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Droitwich Contact Case Part 2 - Greys, Hybrid, Abduction Video, MILAB, UFOs, Psychic, Paranormal

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 22/09/2021

The Video Footage

On the morning of the 9th December after Susan awoke, she felt certain that another experience had taken place. She and Badir decided to check the camera footage from the night before to see if anything showed up on it. They were astounded by what they found.

The majority of the footage looked completely normal. But at 3.19am it looked like Susan had suddenly dematerialised and vanished from beneath the bed covers. One moment she was there, the next the covers seemed to crumple inward. Thirteen minutes went by with the covers lying completely still. They suddenly they seemed to be forced upward quite a way into the air. When they settled back down Susan was once again visible! They wondered if this was actual proof that she had been physically taken for aperiod of time.

When I initially spoke with Susan via E-Mail, I asked her to send me the video file. The original footage exported directly from the camcorder is in a very unusual format (VVF). I checked all over the internet but unfortunately after an extensive search could not find any program which could open the raw file. So instead they sent me a recording of it being played on a TV screen. This was quite grainy but it was still possible to see what was taking place to an extent. I ran the footage through some de-graining software which helped improve the picture quality a bit.

Below is the video of the footage being played on a monitor:

Here are some stills from the footage taken at key moments through it:

1) 3:33:44 - Susan and Badir appear to both be sleeping soundly. Susan seems to be on her left side, the side which is how she always sleeps.

2) 3:34:04 – Susan moves around a bit under the covers, then appears to arch her back upward quite a distance.

3) 3:34:20 – The bedclothes suddenly crumple inward over 2 seconds. This is immediately followed by a slight movement at the top of the bed cover, possibly one of her hands pushing it.

4) 3:34:23 – There is a slight movement at the base of the bed cover, possibly a fold in the bed cover collapsing.

5) 3:46:49 – Approximately 12.5 minutes go by without any movement at all then suddenly the bed covers seem to either rise up or be pushed upward by Susan very high off the bed. She also moves beneath them as this is happening. Badir gets disturbed by this and rolls over onto his left.

6) 3:46:53 – Susan can now be seen lying on her left side in the bed again.

The footage is of course very interesting indeed. But what exactly does it show? At first glance it appears to show Susan literally dematerialising from the bed, and then 13 minutes later suddenly rematerializing. There are facts that point both towards and away from this scenario. First let’s take a look at the evidence for the footage showing an actual abduction taking place.

After speaking with the family for many hours on numerous occasions I am certain that the video is real and not a planned hoax or clever CGI – whatever is seen on camera actually took place. Various people who have seen the footage have come up with some bizarre theories for its creation including contraptions hidden inside the bed, to an inflatable placed under the covers which causes them to fall and rise as required. Inventive as these are, I am absolutely certain that they are incorrect. I have actually seen the bed viewed in the footage and can confirm it is completely normal.

The fact that something strange occurred on camera on the same night as her second abduction experience is in itself impressive. The only reason the footage was discovered in the first place was Susan was aware something had taken place so decided to check the footage. It seems unlikely that on the night of the incident something would appear on camera which seemed to be related to the experience.

The length of time that Susan was “gone” from the bed for seems to fit roughly with what she described during the experience. She did not describe something which would have just taken a minute, nor did she describe a long and detailed experience which would have gone on far longer than 13 minutes.

There is nothing in her recollection of events which means that she could not have been taken directly from her bed and put back in exactly the same position. However, according to what she remembers from her initial abduction, it appears that she was physically lifted up into the craft. She describes feeling the cold night air and sensing that she was outside. She also recalls being floated down into her kitchen, before floating through back into her bedroom. Although she could not actually see this taking place, her travel to and from the craft felt to her like moving fast through a tunnel. Susan described this same feeling at the start and end of her follow on abduction. But on this occasion Susan did not report feeling a sense of cold. Nor did she have any memory of floating back into her bed. This would fit in with her being teleported directly rather than physically floated.

We should also consider the physical bruises and after effects from the follow on abduction. If nothing took place, and Susan did not go anywhere, then where did the bruises on her belly come from and why did she experience noticeable after effects?

Perhaps most importantly of all, Susan decided to send the footage to an American TV company who releaed a show named Fact Or Faked. In this show they try to prove or disprove paranormal videos. Susan's video featured in one of their episodes. They were unable to re-create the video convicingly without the use of hidden contraptions or special effects.

Now that we have explored evidence pointing towards the video showing an abduction, let’s look at alternative possibilities.

Could the way in which the covers drop down just be an optical illusion caused by Susan rolling into a certain position? There certainly appears to be movement under the bed covers when they lift up. At the start of the footage Susan is clearly lying on her left side. So if she did roll she would then have been on her right side. However at the time of the incident Susan had a bad back and could not actually lie on her right side. If she tried it would cause extreme pain and she would wake up. It is clear that this does not happen in the footage. Also it should be noted that numerous people have tried to recreate what is seen on the footage but have not been able to. Even Susan herself has tried to re-enact it in the same room without success.

After the covers drop down there is slight movement at the top and base of the bed. But after this there is nothing. These movements could just be the folds of the bed covers collapsing. There appears to be what may be the base of her foot protruding from under one of the folds in the bed cover. This does remain for the duration of the footage, which would suggest that she was not physically taken. However it is possible that it is not her foot but just an empty fold creating the impression there is something there. Unfortunately the footage is not clear enough to say either way for definite.

There is actually a third option for what took place. There have been numerous cases where metaphysical abductions have taken place. This is when the individual’s consciousness/spirit appears to have been taken from their physical body. So while they have clearly not gone anywhere they undergo an abduction experience. Perhaps the footage is just caused by an optical illusion and Susan’s body was not abducted, but her consciousness or spirit was. However there are aspects of the follow on abduction which appear to suggest that it was physical. Susan actually saw herself lying down on a flat table. Also why would the short being have needed to move its hands over her body if she was not physically present?

Personally I feel that there is enough evidence to suggest that the follow on abduction really took place and was not just a strange dream, there are too many aspects of it which fit in with contact. It also appears to have been a physical abduction rather than metaphysical. Therefore, unless proven otherwise, I currently feel that the footage is genuine and actually shows Susan de-materialising from the bed.


After being regressed by Rob, Susan decided to keep in touch with him to help her come to terms with what she had experienced. Rob returned to Susan’s house on numerous occasions. On one of these occasions he was speaking to Susan about her anger issues which she sometimes has to contend with. He decided to regress her to see if they could establish the cause behind these emotions.

Susan began to recall a memory from when she was very young, no more than 3 years old and living on a raspberry farm in Auburn, Washington. She was lying in her cot. She remembered her father reaching down to pick her up. All of a sudden everything went dark. The next thing she knew, she found herself standing in an open field close to where her house was. She was wearing her night dress. Her older brother was standing next to her in his pyjamas (he would have been 5 at the time). He appeared to be frightened and was crying. Susan comforted him trying to calm him down.

It was night time but the area was illuminated from above them. When she looked up she saw a massive round glowing white light over their heads. For some reason she was not frightened by its presence. Next her and her brother were lifted off the ground and began to float upwards towards the light. Susan was still not scared about what was taking place, she was just frightened by the fact she was up in the air with the ground moving further and further away. She wonders if this is where her fear of heights came from, something which she still suffers from today.

Witness drawing of the glowing UFO above her and her brother:

They ascended towards the glowing light. Then suddenly they found themselves in an open space of some kind. It was dark all around with no walls visible. The floor below their feet was glowing white. This illuminated the area and Susan could see that there were many other children also there. She estimates that there were about 15 children of varying ages, some young like herself, some in their teens. Some of them were crying, others just appeared stunned and were just standing there. Susan particularly  remembers a tall boy with curly hair. She has no idea why he stuck in her mind more than the others.

