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Carlisle Contact Case – Reptilian Visitation, Paranormal Activity, Psychic Abilities

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 28/02/2022

Note: For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used and precise locations omitted

In late January 2022 a lady from Carlisle, who I shall call Julie, posted on a UFO related Facebook group about having a number of experiences. I decided to get in touch with her to go over them in more depth. While the majority of her experiences are more paranormal in nature, there are still numerous possible links with contact. This report is the end result of the numerous discussions and messages which occurred over the following weeks.

Reptilian Arm

In 2000 when she was 12 years old Julie lived in Carlisle with her parents and younger brother. She had her own bedroom in the house, and her parents slept in an adjacent room.

She would often spend time reading in bed. She suffered from insomnia and would often stay up quite late into the night as a result. One evening she had got into bed between 8-9pm and was lying in bed reading a book. The main light was on in the room, from an early age she was frightened of the dark so used to sleep with the light on.

She suddenly noticed movement down at the base of her bed and looked over the top of her book to see what was there. She was shocked to see an arm sticking up vertically at the far left corner of the bed. The arm was black in colour. For a moment she thought that it must be burnt, but then realised that it was covered in visible scales. It looked more muscular than a human arm. There was no clearly defined wrist. The fingers had pointed white coloured talons on them.

Witness drawing of the arm

Julie was certain that she was fully awake and that the arm was truly there rather than it being just a shadow. She could see it in clear detail. Bizarrely it looked like whatever the arm was attached to was lying down on the floor at the base of the bed and sticking its arm up into the air.

As she watched, the arm began moving across the end of the bed to the right! It almost reached the other side of the bed when suddenly it instantly vanished from her sight and was gone. She waited in anticipation expecting it to come back but it did not. In total she had stared at it for about 7 seconds. For an unknown reason she was not frightened of what had just happened, nor did she check down the end of the bed, she just carried on reading her book before settling down to sleep.

Looking at this experience it would be easy to dismiss it as pareidolia, possibly just a patch of shadow which reminded Julie of an arm. However after speaking with her in depth about what happened I do not think this was the case. She observed the arm clearly for 7 seconds as it moved across the bed, it was not just a fleeting glimpse.

At the time she had no knowledge of the contact subject. However numerous aspects of this incident would fit in with it being a Reptilian, one of the types of beings reported by experiencers around the world. Although quite often green in colouration, other colours are also sometimes reported, and this is not the first time I have had a black-scaled being reported to me.

It may seem odd that it would be ducking/lying down and reaching upward into the air in this manner, but sometimes the beings reported by people position themselves in unusual ways, for example lying down alongside people or stretching their arms out in different directions. It is possible it was even presenting itself to the witness, which again would be similar to other cases I have previously looked into.

There are other aspects which also link this incident to contact. The way in which Julie acted complacently to what had just happened is very interesting. Surely the usual reaction to such an experience would be to escape from the vicinity, possibly shout out for help, or at least check the location where it had been situated, yet Julie did none of these. She accepted what had happened and then carried on reading. She did not even feel the need to tell her family about it the following morning. There are many cases on record where similar aspects have been reported – people regularly act in unusual ways when experiencing contact.

Julie also informed me that within days of this experience she began to feel like something was at the top of the stairs on the landing and was going to come into her room. She does not know why she felt like this, but this feeling was so strong that she moved her