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Droitwich Contact Case - Greys, Visitation, Cloaked UFO

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 13/01/2020

In September 2019 I was invited to speak at the Supernatural Fayre, a day of paranormal talks and market stalls at Worcester. One of the attendees of my talk was a man named Michael. He informed me that he had a couple of experiences he wished to go over with me. While we did not have enough time to go over the details on the day itself we got in touch via phone soon afterwards to discuss them further.

Michael has informed me that is very intuitive, practices reiki and is a psychic medium. While the details of this side of his life have been omitted from this report on request, it is interesting to note as many contactees report having one or more psychic abilities.

Note: For reasons of anonymity certain details have been omitted.

Grey Visitation

Michael used to work at a snooker club in Droitwich. Late one evening in 2010 he was just preparing to leave and head for home around 10.30pm. Suddenly he felt the definite presence of four unseen entities standing around him. He sensed they were tall in height and felt quite intimidating. When he left the building he could sense that they were following him. He got back into his car and drove the two miles to his house, still with the feeling that the entities were there with him. Even in his home he could still sense them.

He tried to ignore their presence and got into bed. Somehow he was able to drop off. However something woke him up at roughly 3am. When he opened his eyes it was now that he finally saw the beings. There were two of them standing along each side of the bed. They were about 8 feet tall and their skin was grey in colour. They appeared to be unclothed but wrapped in some kind of smooth casing. Their faces were humanoid but without hair or ears. The beings were bent over staring down at him.

Michael was terrified. He quickly pulled the duvet cover over his head. He doesn’t know how long he remained there but the next thing he became aware of was waking up in the morning. The atmosphere of the room had completely gone back to normal and he could no longer sense the presence of the entities. Michael informed me that he has sensed spirits before but these entities felt different. He feels convinced that he had an experience involving ET beings.

There are numerous aspects of this experience which fit closely with it being a visitation by four tall Greys. Many contactees have reported feeling the presence of something prior to having experiences, this is a common aspect of contact. Could Michael have sensed these beings watching him hours before they finally appeared? The appearance of the beings certainly fits with them being Greys. It is possible that the “casing” which Michael describes was his interpretation of the smooth skin of the beings. It is unknown whether any further interaction took place. As memories of contact experiences can sometimes be entirely removed it is possible that Michael was abducted but currently has no recollection of what happened.

Invisible UFO

One Saturday in 2015 Rob had finished his shift at the snooker club and was on his way back home in his car around mid-day. It was a clear and sunny day with no clouds in the sky. As he approached a set of traffic lights he suddenly felt the sensation of something large but unseen in the sky drop down in front of his car. The strength of this feeling actually caused him to flinch and duck in his seat!

He sat back up and saw a huge shadow appear from the right side of the road. It passed across the road from right to left roughly 8 feet in front of the car. There was nothing visible in the sky which could account for the shadow, but whatever was casting it appeared to be quite large in size, possibly 40 feet across.

Michael quickly got out of the car to see if he could spot the source of the shadow but there was nothing which could account for it. He watched as it moved along the pathway and then faded away. There was nothing more to do but to get back in the car and continue his journey home. Michael feels that the shadow was of a UFO hovering over the road which could not be seen by the naked eye but which was blocking the sunlight.


It is interesting that these two experiences are both quite different from one another but both include things not visibly seen (at least at first). The beings which Michael saw in 2010 are likely to have been Greys. It is possible that the shadow he saw in 2015 was being cast by a cloaked craft of some kind, however this of course cannot be verified. It is unknown whether the two incidents are in some way linked with one another or not.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2020



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