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Dudley Contact Case - Greys Visitation, UFO Sightings, Automatic Writing, Portals

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report Author: Dave Hodrien Last Updated: 23/07/2010


Tom shares a house with his wife Laura (name changed for privacy reasons) on Moss Street, Derby. Since an early age Tom has noticed strange occurrences around him, but up until he moved from London to Derby in 2008 he did not really pay much attention to these. However recently a number of incidents have taken place which has lead him to wonder if he may be experiencing extraterrestrial contact. These incidents have included numerous UFO sightings, and an apparent visitation by beings. Since this visitation Tom has felt the urge to write pages of complex symbols, which appear to be a form of language he does not recognise.

The Investigation

When Tom first started looking into the contact subject, initially got in touch with Mary Rodwell, the renowned contact specialist and hypnotherapist from Australia. As Tom lives quite close to Birmingham, Mary passed on the case to myself to investigate further.

I first spoke with Tom via E-Mail on 14th July 2010. For the next few days we discussed his experiences in brief detail. I decided it would be much better to speak face to face, so on Sunday 18tth July I drove to Derby to go over everything with Tom at his house. This also allowed me to get some location photographs and some direct drawings from Tom.

Tom is interested in being regressed so we soon plan to get this arranged through the hypnotherapist who assists me with cases involving contact. Once this goes ahead, any additional findings will be added to the report.

Being Watched

For as long as he can remember Tom has felt like a presence is watching him. This feeling comes and goes but gets worse after dark or when he is on his own and not distracted. Sometimes he has even spoken, thinking someone is close behind him, and when he’s turned round there’s no-one there. He often finds this feeling very un-nerving, and leads to him being uncomfortable in the dark.

This feeling of being observed is very common with contactees. It is possible that Tom is sensing an ET presence which is watching over him.


Between the age of 10-12, Tom occasionally thought he could see what he believed to be “portals” in the air. These would appear like a slit of white light. They would always be a little way off the ground and about 6 feet in length, but only a few inches wide. These would tend to appear in the daytime and mostly outdoors, although a few times he also saw them indoors. There would only ever be one at any one time.

Drawing of one of the “portals”:

He was so convinced that they were there that he would try to jump through them, and assumed that when he did he would go somewhere else. He has no idea why he thought of them in this way. When he did try to jump through them nothing would happen and he would sometimes fall to the ground. He used to point them out to his friends, and wondered why they could not see them also. After a while he started to get ridiculed about them, so around age 13 he stopped talking about them with others. When he did this he stopped seeing them. It is possible that in denying them to others, he somehow lost the ability to see them himself.

Exactly what Tom was seeing is unknown. It is quite possible that it has nothing to do with ET contact, and that it was some kind of condition with his sight. The fact that he mostly saw them outside could suggest that they could have been a trick of the sunlight. I feel that he was too old for them to have been caused just by his imagination. As Tom never informed a GP about what he could see, and as he no longer sees them, the real reason behind them will probably never be known.


Since an early age Tom has felt like he is an observer inside his own body. He finds this feeling hard to describe, but says it is like he is learning on someone else’s behalf who is looking out from his eyes. This feeling has become more prominent since moving to his current hose in Derby.

Another thing Tom has always felt is that he is here for some purpose/mission, although he doesn’t know exactly what that is at present. This is quite often reported by contactees. Tom is quite artistic, and feels that he should be using his art to teach people and increase their positivity. Since moving to Derby in 2008, he has felt more multi-dimensionally aware, and certainly believes that there is more to the world we exist in than we currently know about.

Sleep Paralysis

Since his teenage years Tom has experienced sleep paralysis incidents very occasionally (roughly once every six months). These incidents tend to occur in the middle of the night. He will wake up and find that he cannot move. He does not panic during these experiences, and is more curious. Sometimes he feels like he is falling into himself and the more he tries to wake up the further he sinks. He will usually then fall back off to sleep. One time recently he tried to speak to Laura, but just a croak came out.