She was not in the area for very long. One by one the other children seemed to vanish, moving away out of the light. They were not physically taken by any beings they just seemed to be there one moment, gone the next. Then Susan herself left that place and suddenly found herself somewhere else.

Her brother was no longer present. She was lying down on a flat table of some kind. All around her it was completely dark. However alongside her was a strange being.It was very insectoid in appearance. It had an elongated pointed face and two very large black oval shaped eyes. Its skin was a golden-brown colour and was smooth. Coming from the top of its head were what looked like two thin antennae. Susan does not remember seeing any nose or mouth. The creature was leaning in over her so she did not really see its body, only its head, shoulders and two long thin spindly arms. These arms ended in sharp points reminiscent of insect legs.

These insect-like beings have been reported by other contactees too, and have been named Mantids due to their similarity in appearance to the praying mantis. Their skin tone can vary, sometimes they are the colour Susan describes, other times they are shades of green.

Witness drawing of the Mantid being:

Susan was aware that she was lying down with the Mantid looking at her, but at the same time she felt like she was “playing” with it. She began to experience a vision in her mind (she assumes this was projected by the being). In it she was running round a field in the daytime and trying to catch a very large grasshopper. Whenever she got close to it, it would hop further away. It is possible that the Mantid wanted to manifest itself in this way, or perhaps it was Susan’s mind making the association between thecreature and a grasshopper due to its insectoid appearance.

Susan is not sure how long this went on for. The next thing she was aware of, she found herself back in the field alongside her brother, who was once again crying. Strangely Susan felt quite comfortable with what had happened. It was now very dark and it was clear that the glowing object had gone. Susan grabbed hold of his arm and began pulling him saying “Come on, we’ve got to go home!”

As they reached the house they saw that the door was open. This implies that they had got up in the night and walked out to the field themselves for whatever reason, though Susan cannot remember doing this. They both had muddy feet, and her brother was still upset. They were very tired and so walked through to the lounge and fell asleep on the sofa.

Susan also recalled her mother coming in the following morning. She told them off for sleeping downstairs and walking around the house with muddy feet. There was dirt on both the floor and on the sofa. When Susan came out of the regression she could clearly recall what her mother had looked like that day.

Later on after Rob had left, Susan decided to call her mother to confirm whether or not the details she remembered were accurate. She asked her about what she had been wearing, her appearance, and the night clothes her and her brother had been wearing. Her mother was amazed and confirmed that she was correct about everything. This suggests that even though she had not had conscious memory of it before the regression, it was a genuine incident . Unfortunately as I was not present, no transcript or recording of this regression exists.

UFO In The Field

Up until early 2011, the earliest memory of anything out of the ordinary that Susan could remember was an incident which took place in Walla Walla, a small town in Washington state, in the summer of 1973/74 when she was between 4-6 years old. Her parents and her were visiting some friends who lived there. She was lying down on a pull out sofa bed, and she remembers waking up to see her dad standing at a massive window. It was dark outside. He came over to her and picked her up, and took her over to this window.

Alongside the house were some grass covered fields. He pointed at a brightly glowing white light which was low down over the field next to the yard of the house. The light was a flattened disc shape. Her father told her that it was a UFO. She doesn’t remember anything else that happened that night.

Soon afterwards she remembers there was a newspaper article which stated that a massive circle had been found burnt into the field in the same location as where they had seen the light. Susan has tried to track down this article online but sadly has so far been unable to locate it.

This incident has interesting similarities to her memories of the Mantid abduction when she was three. The UFO was once again out over a field after dark, and was also a glowing disc-shaped craft. Could the two incidents have been linked? Was this UFO specifically in the area to observe Susan?


Susan remembers another strange incident which also took place during the same visit to Washington. She believes this took place after the UFO sighting but doesn’t remember how long after. She was out with her family walking along a street close to the field where the UFO had been seen. It was evening time and she was having a piggy back on her cousin.

As they walked under one of the street lights, it suddenly sparked and blew. At first her cousin did not take much notice as it seemed like a random incident, but then as they walked under another light it too blew! This frightened her cousin and she remembers him deciding to go back home.

Contactees often report unusual electrical disturbances in their proximity, and I have had other people describe exactly the same thing to me. Lights flickering or blowing is quite commonly reported and does seem linked to contact in some way. Perhaps it is a particular energy that the contactee themselves gives off, or perhaps it is an unseen presence near to them which causes this activity. This incident could be yet another sign that Susan has been a contactee since an early age.

Psychic Abilities

Susan appears to have a remote viewing ability where she can sense things which are out of sight. Since she was young whenever family friends came round to visit they would play a game where they would draw a picture on a piece of paper and put it in their pocket, and Susan would be able to say what the picture was. When she was a bit older and learnt to spell they would play the same game but it would be words instead of pictures. Her father was very supportive of this, so Susan did not realise that this was anything out of the ordinary.

She had a Christian upbringing, and when she went to church around age 8 she was taught that using such abilities was considered evil. This scared her and she decided to stop using them.

As she got older a different ability seemed to become more prevalent. Susan found that she could sense things about people, both good and bad, when she met with them for the first time. This appears to be far more than just keen intuition. She sees brief images flash into her mind which seem to show things that the person has done and give her an idea of what they are like. She can also sense things which are wrong with them medically. As an example she was able to correctly identify numerous ailments which were affecting the father-in-law of Badir’s sister.

When she first started developing this ability it would occur at random without warning. Because of this she would not like going to busy places as she would sense things about all the people in her proximity. However she did learn to control it so she could only see things when she decided to. Word got out around her local community that she had these abilities and certain people came to visit her to ask for her help. She did this for a short while but after a bit it became too much for her so decided to stop.

Another ability which Susan possesses is precognition. Sometimes she will dream of things which then come true later. These dreams are usually related to her own family or friends, or are large scale disasters which affect many people. Often she has no idea of where the disaster is going to take place until it does, so she has not ever warned anyone in advance of impending events.

Susan seems quite complacent about these abilities, but this is understandable as they have occurred for most of her life, so she has just accepted and got used to them.

Contactees often report having psychic type abilities such as these, and there appears to be a definite link between them and ET contact. Nobody really knows for sure, but it is possible that these abilities are a side effect from experiencing contact, or are given to individuals on purpose. There is also the possibility that it is the other way around, that they are born with these gifts and the ETs show an interest in them as a result.

Haunted Bedroom

Susan’s two daughters used to sleep in a room on the first floor of the house. Around September 2010 the family began to experience lots of unusual activity in the room. Susan put this activity down to a Djinn. These are mischievous spirits which Muslims believe in. They share many similarities with cases involving poltergeists, and may well be one and the same.

One day Susan went into the bedroom and could sense the presence of something, something which was not friendly. This presence seemed to be concentrated around the left side of the bed next to the cupboards. She moved close to the bed and suddenly something appeared to hit the bed, knocking it into her shin. Soon after this incident her son Hamood had the same thing happen to him while he was in the room. Susan also noticed that her younger daughter Abia would often tie the cupboard doors closed with clothing items. When I asked her about this during my first visit to the house she was shy and wouldn’t say why she did this, but I can only assume it was because she felt something bad was in there that she wanted to lock inside.

Susan’s older daughter also claimed that on numerous occasions she saw a shadowy figure move past the open doorway of the room.

Soon after the activity began Susan decided that she didn’t want her daughters sleeping in the room anymore so she moved them to the upper side bedroom instead. After this the girls could sleep soundly, but there still seemed to be a presence in the bedroom. A friend came to visit and spent a night there. Nobody told him about the strange things which had occurred in the room. In the morning he claimed that while he was lying in bed, he had his foot dangling out of the side. Suddenly he felt something rub against his foot and heard a growling noise. He said that he pulled his foot back in and said he would not sleep in the room again!

