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Carlisle Contact Case – Reptilian Visitation, Paranormal Activity, Psychic Abilities

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 28/02/2022

Note: For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used and precise locations omitted

In late January 2022 a lady from Carlisle, who I shall call Julie, posted on a UFO related Facebook group about having a number of experiences. I decided to get in touch with her to go over them in more depth. While the majority of her experiences are more paranormal in nature, there are still numerous possible links with contact. This report is the end result of the numerous discussions and messages which occurred over the following weeks.

Reptilian Arm

In 2000 when she was 12 years old Julie lived in Carlisle with her parents and younger brother. She had her own bedroom in the house, and her parents slept in an adjacent room.

She would often spend time reading in bed. She suffered from insomnia and would often stay up quite late into the night as a result. One evening she had got into bed between 8-9pm and was lying in bed reading a book. The main light was on in the room, from an early age she was frightened of the dark so used to sleep with the light on.

She suddenly noticed movement down at the base of her bed and looked over the top of her book to see what was there. She was shocked to see an arm sticking up vertically at the far left corner of the bed. The arm was black in colour. For a moment she thought that it must be burnt, but then realised that it was covered in visible scales. It looked more muscular than a human arm. There was no clearly defined wrist. The fingers had pointed white coloured talons on them.

Witness drawing of the arm

Julie was certain that she was fully awake and that the arm was truly there rather than it being just a shadow. She could see it in clear detail. Bizarrely it looked like whatever the arm was attached to was lying down on the floor at the base of the bed and sticking its arm up into the air.

As she watched, the arm began moving across the end of the bed to the right! It almost reached the other side of the bed when suddenly it instantly vanished from her sight and was gone. She waited in anticipation expecting it to come back but it did not. In total she had stared at it for about 7 seconds. For an unknown reason she was not frightened of what had just happened, nor did she check down the end of the bed, she just carried on reading her book before settling down to sleep.

Looking at this experience it would be easy to dismiss it as pareidolia, possibly just a patch of shadow which reminded Julie of an arm. However after speaking with her in depth about what happened I do not think this was the case. She observed the arm clearly for 7 seconds as it moved across the bed, it was not just a fleeting glimpse.

At the time she had no knowledge of the contact subject. However numerous aspects of this incident would fit in with it being a Reptilian, one of the types of beings reported by experiencers around the world. Although quite often green in colouration, other colours are also sometimes reported, and this is not the first time I have had a black-scaled being reported to me.

It may seem odd that it would be ducking/lying down and reaching upward into the air in this manner, but sometimes the beings reported by people position themselves in unusual ways, for example lying down alongside people or stretching their arms out in different directions. It is possible it was even presenting itself to the witness, which again would be similar to other cases I have previously looked into.

There are other aspects which also link this incident to contact. The way in which Julie acted complacently to what had just happened is very interesting. Surely the usual reaction to such an experience would be to escape from the vicinity, possibly shout out for help, or at least check the location where it had been situated, yet Julie did none of these. She accepted what had happened and then carried on reading. She did not even feel the need to tell her family about it the following morning. There are many cases on record where similar aspects have been reported – people regularly act in unusual ways when experiencing contact.

Julie also informed me that within days of this experience she began to feel like something was at the top of the stairs on the landing and was going to come into her room. She does not know why she felt like this, but this feeling was so strong that she moved her bed so she could see through the open doorway at night. It is possible that she has missing memories relating to this experience and was subconsciously remembering that something entered the bedroom.

It is also interesting to note that this incident seemed to precede other experiences of a more paranormal nature, as you will see. There is the possibility that it was indirectly related.

Paranormal Activity

From 2001 onward a number of unusual events began to take place. Julie recalls a number of occasions where she heard loud running footsteps coming up the stairs while she was in her room (which had previously belonged to her cousin Luke). Julie is certain that these footsteps were inside the house rather than an echo coming from next door. She has been partially deaf all her life, and so cannot hear sounds unless they are in her vicinity. Her brother Steve’s room was at the top of the stairs so she would assume it was him coming upstairs, but when she checked there was nobody there. However she would sense that there was a tall shadowy figure standing there, taller than bedroom door.

Witness drawing of the shadowy figure

In the following months other things occurred. The shower would switch itself on. There would be loud unexplained clattering noises. Doors would open by themselves. There was even an occasion where a photograph frame turned completely around by itself in the living room in plain sight. Some of these events were also witnessed by Steve and numerous friends.

These unusual events did not only take place at their own property. At the time her mother worked at a nursing home. Due to childcare difficulties most weekends Julie and Steve would stay over there sleeping on the sofa. One night Julie awoke to the sound of her brother crying. Her mother was there too and clearly quite distressed. When she asked what was going on Steve said that he had awoken to see the tube of the unplugged Henry hoover at the edge of the room lifting up into the air and moving around. He had called out and their mother had entered the room to see this with her own eyes. It only lay still when she had walked over and pushed it.

When Julie was 11 and her brother 13 one of the residents at the nursing home named Dorothy passed away. Several days later Steve went to use the bathroom, which was adjacent to the kitchen. He left the bathroom door ajar giving him a view of the kitchen. He claimed to have seen Dorothy sitting at the dining table. After this incident Julie also started to see things in the kitchen. She would see movement through the crack in the bathroom door. She soon began asking her mother to escort her to the bathroom whenever she wanted to use it.

As her brother had witnessed some things over the years I asked Julie if she could reach out to him to see if he would be happy to provide a statement. This ended up in a long text message conversation. Julie sent me many screen grabs of this conversation. For ease of reading I have re-printed it here:

J: I'm talking to a guy about some experiences I've had and he's documenting then as part of research. I was wondering if any of our stories matched up. There's one thing I did see but I've only ever told this guy about it and I told Sarah today but it was very strange. So I'm curious.

S: There's that fucking shadow thing in Luke’s room.

J: Oh I know.

S: I used to see granddad Frank all the time.

J: Did you ever see something at night?

S: I vaguely remember. It had a hat or a hood. But it was huge. What about you?

J: Same, it was huge. Like taller than the door.

S: Did dad tell what happened to him one morning?

J: No? He doesn't tell me stuff like that. Probably because I was always terrified. Dad always denies believing in ghosts to me.

S: I must have been around 14 and I'd just woken up. I could hear him talking downstairs. So I went down 10 mins later and he looked at me weird and asked what I was doing. Obviously told him I've just got up and he got dead mad because he'd just sat and apparently had a conversation with me for 20 minutes.

J: What the hell?

S: Yup. It happened to Nicola when she was pregnant too. I still see shit now but nothing like when we were growing up.

J: I remember Nicola talking to you. She thought you were at the window smoking but you were downstairs.

S: Oh aye. Me and dad were sat one night and he was on PC. I was watching TV sat on the floor and I thought he was fucking with me by throwing stuff like fag filters at me etc. Then I kept hearing someone whisper my name so I turned round and told him to pack it in. He denied it obviously. Then he must've heard it 'cause he glanced over white as a sheet and asked if I was gonna sleep on the sofa.

J: Do you remember at the nursing home that night with the hoover?

S: Moving on its own?

J: That was some scary shit. The tube was all the way up in the air.

S: And Dorothy.

J: Dorothy was lovely. Did you see her in the kitchen? I was truly terrified at that place. As soon as we were old enough to stay at home I was so happy.

S: Aye. She'd died a few days before and I went to the loo and she was sat at the dining table.

J: Mum used to come to the loo with me. I was always too scared. What else can you remember?

S: I remember hearing people running up and down the stairs. I remember me crying at nanna's grave and you called me saying you'd seen her in your room. I remember seeing that really tall shadow thing. Photo frames turning round, cutlery clanging about downstairs. I remember the hand I saw vividly. It was black like a reptile.

J: I remember speaking to someone when I worked in the pub that used to live in mums house. He said to me "Oh I bet you get a lot of strange goings on." He told me that his baby brother was one of the thalidomide babies that died in the house and they always had strange goings on. Do not tell mum that she will freak out.

S: Fuck.

J: I know.

S: I don't know what to say to that one.

