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Droitwich Contact Case Part 2 - Greys, Hybrid, Abduction Video, MILAB, UFOs, Psychic, Paranormal

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 22/09/2021

The Video Footage

On the morning of the 9th December after Susan awoke, she felt certain that another experience had taken place. She and Badir decided to check the camera footage from the night before to see if anything showed up on it. They were astounded by what they found.

The majority of the footage looked completely normal. But at 3.19am it looked like Susan had suddenly dematerialised and vanished from beneath the bed covers. One moment she was there, the next the covers seemed to crumple inward. Thirteen minutes went by with the covers lying completely still. They suddenly they seemed to be forced upward quite a way into the air. When they settled back down Susan was once again visible! They wondered if this was actual proof that she had been physically taken for aperiod of time.

When I initially spoke with Susan via E-Mail, I asked her to send me the video file. The original footage exported directly from the camcorder is in a very unusual format (VVF). I checked all over the internet but unfortunately after an extensive search could not find any program which could open the raw file. So instead they sent me a recording of it being played on a TV screen. This was quite grainy but it was still possible to see what was taking place to an extent. I ran the footage through some de-graining software which helped improve the picture quality a bit.

Below is the video of the footage being played on a monitor:

Here are some stills from the footage taken at key moments through it:

1) 3:33:44 - Susan and Badir appear to both be sleeping soundly. Susan seems to be on her left side, the side which is how she always sleeps.

2) 3:34:04 – Susan moves around a bit under the covers, then appears to arch her back upward quite a distance.

3) 3:34:20 – The bedclothes suddenly crumple inward over 2 seconds. This is immediately followed by a slight movement at the top of the bed cover, possibly one of her hands pushing it.

4) 3:34:23 – There is a slight movement at the base of the bed cover, possibly a fold in the bed cover collapsing.

5) 3:46:49 – Approximately 12.5 minutes go by without any movement at all then suddenly the bed covers seem to either rise up or be pushed upward by Susan very high off the bed. She also moves beneath them as this is happening. Badir gets disturbed by this and rolls over onto his left.

6) 3:46:53 – Susan can now be seen lying on her left side in the bed again.

The footage is of course very interesting indeed. But what exactly does it show? At first glance it appears to show Susan literally dematerialising from the bed, and then 13 minutes later suddenly rematerializing. There are facts that point both towards and away from this scenario. First let’s take a look at the evidence for the footage showing an actual abduction taking place.

After speaking with the family for many hours on numerous occasions I am certain that the video is real and not a planned hoax or clever CGI – whatever is seen on camera actually took place. Various people who have seen the footage have come up with some bizarre theories for its creation including contraptions hidden inside the bed, to an inflatable placed under the covers which causes them to fall and rise as required. Inventive as these are, I am absolutely certain that they are incorrect. I have actually seen the bed viewed in the footage and can confirm it is completely normal.

The fact that something strange occurred on camera on the same night as her second abduction experience is in itself impressive. The only reason the footage was discovered in the first place was Susan was aware something had taken place so decided to check the footage. It seems unlikely that on the night of the incident something would appear on camera which seemed to be related to the experience.

The length of time that Susan was “gone” from the bed for seems to fit roughly with what she described during the experience. She did not describe something which would have just taken a minute, nor did she describe a long and detailed experience which would have gone on far longer than 13 minutes.

There is nothing in her recollection of events which means that she could not have been taken directly from her bed and put back in exactly the same position. However, according to what she remembers from her initial abduction, it appears that she was physically lifted up into the craft. She describes feeling the cold night air and sensing that she was outside. She also recalls being floated down into her kitchen, before floating through back into her bedroom. Although she could not actually see this taking place, her travel to and from the craft felt to her like moving fast through a tunnel. Susan described this same feeling at the start and end of her follow on abduction. But on this occasion Susan did not report feeling a sense of cold. Nor did she have any memory of floating back into her bed. This would fit in with her being teleported directly rather than physically floated.

We should also consider the physical bruises and after effects from the follow on abduction. If nothing took place, and Susan did not go anywhere, then where did the bruises on her belly come from and why did she experience noticeable after effects?

Perhaps most importantly of all, Susan decided to send the footage to an American TV company who releaed a show named Fact Or Faked. In this show they try to prove or disprove paranormal videos. Susan's video featured in one of their episodes. They were unable to re-create the video convicingly without the use of hidden contraptions or special effects.

