us.” Alyson responded saying “I promise. I’ll tell people.” She was aware that the beings did not mean to frighten her, but she was experiencing a mix of emotions, including fear due to the odd-ness of the situation.

She then heard her pet cat Gandalf begin to call out loudly and pace back and jump around on the bed. He was quite clearly deeply agitated by what was taking place. The cat’s behaviour seemed to bring her back to normal waking reality. The cone of light and platform with beings on vanished from view. She sat up and comforted her cat. He had been so upset that he had urinated on the bed covers. Alyson said he had never done this before or since.

In the weeks leading up to this experience Alyson had actually been practicing chakra meditation. She wonders if this somehow prepared her mind and enabled the experience to take place.

At the time of the experience Alyson did not realise the similarity between the beings she had seen and “Nordic” beings regularly reported by contactees around the world. It was only later that she started looking into the contact subject in more depth and realised that it was likely these beings she had met with.

This is certainly an unusual experience, and one on a more meta-physical than physical level. The beings could not have been physically there in the room as they were positioned much higher than the ceiling would allow for. Also they immediately vanished when she snapped out of the state of mind she was in. As she was paralysed at the time one could argue that this was merely another sleep paralysis experience and in no ways linked with ET contact. However this experience felt very different to her, she did not get a sense of evil or darkness from these beings. Also Alyson’s description of both their appearance and their clothing would fit in with other accounts of Nordics. However it should be noted that these beings usually speak telepathically, whereas the one which spoke with her was doing so vocally, moving his lips.

World Contact Day UFO Sightings

On 20th March 2015 there was a solar eclipse. Someone online decided to name the same date “World Contact Day” and suggested it would be the ideal day for those who were interested to attempt to get in touch with ET. The idea caught on and many people in different locations arranged sky watches and meditation sessions. A number of members from SPI decided to join in with this, and arranged a sky watch at Carron Valley Reservoir, The Campsies, North of Glasgow. This location happened to be only 10 miles from Bonnybridge, an infamous UFO hot spot.

Alyson met with fellow SPI members Margaret, Lynsey, Gordon, Lawrence and Kirsty at an ideal sky watching spot alongside the B818 on the North side of the reservoir, with a view of the water and the sky to the South. The weather conditions were great, it was dry and still with very little cloud. The stars and a new moon were visible above them.

Aerial map of Carron Valley Reservoir:

View of the reservoir from the road along the Northern edge:

Around 1am they spotted a stationary white light in the sky to the West. It was too far away to tell whether it was a helicopter or something else, but it was present for about half an hour before fading away.

Between 3-4am Alyson decided to go and meditate on her own in her car in an attempt to open contact. While this was going on the others suddenly called out that they had seen a flash of light to the North East. Alyson continued her meditation and a visualisation of a humanoid being appeared. In her meditative state she spoke with this being, informing him that she had brought some others along with her and she didn’t want it to be a wasted journey for them. The communication ended and Alyson went back outside to meet with everyone else.

Soon afterwards Alyson was facing to the North. She looked to her left along the road and in her mind’s eye saw the image of a Grey being standing there in the darkness. Again she telepathically asked for something to take place which everyone could witness. The Grey did not seem to respond to her in any way.

Picture Alyson found which is similar to the Grey on the road:

For a long while the sky watchers had noticed a brightly sparkling star with an orange hue to the South at an angle of about 50 degrees. At around 4.45 am without warning this “star” began to slowly move! Alyson noticed it first, and pointed it out to the others. Everyone confirmed that it was moving. The glowing light banked right around the reservoir, so was clearly within the atmosphere, although it was hard to judge exactly how high it was. It appeared to be completely silent.

They looked at the object through binoculars and were surprised to find that it appeared to be a pale grey colour through them. The orange glow could only be seen when viewing it with the naked eye. After watching it transfixed for a number of minutes Alyson suddenly thought about getting the UFO on camera. She asked if anyone was filming or taking photos. Someone did attempt to photograph it, but on the camera it just came out like a glowing point of light. It was too distant and too dark to photograph it clearly.

Eventually after about 10 minutes the object disappeared from view behind a hill to the North North East. Everyone present was convinced that the object was not a helicopter on patrol. It was certainly not a satellite as it turned as it moved. It could not have been a plane, and is very unlikely to have been a Chinese lantern as it was stationary in the sky for a long while before it began to move. Unfortunately it was not close enough to see clearly, but the origin of the light remains a mystery. Alyson wonders if it was a craft which had appeared because of her earlier meditative communications, although there was no confirmation of this.

Metallic Egg-Shaped UFO Photograph

At around 7.30pm on Thursday 20th August 2015 Alyson decided to go out for an evening walk around Glasgow. The weather was warm and still, perfect to be out and about. Due to the time of year it was still daylight.

It was quite a busy evening with plenty of other pedestrians and vehicles around. By 8pm she was near to Glasgow University and walking along University Avenue. As she followed the path round to the left to head past Glasgow University Union she suddenly became aware that it had gotten really quiet. There seemed to momentarily be nobody else around.

Aerial map of University Avenue:

Alyson happened to look up into the sky and noticed a strange object to the East over the Theatre Studies building. It appeared to be egg-shaped and was metallic silver all over with no markings of any kind. Initially was at an angle of 45 degrees. It was hard to judge the height accurately but it appeared to be lower down than a plane would fly at. Alyson estimates it was about 60 feet across.

Photograph of the location in the direction the UFO was seen:

The object was moving on a straight and level course to the West, and travelling quite fast, at least 100 mph. It did not appear to be rotating at all as it moved. Alyson immediately reached for her Samsung J1 mobile phone in her pocket to take a photograph of the UFO. She had been listening to the radio on it so had to change the settings to get to camera mode, at the same time as keeping an eye on the object. This was quite difficult and the object almost went out of sight but luckily she managed to quickly snap a photograph before it did. In total the sighting lasted for about 20 seconds.

Below is the photo which Alyson took. The object has been ringed in red:

Zoomed view of the UFO:

Zoomed enhanced view:

Zoomed view with edge find:

The metadata behind a photograph can often be used to determine whether an image is an original or whether it has been potentially manipulated. While I highly doubt that this image has been modified in any way, there are sections missing from the metadata which I would expect to see. It is probable that these have been lost during transfer of the image from one place to another, although it is also possible that they just do not appear in Alyson's make of phone.

It is quite hard to tell exactly what the object may have been from the photograph. It is clear that it was highly reflective. Alyson cannot put out of the question that the object was not a silver-coloured inflatable of some kind drifting on an air current. However it was still at ground level, and it did seem to be moving too fast for this to have been the case. Also it did not appear to be rotating, you would expect a balloon of this shape to rotate as it drifted across the sky.

After the sighting was over Alyson continued her walk back home. She did not mention it to the other members of SPI Scotland for over a week. Usually she would mention something like this immediately but she forgot about it afterwards, and only remembered when she was flicking through the photos on her phone. However she believes this was down to other things going on at the time in her life, not due to an intentional removal of memory.


As you can see, Alyson has experienced a wide variety of unusual phenomena. She certainly appears to have had an experience involving Nordic beings, and many of her other experiences are the sort of incidents which are regularly reported by contactees. It is unclear at present how many of these experiences are directly related to contact. However they are all fascinating. I would like to thank Alyson for coming forward with this information. If she keeps in touch then this report may well be updated in the future with other unusual events in her life.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2020



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