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Erdington Contact Case – Grey Visitation, Automatic Writing, UFOs Sighting, Paranormal Activity

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 21/12/2021

Last Updated: 02/02/2022

In October 2021 I met Chris James in a UFO-related Facebook group. He mentioned the fact that he had previously had some experiences. I contacted him and he agreed to share the details with me for the creation of this report.

A Visitation

In November 1975 when Chris was 5 years old he lived with his family in a house on Fentham Road, Erdington, Birmingham. He and his younger brother shared a bedroom at the front of the property and slept on a bunk bed. Chris had the lower of the two beds, while his brother slept on the top bunk.

Aerial map of Fentham Road indicating the house Chris used to live at

His parents used to leave the bedroom door open and the landing light on. This meant that the room was quite dark but the furnishings could still be made out.

Photograph of the house indicating various rooms

One evening he and his brother had gone to sleep at the usual time of around 7pm. At some point during the night Chris suddenly awoke for an unknown reason. When he opened his eyes he immediately saw a figure standing in the room about a foot away from the bed. The being was about three and a half feet tall. It had an oval shaped head which appeared to be hairless. Due to the darkness it was mostly in shadow, but the light from the landing lit up the right edge of it. He could just make out the reflection on one of its eyes.

Witness drawing of the figure

As soon as he saw the figure Chris screamed out in fear. As he did so the figure seemed to drop downwards and move underneath the bed. Chris leaned over the edge and briefly glanced it roll towards the wall and seem to vanish into it. A few seconds later both his parents came running into the room and put the light on, which of course also woke up his brother on the top bunk.

Chris told them that there was someone under the bed. His mother picked him up to comfort him. His father said it must have been a bad dream. Chris continued to insist that the figure was there, so his father pulled the bed away from the wall show there was nothing under the bed. Chris felt sure it had literally entered the bedroom wall so said to him “It went into the wood.” To try and calm him down his father tapped on the wall to show it was solid.

After this they put him back in bed and remained with him a while until he’d relaxed. They then left the room and Chris and his brother settled back off to sleep.

Years later Chris asked his brother about the incident to see if he remembered it, asking him “Remember when I saw that thing in my room?” His brother replied “What? The alien?” This surprised Chris as he’d never referred to it as this. He wonders if his brother had chatted with his father about it and come to this conclusion.

Obviously Chris was quite young when this happened, so the possibility that it was a dream cannot be completely put out of the question. However the shape and height of the figure would fit in with it being a Grey, and I have investigated many other cases where these beings have faded away extremely fast when they are seen or about to be discovered. Chris says the memory of this incident is very vivid and has troubled him for most of his life.

Sometimes shadowy forms can be seen by people when suffering from sleep paralysis. Although Chris has actually experienced this on other occasions, it does not seem that he was experiencing it on this occasion as he was able to scream out for his parents. Usually when people experience sleep paralysis they also find they cannot shout out.