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Devizes Contact Case – Light Being Visitation, Body Markings, Missing Time, OBE, Paranormal Activity

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 07/07/2022

Note: For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used for some witnesses

On Saturday 10th July 2021 I gave a talk at Bases 2021 conference at Pewsey, Wiltshire. After my talk I was approached by a man named Matthew Branson who wanted to discuss a number of varied experiences since his childhood.

In the weeks following the conference I arranged a number of extensive Zoom conversations with him to go over everything in depth. This report covers many of experiences which may well be linked with contact and the paranormal.

The Elderly Man

In 1965 when Matthew was 4 years old he moved to Devizes with his parents and three brothers. They rented a cottage on Castle Grounds in the vicinity of Devizes Castle.

Aerial map of Castle Grounds

On numerous occasions he would see an elderly man come into his room at night who would sit on the bed and tell him stories. He informed his mother Mary about these experiences but she did not initially believe him. However on one occasion his cousin came to stay the night, and also witnessed the same man. He informed his mother of what had happened.

Soon afterwards the two mothers got together and it came up in conversation. This is where they found out that their boys had both described the same thing! Matthew does not actually remember these incidents taking place, he was informed of them by his mother many years later in his teens while discussing various paranormal events that had gone on at the property, some of which are mentioned below.

This and other similar experiences have been included as many contactees report seeing paranormal activity in their vicinity.

Ghostly Dog

The cottage lay below Devizes Castle and had quite a lot of woodland around it. On a number of occasions Matthew and others would see a black and white coloured collie dog running through the trees. Sometimes he and his older brother Luke spotted it when they were walking home together from school. At other times it was witnessed by the family down the bottom of the garden.

Example photograph of a Collie dog

The dog would always run off into the trees and vanish from sight. His mother asked around the neighbourhood to see if anyone owned it, but had no response to this. Sometimes Matthew and his Luke gave chase but it would always disappear before they could reach it. However they did find a small grave in the woodland with a dog’s name on it, which is still there today.

Matthew believes that they were seeing the ghost of this dog, however he cannot fully rule out the idea that it was merely a stray which lived in the area.