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Glasgow Contact Case Part 1 – Greys, Nordic, Abduction, Missing Time, UFO Sightings, Impla

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 17/12/2019


In early October 2019 a 58 year old Scottish man named Rob got in touch with me via telephone to discuss a number of fascinating, and in some cases frightening, UFO and contact related experiences which had happened throughout his life. Unlike many cases, most of these incidents involved multiple witnesses. This report covers these experiences in depth and features many photographs and drawings from Rob, as well as testimonial statements from some of the other people involved.

Vision in the Wall

Rob’s first unusual experience happed in late July of 1965. Usually I would have to query the witness to find out the details of what happened to them. However many years later Rob actually wrote down this and some of his other experiences in a diary. Below is his recollection of what took place.

“One sunny summer morning shortly after my fifth birthday I was awake in bed nearest to the wall behind my brother. There were no curtains on the large bay windows and from where I was lying I could see into Govan dockyard, but all I could see was the tops of the many cranes that were there, they were busy moving to and fro, lifting this and that from the ships in dock like giant metal fingers moving around. I was just staring, day dreaming, but my mind was really on other things. Dad was on his way and Mick and I would be tucking into something special when we eventually got out of bed, but not before mum or dad, there were rules.

Dad was home, it was just after seven in the morning and I knew better than to get out of bed, so I just stared out the window hoping that the time would pass quickly. Mick was fast asleep, and the house was still, very little traffic no real distractions or noise to speak of.

With my back to the wall I was suddenly aware of a coldness, a chill if you like. I wrapped the blankets round me tighter but then I realized that I could see my own breath. I was puzzled for a moment but soon realized that this is happening. I turned round and what was once a recess wall with white wood chip wallpaper was now a complete image of a back lane with cobble stones and brick bin sheds on either side the full length of the lane. What five year olds imagination could ever have stretched as far as to conjure up such an image, not even in a dream? But there it was, as large as life, like a giant wall poster that could only be fit for a wall in Hell.

The lane was about half the length of a football pitch and at the out her end of the lane I could see there was a figure standing with their head bowed down hiding their face. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I froze on the spot. What was this, who was that standing at the other end of the lane? My curiosity was about to become a terrible reality.

Suddenly the figure started to move down the lane, slowly at first, at walking pace with its head still bowed, then it quickened until it was almost at a running pace. It started to lift its head as it got closer and closer, now I could see it.

Its head was elongated and misshaped, almost horse like with large dark eye sockets and sunken eyes. As it got closer I can see its eyes and with its brows turned down with an evil menacing look about it. Suddenly it was there, it was as if a hole had just opened up on the far side of the wall. Its long gnarly fingers were ripping at the wall creating a bigger and bigger hole until its head was completely though it, and now it was staring straight at me with its mouth open and a long slithering tongue lashing about. I didn’t hesitate, I catapulted myself over Mick not even taking the time to wake him. I ran like the wind in to my mum and dads room, in one movement I had grabbed the bottom of the bed clothes, lifted them over my head and shot under the blankets without stopping. I was moving that fast, what a fright they must have got but nothing compared to what had just happened to me. My dad throw his hand round to stop me from ending up at the back of the head board.

I started screaming my head off. ‘The man, the man is in the wall, there’s a bad man in the wall!’ It probably took them about ten minutes to settle me down to a point where they could start asking me what was wrong. I repeated everything I had seen, they were not convinced and they put it down to a bad dream. Dad decided it was time to get me back into my bed. He woke Mick and said to go to the back of the bed and let me go to the front. Mick, under protest, complied and dad reassured me that it was just a bad dream and no monsters where in the wall, he returned to his room.

Minutes past, then suddenly I could hear a raspy breathing sound. I was hoping that it was Mick but I could see my breath again. I grabbed the blankets and pulled them up over my head but curiosity was getting the better of me. Was I imagining things? Was this just a bad dream? Why the fuck did I do it? I turned round and there it was, lunging strait out of the wall at me with its tongue waving about! It was the most hideous thing to look at, I was off like a shot again but this time a got hold of Micks top and screamed at him to get up and run. To be honest I don’t know if he followed me or not.

A few years ago I joined an online paranormal group, I posted a blog with the information about the thing in the wall and I got a message back. The nearest description I could give was the teacher from the Pink Floyd music video 'Another Brick In The Wall', the head shape is almost the same with the eyes set as far back.