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Darlington Contact Case - UFO Sightings, Communication

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 22/06/2012

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used


In most cases of contact, the individuals involved are actually physically visited or taken by ETs. Quite often the beings will not speak with them, or provide them with any information at all. However in this case the opposite seems to have taken place. A man and his daughter appear to have both received information from an ET species visiting the Earth, but have not actually had any face-to-face encounters with them. For a period of months, around the same time they received the information, the witnesses also had many UFO sightings, some of which have been quite impressive.

Early UFO Sighting

Neil’s first remembered UFO sighting occurred when he was 7 years old. He remembers being outside soon after his grandmother died, and seeing a glowing light descend from the sky. At the time he thought it was a vision to do with his grandmother's death, but looking back at the incident he wonders if it was instead an early sighting of an ET craft.

Crescent Shaped Lights

In late November 2010, Neil and his partner were out on an evening walk when they witnessed several crescent shaped glowing lights in the sky. There was also a brighter light ahead of the crescents at a higher altitude. Neil has so far not provided any further information about this particular sighting, but if he does so this section will be updated.

Flying Triangle Encounter

On 3rd November 2011 Neil was out in his car in Darlington, on his way back home after collecting his dog from a relative’s house. It was 8.35pm and a clear moonlit evening. He was at the junction between Fulthorpe Avenue and Lunedale Road on the Mowden Estate. As he glanced to the right to turn, he noticed some glowing lights in the sky to the South. They appeared to be over the West Cemetery area about ¼ to ½ mile away. They appeared to be about 2000-3000 feet high.

Aerial map showing the junction between Fulthorpe Avenue and Lunedale Road:

Photograph of the sighting location in the direction the lights were first seen:

At first Neil assumed they were Chinese lanterns, which he was familiar with, especially as it was only two days before bonfire night. He turned onto Lunedale Road. A few seconds later he realised the lights were moving together in a downward pointing triangular formation at a fast velocity. They appeared to be rapidly descending in a swooping arc towards him. He also noticed that they weren’t the usual amber orange colour of lanterns. Two of the lights were yellow and the third one was red.

Neil was interested in what the lights could be so he began slowing the car to observe them. Another car pulled up behind his, so he stopped opposite the junction to Birkdale Road to let the other car past. He then turned into the junction to view the lights front on. Within seconds the object was much closer and lower down. Neil could now see that it was a black coloured triangle shaped object, with a light at each point. It was clearly solid and was blocking out the moonlit sky. It appeared to be flying at a vertical angle, exposing the lights on its base. Neil estimates that each side of the triangle was about 300 feet across.

Aerial map of Lunedale Road, indicating the position where Neil stopped the car to observe the UFO: