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Darlington Contact Case - UFO Sightings, Communication

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 22/06/2012

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used


In most cases of contact, the individuals involved are actually physically visited or taken by ETs. Quite often the beings will not speak with them, or provide them with any information at all. However in this case the opposite seems to have taken place. A man and his daughter appear to have both received information from an ET species visiting the Earth, but have not actually had any face-to-face encounters with them. For a period of months, around the same time they received the information, the witnesses also had many UFO sightings, some of which have been quite impressive.

Early UFO Sighting

Neil’s first remembered UFO sighting occurred when he was 7 years old. He remembers being outside soon after his grandmother died, and seeing a glowing light descend from the sky. At the time he thought it was a vision to do with his grandmother's death, but looking back at the incident he wonders if it was instead an early sighting of an ET craft.

Crescent Shaped Lights

In late November 2010, Neil and his partner were out on an evening walk when they witnessed several crescent shaped glowing lights in the sky. There was also a brighter light ahead of the crescents at a higher altitude. Neil has so far not provided any further information about this particular sighting, but if he does so this section will be updated.

Flying Triangle Encounter

On 3rd November 2011 Neil was out in his car in Darlington, on his way back home after collecting his dog from a relative’s house. It was 8.35pm and a clear moonlit evening. He was at the junction between Fulthorpe Avenue and Lunedale Road on the Mowden Estate. As he glanced to the right to turn, he noticed some glowing lights in the sky to the South. They appeared to be over the West Cemetery area about ¼ to ½ mile away. They appeared to be about 2000-3000 feet high.

Aerial map showing the junction between Fulthorpe Avenue and Lunedale Road:


Photograph of the sighting location in the direction the lights were first seen:


At first Neil assumed they were Chinese lanterns, which he was familiar with, especially as it was only two days before bonfire night. He turned onto Lunedale Road. A few seconds later he realised the lights were moving together in a downward pointing triangular formation at a fast velocity. They appeared to be rapidly descending in a swooping arc towards him. He also noticed that they weren’t the usual amber orange colour of lanterns. Two of the lights were yellow and the third one was red.

Neil was interested in what the lights could be so he began slowing the car to observe them. Another car pulled up behind his, so he stopped opposite the junction to Birkdale Road to let the other car past. He then turned into the junction to view the lights front on. Within seconds the object was much closer and lower down. Neil could now see that it was a black coloured triangle shaped object, with a light at each point. It was clearly solid and was blocking out the moonlit sky. It appeared to be flying at a vertical angle, exposing the lights on its base. Neil estimates that each side of the triangle was about 300 feet across.

Aerial map of Lunedale Road, indicating the position where Neil stopped the car to observe the UFO:


Photograph from the sighting location in the direction the UFO approached:


Witness drawing of the UFO:


The object swooped towards his location, descending in altitude as it came. It was now at relatively low altitude, well below cloud level. Neil opened the car door to see if it was making any sound but it was completely silent. The dog did not seem particularly bothered by the proximity of the UFO. Neil got out his camera phone to try and video the object but his hands were shaking so much that he could not correctly enter his password. Then as it flew alongside his location the lights suddenly dimmed and the object completely vanished.

Witness drawing including notes showing the UFO’s movement path:


In total Neil had watched the object for about 60-90 seconds. He was convinced that it was an advanced craft of some kind, and extraterrestrial in origin. It was far too large to have been a radio controlled model. He drove the rest of the way home and informed his partner Paula about what he had seen. She could immediately see that he was shaken up by the experience, and it was very clear to her that he had seen something.

This type of craft has been reported by witnesses many times before, and is commonly referred to as a “Flying Triangle”. While the lighting configuration on these craft can vary, they are generally described as black/dark navy in colour, and usually have a light at each corner. Sometimes a central light is also seen. While some people feel that the explanation for these sightings is a top secret military project, there are numerous reasons why many others, myself included, believe that they are extraterrestrial in origin. They have been seen all around the world for numerous decades, and commonly are witnessed over highly populated areas. I have also looked into numerous contact cases which directly involve this type of craft.