The Wolf

In early January 2011 both Susan and her son had a very un-nerving experience. Susan was in her bedroom sitting on the bed and her son was there too using the computer. It was evening time. Susan looked over at the open doorway of the room. For the briefest of moments she caught a glimpse of some kind of animal. It looked like a short black wolf in a crouched position, with yellow eyes and its head bowed low. She was certain that it was not one of the pet cats. It was only visible for a moment and then vanished. Susan decided not to tell anyone about what she had seen as she didn’t want to scare them.

About 90 minutes later her son was talking to her and then turned back round to use the computer. As he did he exclaimed out loud “What the fuck was that?” When Susan asked him what was wrong he said “Over there by the door. Kind of looked like a small wolf or something.” He then described exactly the same creature she had seen.

When I asked him about the incident he said that he had just seen it briefly as he turned round in the chair, and when he looked back it was gone. He said it was the weirdest thing he had ever seen. The creature seemed to look at him and he could not notice a mouth, just the yellow eyes.

The family do have a pet dog but it does not have black fur or yellow eyes, and is larger than the creature that Susan and her son saw. Also the creature appeared to be walking through from the adjacent room, and Susan’s son informed me that the dog never goes into this room.

Could this have been some kind of ghostly animal? There are many tales describing black phantom dogs, sometimes referred to as hell hounds. Could one of these be haunting the property? This is of course bizarre, but the fact that both Susan and her son individually saw the same thing certainly suggests it really took place and was not just their imagination.


In July 2011 Susan and her family went to stay for a while with Badir’s brother at his house in Bordersley Green. They all went to bed as normal. Susan and Badir settled down to sleep around 12.30am. Their daughters were already asleep in the room. Usually Susan has about 7 hours sleep, so would have expected to naturally wake up at 7.30am. However when she awoke she found that it was mid-day and that she had slept for 11 and a half hours. She looked round and saw that her husband and daughters were all still asleep too.

Susan got up out of bed and immediately realised that she felt extremely tired and groggy. She went into the bathroom to wash. When she checked her face in the mirror she noticed that her pupils were extremely big and different to how she had ever seen them look before. They also felt strange in some way. She came out of the bathroom and woke her husband up. She asked him why he was sleeping and explained that it was already mid-day. She then told him about her eyes. She got him to shine a flashlight into her eyes. You would usually expect this bright light to make your pupils reduce in size, however Susan’s did not. Badir confirmed that he too was feeling very unusual.

When Susan woke the kids up, they too felt the same. It was as if something had kept them all asleep for a particular reason. The feeling of tiredness lasted for most of the day.

Susan’s eldest daughter also mentioned that one of her arms was aching. This lasted for a number of days, until it got to a point where Susan was considering taking her to the doctor about it. However before she did the pain started to subside and finally went away.


In July 2011 Susan and her family went to stay for a while with Badir’s brother at his house in Bordersley Green. They all went to bed as normal. Susan and Badir settled down to sleep around 12.30am. Their daughters were already asleep in the room. Usually Susan has about 7 hours sleep, so would have expected to naturally wake up at 7.30am. However when she awoke she found that it was mid-day and that she had slept for 11 and a half hours. She looked round and saw that her husband and daughters were all still asleep too.

Susan got up out of bed and immediately realised that she felt extremely tired and groggy. She went into the bathroom to wash. When she checked her face in the mirror she noticed that her pupils were extremely big and different to how she had ever seen them look before. They also felt strange in some way. She came out of the bathroom and woke her husband up. She asked him why he was sleeping and explained that it was already mid-day. She then told him about her eyes. She got him to shine a flashlight into her eyes. You would usually expect this bright light to make your pupils reduce in size, however Susan’s did not. Badir confirmed that he too was feeling very unusual.

When Susan woke the kids up, they too felt the same. It was as if something had kept them all asleep for a particular reason. The feeling of tiredness lasted for most of the day.

Susan’s eldest daughter also mentioned that one of her arms was aching. This lasted for a number of days, until it got to a point where Susan was considering taking her to the doctor about it. However before she did the pain started to subside and finally went away.

Sedation – Regression Transcript

Susan was very interested to find out what happened with this incident, so it was one of the experiences we covered in her 2nd regression on 1st April 2012. What came out from this was both intriguing and disturbing. Below is the section of the regression which focuses on this incident.

J: I’d like you to move back in time for when you were at your brother-in-law’s house in Bordersley Green in March or April of 2011, when everyone slept soundly for 12 hours. I’d like you to go back in time to that night and to let me know when you’re there, and what is happening around you.

S: Just telling the girls goodnight.

J: Ok, good.

S: Telling my sons to go to sleep.

J: Mhmm. And what time is it?

S: I’m not really sure but I think after midnight.

J: It’s after midnight, that’s pretty late isn’t it, is it time for your bed now?

S: Yeah.

J: Excellent, ok. I’d like you to move forward on that evening, in the early hours of the morning, to let me know when you feel something. To let me know what’s happening. You’re sleeping soundly?

S: Yeah.

J: Is anything out of the ordinary happening? Are you sensing anything around the house while you’re sleeping there?

S: I think my son’s downstairs.

J: Right. Do you think he’s just getting something, or do you think there’s something there?

S: I’m not sure it’s my son.

J: Not sure it’s your son. What is the feeling you’re getting?

S: I think I hear some people down there.

J: Right. What are they doing? Is your mind able to take you there?

S: I can hear something coming up the steps.

J: Ok.

S: Door. (Makes hand motion of door opening)

J: Is the door opening, did you say?

S: They looked in the door.

J: They’ve looked in the door. Who are they?

S: I don’t know, maybe my son.

J: They’ve looked in the door, it was your son?

S:, it’s not my son. (Distressed)! (Lifts arms)

J: What is it Susan? Tell me what it is, what’s happening?

S: Go away! Go away! (Crying)

J: What’s happening Susan?

S: There’s someone, there’s someone here. There’s someone here!

J: What are they doing?

S: Wake up! Badir wake up! No...

J: What are they doing? Everything’s fine, it’s but a memory. It’s but a memory. Tell me what’s happening Susan, what is this person doing?

S: I don’t know who they are. I don’t know who they are.

J: How many are there?

S: There’s two of them.

J: Two.

S: Oh, he put something in my leg. It’s in my leg.

J: What’s in your leg?

S: I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know!

J: What’s it like.

S: He shot something...

J: He shot something in your leg.

S: In my leg.

J: In your right leg or your left leg?

S: Husband...I want my husband.

J: There’s two of them, are they...can you see if they’re male or female?

S: They’re males.

J: Both are males.

S: Yeah.

J: How’d you know this?

S: I can see them.

J: You can see them, ok. How tall are they, what do they look like?

S: They’re human.

J: They’re human. Are they talking to you?

S: No.

J: No. What’s happening now Susan? What are they wearing? What can you see? What can you see Susan, what’s happening?

S: Dunno...

J: Are the men still there? What makes you think they’re human? What do they look like? What’s happening Susan, can you tell me?

S: No, I just want to sleep.

J: Have they gone?

S: I don’t know.

J: Can you look around, see if they’re there?

S: I can’t see anything. There’s err glasses on my head.

J: Glasses on your head.

S: On my eyes.

J: On your eyes. Are you still in the room, or have they taken you somewhere? Are you still beside your husband?

S: I don’t know.

J: You don’t know. Can you see through these glasses?

S: No.

J: No. They’ve prevented you from seeing anything. Do you feel as if you’re being moved? Can you sense anything on your body, movement?

S: Don’t know.

J: Don’t know.

S: Just err...I just feel good.

J: You feel good. So you don’t feel scared anymore? And you can’t see anything, but you just feel good.

S: Mhmm...just feel like I’m floating.

J: Just feel like you’re floating.

S: Yeah.

J: Right. What’s happening now Susan?

S: Just floating.

J: Just floating. Do you feel you’re out of your body? What does it feel like?

S: Don’t know. I just feel good.

J: You feel good. That’s nice. Do you think what they put in your leg has done this.

S: Yeah I think so.

J: Yeah. Can you feel your body, can you feel your toes?

S: No.

J: No? Can you feel your hands? Are you able to move your hands?

S: I don’t know.

J: Don’t know. Do you sense anyone around you? Can you hear anything?

S: I don’t know what it is.

J: Where?

S: What I can hear, I don’t know.

J: You don’t know what you can sense or hear, is that right?

S: Yeah.

J: And you’re still feeling good?

S: Yeah.

J: Do you feel as if you’re moving?

S: No.

J: No. I’d like you to move forward from this moment in time, to move forwards to the next significant thing that happens to you, or around you, in this episode, in this session. I want you to tell me what happens. What’s happening Susan?

S: Just waking up. Waking up.

J: Ok. Are you able to say why you want to get up?

S: Yeah, ‘cause it’s morning.

J: Right. Are you back in your bed?

S: Yeah.

J: Yeah. Have they taken the glasses off, are you able to see?

S: Yeah.

J: Ok. Do you remember anything of the night, anything further?

S: No.

J: No.

S: Don’t know why my husband hasn’t gone to work.

J: What time is it?

S: Don’t know.

J: And how are you feeling right now Susan?

S: I want to get up, but I just feel tired, very very heavy.

J: Mhmm. Are you able to move your limbs?

S: Yeah. I get up and I go into the bathroom.

J: Mhmm. Is anyone else up.

S: No, the house is quiet. My eyes look funny, in the mirror.

J: How do...what is it about your eyes that look funny, can you describe them? What’s strange?

S: The pupils are very big.

J: The pupils are very big. Anything else?

S: I just feel strange.

J: You feel strange.

S: Mmm. Heavy.

J: Heavy.

S: Yeah. I just go back into my room.

J: Mhmm.

S: I don’t know where my phone is. I’m going over to check my husband’s phone.

J: Mhmm.

S: It’s almost noon.

J: It’s almost noon. You have had a long sleep.

S: I wake my husband up.

J: Does he wake up easily?

S: No, not really.

J: No.

S: Just tell him to get up out of sleep, and I’ve asked him to look at my eyes. And to shine my flashlight in them.

J: Mhmm. And how is your vision? Can you see perfectly well like before?

S: Yeah.

J: Yes. Does he shine a light in your eyes?

S: Yeah.

J: And what is...what does it do? What happens?

S: Nothing.

J: Nothing. Do they go back to normal?

S: No, they stay big.

J: They stay big.

S: I go and wake the boys up.

J: Yes.

S: Everybody’s late.

J: Yes.

S: ‘Cause they’re sleeping.

J: Are you still feeling heavy?

S: Yeah, very heavy, my head, it feels like there’s lead behind my eyes.

J: Lead behind your eyes. And how is your speech?

S: It’s ok.

J: Your speech is fine, back to normal, ok. And how are you moving? Are you finding you can balance perfectly well?

S: Yeah, that’s ok.

J: Yeah your balance is fine, that’s fine, good. Are you going the same pace as normal?

S: Things seem a little bit slow.

J: Seems a bit slow, everything seems to be slower.

S: Yeah.

J: Right. Have you woken all the children up now?

S: Yeah.

J: Is everything ok?

S: Badir needs to get to work.

J: Yes.

S: Everyone’s awake.

J: Excellent, everyone’s awake and everybody’s there. How is everybody else feeling?

S: I don’t know.

J: Have you asked them.

S: No.

J: No. You’ve been too tired to ask? Are you all communicating, are you all talking? Are you very quiet?

S: No, they’re just sitting on my bed.

J: They’re just sitting on your bed. And how is your leg, the one that something went into it, how is your leg now?

S: Doesn’t hurt.

J: Doesn’t hurt. Can you see any marks on your legs?

S: Dunno. I don’t look.

J: You don’t look. Can you try to look now? Do you see anything?

S: I don’t know.

J: You don’t know. You don’t see anything?

S: I don’t want to look.

J: You don’t want to look, ok. You still feeling frightened?

S: No. Just feel strange.

J: You just feel strange.

S: There’s something not right.

J: Where?

S: Just everything.

J: Everything.

S: I’m very sleepy.

J: No-ones getting up?

S: It’s just everyone is slower.

J: And when you say you don’t feel right, is there anything in particular other than feeling heavy?

S: I just feel I’ve had a lot of pain medication or something.

J: Right, you feel drugged?

S: Yeah. My husband says he feels groggy.

J: Your husband says he feels groggy, yes. Do you think they’ve all had something put into them like you did?

S: Yeah I think so.

J: Why do you think that was?

S: Don’t know.

Sedation – Daughters Dream

On the evening of 3rd April 2012, Susan rang me with some rather unsettling news. Earlier in the evening she had been out in the car with her family. She and Badir were discussing the incident. They were not talking about what had been uncovered in the regression; they were just trying to establish whether the camera had been set up on that night or not. They decided that it had not, as when they initially arrived at Susan’s brother-in-law’s they did not have it set up for a while. They referred to the incident as “the night when they all overslept”.

Her eldest daughter Abida overheard their conversation and mentioned that on that night she had had a strange dream. Susan does not recall her ever mentioning this dream before. She said that she dreamt that four men wearing green camouflage military outfits entered her room in the night. They took her to a different location where she found herself lying down on a flat table with a bright strip light overhead. She used the light from the kitchen of the house in Droitwich as a comparison for how it looked. She did not recall what the men did or how she was returned back to her room.

Susan had only been for the regression two days prior to this, and was absolutely certain that she had not mentioned what was revealed in it, as she did not wish to frighten her daughters in any way. Prior to the regression she had no recollection of what took place during the night at all, so had certainly not mentioned it on a previous occasion. But here was her daughter describing essentially the same thing! This certainly suggested that the incident actually took place and was not just her imagination.

Sedation – Regression & Daughters Dream Analysis

Prior to the regression Susan had no memories of what took place during the night, her first memory was of waking up much later than she should have. However under regression she spoke of hearing movement downstairs and then steps coming up the stairs. Then two unknown men in military uniform entered the bedroom. Susan was clearly extremely frightened by what was taking place. The men approached and then put a device onto her leg which appeared to give her a shot. Next she describes feeling sleepy and dropping off – it certainly appears that this shot sedated her and was responsible for the fact that she woke up much later than normal, and for the other strange side effects observed. The fact that her family all overslept to the same extent suggests that they were all sedated.

What Abida remembered from the start of her dream closely matched what Susan described. She said there were four men not two, however she was in a different bedroom to Susan so these were not necessarily the same individuals, maybe there were six or more in total. While Susan could not recall anything further until morning, her daughter described lying down on a flat table with a white light shining down from above. Perhaps unlike Susan her sedation wore off temporarily allowing her to glimpse her new surroundings.

To her daughter it had seemed like a dream at the time, but as it happened in the middle of the night and was so out of the ordinary it may well have felt like this to her.

The implications of what Susan and her daughter described are quite frightening. It is likely that the men who entered the house were actually human rather than ETs using a screen memory. It is also likely that they were there because of Susan and her daughter’s contact experiences. There are a number of possibilities for why they were there. Perhaps they were trying to find out or detect something from Susan and her daughter, or were performing some kind of monitoring on them. Or, more disturbingly, perhaps they were working directly with the ETs.

Many abductees have reported such experiences. They are commonly referred to as MILABS (MILitary ABductionS). While certainly more common in the US, many contactees from around the world have claimed that they have had abduction experiences involving humans in military or scientific clothing. Sometimes these humans are seen at the same time as ET beings, which suggests that they are working together with them towards a common goal.

