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East Midlands Contact Case – Beings, Abduction, UFO Sightings, Paranormal Activity

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report Author: James Brodie

Release Date: 28/06/2022

Note: For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used

The following case study is an ongoing report as the experiences are multi-faceted in nature. Over the upcoming months, I will be looking to delve deeper into some of the experiences shared and in doing so will be able to offer more detail.

For the purposes of privacy, I will be using a pseudonym for the subject of the case report. What I can say is that I have known the person for most of my life and I have made sure that there will be no personal bias in the report and final conclusions.

The subject of the case study we will call Paul going forward. He is in his mid-sixties and lived in the East Midlands for most of his life. When he was younger, he was a member of a couple of Midlands-based UFO groups, which helped shape and understand some of his own experiences.

Paul’s first memory of any unusual phenomena was when he was 7-8 years old. He remembered he use to witness things in his back garden. He lived in a mid-terrace house in an industrial part of one of the larger towns in the East Midlands.

He remembers looking into the garden and seeing three grey people. One was approximately 3.5 ft tall, one was around 4.5 ft tall and the third one was a little smaller, maybe 4 ft 2 in height. They were all grey with no definition or discernible features. He reported seeing them to his mother who claimed there was nothing there.

Witness drawing of the grey figures in the garden

Apparently, this happened on a number of occasions, and each time he saw them, he would tell people. Sometimes they would be there even if someone else was present, but only he could see them. In the end, he stopped telling people he could see them.

What was unusual about this sighting is that quite often it would appear in daylight, and they would appear briefly in the garden. From previous investigations and my own personal experience, I have seen a grey humanoid shape without any apparent features. Possible explanations could be the imagination of a child, or maybe there was a distorted image of a person through the glass. That could possibly explain why he only saw it, as it was from a particular viewing angle. However, knowing the people involved, I am more inclined to believe that Paul genuinely believed that he was seeing something.

That experience became part of the norm for Paul and so every now and again he would see something, and he would then put it to the back of his mind. Five years later he was out walking in the evening when he happened to glance up at the sky and he noticed a bright light in the sky. This was at a time when there weren’t so many planes in the sky, so this stuck out. It was moving relatively slowly and although it appeared high in the sky, it appeared to be larger than other planes he would have seen in the sky. It was yellow in colour which again separated it from other vehicles that were in the sky at the time.

As soon as Paul noticed it, stopped moving and appeared to hover in the sky. It was difficult to make sense of any shape to it as it appeared to be a very bright yellow light. There was no noise that came from it and after observing it for a few seconds, it shot off at a right angle, before again abruptly changing the direction it was traveling in before disappearing.

In reviewing this part of the encounter, it is difficult to make a factual conclusion. At the time of the experience there was very little air traffic in the UK sky and even less in that part of the UK. The colour was unusual for known ariel vehicles, but we can’t discount that there might have been something about at that time. We can discount any more modern technology like drones as they weren’t around at that time. What sets it apart is the sudden change in direction, as we know modern vehicles can’t manoeuvre in that manner. We can also discount Chinese lanterns as they weren’t prevalent at that time. The rapid change in direction would again look to rule out something like a weather balloon.

An example photograph of two Chinese lanterns

We jump ten years into the future and Paul has met a likeminded individual who was part of a local UFO investigative group covering the East Midlands. This individual we will call John. Through several meetings, it became clear that they had shared a number of similar experiences. John introduced Paul to a remarkable individual. Again, for privacy purposes I will refer to her as Rita.

Rita was a Russian Jewish immigrant who had settled into the area after the Second World War. She was regarded as a ‘natural medium’ who was believed to be to be able to perceive multiple realities. She is someone who I would have been incredibly interested to have had a long conversation with, but unfortunately, she passed some years ago.

Although there are multiple reports I would like to investigate from their interactions, there are two instances I will refer to.

The first instance is distinctly paranormal in nature. Both Paul and John were at Rita’s house as they had regular catch ups. They were discussing a previous UFO sighting where they had reported seeing some blue lights they had observed in the sky. Rita casually said to Paul, I guess you would like to know more about the lights you saw. Paul was surprised as he hadn’t even asked the question. She went into another room where there was a wired landline. She put her hand above the phone, and it appeared to glow blue. She then told Paul to have a look, when he was finished, just to say you want the light to stop.

A mock-up of the glowing blue telephone

Paul wasn’t sure of the significance of what he was seeing, as he picked up the phone, had a look around it and couldn’t understand why or how the phone was glowing. However, after about 5 minutes he simply thought internally that he had seen enough, and the phone stopped glowing. Paul then told John what he had seen. John was naturally sceptical of the account and proceeded to dismantle the phone. Remembering that phones were far simpler mechanically at that time, it didn’t take much time to take apart. John could find no reason for the phone to glow. Neither could they understand the reason for it to glow nor whether there was any significance, other than an implied link to the lights they had originally seen in the sky.