Now that we have explored evidence pointing towards the video showing an abduction, let’s look at alternative possibilities.

Could the way in which the covers drop down just be an optical illusion caused by Susan rolling into a certain position? There certainly appears to be movement under the bed covers when they lift up. At the start of the footage Susan is clearly lying on her left side. So if she did roll she would then have been on her right side. However at the time of the incident Susan had a bad back and could not actually lie on her right side. If she tried it would cause extreme pain and she would wake up. It is clear that this does not happen in the footage. Also it should be noted that numerous people have tried to recreate what is seen on the footage but have not been able to. Even Susan herself has tried to re-enact it in the same room without success.

After the covers drop down there is slight movement at the top and base of the bed. But after this there is nothing. These movements could just be the folds of the bed covers collapsing. There appears to be what may be the base of her foot protruding from under one of the folds in the bed cover. This does remain for the duration of the footage, which would suggest that she was not physically taken. However it is possible that it is not her foot but just an empty fold creating the impression there is something there. Unfortunately the footage is not clear enough to say either way for definite.

There is actually a third option for what took place. There have been numerous cases where metaphysical abductions have taken place. This is when the individual’s consciousness/spirit appears to have been taken from their physical body. So while they have clearly not gone anywhere they undergo an abduction experience. Perhaps the footage is just caused by an optical illusion and Susan’s body was not abducted, but her consciousness or spirit was. However there are aspects of the follow on abduction which appear to suggest that it was physical. Susan actually saw herself lying down on a flat table. Also why would the short being have needed to move its hands over her body if she was not physically present?

Personally I feel that there is enough evidence to suggest that the follow on abduction really took place and was not just a strange dream, there are too many aspects of it which fit in with contact. It also appears to have been a physical abduction rather than metaphysical. Therefore, unless proven otherwise, I currently feel that the footage is genuine and actually shows Susan de-materialising from the bed.


After being regressed by Rob, Susan decided to keep in touch with him to help her come to terms with what she had experienced. Rob returned to Susan’s house on numerous occasions. On one of these occasions he was speaking to Susan about her anger issues which she sometimes has to contend with. He decided to regress her to see if they could establish the cause behind these emotions.

Susan began to recall a memory from when she was very young, no more than 3 years old and living on a raspberry farm in Auburn, Washington. She was lying in her cot. She remembered her father reaching down to pick her up. All of a sudden everything went dark. The next thing she knew, she found herself standing in an open field close to where her house was. She was wearing her night dress. Her older brother was standing next to her in his pyjamas (he would have been 5 at the time). He appeared to be frightened and was crying. Susan comforted him trying to calm him down.

It was night time but the area was illuminated from above them. When she looked up she saw a massive round glowing white light over their heads. For some reason she was not frightened by its presence. Next her and her brother were lifted off the ground and began to float upwards towards the light. Susan was still not scared about what was taking place, she was just frightened by the fact she was up in the air with the ground moving further and further away. She wonders if this is where her fear of heights came from, something which she still suffers from today.

Witness drawing of the glowing UFO above her and her brother:

They ascended towards the glowing light. Then suddenly they found themselves in an open space of some kind. It was dark all around with no walls visible. The floor below their feet was glowing white. This illuminated the area and Susan could see that there were many other children also there. She estimates that there were about 15 children of varying ages, some young like herself, some in their teens. Some of them were crying, others just appeared stunned and were just standing there. Susan particularly  remembers a tall boy with curly hair. She has no idea why he stuck in her mind more than the others.

She was not in the area for very long. One by one the other children seemed to vanish, moving away out of the light. They were not physically taken by any beings they just seemed to be there one moment, gone the next. Then Susan herself left that place and suddenly found herself somewhere else.

Her brother was no longer present. She was lying down on a flat table of some kind. All around her it was completely dark. However alongside her was a strange being.It was very insectoid in appearance. It had an elongated pointed face and two very large black oval shaped eyes. Its skin was a golden-brown colour and was smooth. Coming from the top of its head were what looked like two thin antennae. Susan does not remember seeing any nose or mouth. The creature was leaning in over her so she did not really see its body, only its head, shoulders and two long thin spindly arms. These arms ended in sharp points reminiscent of insect legs.

These insect-like beings have been reported by other contactees too, and have been named Mantids due to their similarity in appearance to the praying mantis. Their skin tone can vary, sometimes they are the colour Susan describes, other times they are shades of green.