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Christ Church Contact Case – Tall Being, Missing Time, Implant, Paranormal Activity

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 06/09/2019

Last Updated: 03/10/2019

Sam regularly attends our group’s monthly meetings. When she first joined us she informed me of a puzzling missing time incident she had experienced while living in New Zealand. I got in touch via phone soon afterwards to go over this in depth as well as a number of other events that have taken place.

Childhood Paranormal Experiences

When she was growing up Sam lived in Friskney, Skegness with her parents. She recalls a couple of incidents which could be put down to poltergeist activity. One day she was in the kitchen with her mum and dad. There was a cardboard box leaning against one of the walls. All of a sudden it fell over of its own accord, hovered for a moment above the floor, then returned to its original position. Everyone present witnessed this event. A few weeks later Sam was elsewhere in the house when some extension cords started leaping up and down by themselves. For some reason she was not frightened and merely thought to herself “Oh no, not again!”

One night when she was 11 years old Sam recalls waking up in bed to find she could not move. She could feel the shape of someone lying down in bed alongside her but could not see anything. She then heard whatever it was say “Sshhh” in her ear. She does not recall what happened next so must have dropped back off to sleep. On numerous occasions when she was 13 years old and at secondary school she would sit up in the middle of the night and hold a conversation with someone or something in the corner of her room. She only found out this was happening from her friend Sharon who would occasionally stop overnight. While these incidents could easily be put down to sleep paralysis and recurring dreams rather than anything more unusual they are still worth mentioning.

Ouija Boards

When she was in her 4th year at secondary school Sam and her friends began to mess around with an Ouija board. They used to do this in the common room and by the music room at the school. One “entity” who she believes they got in contact with was a man who claimed to have shot himself in Fold Hill, an area of Friskney.

Aerial map of Fold Hill

The girls got in touch with him on numerous occasions. On one occasion he informed Sam that she would get an A and two C’s in her A levels. Later on this prediction would be proven to be correct. However after a while the messages coming back became threatening. Her friend Melanie refused to continue doing the board. Soon afterwards they were walking down the stairs on the way to a lesson when suddenly Melanie fell half way down the stairs. She claimed that something invisible had pushed her.

Years later while at Sheffield University Sam did another board in the basement of her halls of residence with about ten other students. One person present was a Dutch friend who lived in the halls. He was sceptical of what they were doing. Sam asked him to take his finger off the board. She then asked it to spell out the street where he used to live in Denmark. Apparently the board spelled out the correct location in Dutch, information she was not aware of. This of course really disturbed him.

While many believe that Ouija boards work because of the people using them unconsciously pushing the pointer, it is incidents such as these which suggest there may be something more to them in some circumstances.

Tall Figure

When she was 15 Sam used to go out drinking at disco nights in Old Leake, a village close to Friskney. One evening she was out there with her friends Sharon and Tracey. They were on their way back to Sharon’s house to pick something up before making their way to Old Leake. There was no-one else around at the time.