From a second-hand account it is difficult to investigate what was witnessed here. I struggle to see a rational explanation for the glow, as mechanically there was little to phones at that time. Potentially could there have a power surge which could have the glow? I doubt it as the phone would have been hot to the touch and there would have been significant damage to other electrical appliances. Furthermore, for the glowing to have stopped after a thought interaction, also removes the likelihood of a more straight-forward reason.

For me, the next interaction was very exciting. The specific time of the sighting or the specifics of the date are difficult to ascertain which proves to be difficult to follow up from an investigative perspective. Once again it involves Paul, John and Rita. It was potentially 2 years after the glowing phone incident. All three were sat at the table and Rita remarked that they might want to go outside as there as a UFO coming straight over the house.

They went outside excited, hoping to see something. When they looked up at the sky it was completely dark, and they were incredibly disappointed. They were looking up at the sky for a couple of minutes, and then suddenly stars started to appear in the sky. It turns out there was a huge object directly above them. No lights, no shape, no noise. There was no electro-magnetic field. Literally just a black mass. It was estimated to be potentially the size of 3-4 football fields as it literally took a couple of minutes to pass over head.

The only reason they knew it had passed was that they could see the sky again. Then they went back in and Rita just smiled at them both. There are a number of elements I find interesting around this. The first element is that Rita knew it was coming over. She had previously exhibited multiple ‘abilities’. Did she genuinely have a link? I can’t answer that question without further investigation.

The standout aspect is the size of the object. It was that big that they couldn’t discern the shape of what they were seeing. Was it exhibiting some form of stealth technology? There was also no noise, no distinct humming. It didn’t appear to have any effect on the people who were viewing it, but it was clear that it was supposed to be viewed.

Would something that big be picked up by local radar? If it was using stealth technology maybe it wouldn’t have been tracked. As for the provenance of the people who had the experience, I believe the reporter to be genuine, however from strictly an objective perspective it is difficult to validate what was seen without more specific data. As I stated from the beginning, this is an ongoing investigation, so I hope in revisiting the account, it will help to bring out additional information.

For the purposes of this investigation there is one final account to talk about. Paul was at home, he had moved house to a different part of the same town in the East Midlands. It was approximately 2 to 2.30 in the morning. Paul was sleeping downstairs. He was suddenly woken up with a start. He tried to move and get his bearings. It became quickly apparent that he was lying down on a table with space for his head, very much like a massage table. He was trying to view the room and it got the impression from what he could see that was in a circular room.

He could hear a loud buzzing noise, but also another repetitive noise that he described as a squeaking noise. He couldn’t discern whether it was mechanical or whether it was from whatever was in the room with him. He again tried to move, he could feel his body trying to respond, but he didn’t feel he was in control of it. At no time did he feel uncomfortable or under threat, just a calmness.

He could see shapes around him, but he was unable to view who or what was around him. He then sensed something getting closer to him. He felt some pressure at the back of his head then, then it all went black.

He woke up to find himself back down downstairs, but it was around 6 am in the morning. He felt a burning sensation at the back of his head. He spoke to his wife about it and she checked the back of his head and there appeared to be a surgical line at the back of his head. It appeared to feel strange for a few days afterwards before it began to fade away, but apparently there is still a mark there to this day.

Following from that experience Paul appeared to see a number of different phenomena which may or may not be linked. Some of these experiences I will look to report in a follow-up account. One of those accounts was with multiple people, where they saw something in the sky and they felt they were prevented from leaving a particular area whilst they were passengers in a car.

I feel privileged to have been able to share this report with all of you. There are multiple facets to this investigation. There are elements of this report that cannot be verified, and this does weigh heavy on mind. I personally know the reporter, but I must take the emotion out of the situation. As always is the person reliable enough to rely on a verbal report? I believe the person is. They have no wish for any publicity and there is some additional physical evidence that I hope I will be able to share with you.

As for the abduction experience, the change in position is interesting as most people tend be sitting up and get to glimpse what it is they are interacting with. The noise is interesting as I haven’t previously heard of a squeaking noise reported before.

There appears to have been actual physical contact made and Paul believes that follow up experiences were in part related to that first abduction experience.

Just as I was getting ready to finish wring up this report Paul presented me with the below photograph:

Now this picture was taken in the late 1970s before advanced photography was readily available. This was taken in Northampton around 3 am in the morning and you can see there are three objects there were moving slowly across the sky. At this time and I don’t have all of the details, but I will hope to clarify when I get the opportunity to carry out a follow up investigation.

Copyright James Brodie 2022



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