Even though sleep paralysis can sometimes cause side effects which can be similar to things experienced during contact, I do not feel that this is responsible for Tom’s other experiences.


Tom has a number of particular fears and phobias which are quite interesting. He has a phobia of elevators, and will always take the stairs if the option is available. He feels very uncomfortable in corridors, and also has a fear of needles. All of these are commonly reported by contactees. It is possible that the feeling of being taken up in the lift reminds him of being taken up into a craft, although there is no clear signs that Tom has been abducted. Again corridors may well remind him of the cramped conditions aboard an ET craft. And his fear of needles could well have come about through him remembering examination procedures performed on him during an abduction. These are far from definates but given Tom's other experiences could still be relevant.

July 2009 Giant UFO Sighting

Mid week in July 2009 (exact date unknown) Tom had a fascinating sighting of a gigantic UFO in close proximity to his house. It was mid-afternoon and he was in the lounge and lying down relaxing on the settee. Tom began staring out of the living room window into the sky, visible over the rooftops of neighbouring housing. It was a pleasant dry day with patchy cloud. For some reason he began to feel like he was watching something, even though there was nothing visible initially. This was very strange and Tom says he has never felt this before or since.

View from the living room window from Tom’s position:

He had been staring out of the window for several minutes, when suddenly something incredible took place. A huge object suddenly appeared in the sky. It appeared to flicker into existence rather than instantly appear, almost as if it was phasing into our reality or dimension. The object was stationary in the air, roughly 300 feet. It was a long conical shape, similar to a jet engine. It had a curved surface and was silver in colour. There were a number of lines over the surface as if it were put together out of sections. The left hand end sloped inward on itself into darkness. Tom estimates it was about the size of a block of flats, about 600 metres long, with the opening in the end about 150 metres across. He immediately felt that it was a massive craft of some kind, and that it was a “boarding craft”. He believes he thought this because of the massive opening in the craft, he felt that other smaller craft would fly into this space.

Drawing of the UFO:

After about 10 seconds, Tom decided to rush and get his camera to try and photograph the object. He jumped to his feet, still looking out of the window. He could still see the UFO so ran through into the kitchen to grab his camera. After picking it up he turned and looked out of the kitchen window but the object had completely vanished. He went back through to the lounge but could no longer see the object from the other window either. Later he informed Laura about what had occurred, who seemed to accept what she was told.

Thinking back to the sighting, Tom felt that his emotions at the time were unusual. He says he wasn’t really that surprised when he saw the object, as if he was anticipating its appearance.

This is a truly fascinating UFO sighting. Both the appearance and size of the object are quite unusual, and it is certainly possible that the object was a mother ship of some kind. Tom was wide awake at the time of the sighting, so it is unlikely that he dropped off to sleep and dreamt what took place. The fact that he could still see the object after he had jumped to his feet means it is also unlikely to have been an optical illusion caused by light coming in through the window at a certain angle. It is a shame that the object had vanished after he had got his camera. Perhaps the occupants sensed that he was about to photograph it and this is why it left. This would of course assume that it was there on his behalf rather than just randomly in the area. Simon’s emotions at the time also tend to support this theory. If it was just an hallucination, it seems a very bizarre thing to have imagined. The object appeared to have definite structure to it with markings and sections. Due to the size of the object, it is likely there would have been other witnesses to it. Unless Tom has heightened senses, perhaps gained through contact, which allowed him to detect the presence of the UFO. Tom has never seen anything like it before or since.

White Orb Sightings

On three different occasions, Tom has seen glowing white spheres of light crossing the night sky. The first of these sightings occurred at Dudley station. The other sightings both occurred in proximity to his house.