J: Yeah. Timothy's mum used to live there and she always said our house had mad shit going on. All my friends thought so too. I always thought it was the landing and your bedroom. But when I moved back into that house and took your owl's bedroom. I realised it was my old room. The one mum is in now.

S: It's all the rooms I think.

J: She told me she saw that shadow thing in there one night when I was asleep. And she just left me in there because I was asleep and it was just watching. I was like for fucks sake mum. Explains why she always believed me when I told her though.

S: It's the reason when I'm there or at even my own house I never shut the bathroom door.

J: Do you not? That's weird that. I never shut the bathroom door either Sarah goes mad. I don't even if I'm on the toilet. I need to see out the door.

S: I remember sitting with you on a night because you'd seen things.

J: I thought you'd forgotten about that. You used to sit on my bed till I fell asleep.

S: I remember Rob.

J: Oh my god. I had forgotten about that.

S: I'd see him too but I knew he wouldn't hurt us so I'd just sit on that computer chair until you fell asleep, then he'd go.

J: I remember too. He always looked really happy. But yeah. The amount of stuff that's happened in that house I was glad to move out. My house now is the only place I've felt safe and can stay in alone.

S: He'd be sat on your bed but I could never see his feet. I like this house too.

J: Same, he never had any. Nothing I saw ever had feet. Weird. Right I need to get sorted for night shift. I'll be scared all night now haha. Love you brother.

S: Love you too. You'll have to tell me of anything weird lol.

J: Oh I will. I'll message you when I get to work and tell you more.

As you can see her brother not only confirms that he too experienced things, he also mentioned things which Julie had completely forgotten about. This can be viewed as evidence that things were actually taking place in the two locations rather than it just being down to Julie’s imagination.

In the conversation her brother mentioned Rob. Rob was a family friend who passed away when Julie was 16 years old. In the following months Julie used to imagine him walking into her room at night and sitting on the bed. The feeling was so strong that she began to ask her brother to sit in the room for reassurance until she dropped off. As you can see from the conversation her brother also witnessed this, but in his case physically saw the apparition.

The Two Girls

In the summer of 2002 Julie began to experience disturbing repeated dreams about two young girls. She would see them tied to a radiator in a warehouse-like location. In other dreams she would see the same girls on fire. These dreams felt very significant to her, so she told her mother Susan about them.

This was the summer of the disappearance of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in Soham. Susan was aware of the case as it was all over the news at the time. When Julie told her about the dreams, she became so convinced that there might be a connection with the case that she made an anonymous phone call to the police.

On 17th August the bodies of the girls were sadly discovered. It was clear that the murderer had attempted to burn them to cover up the evidence but had not been successful in doing so. This part of the case does indeed seem to have links with Julie’s dreams. However after police managed to track down and arrest the murderer, it became clear that the murders had taken place at his own house, and that the girls had not been kept alive at another location for a period of time. Therefore this aspect of her dreams diverges from what actually took place.

Contactees often appear to possess one or more psychic abilities, and premonitions of events are regularly reported. However due to the discrepancies, and the fact that Julie did not recognise the girls in the dreams as Holly and Jessica, it is impossible to say for certain whether these dreams were premonitions or not.

Death on the Ward

Julie works as a senior staff nurse at a local hospital. Back in early 2016 she was working night shift on the medical admissions ward with another nurse. At around 2 am one of the patients sadly passed away with his family members around him. After a while they left the hospital, leaving Julie and her colleague to prepare and wrap the body.

They approached the bed and started to wash down the body, Julie standing on the right side with her colleague further down on the opposite side. The bed was at the end of the ward, and to the left of it was a window. This would usually have blinds during the night, but these had been purposely lifted and the window partially opened as is customary at hospitals in such situations.

At some point during the proceedings Julie happened to glance up. She could see the reflection of the ward behind her in the window pane. Suddenly she saw a tall shadowy form over 6 foot in height move along behind her from her left to her right. The shape did not have noticeable arms and legs, it just looked like thick black smoke. At the same moment there was a fast shuffling sound which reminded her of slippers sliding on lino flooring.