Noted Side Effects

After his initial sighting of the Flying Triangle, Neil found it took him days to calm back down. However it still haunts him, and since that day he has never had more than 5 hours sleep and his sleep is continually broken.

He also began to suffer from depression like symptoms. He had never suffered from this before in his life, even after traumatic incidents such as the death of his brother. These symptoms have since died down, but it certainly appears that they were linked directly with the UFO sighting. These types of symptoms are often experienced by contactees; however the incident itself appeared to have just been a sighting, nothing more. Neil has no recollection of any missed time or signs which would suggest he was abducted.

The Triangle Returns

Within weeks, the Flying Triangle that Neil had seen would be witnessed again. But the second sighting of it was not by Neil, but by his daughter Emily and her friend. It occurred on a Saturday night (exact date unknown). Emily was standing at the junction between Salutation Road and Baydale Road.

Aerial map of the junction where the sighting took place:


Photograph of the sighting location:


Below is an overview of what happened in Emily’s own words (provided to me by Neil):

“We saw it about 10.15pm. We were stood in the middle of the road talking and saw the triangle when we looked up. The triangle was directly above me and my friend below cloud level. It was totally silent. It was there for about 15-20 seconds before just disappearing into thin air. It may have been there slightly longer before we noticed it as it was totally silent, I’m unsure.”

After discussing the sighting with her father, Emily and Neil came to the agreement that it was the same craft. It is fascinating that they both had an encounter with this craft, and this is far too unlikely to have just been a coincidence. It implies that direct interaction was going on and that Neil and Emily were being monitored by the UFO for whatever purpose.

Glowing Orb Sighting

It wasn’t long before Neil and Emily had another UFO sighting. Neil visits Emily most Wednesdays, and they often go to visit his mother. It was the evening of Wednesday 7th December 2011. They were out walking the dog round the neighbourhood. They were walking down Leith Road and just passing the junction of Crammond Close. Neil looked in the direction of the close, and this is when he noticed a brightly glowing orb of white light to the South West. It appeared to be about 120 metres from their location, over a small area of woodland. Initially it was about 150 feet in the air. It did not appear to be very large. Emily estimates it was about the size of a football, but Neil believes it was smaller than this and no bigger than a grapefruit.

Aerial map showing the position of the witnesses (A) and the estimated position of the orb (B):


Darkened photograph of the sighting location with the orb of light drawn on top:


The orb was descending in altitude fairly rapidly and was only visible for a few seconds before it was obscured by the trees. Neil wanted to go into the wood to see if they could spot the object again, but Emily was frightened and didn’t want to get any nearer. She began to drag Neil away, which in turn started to upset the dog. Neil decided to leave things and so they both began to walk home, discussing what they had seen.

Neil says that the movement of the orb appeared to be controlled rather than random drifting. He is familiar with what Chinese lanterns look like, and has seen videos of LED balloons on the internet. He says that this object looked different to either of these. It was moving too slowly to have been a meteorite, and it is unlikely to have been an earth light or ball lightning because the weather was clear, and these do not tend to appear over built up areas. Could this have been an unmanned probe that was once again observing Neil and Emily?

The White Light

The next two sightings were witnessed by Neil, and took place on 23rd and 24th December 2011. On both occasions he witnessed a very bright glowing white light over the Mowden Estate.

On the 23rd December between 6.30-7pm Neil was out walking his dog along Brinkburn Road, Darlington. It was a clear and pleasant evening and due to the time of year the sun had already set. Due to the previous UFO sightings, Neil was keeping one eye on the sky.

Suddenly he noticed a bright white light to the South West. It appeared to be over the area of Mowden, 1-2 miles away from his location. Neil estimates it was a couple of thousand feet high, although this was hard to judge due to the distance. The light was motionless.

He continued to watch it for about 15 minutes. During this time he decided to try and record it using his mobile phone. Unfortunately it did not come out. In the end he decided to continue on his route along Auckland Avenue. He occasionally looked back and could still see the light in the sky. In the end he lost it behind the nearby buildings.