Could this have been such an experience? Did military personnel break into the house of Susan’s brother-in-law during the night then take them somewhere else, where they underwent some form of monitoring or examination procedure? I feel that the evidence available does point towards this being the case.

What are we to make of the fact that Susan did not have the camera set up due to the fact they had only been staying at that address for a short time? If the camera had been set up then the men would surely have been captured on it. Was it just bad luck that it was not set up, or were the men who entered the property fully aware that the camera was not active at that time?

The Lump

While still staying at her brother-in-laws house, Susan had another unusual experience. However by now they had set up a camera, one with motion sensing functionality. Susan does not recall what took place, but remembers again feeling strange in the morning. She had the distinct sense that something had gone on.

Later that day, Susan suggested that she and Badir should check through the camera footage from the previous night to see if anything was captured.

When they checked the footage they realised that the camera had activated during the night. There was nothing present in the room, however it appeared that there was something on top of Susan under the bedcovers. The covers appeared to be pushed up by something.

The lump was not moving at all yet the footage continued for about 40 minutes. As there was no detectable movement, it should have switched back off after a short while but it appeared to be picking up movement from somewhere.

After this time the camera mysteriously stopped. Then it activated again, and this time the lump on top of Susan was no longer there. There was no transition – the camera did not record whatever it was moving off her or the bedcovers dropping back down. However there was now something alongside the bed. It was mostly invisible but seemed to cause slight distortion, and it was possible to see it move down the side of the bed and off the camera.

Unfortunately at present Susan is not willing to show me or anyone else this footage as she is partially uncovered on the bed and values her modesty. However in due course I intend to assist her remotely with editing the video and covering herself up on the picture so we can then analyse this important footage. Once I am able to do so, the video and its analysis will be added to the report.

Attempted Abduction

On a Wednesday in October 2011, Susan and her family had gone up to bed. By now Susan’s back was much better than it used to be and she could lie on her right side without discomfort. She was doing so with her husband alongside her. Her youngest daughter Senait  had also crawled into the bed to sleep next them and was lying on her arm.

Susan woke up in the middle of the night with the feeling that something was trying to pull her upwards under both her arms. She looked up and could see a being crouched down over her. It was similar in shape to a Grey, with a slender form and round bulbous head that came down to a pointed chin. The being had no facial features at all and very long spindly arms. It was grey in colour all over. I have investigated other cases where the facial features could not be seen or described. It is possible that the being was masking its face from Susan to prevent her from seeing it in full detail.

Susan immediately began to lash out at the being with her left arm. She also started punching Badir on the back to wake him up, and pulling at the blanket to drag him nearer to her. But whatever she did he would not wake up, and neither would her daughter who was lying directly on her other arm. She began screaming out in fear but still neither of them woke up. She soon realised that she was going to have to deal with the situation alone. She was extremely frightened, and felt almost paralyzed with fear. She closed her eyes and started to recite psalms out of the Quran. Nothing seemed to happen to her and after a short while she felt the sensation of the being pulling her dissipate and go away.

Even after it had gone she was still extremely scared and continued to lie there a while before dropping back off to sleep. In the morning when she woke back up she realised her throat was sore from calling out during the night. She immediately went to check the camera footage. The camera showed everything she remembered doing. It showed her lashing out , shouting and hitting Badir’s back. However the being was not present on the footage.

This could of course suggest that the experience was a vivid night terror and not a visitation. However if this were the case then why did her husband or daughter not wake up? This phenomenon has been reported during many encounters, and it is believed my many, myself included, that the ETs have a way of shutting down other people in the area. It would make sense for them to do this so that they could not interfere with their business or witness it happening. Perhaps the being only wished to appear to Susan, and was invisible to the camera. This may sound far-fetched to some, but considering the high level of technology that the ETs possess and the many other strange aspects of contact, it is not out of the question.

The footage remained on the camera for 7 days. Unfortunately despite Susan’s best intentions it was never saved off onto the computer and so got accidentally lost. This is a shame as it would have been very interesting to see this recording, even though the being was not visible.

Attempted Abduction – Regression Transcript

Even though it did not appear that she had been taken anywhere else, Susan decided that she would like to explore this experience further in her 2nd regression to see if she remembered any further details. Below is the section of the regression transcript relating to this experience:

J: It is the evening of the 26th of September 2011. It is about an hour before going to bed. Are you there?

S: Yeah.

J: You are. And what are you doing?

S: I’m standing in my room.

J: Standing in your room, ok. And what are you...why are you standing in your room? What’s happening?

S: I’m at the closet.

J: Right.

S: Looking for something on the shelf.

J: Mhmm. How are you feeling at this present moment?

S: I’m really quite tired.

J: You’re a bit tired. Looking forward to going to bed?

S: Yeah.

J: Yeah, right. Getting yourself ready for the next day?

S: A lot to do.

J: A lot to do. Do you have enough time to do it in?

S: No.

J: No. What I’d like you to do now is move forward in time to bed time, when you’re settling down to bed. Move forward to bed time on the 26th September 2011 please. And tell me when you get there.

S: Yep.

J: Thank you. How are you feeling now?

S: Just frustrated.

J: Frustrated, why is that?

S: ‘Cause my daughter has to sleep in bed with us.

J: Right. What I’d like you to do is to rest, take away the frustration, and rest. To move forward 10 minutes before the incident that you want to explore today. Tell me how you’re feeling.

S: Just sleeping, tired.

J: Feel tired. Sleeping, good. Move forward by 10 minutes, when you are awakened. Tell me how...what’s happening.

S: Shit. (Distressed, lifts hands up)

J: Tell me what’s happening Susan.

S: I want it to go. I don’t want it to take me.

J: What are you observing? What are you feeling?

S: I’m so scared. (Crying)

J: Everything’s fine, everything’s fine.

S: I need my husband to wake up.

J: He’s just beside you.

S: He doesn’t wake up.

J: What are you seeing Susan? What’s happening?

S: It’s trying to take me from my shoulders and upper arms.

J: What are you seeing?

S: I don’t know. I don’t know what it is.

J: But you have a feeling as though something...

S: Is trying to grab me.

J: Is trying to grab you. Ok. By the shoulders?

S: Yeah. Yeah, my shoulders.

J: Anywhere else?

S: No.

J: No.

S: I want my husband to wake up. He’s not waking up.

J: Are you able to cry out to him.

S: Yeah. Yeah, I’m yelling.

J: You’re yelling.

S: Yeah. I just need to recite Quran, that’s all.

J: What did you say? Can you repeat please?

S: I just need to recite Quran. It’s going to help me. I need to recite. I’m so scared.

J: So scared. But everything’s fine, this is but a memory. Everything’s fine.

S: I’ll just be quiet, just be quiet, it’ll go away.

J: You feel as if you’re quiet it will go away? Can you see anything in the room?

S: Yeah.

J: What are you seeing?

S: It’s’s grey.

J: How tall is it?

S: I don’t know, it’s above me.

J: Is it only the one?

S: Yeah.

J: Ok. Can you describe what he’s trying to do?

S: It has no face.

J: Has no face.

S: Just long arms.

J: Long arms, ok. And what is the feeling you’re getting? Is there anything other than fear? Is it telling you, talking to you in any shape or form?

S: No.

J: No? What’s happening now Susan?

S: Just want to be quiet. I don’t want to move.

J: Is it going?

S: Yeah.

J: It’s going away. And how are you feeling now?

S: I’m scared but relaxed.

J: You’re more relaxed now, but you’re scared. It’s completely gone out of the room?

S: Yeah.

J: Yeah. Did it communicate with you in any way at all?

S: No.

J: No, no. It just came, tried to grab you, and then you screamed out and kept still, and then it went. Is that correct?

S: I was trying to hit it.

J: You were trying to hit it. And what did it do? Do you feel that you did make impact with it?

S: No.

