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February 2021 – Yardley Wood, Birmingham – Triangle Of Lights Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 20/01/2022

In early January 2022 Shaun Watson got in touch with BUFOG to report a recent UFO sighting he had experienced. When I reached out to him to find out further details he also reported having a previous sighting in the same area. This report covers this incident in depth.

Sighting Details

On a Tuesday evening in February 2021 Shaun was on his way home after dropping off his niece who he’d been babysitting. It was around 9.30pm and the weather was clear, with the stars visible in the sky. He began driving South East East along May Lane towards his house. There were no other vehicles on the road at the time.

He suddenly noticed three bright white lights in the sky ahead of him in a triangular configuration, with two at the top horizontal to one another and another third light lower down and between them. It was quite hard to determine the distance of the lights but he estimates they were about 500 metres away.

Photograph of May Lane in the direction the lights were seen

The road was quite straight giving him a clear view of the lights. As he continued along May Lane he realised the three lights were moving. This change in position seemed to be relative to one another, convincing him that they were three lights attached to a singular large object, the main body of which he could not make out against the sky. If they were indeed attached to a large triangular object then this seemed to be rotating on it’s X axis in a clockwise direction.

Shaun managed to observe the lights for about 20-30 seconds as he drove along the road. As he reached his house he turned right onto the drive, briefly losing sight of them.

Aerial map of May Lane showing the direction of sighting and possible location of the lights
Photograph showing the obscured view from the drive

Rather than step out into the road (which would of course have been dangerous), Shaun headed through to his back garden to get a better (and no doubt safer) view. Unfortunately the lights were no longer visible.

Photograph showing the view of the sky from the back garden

Thinking back to the sighting Shaun is certain that if they had been distant he would have still been able to see them, which suggests that they were possibly closer and blocked by the house. At the time he did not go back out front to confirm whether this was the case.

Sighting Analysis

It is hard to say for certain whether this incident did indeed involve a large triangular-shaped object with three white lights on, or whether they were three separate glowing objects which happened to move in such a way to give the impression that they were joined. Shaun observed them long enough to believe the former, but as he did not see the main body of the object (or even a silhouette of it blocking out the stars) this cannot be confirmed.

If they were separate objects then there could of course have been a number of mundane explanations. From Shaun’s description they sound too bright to have been three satellites which happened to be travelling past one another. However they could well have been either three distant aircraft. As we do not know the precise date and time that this incident occurred I am unable to check Flight Radar 24 to confirm if there were any tracked aircraft in the air at the time.

The 360 Radar website confirms that the area does not lie within a normal airway for passenger aircraft:

It also confirms that the area does lie within controlled airspace, which decreases the possibility of it being untracked aircraft, although this is still a possibility:

Another possibility is that the objects were three distant drones being flown, and the way in which they were manoeuvring led Shaun to believe that they were linked to one single larger object. This has similarities to his later sighting which occurred in January 2022, and the lights were seen in roughly the same direction. To check out the separate report on this incident click here

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2022



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