Aerial map showing Brinkburn Road and Auckland Avenue:


Photograph from Brinkburn Road in the direction the light was seen:


The object was definitely not Venus as this could also be seen elsewhere in the sky. Neil does not think it was a helicopter as it looked much too bright, no other navigation lights were visible and he could hear no sound coming from it.

The following evening Neil was once again out walking his dog along Willow Road. It was later than the previous evening. He looked up and once again spotted the glowing white light at roughly the same location as before. Again he watched it a while before continuing on his way.

Aerial map showing Willow Road:


While these sightings could easily be put down to a distant helicopter, especially considering the fact that it appeared 2 nights in a row and just before Christmas,  Neil is adamant that it was something else. He is fully aware of what aircraft and helicopters look like after dark and says that this was different. He has not seen it since those two evenings.

Information Transmission

From about two days after his sighting of the Flying Triangle, Neil began to feel that something was trying to transmit information directly to him. This information came to him as both thoughts and still images in his mind. It was not continuous but would come through at random times. This communication continued until early 2012. Back in November and December it was happening several times a week, but then seemed to die down. When it occurred, Neil would get a ringing in his ears similar to tinnitus.

Below Neil tries to describe what this information transmission was like in his own words:

“The images felt like they were placed in my memory rather than sudden flashes. I had a vivid imagination as a child, so know that these were not a product of it. They were almost like a memory that had been placed there. It is difficult to describe. The thoughts were similar. It was like they were placed into my mind, rather than my imagination thinking them up. I could suddenly think of them, but other times it sort of came back to me like a memory. Many times I was not actually able to comprehend what they were trying to say. I just don’t think my intelligence is up to it.”

When this communication started to happen, Neil realised that something similar was already happening to his daughter Emily. Back in December she had confided in him that she was being contacted by something which was giving her information and causing buzzing in her ears. She wondered whether it was a spirit of some kind. Neil had already been given an overview from Emily of what type of information she felt she was receiving. He was now receiving very similar information to this, so was aware that this was the same thing. The fact that both him and his daughter were now both experiencing this seemed to suggest that it was really happening and not just the result of a medical condition.

Some of the thoughts/images were clear where as others were more indistinct. The information received included the following:

- The beings in contact with them were from elsewhere in the universe.

- The beings look somewhat similar to Greys. They are short in height, have large craniums and eyes, and long slender limbs. However they also possess more human-like features such as a small nose and mouth. We share common origins with them.

- They come from a planet larger than the Earth with a very sparse population spread over a small number of settlements. The planet has much less light than on Earth, with a deep blue tinge to the sky. There is one small sun which provides most of what light there is. There is also a very bright star which can be seen during daylight hours. The air on the planet is just breathable by humans; you get breathless very easily there. Gravity is stronger so you feel very heavy, and it is difficult to get up if you sit or lie down. It is difficult to move around.

- The beings have no written language and do not speak vocally. Communication is direct via telepathy.

- They do have the concept of right and wrong, but do not express complex emotions. They do not have relationships or family, and do not understand why humans have this.

- They do not follow any religion, nor do they have money or an economy. They do not understand the human need for this.

- They travel to Earth by somehow short cutting space and travelling vast distances in an instant. Time and distance isn’t constant as we think of it, but rather broken by minute interludes. Another way of looking at it is as pulses of time/distance. By getting between one of the pulses, you can exit at another future distant interlude without using any time but having travelled a great distance. The key to travelling like this is to calculate the entry and exit point interludes together as they are tiny fractions.  Their technology can do this. It is possible to move backwards and forwards between any points in distance but time is static, you do not travel forwards or backwards in time. This sort of travel is possible anywhere either in space, in the air or even on the ground. This method of travel is used by all intelligent races and is the only realistic way to travel between star systems given the distances involved. It is also possible but highly improbable to accidently travel through interludes. This has happened on occasion by pure chance, but often the entry and exits are not aligned and the individual/vehicle is lost. There have been some that have achieved it but do not realise what has happened.