J: No. I’d like to move forward on the the middle of the night of the 27th, sorry the early hours of the 27th of September to if anything else occurred during this sleep period for Susan. Move forward in time, the early hours of the 27th of September, if another episode occurred during that sleep period, to let me know please Susan.

S: No.

J: No, no. Very good. So just that one episode happened on the 26th of September, ok. And is it the 27th of September now?

S: Yep.

J: And what are you doing? Have you slept through the rest of the night?

S: Yeah.

J: Excellent, so it didn’t disturb your sleep pattern after the being had gone?

S: No.

Attempted Abduction – Regression Analysis

In recollecting this incident, Susan was visibly terrified by what was taking place. There was a strong emotional response to seeing the being over her, and she lifted her hands into the air to fend it off, just as she had done when actually facing it.

What she described under regression was essentially what she was already aware of. She did not recollect any further details, nor was there any sense that she was with-holding anything, so it seems likely that nothing else took place. Perhaps the being had appeared with the intention of abducting Susan, but because of her strong reaction it had dispersed. However in other experiences Susan has been paralyzed and seemingly transported directly, so why would the being need to appear over her and grab hold of her physically on this occasion?

Even with her strong response to it, there is the chance that it was not actually present, and she was having a night terror visual hallucination perhaps brought on by a previous experience. To counteract this theory, Susan has stated that she has never had such vivid dreams, and that it certainly felt like it was really there in the room. She says she has had lucid dreams before, but when she wakes up from these she is aware that this is all they are. This experience felt very different.

Shower Gel

Towards the end of 2011, Susan and her family moved into another home in the Birmingham area. One day Susan decided to go for a shower. She had bought a new pink coloured shower gel which had grains in it. She squirted it into her hands to wash with.

Suddenly she started to panic and had a brief flashback to being completely covered in a gooey sticky substance. She was absolutely terrified. The lights then flickered which upset her even more and she shouted out for her husband. She tried to wash the gel off her and then proceeded to exit the bathroom as fast as she could. She ran through into the bedroom, breathing heavily and still in a panicked state. Unfortunately Badir didn’t hear her shouting immediately. By the time he did, Susan had started to calm down and wonder what had just taken place.

It is probable that the vision Susan had was a flashback to an as yet unknown contact experience. Contactees often experience flashbacks such as this when faced with something that reminds them of experiences which may or may not have been blocked from their mind. This would explain why the flashback was accompanied by extreme panic and fear. It is also the probable reason for why Susan has an ongoing severe dislike of sticky things.

Hybrid Baby

Susan had something else happen to her in late 2011. She cannot remember the exact date it happened, but one night she had what felt at the time to be a very vivid dream. In this dream she found herself lying down on a flat table in a completely white room. As the walls, floor and ceiling were all white it was hard to distinguish edges or corners. She remembers thinking that it was set up like a surgical room.

There were a number of humanoid figures present, who appeared to be working on medical things. Some of these figures appeared to be human, others not. The one nearest to her looked like a psychologist she knew on Facebook and had questioned a few times about her experiences. He was wearing a typical doctors long white coat. However Susan was aware that this being was not human and was just masquerading as such. The being was holding a very small baby in his hands. Susan was aware that it had just been taken from her, though she does not know how. The baby was a strange colour – a light yellow-brown shade all over. It looked relatively normal except for the eyes, which were a big bigger than normal and were also completely black. The head size was also a bit bigger than a normal human baby would be.

Witness drawing of the hybrid baby:

Another being approached, and unlike the first one it was not masking its appearance and was clearly a Grey. The two beings began communicating telepathically with each other, and Susan could hear what they were saying in her own mind. She realised that they were discussing the baby. They said that it looked quite human. Susan then said out loud to the beings “That’s my baby! It’s human, you can’t have my baby.” To this the being holding the baby responded firmly, saying “No, it’s not your baby.” At this Susan felt a deep sense of sadness, and also felt like this experience had happened before. She began to plead with the beings telling them that she would take care of it, and that she wouldn’t tell anybody where it had come from. She said that it looked human enough and that nobody would know. This is the last thing she remembered from the dream.

There is much with this experience that fits in with it being a real experience and not simply a dream. First of all the surroundings fit in with it taking place aboard a craft. As you will find out later in this report this would not be the only time that Susan would find herself in a completely white room, and this description also fits in with lots of other reported abduction experiences. The beings present were alien, and the one nearest to her was more than likely utilising a screen memory taken directly from Susan’s mind. It makes sense that it would choose an appearance familiar to her to lessen the trauma caused by the experience, although it is unsure why the other beings including the Grey that approached did not also use screen memories. This is immediately reminiscent of her second abduction in December 2010, where the ET utilised a similar screen memory and attempted to disguise itself as a doctor.

The baby seen in this experience was a ET-human hybrid cross breed, and was more than likely created using Susan’s DNA. It’s large black eyes were similar to those of a Grey, however it also appeared to have skin made up of large scales. This suggests that there was also Reptilian traits to the baby. Many other female contactees have reported having similar half human half alien babies taken from them aboard craft, and this fits in directly with the hybrid breeding program, one of the ongoing agendas of the ETs.

It seems likely that they have used Susan at least once, probably more than once, as a surrogate. Hybrids usually begin development in this way, and are then removed and continue to grow aboard craft. Other contactees, including some I have directly investigated, have seen these hybrids both as babies and also as children or fully grown adults. There are many theories as to why these hybrids are being created, which is outside the scope of this report.

Hybrid Baby – Regression Transcript

Despite the clear links with the hybrid breeding program, Susan was still not sure whether this incident was anything other than a dream. She decided to explore this incident in her 2nd regression to see if any more information came forward. Below is the section of the transcript relating to this.

J: I’d like you now to go to the next episode, the next encounter, and tell me when you’re there?

S: Ok.

J: Ok, right. What time of day is it?

S: It’s night time.

J: It’s night time. Do you know the date?

S: No.

J: No. Are you living in your  brother-in-law’s house in Bordersley Green?

S: No.

J: No. Where are you now?

S: The house where I live.

J: Right. You’re in your current house, and it’s night time. And what’s happening? Has everyone gone to bed?

S: Yeah, they’re sleeping.

J: Everyone’s sleeping, excellent. Ok. Do you sense a presence?

S: No.

J: No. What’s happening?

S: I’ve just woken up and I’m not at home.

J: Where are you?

S: I don’t know. It’s like a very big room, everything’s white.

J: Mhmm. Are you still in your dressing...your night wear?

S: No I’m laying on a table.

J: You’re laying on a table.

S: I have a sheet over me.

J: You have sheet over you.

S: And I can see other things.

J: What other things can you see?

S: Some are very tall. But everybody has white on, like white lab coats.

J: And how many of these people are there?

S: I can see seven.

J: Seven. And what do they look like?

S: There’s one lady.

J: One lady.

S: With brown hair.

J: Brown hair.

S: She’s human.

J: Uh-huh.

S: And there’s a doctor. And he’s human, but I don’t think so.

J: Why don’t you think he’s human.

S: I don’t know. ‘Cause he doesn’t talk with his mouth.

J: Doesn’t talk with his mouth.

S: Nu-huh.

J: Does he talk at all? And if...

S: Mmm.

J: No?

S: He does, he talks to me.

J: Right, how does he talk to you Susan? Are you able to talk, are you able to communicate with them in the room?

S: Yeah. We talk.

J: Are they friendly?

S: They’re just indifferent.

J: Indifferent.

S: Everybody’s got a job that they’re doing.

J: Right.

S: The room’s very big. There’s no walls, it’s just everything’s white.

J: There’s no walls and everything’s white.

S: Mhmm.

J: Ok. Are they standing round you?

S: The doctor is by me, and they lady’s by me.

J: The doctor’s by you, and the lady’s by you. And what are the others doing?

S: Just things. I’m not sure. Just everything feels very medical. And I’m laying on a table, and I have my legs up.

J: You have your legs up. Does it feel very uncomfortable?

S: No, not really.

J: Have you asked them what they are doing? Are you able to ask them? What’s happening now Susan? What’s happening now? What’s happening now?

S: I’m just watching things happen, I don’t want to be part of it.

J: So what is it you’re watching, what are they doing?

S: There’s a sheet over my legs, and they’ve taken a baby from me.

J: Have you seen it?

S: Yeah, the doctor’s holding it.

J: Right.

S: And I’m asking him not to take it.

J: Does it look human?

S: Not really.

J: What’s the difference?

S: It’s very small, and it looks like it has scales.

J: It’s very small and it looks as if it’s got scales?

S: Its skin is very scaly. Big scales. And it’s a bit yellowish.

J: Yellow in colour, yellowish in colour, with big scales.

S: And its head’s a bit big.

J: Its head’s a bit big for its size.

S: And its eyes are big.

J: Its eyes are big, right. Does it have a mouth?

S: Yeah.

J: Does the creature, the baby, look in distress, or looking comfortable?

S: It’s looking comfortable.

J: Looking comfortable, right.

S: It’s mine.

J: It’s yours, yes.

S: I’ve told them it’s mine. I’ve told them to let me keep it.

J: And what’s their reaction?

S: “No.”

J: No.

S: “I won’t tell anybody.” I told them I won’t tell anybody.

J: You won’t tell anybody, good.

S: And I won’t let anybody hurt him.

J: No. So you know it’s a he?

S: Yeah.

J: It’s a he, right.

S: My husband will be ok with it.

J: Mhmm.

S: I told them.

J: They’re not listening?

S: They say I can’t.

J: Right. Do you ask them why not?

S: The doctor’s told me not to keep asking.

J: Where are they taking the baby?

S: The lady with the brown hair has given me a shot in the leg.

J: Given you a shot in the leg. And what is that doing?

S: It’s making me very very tired.

J: Very tired. Do you try to stay awake? Do you fight it?

S: Told him it’s not fair.

J: No, it’s not fair, it’s not fair at all.

S: ‘Cause my husband and I want a baby.

J: Yes. What’s happening now Susan, what’s happening now?

S: Just floating.

J: Floating again. Got anything on your eyes?

S: No.

J: No. And what’s happening now?

S: I’m just floating.

J: Just floating. And what happens next? What happens next?

S: Just feel like I’m in my own bed.

J: You’re back in your own bed. And how are you feeling after what you’ve experienced?

S: Just sleepy.

J: Do you remember when you wake up? What happened?

S: Yes.

J: How does that make you feel?

S: I feel like it was a dream.

J: You feel it was a dream.

S: But I feel I lost something.

J: You feel you lost something. Do you have any pains in the women’s area?

S: In my ovaries.

J: Your ovaries.

S: In that area.

J: What area? And what are the sensations you’re feeling?

S: My muscles feel a bit sore and like a pulling. (Motions with hand)

J: Your muscles feel sore and you feel a sense of pulling. Is it uncomfortable.

S: It hurts but...I ignore it when it hurts.

J: You ignore it when it hurts. Yes, that’s the best thing isn’t it? Does anything else happen?

S: No. I just feel sad.

J: You just feel sad. I’d feel sad too. Feeling a sense of loss, and feeling a sense of pulling, and all your muscles feeling tender, and having nothing to show for it.

S: I’m just gonna believe it’s a dream.

Hybrid Baby – Regression Analysis

There is nothing really that Susan remembered under regression that she was not already aware of. She had already described to me the surroundings, the beings and the baby, and the communication that took place.

One aspect of the incident which seems significant is that the brown haired lady put something in her leg which sedated her. This was essentially the same thing which had happened previously when the men in military uniform entered her brother-in-laws house. This suggests that the two incidents are directly linked, and that once again humans were involved.

After the regression she just felt a sense of sadness, just as she had done when she had initially remembered the experience. This sadness was brought on by the fact that she knew it was her own baby, and despite its differences in appearance, she wanted to take care of it. Many female contactees who have been part of the hybrid program feel this way, and it often causes a strong emotional response.

Mind Training

For most of her life Susan has had a fear of closing her eyes in the shower. She has always felt that if she did something would come up out of the drain, but has always wondered where this feeling has come from. In early 2012 she was having a shower when she suddenly had recollection of some very peculiar memories. She suddenly remembered an incident where she was young and something pulled her down the drain. This is of course impossible, and is probably down to association, because whatever did happen to her reminded her of being pulled somewhere else against her will. In her 2010 abductions she felt like she was moving fast along a tunnel – perhaps something similar happened here.

She then remembers having to do a number of contest-like physical tests such as having her running speed measured. After this she remembers sitting in a white room on a white coloured chair. The room was similar to the one from her dream with the hybrid baby. There was a floating white rectangular-shaped screen in front of her. She could sense that there was something living behind the screen out of sight, and she was asked to think of what it was thinking of. When she did this, a picture of whatever it was would appear on the screen temporarily. It was as if she was being trained to listen to and read the mind of whatever was behind the screen. This activity seemed to go on for hours, and then suddenly she found herself back in the shower. This was where the memory ended.

As you have already learnt earlier in this report, Susan has had psychic abilities since an early age, and what took place is similar to the games that she used to play when she was younger. Perhaps the ETs were interested in her abilities and were trying to test their strength.

Missing Time

About a week after the memory recollection in the shower, Susan had a missing time experience. She was planning to go round to her friend, who lives locally, to take her to a meeting. She checked the clock in the house. It was 2.05pm and her friend was due to be at a meeting at 2.30pm, so Susan was rushing to make sure her friend was not late.

 Just before she left she rang her friend to tell her she was on her way, and then went upstairs to get some money. After getting the money she went back downstairs, stepped out of the house and walked to the car. Before getting in the car she checked the clock on her mobile phone. She was shocked to see that the time now read 2.47pm. There was up to 40 minutes she could not account for. She was extremely puzzled by what had happened, and immediately rang her friend to apologise. She then drove round and picked her up about 2.50pm, despite the fact that her friend was now already half an hour late for the meeting.

It is clear that 40 minutes really had gone by, and was not just down to a broken clock, as this was confirmed by her friend when she picked her up. So what could have happened? It seemed unlikely to her that she had blacked out for that amount of time. If she had blacked out in the house someone else in the family would have found her. If she had blacked out in the street, then a passer-by would no doubt of seen her and woke her up. Also she had no recollection of getting back to her feet. The time had simply vanished.

When contactees experience missing time this can often be down to a contact experience which has been completely blocked out from their mind. The ETs appear to have the ability to do this, and I feel this is likely done to prevent any lasting trauma. Sometimes these experiences can come back in the form of flashbacks or nightmares, other times the memories of what took place are never retrieved.

Missing Time – Regression Transcript

I advised Susan to be regressed back to this experience in her 2nd regression. Hypnotic regression can often be used to retrieve the lost memories of missing time experiences. Clearly something must have taken place during these 40 minutes, and perhaps this would be a way to find out exactly what. Below is the section of the regression transcript that refers to this incident.

J: What I’d like you to do now is to move forward in time and space to mid-January with the missing 40 minutes. It’s day time, and it’s approximately 1pm. The kids are in the house, in their own rooms, playing. And you go up to your bedroom to get some money. Can you tell me when you’re there?

S: I’m there.

J: Thank you. Can you describe what’s happening in the room, what you’re sensing?

S: Just going over to get some money.

J: Yes.

S: Getting some cash to take out with me.

J: Mhmm, getting some cash to take out with you. Do you feel anything around...sensing anything around you?

S: I feel a bit uneasy, I don’t like being in my room upstairs by myself.

J: Why is that?

S: I’m always scared to be alone up here.

J: No matter what time of day?