Witness drawing of the apparition and reflection

At the sight of the form behind her she jumped back away from the edge of the bed in shock. This drew the attention of her colleague who then also looked up, at which point she also directly saw the apparition. Both of them immediately ran out of the ward to the corridor outside. They were absolutely terrified at what they’d just seen and remained there for about 15 minutes discussing what had just occurred.

After a while they plucked up enough courage to re-enter the ward. The shadowy form was nowhere to be seen. Believing that what they had witnessed was a ghostly apparition of the individual who had just passed away Julie said out loud “We are only trying to help, you need to leave us alone.” They then continued with the task of wrapping the body up in sheets. These sheets were fastened down with tape to prevent them from coming undone, and then finally another sheet was laid over the top.

The two nurses left the ward with the intention of filling out a form detailing the death. However they then realised they’d accidentally left the book in the ward. When they first walked back in everything seemed normal. However as they proceeded down the ward the upper half of the wrapped body came into view. They were shocked to discover that the man’s face was now completely uncovered! The top sheet had been pulled back, the tapes had been broken and the other sheets unwrapped!

Once again they were really frightened. They knew that it was just them on the ward and there was no way that the sheets would have naturally unfolded in that manner. However despite their fear, their sense of duty took over and they re-wrapped the man’s head before briskly existing the ward again.

Just one of these incidents on their own would be hard to explain away, but the fact that these two things occurred one after the other seems to suggest that there was anomalous activity on the hospital ward that night.


The incidents with the dead body in 2016 are not the only unusual things which have happened to Julie while she has been at work. In July 2021 a girl was in the hospital suffering from intoxication. Julie was responsible for handing her over to a different ward and informing the other two nurses of what treatment she had already received.

It was about 1am. Julie was on the other ward helping the nurses get the girl into her new bed. There was a nurse on either side of the bed. Julie was at the foot of the bed turned at a diagonal looking towards the nurse on the right.

Behind her and off to her right was a sink positioned at the end of the ward. Suddenly in the right of her vision she saw the humanoid shape of a person moving along towards the sink. The shape was quite dark and shadowy but it was clear enough to see that it was a heavy set lady with long blond hair.

Witness drawing of the humanoid shape

There was a regular patient on the ward who had that appearance, and she would often get out of bed to walk to the sink, so Julie naturally thought it was her. She looked over her shoulder to confirm this.

It was now that she realised that there was nobody there. Immediately the hair on the back of her neck stood up. She looked back round at the other nurses exclaiming “What the hell!?” One of the two nurses replied “Don’t worry about that, I saw that as well!”

The three nurses quickly left the ward and headed to the nurses desk to discuss what had just happened. Julie said to them “Please tell me you saw what I just saw!” The two nurses both confirmed that they had seen the same thing, in fact they had been in a position to see it even clearer than she had. They all agreed that it looked like the particular patient who would frequent the ward.

For a moment they were frightened that she was potentially elsewhere in the hospital and had just died, and that they had seen her spirit. However they soon managed to confirm on the computer that she was not booked in at the time, and later confirmed that she was very much alive.

As the entity was witnessed by three people, all of which were used to working in the location, it is hard to easily explain what took place. It looked close enough to a regular patient there to be recognized by the witnesses, however it could not have been a ghost of the lady as she had not passed away. Perhaps it was some kind of playback in time due to the fact that she would often be present at the location and would often walk to the sink in the manner observed.


As you can see, most of Julie’s experiences are of a paranormal nature. They are quite impressive but do not necessarily relate to contact. The fact that in many cases other witnesses have also been present reduces the chances of this link.

However the arm that she saw in her bedroom certainly appeared to be that of a reptilian being. There is of course the possibility that it was some kind of ghostly entity, or that it was even a hypnagogic hallucination due to the fact that Julie was lying in bed at the time. But if it indeed was an ET then this may be related to some of her later experiences, either her paranormal encounters or possible premonitions.

Regardless of whether Julie is truly a contactee or not, I’m sure you’ll agree that her experiences are fascinating. I would like to thank her for providing the information and drawings necessary to complete this case report.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2022



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