- They will not give mankind their space travel technology as we are not ready for it developmentally. Doing so would enable man to export aggression and war anywhere. It is safer that we do not have it until we are ready for it. Our science was moving along this route, but our theories took a wrong turn. One person even carried out practical experiments (Neil was not informed who).

- They have historically had contact with the human race at a governmental level. However due to abuse of knowledge and technology which they have shared, they now limit their contact to ordinary people.

- The public is being misled about climate change and fossil fuel reserves. This is done for economical reasons. A lot of the “facts” of the world are incorrect.

- They have indicated locations of oil and gas resources which are known about but kept secret for economical reasons.  These locations have included the Yorkshire coast, and the Atlantic Ocean near to Greenland.

- There are problems with the Earth’s crust which are beyond anyone’s control. Apparently our understanding of the Earth’s crust and core is wrong. A lot more of it is molten metal rather than rock and this molten metal has currents like the oceans.  The seismic and volcanic events we’ve seen over the last few years are due to increased currents in the molten metallic core of the Earth caused by a macro-magnetic effect. These energies find their way to surface disrupting the thinner upper layers and the crust itself. This has happened periodically on all young planets composed of iron like the Earth. It will probably settle down, but there is a chance that it can cause extinction on the planet.

- They do not possess weapons as we know them, but have intervened at numerous points in the past to prevent catastrophe. If they wish they can interfere with our electrical technology.

- They do not wish for unrestrained direct contact with humans as we can become aggressive when frightened and pose a threat to them.

- They have also provided disturbing information about the future of Earth and the human race. Neil has trouble understanding all of it. It causes him confusion and pain, and he is uncomfortable with talking about it with me at present.

- Emily has also been informed that at some point they will need to take a number of people, mostly young. There is no indication as to whether these people will be brought back or not.

A lot of the information which Neil has received he also heard about from his daughter without any prompting. This included details about the beings planet, their method of travel and the information about the Earth’s crust. This is one of the reasons Neil feels certain that communication really did take place. Another reason is the fact that it seemed to begin shortly after his initial close encounter with the Flying Triangle.

Neither he or Emily currently understand why they were given this information, why it ceased after a time, or what they are supposed to do with this knowledge.

Further Triangle Sightings

In early 2012 Neil and Emily both had further sightings of a triangular shaped object, possibly the same craft they had seen previously.

On one evening they were walking along Edinburgh Drive between 7-8pm. It was a pleasant moonlit evening with broken cloud in the sky. They were walking past Hummersknott School when something made them look skyward to the East. Through a gap in the cloud they saw a clearly defined black triangular shape blocking out the stars. There were no lights on it this time but Neil and Emily were both convinced that there was something present.

Aerial map of Edinburgh Drive, showing Hummersknott School and the estimated position of the witnesses:


Photograph from Edinburgh Drive in the direction the triangle was seen:


As they watched, they both felt a strange electrical sensation. They felt that the object was trying to communicate with them, although no clear thoughts or images came through. After a while they decided to continue walking, and left the triangle still present in the sky.

On the second occasion Neil was round visiting his mother with his partner and daughter. He and Emily were outside the house when again they suddenly noticed the triangular object in the sky, this time hovering over the housing estate. Once again they felt the electrical sensation the same as before. Neil called his partner out to come and see the object but by the time she had come outside it had vanished from sight.


Although Neil and Emily have not had any physical encounters with the ET beings (at least to their current knowledge) it certainly appears that they have been in contact with another intelligence. You may feel that some of the information received is far-fetched, or believe that this has another more mundane explanation. Obviously it cannot be fully ruled out that Neil and Emily’s own imagination did not play a part in the information received. However what cannot be easily explained is how Neil and Emily would have received such similar information independently from one another.

As I have not yet interviewed Emily directly I have no definite proof of this, but see no reason for why Neil would be making all of this up. He has provided a lot of details across numerous E-Mails and appears both serious and level headed about what has happened.

Also the many UFO sightings that both witnesses have had around the same months that this communication was taking place should not be ignored. It does seem to suggest that something definite has occurred, and that the communication and the UFOs they saw were linked. If any further details are provided surrounding this intriguing case, this report will be updated.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2012



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