S: No.

J: No matter what time of day you don’t like going into your own bedroom?

S: No.

J: No, ok. Are you sensing anything right now? Anything unusual? What’s happening now Susan? What’s happening now?

S: I can see myself standing. (Gesturing with right hand)

J: Mhmm.

S: I’ve gotten cash from the drawer.

J: Yes.

S: But everything’s just black. Like a...just like a wall.

J: Mhmm. Have you stepped out of your actual body, and looking at your body?

S: Yeah I can see...I don’t know how to explain it.

J: So you see darkness, and a black wall in front of you. You’re seeing yourself in front of that. And you are...has your essence part of you come out of that body? Do you feel different? Do you feel attached to the body that’s in front of you?

S: I don’t know. I just feel like...I don’t know, I don’t know how to explain it. I feel like I’m not supposed to say anything.

J: Right. Is there any presence in the room, are you sensing anything, can you see anything?

S: No.

J: And you’re standing up still? Are you moving? Are you able to move?

S: I just feel something stopping me from seeing, or talking.

J: So there’s something stopping you from seeing and talking. How about moving? Can you move your limbs? What’s happening Susan? What’s happening? Is anybody else there?

S: I can’t be here.

J: You can’t be here? Where are you Susan? Where are you?

S: I don’t think I want to do this.

J: What’s happening?

S: I just can’t. I just can’t see anything.

J: So has the black wall gone? Are you still in your bedroom?

S: No.

J: Where are you now Susan? Where are you now?

S: I’ve gone back to the corridor.

J: You’ve gone back to the corridor. What corridor is that? What corridor is that Susan?

S: The one you had me walk through.

Missing Time – Regression Analysis

The details that Susan came out with regarding her missing time experience were very interesting. It appears that an experience took place when she went up to her room to get some money. However exactly what is unknown. Susan describes seeing a black wall in front of her sight. She is unlikely to be referring here to a physical black-coloured wall, it is more likely she means by this that there was something blocking her mind from visualising what was taking place.

When the hypnotherapist asked her what was happening, Susan said that she was not allowed to tell us. I have investigated and read about many other cases where the contactee has said things similar to this, and it is likely that this was due to a memory block which the ETs have put in place. These make it very hard for the individual to talk about what they have experienced, and they often say that they are not supposed or allowed to speak of what has happened. The ETs are currently working covertly and do not really want the human race to openly know about their agenda, so it makes sense that they would put such blocks in place to prevent the contactee from openly talking about what has happened to them.

Sometimes under regression the individual is able to break past this and retrieve details. In other cases such as this the blockage put in place is too strong. In this case it was so strong that it actually caused Susan to partially come out of her regressive state. So while it seems likely that an abduction or contact-related experience occurred here, at present we cannot find out any details about it.

Figure By The Door

In October 2012 Susan and her children moved into a friend’s flat in Birmingham for an extended period of time. It seemed that moving house did not seem to stop her experiences from taking place. As the flat has only one bedroom, Susan and her young daughter would sleep on the bed, and her friend would sleep alongside on the floor. The bedroom door would always be closed at night. One night late in October Susan woke up between 5-5.30am. She did her morning prayers a while, and then lay down in bed to try and get back off to sleep.

Suddenly she heard a muffled noise in the room. Thinking it had come from her friend she looked up. Her friend was fast asleep, but looking round the room Susan noticed that it seemed odd and somehow different. It was like the furnishings were the same but were in slightly different places to normal and the size of things was slightly off. She looked over at the door and saw that it was open. In the doorway stood a very tall figure. It was nearly right to the top of the door so would have been around 7 feet in height. It appeared to have a canvas-like off white coloured sheet covering it and had its arms outward. It did not move at all and there were no facial features.

She stared at it a moment. Then the figure appeared to collapse backward, almost like it was being sucked into thin air. As soon as it had fully disappeared, the entire room seemed to shift and everything went completely back to normal. Rather than be frightened, Susan was quite intrigued and fascinated by what had happened. She wondered if some kind of dimensional shift had taken place, and this is why everything had looked out of place. It was quite bizarre.

Interestingly this is not the first time I have heard of such a thing off the contactees I have investigated. In 2009 I investigated a case from Bletchley, Milton Keynes, in which a man reported having a number of contact experiences. In one of these experiences he remembers waking up and walking around his home, except just like how Susan described everything seemed out of place and not quite right. Like Susan he met some beings, although the ones he saw were using a screen memory to mask their true appearance and projecting the image of his pet dog over themselves. Later on under hypnosis the man described the beings as Greys. It is unknown whether a similar thing took place here but it certainly sounds it. Could the sheet-covered being have been masking its true identity, or was this it’s actual appearance? And for what purpose did it visit Susan?

Strange Tones

Due to her many unusual experiences Susan often finds it hard to sleep at night. She usually goes to sleep in the early hours of the morning. Every night her friend sets the clock for 6.30am to wake up for morning prayers. On Saturday 17th November 2012 Susan woke up naturally at 4am. This was quite unusual for her as she usually sleeps until the alarm goes off. She got out of bed and went to the toilet.

Susan’s friend had left the bathroom window open to cool down the flat a bit. When Susan entered the bathroom she could hear a strange noise coming from outside. She went to the window to listen. The noise was like a musical tone, alternating between high pitch and low pitch every couple of seconds. It was quite loud and not only appeared to be close to the flat, but also sounded like it was coming from up in the sky rather than down at ground level. It was possible to hear background traffic out on the road but this seemed almost drowned out by the volume of the sound.

At first Susan was quite frightened by the noise, but then for some reason she became nire comfortable with it, it sounded almost familiar to her. She thought about getting her phone out and recording the noise. But for some reason she didn’t do this and instead went back into the bedroom and lay down on the bed. It was still possible to hear the noise coming in through the bathroom window. She sent a text to her husband telling him about the sound. To her knowledge she then dropped off to sleep.

When she awoke it was broad daylight. She checked the clock and it was 8.30am, two hours after the usual time for morning prayers. She spoke with her friend asking what happened. Her friend said that the alarm went off at 6.30am like usual. But Susan did not stir, even when her friend tried calling her. So she decided to leave her asleep.  The strange thing about this is that Susan is an extremely light sleeper, and would usually immediately wake up with a start as soon as the alarm goes off. But on this one particular morning she appeared to be deeply asleep. Susan wonders if this was something to do with the strange sound she had heard earlier in the night.

I have had people report unusual sounds seemingly coming from up in the sky above them on previous occasions. While it is impossible to say whether or not the noise had a completely mundane explanation or not, it cannot be completely put out of the question that it was coming from a craft in the vicinity of the flat. It is also entirely possible that this craft then abducted Susan from her room after she had returned to bed. This could account for why she was so tired and overslept, but of course is nothing more than speculation at present.


Susan’s case is one of the most convincing cases for ET contact that I have investigated so far. Up until recently she had little knowledge of the UFO subject, yet many of the aspects of her experiences fit closely with contact – from the surroundings and beings seen, to the emotions and feelings openly shown. It has been very hard for her and her family to come to terms with what has happened, but through looking at the contact subject with an open mind, she has realised how closely it matches her experiences and believes that this is the most likely explanation for what has taken place right back to her childhood.

This is an on-going case, as there is no sign that Susan’s experiences have come to an end. She may well have further experiences going forward, and as she is continuing to use the camera every night, she may be able to capture more evidence on film in the future. I have no doubt that she will keep in touch, so this report may well be updated with additional incidents. The video footage will also be updated in due course as soon as I have gained access to view the raw file.

I would like to close by thanking Susan for putting her trust in me and sharing her fascinating experiences with me. Without people like Susan most of us would know very little about ET contact. In bravely sharing the details of what has happened, both with myself and in front of crowds of people, she has played her part in aiding the understanding of this fascinating subject.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2012



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