Photograph of Dudley station:

The first sighting took place in March 2010. Tom starts work quite early in the morning. He was down near Dudley train station at 4.50am and outside having a cigarette. The morning light had just started to come up, and it was a pleasant morning with patch cloud covering the sky. It was also completely still. He happened to glance up into the air, and saw a glowing light in the sky moving towards his location. He looked at the object more closely and could see it was a spherical shaped object, quite pronounced, and glowing white. This glow was constantly bright throughout the sighting, and the object was highly visible against the sky. Tom believes it was about twice the size of a car in size. It wasn’t at a very high altitude, perhaps 500 feet up.

Aerial map showing sighting location:

Drawing of the glowing orb:

The object was moving on a straight and level course at quite a slow speed, about 30 mph. Tom says it definitely looked like it was under control rather than just drifting. It flew nearly directly overhead, and soon afterwards was lost from sight behind the station building. It remained completely silent throughout the sighting.

The next time Tom saw a similar object was on a Thursday in late June 2010. He was outside in the back garden with Laura having a smoke. It was 11.30pm, and a cloudy evening so the stars were not visible. However it was a pleasant night and quite still and dry. Just like the first sighting, Tom happened to glance up into the sky and noticed the UFO. It looked extremely similar to the object he had seen near Dudley station. However it was moving much faster than the first UFO had been, and appeared to be at higher altitude, thought still below the cloud layer. It was moving on a straight course heading in a North East East direction. He pointed it out to Laura and told her that it looked the same as what he had seen before.

Photograph from the sighting location in the direction the object was first seen:

Soon the object was lost from sight behind a tall tree. Tom ran up to the back bedroom of the house and looked out of the window to continue observing the object. He watched it move away into the distance until it could no longer be seen.

Photograph from the bedroom window in the direction in which the UFO headed:

Two days later on the Saturday, him and Laura were round their neighbours house having a chat. They were all in the back garden. Tom told his neighbours about the object they had seen earlier in the week. The neighbour said that they had set off paper lanterns from their house, and this is what Tom must have seen. But this is impossible as Tom and Laura would have noticed it come over the fence at low altitude as they live right next door. The object they saw was already at quite high altitude. It got to about 10pm and then suddenly he spotted the object again! This time it was at slightly lower altitude but moving in the same direction as last time. He pointed it out to everyone present and said, “There, that’s what I saw!” Again they watched it until it had vanished from sight behind the tree.

Tom is certain that the objects he has seen were not Chinese lanterns. He has launched these numerous times before so knows exactly what they look like. Besides this, lanterns usually flicker and tend to be a fiery orange/yellow colour, although at a distance they can sometimes appear bright white. But the object flew almost directly over Tom, so it is likely it would have been close enough to make out the actual shape and colour. It looked like a sphere at all times throughout the sighting. There is the possibility that the objects were white LED balloons, but again these are not usually completely spherical. I showed Tom some videos of LED balloons on the internet, and he says the object he saw looked quite different. Tom is also certain that he was not mistaking aircraft or helicopters for the objects. He says that they were completely silent, and he would have definitely heard the sound of the engines or rotor blades. It is very interesting that one appeared soon after mentioning it to the neighbour. Tom felt very thankful that it had turned up again, almost as if it had done this on purpose. Many contactees have reported seeing glowing orbs of light either in the sky or in their homes. It is possible that these orbs were related to Tom’s contact experiences, and were in the area specifically to observe him.

A Visitation

In early July 2010, Tom would have the experience which would made him first start to wonder if he was a contactee. Up until this point, he had only really seen unusual aerial objects, but now he would finally get to meet the occupants!

Tom was sitting in his room and kept feeling like something was scurrying all around him. He kept seeing out of the corner of his eye what looked like long black worm-like things darting across the floor. He started to get very confused by this, and also started to feel very intensely that there was something else in the room with him. This combined with the recent sightings of the giant craft and white orbs convinced him that something was taking place. He asked out loud “Look, if you’re there, can you show me that you’re there and let me know that you’re there?” Nothing else happened at the time and the feeling seemed to die away.

Drawing of one of the “black worms”: